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T is for TEQUILA 🍹

Here’s chapter 2 of my contribution to @simons-thirst-squad’s ABC’s of Simon challenge.

Notes: This chapter is 2 of 3. [Here’s chapter 1].There’s only 3 in total. I feel it ended where it needed to otherwise I’d be dragging it out and it would be shit. 
Reader pov story, starring the beautiful Simon and a little bit of Negan. Mostly Simon(hope that’s ok!)

Chapter 2 is 4,081 words, chapter 1 is 3,683 words

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Chapter 2

“What the fuck?! Simon you broke my fucking door!” You raise your voice at Simon.

“Where’s the Tequila?” Simon’s question was slow and unnerving.

“… what-” You try your best to play dumb but it didn’t work this time. Simon stops you speaking by only having to raise his index finger. You’re silent.

“-Don’t. All you have to do is listen.” You can feel the tension in the air. You don’t utter another word and just nod. “I hope you’re not trying to hide stuff cos that generally doesn’t go over very well.” Simon advances to you. You back away and brace yourself. “I’ll ask you again. Where, is, the Tequila?” You feel like a naughty little kid. You should be taking this more seriously but can’t with the giddy feeling the strong alcohol is having on your system.

You fight back a smirk when you pick your bag up from the floor and bring out the bottle by its neck. You stretch your arm out to Simon. He studies the contents of the bottle in your hand. He glares at you.

“That, was full.” Simon’s thick finger points at the remainder of the bottle.

“Why didn’t you say you knew I took it before we left his room?” You were unsure what outcome this would bring. Simon raises his brow surprised by your courage to talk back to him again. After taking the bottle from your hands he sighs and beings to tut.

“Y/N, what’s Negan going to say when he finds out you stole his Tequila?” Simon shakes his head pretending to be disappointed.

“He has plenty of bottles. He probably won’t even notice.” You shrug trying to mask your nervousness.

“He will notice. It upsets him when people take advantage.” Simon waits for you to add something else. You don’t. You want to spit back at him how unfair Negan is and how he takes advantage of people all the time, but you don’t say anything. You take Simon’s words as an implied threat. He doesn’t speak again either. His arm simply pulls out one of your dining chairs to sit himself down. You watch as the bottle of Tequila returns to the table. Simon strums his fingers along the table waiting for something.

“What?” You ask puzzled.

“You expect me to drink straight from the bottle? I have some manners Y/N.”

“You want a glass?”

“Please.” Simon leans back in the chair to wait. He watches you stretching up to the cabinets on your tip toes to find a glass. You’re searching the cupboards thoroughly as you’ve only ever needed and used one. You never usually need more than one glass as you rarely have guests in your room. Once you find another cup you blow into it trying to remove the dust then decide to swill it under the tap water. You hand Simon the clean glass cup.

“There.” You fold your arms suspicious of him.

“Thank you Y/N.” You watched as Simon pour a glass of the smooth amber liquid. You felt sick with apprehension. Shouldn’t he be dragging me back to Negan right now? Shouting his mouth off about how I should respect our fearless leader? You had to break the silence.

“We can make a deal.” You plead pathetically as you sit the opposite side of the table. You’re somewhat friendly with Simon but assume where his true loyalties lie; with Negan. Simon’s eyes are on you when you finally speak. He leaves your words in the air for a moment as he calmly knocks back his glass of Tequila. Your fingernails scratch at the seat beneath you waiting for his answer.

“That’s right we can.” Simon coughs. “Whoo! That’s good shit!” He pours himself another shot and picks up the glass. Simon leans on his elbows across the table to you.

“I need to alleviate some… boredom.” Simon sighs and groans when he stretches his long arms over the table to you. You instantly frown at the insinuation.

“Excuse me?!” You ask sternly not wanting to give away that you’ve definitely thought about ways to alleviate boredom with Simon. You notice his large upper arms pushing out from underneath his clothing.

“Oh, what? Not like that, not yet anyway.” Simon gulps down his second shot of tequila.

“Not yet?” You ask annoyed.

Simon brings a finger to his lips and shushes you then one of his hands reaches around to his jean pocket on his backside. You watch him slide out a worn and faded packet of cards. His palm slams them hard on the table. You looked down at them curiously when he pulls his hand away. You wear an unimpressed expression on your face as your eyes are locked back onto Simon’s.

