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Purifying Flame

Pictured are two freshly painted Aleutians showing off the lovely new arm stripe scheme - a shortened version of the Tempestor-Captain’s full arm stripes - which can also be seen on the two troopers at the bottom whom you may recognise from earlier photos. Originally intended as an honour marking for a particularly fearsome Scion, I ended up liking it so much that now everyone save the medic has them.

A particularly fearsome Scion, you say? And what’s up with that dude’s helmet stripe?

That trooper is the most badass Aleutian to throw themselves out of a Valkyrie. Built as a humble line trooper, they were placed into a Command Squad as part of a Halloween game alongside two volleyguns, a medic, and the Captain. The game’s theme was to kill increasingly large amounts of zombies with a single HQ choice each, the others being a Terminator Sorcerer with biomancy and a Tau Commander with gun drones. My rolling being what it is, the volleyguns were dead by turn 2, so it was just the Captain, the Medic, and this one flamer left of my men.

And by the Emperor that one flamer made up for it.

That flamer secured a 25-1 K/D ratio for THE WHOLE SQUAD, meaning it likely had about 40 kills to itself by the time the Scions finally fell, the ridiculous kill count thanks in part to some well placed Enfeebles by the Sorcerer (who was totally an Ultramarine Librarian and not a Thousand Son, Inquisitor, he was wearing blue!). Though only the Tau and his gun drones made it out alive, that one Scion made sure we made it that far, and for that alone they were honoured with the helmet stripe.

TL:DR; The flamer burned a LOT of people in one go so they get a fancy helmet.


Nice girl, with perfect figure to model that amazing Adidas Equipment suit!



Alone in the dining room.

Looking at the spectre of Mama Agreste: Wherever she may be or in whatever state she may be in because like, we haven’t had it confirmed that she’s dead. We also haven’t had it confirmed that she’s alive. She’s somewhere but we don’t know where.

And that family, it’s ghost is haunting that room.

Nathalie is looking at the clock, but I think we all know she’s also looking at the painting and thinking about this employer of hers and this kid that she’s sort of in charge of.

Nathalie has some fucking layers. She’s seeeeeeen shit. She knows what’s going on but she’s too careful and too focused on keeping the status quo to risk changes.

But man. I bet she has some INTERESTING secrets.


Halloweeny striped babe OC’s.

Salem- my Nightmare Before Christmas OC


Eve- my Rise of the Guardians OC (Halloween/autumn Guardian)

138/365 photo project

Not entirely sure this shot fits my vernacular, but wtf… there’s something about it that tickles me.

A scene so full of stripes in a variety of forms that I giggled when I pressed the shutter. is there humour here? There’s no comedy for sure. No… what it is is CAMP! An aesthetic that is deliberately theatrical. An overkill of expression to bring joy. There may not be humour here, but there is joy. I feel it… do you?

© StueyB


Can we just talk for a second about Q’s laptop? His very clearly, very personal, very much not MI6 standard issue laptop. I mean, it looks like one corner is being held together with fucking ductape . Looking at that laptop you can just imagine Q in his room at uni at 3am, listening to White Stripes at full volume while hacking the NSA just because he can. Think of all the mods and the upgrades he’s made to it over the years. How much must he love that machine, to have kept it and cared for it all this time? And now it’s just one more bit of him being dedicated to helping Bond.

How I looked this morning before I had an awful meeting, almost knocked myself out and left my phone in someone’s car… Oh well, still looking up! 😊


a/n: OMG OMG THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SHORT. omg this au! FLOWERFELL GOD HELP ME. This is based on @underfart-snas Flowerfell! au and @leviticusarts lovely fanfic Overgrowth. i can’t…I guess this was supposed to be scenes that could have between time jumps? But the order might be off from the sequence of events in Overgrowth. Nonetheless, this just an attempt to put some kind of meaning behind the flowers and help my heartache after this au.

It’s somewhere between the third and fourth blooms that Frisk begins to wonder what it all means.

Flowey is getting worried. Frisk understands this when he begins to wind his way around their neck with the sweetest kind of hesitation. His broad leaves brush carefully against the flower on their cheek, and his soft murmurings echo despondently in the dark little bedroom with the charmingly colorful quilt and the closet full of striped sweaters.

“I’m so sorry, Frisk. I’m so sorry. I wish I was stronger.”

‘But there’s nothing to be sorry for.’ Frisk wants to say, but they know by now that nothing they say will help. Kind words can only go so far, so they think it might be better to just bring Flowey’s boot onto the small bed with them and cradle it close until he calms.

There is no pain now, only a distant echo. The sensations are faint pangs that lance their way up from the back of their neck and trace paths across their face and their right shoulder, resolving themselves into a strangely melancholy weight from where the golden flowers sprout.

Flowey’s petals against their skin are the only thing that feel real in this moment, and so Frisk brings his slightly muddy boot closer.

After a while, Flowey stops murmuring. Instead he curls several tendrils as gently as he can around Frisks’ hand. There is a brief moment of commiseration, and then a refusal…a whisper…an encouragement comes to the back of Frisk’s mind.

‘Stay determined.’

They are filled with determination. These flowers are golden wishes…golden tries…golden, broken dreams.

“We’ll try again, tomorrow.” Frisk says, and their faint resolve is somehow weightier than the burden of their flowers.

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Four girls,  from which are three in these great Adidas Equipment suit, all doing exercises in the sun, until they are told to jump in the outdoor swimming pool!