Slice of Heaven

Slice of Heaven by domesticadventures and propinquitous
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 38,200
Summary: Dean loves stripping. He works at a club called Slice of Heaven - the pay is good, his coworkers are great, and he gets to do what he wants with the rest of his time. Castiel is pretty sure there’s more to it than that, and Dean, well. Dean isn’t sure there’s more to Castiel, but with all the money the guy’s throwing at him, he’s not about to complain.

Fanfic exists as a response of fandom to canon, and sometimes that means arranging it so that our favourite characters get to be happy, dammit. This fic is a perfect example of that, as it creates an unrepentantly happy AU for Dean and Cas to meet at a stripbar where Dean is a stripper and Castiel is the awkward customer that drops by the establishment one night. The positive encounter could’ve remained a brief one, but then Castiel gets it into his head that he needs figure out what Dean’s story is, and is somewhat startled by what he learns. The story has its sexiness thanks to a Dean that really, very, truly loves his job (and does not need rescuing of any kind, okay, Cas?) but as it progress it becomes more about the trusting friendship that arises between Dean and Castiel, and how it deepens as their lives overlap more and more.

This story may be a self-contained bundle of joy with oodles of banter, but it’s also set up in such a way that it’s part of a larger world, and it tickles the imagination in wondering what these guys are going to get up to next. 

Guest review by scaramouche  [author spotlight

A DCBB 2015 fic

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