“Cards? You want to play card games?” You ask watching his pupils dilating.

“Not just any ol’ card games my dear! How about we play some strip Blackjack? Winner gets to have a drink and watch the loser… take off their clothes.” Simon flashes an evil toothy grin and stares intensely at you. You gnaw your bottom lip to suppress a smirk from him. You make him wait a few more seconds while he slides the cards out of the packet. You haven’t even agreed to this yet but your pulse has already sky rocketed from the excitement. Simon begins shuffling the deck with his talented hands. The techniques he uses are impressive. Your throat goes dry and you swallow some saliva. You stare at the liquid in the tall bottle itching to relieve your parched throat. Then you inhale and reply.

“If I do this, you’ll forget about me stealing the tequila from Negan? Negan doesn’t have to know?” You can’t believe you’re even entertaining the idea of what’s about to happen.

“Lips. Sealed.” You stared at his tongue as he mouthed the words, then back to his hazel eyes. Has he always had eyelashes like that? Your heart began beating faster as you consider the offer.

“What about my door?” You stall your final answer. Simon twists his torso in his chair to the doorway. You notice his muscular stomach beneath his shirt.

“What about it?” Simon shrugs as he turns back to you to continue shuffling the cards.

“If we’re gonna do this Simon, I would like a bit of privacy.” You wait for Simon to reply and watch as he begins to stand.

“You’re stalling.” Simon points at you playfully and his moustache curls upward with his smile. He leaves the pile of cards on the table and walks to your door. The force of Simon’s beefy leg caused it to be hanging on for life on its last hinge of the doorframe. His bulky arms are on both sides of the door as he starts to move it in a way that would block the entrance of your room. You watch his back tense and relax as he holds the weight and positions the door in the archway to block the view into the room. Your cheeks begin to burn as you can make out what his clothing was hiding all along. Simon grunts and strains, then the door simply closes and it clicks as it shuts in place.  He dusts off his hands and you watch his hips as he struts with accomplishment to return to the chair opposite you.

“Thanks for fixing my door that you broke.” You tease.

“Anytime.” Simon exhales with a devilish smirk that makes your lungs hitch your breath. You watch his large hand slide his empty glass in front of you. “You have to catch up, I’ve already had two.” Simon tips some of the strong alcohol from the bottle and into the glass. His chocolatey eyes watch your every move as you swallow the honey coloured liquid. You clear your throat as it stings the inside of your neck.

“There, now it’s fair.” Your voice is horse to contain the need to cough. You place your glass back onto the table in front of you.

“Who’s dealin’?” Simon finishes up shuffling the deck of cards in his hands.

“Pass me the cards. I want to shuffle them too.” You say with your hand reaching over the table at Simon. He reluctantly places the deck in your hands.

“What? You don’t trust me?” Simon says teasing you with an arched brow. You almost feel a jolt of electricity when his finger tips touch your skin.

“Nope.” You pop the p with a small smile while your focus is on the cards. Your slightly shaky hands shuffle the deck and you’re careful not to spill them. Then you tidy up the deck and place them neatly in the middle of the table between Simon and yourself.

“Go on. You deal.” Simon is leaning over the table on his thick forearms to get closer to your personal space. Due to his size, he’s taking up most of your small dining table. You soak up the excitement glowing in his eyes. Without a word you deal two cards each and face them downwards. The deck is then placed back in the middle. Simon slides his cards towards his chest and inspects his hand. You see his tongue poke the inside of his bottom lip. Before he makes eye contact with you you’re examining your hand. Great! Two of diamonds and a nine of spades. You don’t give anything away on your face and notice Simon’s eyelids close slightly to try and focus on some indication of what kind of hand of cards you’re holding.

“What’ll it be Si? Hit or stand?” You ask confidently.

“Hit me.” Simon growls. The way Simon spoke so low made your stomach do a flip. The cards he held looked so small in his big hands. You carefully remove a card from the top of the pile and slide it face down on the table to Simon. He reaches for it and adds it to his hand. You watch his dark eyes peek over his cards. You also reach for a card to place it with your other cards in your hand. Your new card is another nine; giving you a grand total of twenty. Simon notices the slight triumph in your expression. “Hit or stand?” He asks with a half smile.

