In Antarctica icebergs aren’t always monotone white, surprisingly they can appear striped too, making for a pretty view. Different colours can indicate different conditions including where the iceberg has been. Blue stripes indicate a layer of melt water was present that very quickly refroze not allowing any bubbles to form. Brown, black and yellow stripes can show that the iceberg has picked up various types of sediments during formation, which can take hundreds of thousands of years. A green stripe can form after the iceberg has broken off and come in contact with algae rich seawater.

-Matt J

Photo taken by Oyvind Tangen several 100km north of Antarctica


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South Park Puberty Collection


south park edition of this post 


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Anyway, I’ll do more of this but for right now I’m just going to put the rest of the other characters on a mini hiatus (depending). 

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.11.15

malachite pendants by sanktoleonojewelry

bold, bright, and smoothly striated green malachite gemstones are set in oxidized brass and hung from matching chunky chains for a bohemian look that’s totally unique.


The Whiskey Wolf

Got myself a party dress and no party! I love love love this fun number from TopShop. It’s so different and the off the shoulder detail is my favorite. I kept everything else in the outfit simple by just adding a choker. 

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