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What the heck is Bias Tape and how do I make it?!?

Great question! I had this exact question (without the great phrasing) when I asked my grandma, “how do I make the trim thing around the apron?!” To which her response was, “you make bias tape!!”

Now, this led into an entire other conversation about bias tape, what it is and what it’s used for. To avoid using my own poorly worded version, here is the definition from Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing:

“Bias tapes are fabric strips of varying widths, with prefolded edges. Suitable for curved hems, or as casing. Double-fold type is folded in half (off center) for quick use as binding.“

Well that’s great and all, but we need to dig a bit deeper to get the true meaning of the bias. What we really want is info about bias strips.

“Bias strips are bands of fabric cut on the true bias (that is, any diagonal at a 45-degree angle to the lengthwise or crosswise grain).“

That’s the definition we really want and with that we can proceed with learning on how to make bias strips and bias tape!!

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Wig Hack Wednesday #5 !
Have you ever wanted to use the same wig for that one character who can’t decide if she wants to wear her hair in twin tails or let her hair down? (Aka Nozomi from Love Live) Or, have you found a perfect wig color for your character but the wig just doesn’t come with a back-parting? Well, here is one way you can fufill your cosplay goals on a budget! Also good for when you want to re-purpose a wig for different characters.
For this demo, I’m using a Venus in grass green from Arda Wigs. I love this color and the length is perfect for Mallow from Pokemon Sun and Moon. My goal is to add a back-parting to the Venus base wig but make it detachable in case I wanna use the wig for other cosplay.
- Part the wig down the middle in the back, and clip the hair away on each side. Cut the hair from the inside layers of the wig to use as wefts for this project. By leaving the outer layers uncut, when you tie the wig into twin tails or let the hair down completely, it will hide the trimmed part
- Use Tacky glue (or other glue that dries clear but flexible) on the tip of a small piece of hair. Use your fingers to squeeze the hair flat to make sure the glue covers all of the hair on the tip of that piece. Wait until it almost dries
- Put more glue in the back side of the piece of hair by the tip. Press the hair piece down onto a strip of soft felt sheet. I happened to find a nude colored one that matched me, but you can use acrylic paints to get the level of color you want (paint the felt strip prior to the start of the project) Also, I find that holding up the felt strip and pressing the glued hair down allow more control and help create more “curve” shape from the center part
- Once you finish gluing hair down on the whole felt strip, turn it over, and hand-sew some wig clips on the back side. 1 inch spacing between each wig clip worked well for me. You’ll need about 4-5 wig clips for the whole felt strip
- Now you can clip the felt strip onto the main wig in the back. Make sure you leave two small pieces of hair from the main wig at the top where your felt strip would go
- Clip the felt strip in place. Make sure it doesn’t come off when you tuck on it. Take the little piece of hair from the main wig that you left out earlier, and section it in half on each side
- Criss-cross the hair pieces to hide the “seam” of the top of the felt strip
- Comb and blend the hair from the main wig with the hair from the felt strip, and tie your twin tails
- You can unclip the felt strip later and comb down the hair to use the same wig as a normal long wig!
Another good thing about this method is that you can use your felt strip for other projects if you buy other wigs from the same company later and in the same color. Or, you can turn an ombre wig into twin tail style for J-fashion shoot and wear the wig as a long wig the next time. This is not the “best” way to do back-parting, but I wanted to focus on being cost-effective and easy enough for beginners to attempt. Have fun wiggin’!


½ EliDia Alternate Universe • Aqours x  μ’s Crossover(?)

I decided to divide it into 2 (or maybe 3?) parts, i didn’t expect that making full-colour comic is very difficult and takes around 30 minutes-2 hours± per panel 8′’D (probably because I’m not used to it lol)

Anyway, i hope you like it! I’ll try to finish the next part in 1-2 weeks. Thank you!

Kind of always low-key irritated by the fact that third world as a term has now been so divorced from it’s original political context and basically been used by the west as a ranking/income system when it originated in the cold war as a way of describing postcolonial countries who refused to align themselves with the capitalist first world and the communist second world by being a third way out aka the anti imperialist non-alignment movement


Merry Christmas!

Comic starts from top left! Click for full view (especially the last strip)!