“I’ll stand.” You reply smugly. “What about you?”

“I’ll stand too.” Simon says as he stretches back into the chair.

“Okay then. Fold.” You reveal your cards to Simon thinking you’re the winner until Simon arches his thick brow again and arranges his cards out in front of you; he had an ace of hearts, a queen of hearts and a ten of clubs, therefore equalling to twenty one. That son of a bitch! You feel the blood rushing to your face, filling up your cheeks.

“I guess that means I’m the winner.” Simon arrogantly pours himself a glass of tequila. “Now, the question is, will it be the shirt? Or the pants? It’s completely up to you Y/N.” Simon licks his lips and you feel your heart banging against your ribcage as you try to decide. You set your mind on your pants so you can at least hide your legs under the table. You stand and undo your belt. Simon sips at his drink as he watches closely with wide eyes. You unbutton your jeans and pull the zip down slowly. You bend over and shimmy yourself out of the pants. Simon can see straight down your cleavage for a moment before you kick your jeans away on the floor. You feel a chill on your legs as you stand up straight then return to your seat.

Simon is delighted with your crimson cheeks and sits in silence as you gather the cards and shuffle the deck without looking up at him. You slide him the cards after you’re done.

“You can deal this time.” You order trying to avoid eye contact with Simon. You know that if you look up at him your won’t be able to stop smiling. It’s taking all of your might not to jump his bones right at this very moment.

“Sure thing.” Simon purrs as he begins to reshuffle the deck. “Nice knickers by the way.”

“Thanks.” You respond honestly as Simon deals you your hand then his own. The deck of cards returns to centre of the players. You look at your cards; a jack of spades and a four of hearts. You lean backwards in your seat and cross your bare legs to try and keep them warm. You bite your lip deciding whether to take another card.

“Ooh but will she risk it? You seem a tad cold Y/N. I know a few ways we could warm you up.” Simon flirts from behind his hand. You shake your head and make a small laugh. You’re battling with yourself on whether sleeping with Simon would be a good decision. You never wanted to get involved with anyone who was so close in command to Negan.

“I’m fine, just focus on the game will you? Hit me.” You knew you wouldn’t be able to wipe away the grin from your mouth. Your head was light from the atmosphere and probably the strong alcohol; it was intoxicating. You wanted more. Simon lifts a card from the deck and slides it to you. Without breaking eye contact with him, you lift it from the table and add it to your hand. You eventually glance at it; a seven of clubs. You calculate your cards again in case you miscounted. You didn’t; you have twenty one exactly. You lift your head and raise your eyebrows at Simon hoping you didn’t give away anything from your face this time. Simon glances at you then back down at his cards and picks up another to add to his hand, then another. Simon inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. The uncertainty was unbearable.

“Fold?” Simon asks finally.

“Yep.” You reply and display your cards. You count Simon’s. He has a two of clubs, a three of clubs an eight of hearts and a king of spades. Simon’s cards add up to twenty three. You’re elated. “Bust!” You laugh. “Too bad Simon.” You say mockingly.

You pour a shot of the fragrant tequila and bring the glass to your lips. You stop as Simon begins to unbutton his shirt. You stare over the rim of your glass as he reaches the bottom button and whips his shirt off his shoulders, exposing his rippling torso. Simon takes a breath in to fully show off his size. Your jaw hangs slightly as you take in his physique. Damn! The apocalypse has been very kind to you Sir! As your eyes trail down the hair on pectorals you notice a few small scars scattered over his torso. I wander how he got those…You were trying very hard to restrain yourself from caressing his bare skin.

Hey, eyes up here.” Simon breaks the trance he had over you. You blink and quickly gulp down your shot to begin another round. You squeeze your thighs together enjoying the sudden increased sensitivity in between your legs.

You win the next round too and begin to feel light headed from the tequila.  You wait eagerly with butterflies in your stomach for Simon to remove his jeans but instead he removes his boots and socks as a way of getting around undressing himself any further. You sigh at his obvious decision to make you wait longer. You hope you don’t lose the next hand.

