string art


Lightning Slug from A Bored Archangel and His Prophet by prodigal-anon and hypahticklish

I’m torn between thinking this is too creepy and thinking it’s exactly right. Creatures created by archangels to inflict biblical plagues shouldn’t exactly look welcoming. (Fic is nsfw.)


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DIY Inspiration

At Home With Jen Lula | A Beautiful Mess

While browsing the Beautiful Mess blog, I spotted this amazing wall art in Jen Lula’s home. I’ve featured string & nail wall art before, and it’s such a fun and creative way to add colour and texture to your place without a ton of effort. The nice thing is that it’s always going to be unique depending on the string you use, the size of your letters, etc. I think I might need to go and buy some nails and wool tomorrow!


String Art and Geometric Drawings by Sebastien Preschoux

Artist Sebastien Preschoux creates impressive string art sculptures as well as intricate geometric drawings. The detail and complexity in such pieces is truly astonishing. Preschoux describes his methods in design as being slightly spontaneous, as he starts with a center point, and let’s the art work happen for itself as it goes. He uses various colors and venue for his string installations which span vast spaces in the process. His drawings are meticulous and delicately constructed with a methodical approach, much like his string sculptures.  This comprises the second collection of works we’ve featured by this artist, don’t miss the first series of  Sebastien Preschoux..

String Art Tutorial | The Red Thread Blog

I’ve posted lots of string art pieces before, what I like about this one is that it comes with a pattern for you to follow for hammering in your nails. Then it’s up to you to choose what colour string you want to use - I really like this ombre effect, though a single colour would be fun too. Or you could even do white string on a coloured background. OK!