Traditional cities were built on a human scale, ideally proportioned for face to face interaction and the manual labor involved in crafting and transporting goods and ideas. Easily defendable they fostered an organic sense of community on a scale that was intuitive to anyone living in the city or visiting it. Sustainable, ecological, humane, they enabled a civilization that gave us all that we hold dear today.

Modern cities are most often grids for the convenience of owners of utilities, rent seeking corporations and government agencies. Their only reason for being is to provide a convenient place for you to sleep while you earn the money you need to partake in the consumer culture that is allowed to you. Absolutely unsustainable the city relies on strip mining and environmental destruction of both nature and human culture in far off countries while simultaneously making you utterly dependent on it.


Coal is a curse, here in Appalachia. A land of beauty and biodiversity, literally being blasted to bits. Some of the oldest mountains in North America, being flattened in a few short years. The devastation is everywhere you look. To say the least, I am fed up. Enough is enough. Big coal is killing our environment, and our people. This madness cannot go on! END mountaintop removal! 

Redeem the Mountains


I don’t think I’ll put this on here before. It’s an interview I did in California a few months back.

“To date, Appalachia has lost more than 500 hills to mountaintop removal — the practice has obliterated 2,000 miles of streams and hundreds of hollows. But until you actually see the devastation firsthand, these are just numbers. Until you actually look over an ancient beautiful mountain range that has been reduced to rubble, you just can’t know the true toll. Even the pictures I’ve included here are a pale telling of what’s really happening in Appalachia. It’s like the difference between reading about a terrible accident on the highway and actually walking among the fresh wreckage — there’s just no comparison.”

Read the essay here:
The Hillbilly Stereotype: Razing History, Leveling Appalachia

This was originally posted at The Seams & The Story . Appalachian activism, culture and values have had tremendous impacts on life in the United States. Union coal miners put their lives on the line, and sometimes lost them, for worker’s rights,…

A really fascinating look at how Appalachian culture is being impacted by strip mining and mountaintop removal. Appalachia is literally one of the last, if not THE last, truly rural regions of America. There are people living up in those mountains who have no social security numbers because they were born up there and died up there for generations. Some literally live in log cabins with no electricity. They grow and hunt their own food, some make their own clothes- it really is the last bastion of wilderness in the US. And now their air and water- EVERYONE’S air and water- is being poisoned, and the area is being irreparably destroyed by coal mining companies. The Appalachian mountain range is THE oldest mountain range in the entire world. 


Human Remodeling of the Surface of the Earth
Aerial Photographs by Terry Evans

via but does it float, who prefaced the photos with these words from Australian zoologist/paleontologist/environmentalist Tim Flannery:

The metabolism of our economy is
now on a collision course with the metabolism of our planet.

The Appalachian Mountains are rich with coal, and they are in grave danger. Strip mining is an ever growing industry. It is spreading like wildfire through these mountains. Mining companies are literally blasting away hundreds of mountain tops in order to reach the coal veins. Over 500 mountains so far have been destroyed! If this problem does not stop, this beautiful place filled with natural wonders will cease to exist. A lot of people don’t realize what serious danger the Appalachians are in.

We need to STAND UP! It’s time for change. This is not a one person mission, it is a task requiring many. Every voice counts! Let everyone know were are sick of sacrificing our mountains. Demand access to clean energy, and water. Put a stop to this outrageous destruction!

New study examines mountaintop removal’s potential impact on mental health in Appalachia communities « Coal Tattoo

Results showed that diagnosable levels of major depression were present in almost 17% of respondents in mountaintop removal mining areas, compared to 10% of residents in non-mining areas. This disparity was partly attributable to socioeconomic disadvantage, but after statistical control for income, education, and other risks, depression risk for residents in the mountaintop removal area remained significantly elevated..


Mountaintop Removal, and “untouched” Appalachia. The big coal industry is butchering the mountains I so dearly love. When you’re in a  place so beautiful, it's disgusting to see something like this in the middle of it. It’s not only killing the environment, but the people who live here are greatly effected as well… even dying from illnesses associated with strip mining. This madness of greed needs to be PUT TO AN END. STOP MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL!!!