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“Eh, was just in the area an’ noticed you out here huntin’. How have you be—” Dagur stops for a moment before sniffing the air around him. Something seemed different about Kana, “Kana, you okay?”

Kana’s smiled slipped a bit as Dagur began sniffing the air. She’d seen somebody do that before… but she couldn’t quite place it. It made her nervous, however, and she could feel the muscles in her shoulders tense a bit as he asked her if she was okay. Sebya, usually a dormant entity, began to pace in the edges of Kana’s mind, subsequently making her even more nervous. Kana answered immediately, her confusion towards his behavior evident in her tone, “Yeah… of course I’m okay, Dagur. Why do you ask?”

stringbeansandsnowberry replied to your post: Sahria wandered up to the woman fiddling with her hands nervously, “Y—you… I know you… I think…”

Sahria blushed when she mentioned Valund… “H—How did you know that…?”

A questioning look came into Gaelle’s eyes. Had Valund not mentioned to Sahria that they were friends? “It’s alright; he told me. Well, I heard it first from Guruzo, but Valund finally came out with it. He and I are quite close…. did he never mention me to you….?” Perhaps the half-mer had been so caught up in the thrill of courtship that it hadn’t crossed his mind to do so. 

stringbeansandsnowberry replied to your postKiera wanders up to the Nord and gave a whiff, “You smell like sewer…”

Kiera perked an eyebrow but refuses to take the handshake, yet. She pauses for a moment before slowly and begrudgingly giving her her hand, “I’m Kiera,” she says quickly whipping her hands on a handkerchief, still rather put off by her smell.

“Well met, Kiera,” the woman replies with a grin, unfazed by the mer’s actions. “What are you doing in this area?”

[Kana and Guruzo]

Kana walked one last lap around the house and sat down on the porch steps, the heels of her feet aching from meaningless use. When she’d gotten home a few days before, it was sunny and warm outside… until she realized she’d forgotten her key at Kora’s house all the way in Windhelm.

Things had changed dramatically just to spite her.

Almost overnight the temperature had dropped from comfortable to unseasonably cold and dark thunderheads had rolled in, threatening to spill out awful amounts of freezing rain on her at any moment. Luckily, the last hunting trip she’d gone on had left her with more than a few animal pelts to snuggle up in at night… though they stunk worse than anything Kana had experienced in her life. Now she sat waiting the same as the day before and the day before that; spread eagle on the steps of her husband’s locked house, quite unsure as to what exactly she was waiting for.

Maybe a locksmith. Or somebody with enough guts to kick down the door, because she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Or Sleeps, back from wherever he inconveniently disappeared to.

Maybe she should just go on another hunting trip. It was unlikely anybody, even a stranger, would pass by anytime soon.

Kana had lulled herself into a doze when approaching footsteps woke her and subsequently sent her scrambling to sit up.

Who was it?

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Now let me see…ah yes, we have an Altmer (how dreary), dinner (Varona?  Smash this scrib and we’ll have rolls.  Varona!), Azura (well, you’re a sight better than that Mora fellow), an invalid (Varona!  Get it out before it infects the whole tower.  I won’t have a repeat of the Astral Vapors incident.), and members of the servant caste.  I think you’d make excellent test subjects for an experiment of mine.  How attached are you to your vital organs?

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