You had a feeling the universe was siding with Simon as you lost the next game. But instead of removing your shirt, you remove your bra from underneath it and never actually exposing your chest to Simon like he was anticipating. Whilst still seated, you pull your bra out from under your shirt and hold it with a pinch above the ground to the side of you. You see Simon’s Adams apple bob as he swallows hard and watches your lacy bra fall to the floor. It isn’t enough to wet his throat so he washes it down with his winning shot of alcohol. Simon notices your nipples harden as they poke your t-shirt. He runs his thumb and index finger along his moustache with a sexually frustrated groan. You just give him a defiant glare and moisten your full lips.

The bottle you stole from Negan is nearly empty. Simon is spinning the plastic sombrero that sat on the lid of the bottle on his finger tip. You’ve lost another game which resulted in your removing your knickers whilst still seated. You crossed your legs as soon as you were naked from the waist down and sat on the bottom of your shirt. Simon was itching to pounce over the table to you but composed himself with a few neck stretches and continued the game.

Simon purposely lost the next game of Blackjack. You watched as he stood to undo his belt and jeans and removed his pants. You wanted to run your tongue up and down his beautifully sculpted thighs but your eyes were soon fixated on another part of his body as he stood up straight. Simon was equipped with quite the package. You tried not to stare too long at the large bulge in his navy boxer shorts. You took your time admiring his body; soaking up every inch of his powerful physique. He enjoyed you staring at him and slid down onto his seat once more. A quiet sigh escaped your mouth and your hand threw back another glass of strong alcohol down your gullet.

After witnessing Simon declothed, you quickly lost interest in the game. Once you’d had enough you scattered your cards on the table and stormed to your feet to stand in front of Simon. A long plaid shirt hugged your curves and Simon’s body had only a pair of boxer shorts to keep him warm. He shifted himself in his seat to face away from the table. He threw his cards to the table not caring who won the next round as he was fixated on your shirt that only just covered your area between your legs.

You unbuttoned a couple buttons near your cleavage so your shirt came up over your head and formed a lump on the floor as it fell. Simon was leaning back in his seat as he stares at you in awe, his moustache curling downward with his gaping mouth. You feel his searing hot arms wrap around you to bring you closer to his body to sit you on his lap. With your legs dangling down either side of Simon’s waist, his growl vibrates against the skin on your collar bone. You gasp as he bites then kisses up your neck. Your hips begin to grind on his boxers and you feel him getting harder. His soft lips collide with yours and you feel one of his hands squeeze at your breast. Your fingers rake his hair and you exhale into his mouth. Simon grins widely as he kisses you harder.

“Knock knock Doc!” A voice calls from outside the door followed by a banging. You and Simon stop abruptly. You wished you didn’t recognise that voice. You spring up and grab a sheet from your bed as the door falls away from the entrance. A familiar figure with a barbed wired baseball bat over his right shoulder invites himself into your room. “Woah. I was not expecting that! No no, don’t dress yourself on my account honey.” Negan strutted into the room crotch first. You’re panting softly with a frown; annoyed at the interruption. Thankfully you had just enough time to wrap your bed sheet around you like you would a towel to cover yourself. Negan glances at Simon sitting on one of the dining chairs to your left and puts two and two together. Simon wipes his mouth and arches his back so he’s hunched over leaning his arms on his thighs.

“What is it Negan?” You ask annoyed. Negan turns from Simon to look at you whilst you speak.

“I was just about to ask the exact same fucking question.” Negan approaches you slowly. His eyes don’t leave your sight.

“What do you want?!” You’re infuriated.

“Careful.” Negan points Lucille in your direction as a warning. You turn your chin away from the end of his bat and glare at him. Simon sits up defensively and the two of you wait for Negan to continue. “Well, excuse the fuck out of me sweetheart, but I was under the impression you would be alone. You visited one of my wives earlier. Anything I need enlightenin’ on?” Negan lowers his bat and steps close enough you have to look up into his face.

“No.” You say with a flat tone.

“Are you sure doll? Your mind might be a bit hazy and sexed up from whatever freaky stuff went on here. Simon don’t you go taking advantage now.” Negan joked pointing the bat expecting Simon to reply. You spoke instead.

“I’m sure. There’s nothing you need to worry about.” You answer honestly. You just want him out of your room. You’re not comfortable with him being this close to you with only a thin bed sheet hanging off your body. Negan looks to you through the corner of his eye before turning his head completely to face you.

