stripe gremlin

So I finally watched Gremlins.

And whoa, that was a pretty creepy movie. Now to be fair, there are much more intense movies, but even with the lighter tone than most horror films, I think Gremlins still deserves an honorable mention solely for the fact that it completely catches you off guard by introducing you to a bunch of cute characters, only for all hell to break loose by the middle of the movie.

It manages to do this by introducing you to the little cinnamon roll of fluff himself, Gizmo. He’s too precious for this world, so all you can think about is how cute he’s gonna be during the movie. But then, once the science teacher finds his mogwai has become a gremlin, shit gets really creepy. You get shocked by some of this stuff mainly because you thought it was going to be a cute kids movie. This happens even if you know about the controversy it caused for some parents ahead of time like I did.

Regardless, Gremlins was a fantastic film. I absolutely adore the puppets used to create the creatures, and Gizmo is one of the most adorable movie creatures ever. Even though it was controversial to the point that it, along with a few other Spielberg movies, resulted in the MPAA creating the PG-13 rating, it’s still a nice film if you want to be a little spooked, but still not ready for the big leagues.

i want to create a multi-muse cult horror movie blog

i’m talking return of the living dead, evil dead, scream, shaun of the dead, rocky horror picture show, maximum overdrive, fright night, black christmas, lost boys, gremlins

just. i dont think anybody would rp with them.

i’d rp as freddy from rotld, ash from evil dead series, syd from scream, shawn from shaun of the dead, frank, brad, or columbia from RHPS, bill from maximum overdrive, evel from fright night, billy from black christmas, michael or sam from lost boys, and gizmo or stripe from gremlins :3