Stripper (Luke Hemmings)

A/N: Obviously smut, if you wanna read click read more :)

“Mate, you need to get out there. You’re moping around the tour bus all the time and you’re bringing us down too.” “And you really think $50 to go to a strip club will help me? You’ve got to be joking.” Luke scoffed, snatching the money from one of his best friend’s hands. He’d been feeling a bit blue lately and he never quite knew why, but the rest of the boys were tired of it. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi Eric! Has Kyle ever done like strip teases? Perhaps twerking to Anaconda? Bet he'd be better than Nicki Minaj's fake ass.

Kyle does give me strip teases when he make bets on each other and trust me, they’re fucking hot as balls even when he can’t get the rhythm down. Or when he’s feeling really romantic, he tries to give me one to cheer me up if I’m sad or some shit. Jewboy still has no rhythm so if he tried to twerk, he’d fuck up big time. When we went to Stan’s bachelor party, Kyle got so fucking wasted, he tried twerking to Nicki Minaj but fell flat on his plump, exquisite ass. He gets so embarrassed by that story every time I tell it and it’s fucking hilarious.


So … 

When I’m playing Mystic Messenger, I always use the same name: 404.

I started with this for 2 reasons:

  1. Pair up with 707
  2. After seven say he can’t found any information about me on internet.


I created avatars to pair up with seven too (how can you see on image chat)

Here I created a dialogue about my nickname just for fun and to explain about it xD