Striking Twice || Amelia & David

It wasn’t even two weeks since their previous rendezvous, yet David couldn’t have been happier to finally be at it again. Amelia had been a face that stood out to him from the start, and she definitely out shone herself when things had progressed from the bar to the bedroom. Luckily, out of pure coincidence, he had ran into her once again. And there couldn’t have been any better timing, especially since David had so far had a day from hell.

Things fell right back to how they’d ended, in each others arms. Their lips worked hungrily against each others, before David pulled back slightly to comment. “Keeping it PG this time, are we?” He questioned with a smirk evident on his lips, remembering how most of their clothes were already shredded off by this point last time. Her response of “I don’t like PG for too long..” was exactly what he wanted to hear, and immediately his lips collided with hers once more, moving fiercely against her own as his hands nested in her hair, pulling her closer to him. Their intentions were similar, if not bad. Yet that’s what made her so enjoyable.. she was a release. Someone who enjoyed this as much as he did, and could most definitely handle it.