strip the flesh


It’s all fun and games…

Thinking about doing these as a small print set. Maybe stickers? T-shirts? Letterpress? Any suggestions?

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I figured out the plot of AHS: Hotel.

We know:

It is called “AHS: Hotel.”

The clue in season 4 was the top hat that appeared on many cups and menus.  

Ryan Murphy says it would be like nothing they’ve ever done.

My theory:

I strongly believe it will be about America’s first serial killer HH Holmes. He lived in 1893, and opened a hotel during the Chicago World’s Fair. However, it wasn’t really a hotel. It was really a murder maze of sorts, where he would lead people (mainly young women) in by saying it was a hotel, but he then would torture them. It was almost literally a maze, with locked doors, false stairways, etc. He would then lock them in their rooms and fill it with gas where they asphyxiated. After, he would throw them down a chute Sweeney Todd style, and dissected them, strip them of flesh, and craft skeletons in the basement. Also, his mark was that he always wore a top hat.

"I can forgive you if it were only second. But it can’t be two seconds, I will only hold out for one second."


Endless List of the Aesthetically Opulent Fuel for the Paroxysms of My Soul:

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Opening Credits Sequence (or) the rebirth of Adam Jensen

Strip the Flesh // AllUpInAMask

Helena isn’t certain why the client had paid such a hefty sum for her to take down a single psycho. She’s taken down some considerably powerful bandits in her time, but she was never paid this large a sum for any of them. She isn’t sure if this was just a generous client, or if it was a really big psycho. 'Well it's not as if he paid for it with information. If it's too big a job, I won't bother.'

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Ancient Bolivian mortuary where corpses were stripped of flesh uncovered in Andes foothills

An ancient mortuary where corpses were stripped of their flesh so their families could take them with them on their travels has been uncovered by archaeologists in Bolivia.

The mortuary was found in the foothills of the Andes by researchers at the Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania.

Published in the journal Antiquity, From Bodies To Bones: Death And Mobility In The Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia, is a study that looks at how a society dating back between 2,000 and 1,500 years ago disposed of their dead.

Scott C Smith and his team found a circular building where the floor was covered in 1,000 teeth and small bones – a room where human body parts were taken to be boiled, stripped of their flesh and cleaned. Read more.


Gearbox’s ability to make you laugh and tug at your heart is pretty amazing.  

Krieg is becoming one of my favorite playable characters in BL2, probably second only to Gaige.  It satisfies my love for killing people.  Virtual people, I mean.  Like in GTA or the No Russian level.