“Because if there was… you know by now that you will tell me, one way or another.” Negan looked down at you and swallowed as he studied your exposed collarbone.

“Yes. I know.” You say in a defeated tone.

“Good girl.” Negan says still staring then nods, runs his tongue over his bottom lip before he turns to leave lazily. You watch him cautiously as he slowly walks through the doorway then turns back with Lucille over his shoulder. “You kids be safe now!” Negan chuckles as he pulls the broken door shut. Once you hear his footsteps and whistling get quieter the further away he walked down the hall, you shut your eyes and hang your head back briefly to inhale a large breath. Simon stands quietly and is behind you to curl his hands around your waist. You open your eyes and place your hands on top of his as he leaves kisses on your shoulder.

“He didn’t even notice the tequila.” You moan as you’re enjoying the sensation Simon’s moustached lips leaves on your skin. Simon holds you in his arms and you sway lightly with him.

“Will you shut up about the fucking Tequila?” Simon laughs and growls into your neck. You’re spun around by your hips so you’re looking up into his face. It isn’t for long as he plants his lips onto yours. One of his large hands reaches up into your hair and the bristles above his upper lip tickle your skin. His hands then peel away the bed sheet from your body while you enjoy his kiss and it falls around you onto the floor. You feel Simon’s rough fingertips trace your bare skin as he runs his hands up from your hips to around your back. He walks you to the side of your bed and he falls on top of you. You feel the weight of the warmth from his boxers poking you.

Simon’s hand snakes down to the space in between your legs making you arch your back when he touches your sensitive area. You make a small moan into his mouth. You feel his moustache curl up with his grin before he pulls away to watch you squirm with gratification.

“You’ve been a bad girl.” Simon purrs. The pleasure you feel in between your legs makes you wetter. Simon speeds up and you can barely get your words out to reply.

“Are you-gonna-t-take your boxes-o-off?” You stutter in between breathy moans as your try to keep your eyes from wondering up into your head. You wondered if Simon’s talented hands were skilful in anything else besides shuffling a deck of cards, now you know.

“Not yet.” Simon hums as he rubs quicker making your thighs jerk uncontrollably. He leans his large body over and you feel his hot breath close to your ear. “You have to be disciplined first.” You make a loud high pitched sigh indicating your body is more than eager for Simon to dominate you.
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[Chapter 3 coming soon!]

My visit to the strip mall where Dylan and Eric worked at Blackjack Pizza at 6657 W. Ottawa Avenue. As I’ve said before in a previous post, it’s now a fairly kid-active Taekwondo studio. The strip mall is kind of hidden away on a circular street (W. Ottawa) from off the main four lane drag S. Pierce St. where Columbine is.  This strip mall is super close to the school.  As you drive onto W. Ottawa from off S. Pierce, Angie’s Restaurant is right there and that is the former Burger King that Dylan, Dustin and Eric Jackson filmed the drive thru scene of the Breakfast Run just a day before the massacre on 4/19. The strip mall is kind of secluded and I don’t imagine business is ever very good there and it may be why the boys had a lot of time to mess around out back at Blackjack since business may have been spotty.  Presently, it has been taken over by Christian schools and Christian this and that. lol The Cooper 7 Theatre (which is literally right next to where Blackjack pizza was. Once, they off their work shift they could literally walk next door to go see a flick. ), Baskin Robbins ice cream store are all long gone.Great Clips for Hair (where Susan Dewitt worked) moved around the block nearby the Subway that Rachel used to work at. I’m not entirely assuming necessarily that the “Salon”  right next to the Taekwondo/Blackjack building is where Great Clips for Hair used to be located. After I take you on a spin through the front of the building, we head around the back parking lot and get to see where Dyl and Rebby used to blow up dry ice bombs in watermelons and light fireworks as well as the exact spot where they filmed “Carwax Commercial”. Notice the blue paint trim on the very top edge of the building, I tend to believe that is the original color paint when the boys worked there.

Anyway, enjoy the Blackjack strip mall tour with music by, what else? but their favorite band to listen to ad nauseam while spinning pies at the store, Rammstein.  ;)   I thought the song ‘Engel’ appropriately ironic given the Christian vibe of the mall these days. 

Lyrics to Engel “Angel” by Rammstein under the cut

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