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Yoko Taro announces planned NieR: Automata DLC


Director Yoko Taro originally spoke back on March 13th about how “NieR Automata Didn’t Have Enough Of A Budget To Get Meaningful DLC” however Square Enix are reportedly factoring in the international sales, already over 3 million, and has greenlit production for DLC.

As you may already be aware, NieR got DLC in the form of “The World of Recycled Vessel”. Yoko Taro has announced this DLC will be known as “2B_ig. Mode” which he describes as “2B’s Ultimate Secret”.

Yoko Taro outlined the following points about said DLC:

*To access this secret mode one must of completed the game with all game ends, fist-pump your support units Pod 042 and 153 at least 10 times during said playthroughs, found the toothbrush during a sidequest, set Voice Modulation to LOW (but not lowest), and then acquire a Shaman Fish. This fish will be the key to unlocking this content. Now play as normal with 2B.

*When you meet the Apologetic Machine in the Desert it’ll give you access to the elevator in which, once opened, a wave of desserts will flood 2B and cause her to absorb its contents immediately.

*Your plug-in chips will slowly ‘grease’ as you play - the lowest one on the stack will slip out and you’ll have to re-equip it or the next one, finally reaching your OS chip and thus killing you. Enjoy the micro-management!
*If you stay still for too long moss will start to grow on you.
*Animal Bait & Fish will be instantly eaten whilst staying near Moose and Boar will cause 2B to drool profusely.
*Riding animals will cause them to stagger and then collapse.
*Trying to slide down the sand causes you to roll and then self-destruct. Occasionally it may instead cause 2B’s heels to strike oil and cause explosions.

*If you use the Pod Program Wire you’ll receive a Wario-like bash.
*You can no longer fit in transporters.

*Equipping the Cypress Stick as 2B in this mode will transform machines into metal slimes.

*Father Servo will transcend the heavens and return with a Platinum belt and a work-out routine enabling you to become modestly healthy once again however this will be time-based and failure to succeed will require micro-transactions to try again.
*Engels will also return as a tutor explaining how to get a big combo in this mode which will be another requirement to return to normal size once you surpass his combo.
*The elevator will have many desserts and they need to all be consumed to finally descend and discover plot points about Drakenguard 4. Yoko Taro has sworn if people don’t complete the DLC he just won’t make the game because, and I quote, “Fuck it all I’m drunk”.

More details can be found at or by following his twitter handle.

“Jarvis and the Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“She’s a bit high maintenance, but as I work for Mr Stark, I’m… used to that sort of thing.”

I couldn’t leave out Marvel’s favorite butler. ^_^ The above was said with a delicately restrained long-suffering sigh.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.


Nicolaas van der Waay (1855-1936, The Netherlands)

Van der Waay was a Dutch decorative artist, watercolorist and lithographer. He worked in many genres, including stamp, coin and banknote designs. He is perhaps best known for the allegorical illustrations he created for the Golden Coach and a series of paintings depicting the lives of girls from the Amsterdam Orphanage.

I have this fuzzy, static feeling in my head, a feeling like the sound of stepping on a fallen leaf. That crunchy, crackly, empty sound. And this soft, glazed-over sort of feeling in my hands and my knees and my stomach; a feeling like being underwater, or like being coated in molasses. You know how you get the chills when you realize something about yourself for the first time? Well it’s like I forgot everything about myself and I have the opposite of the chills; instead of that prickly, hyper-alert feeling, I feel smoothed out. All around my edges, just smoothed like butter into soft, manageable curves. Like there’s just a big wide open field where there used to be mountains, or an inflatable swimming pool where there used to be a whole ocean. I know that no one can dig deep enough under their own skin to strike oil; no one pans for gold in their own blood. But this is not how it always was.

Trinket Safety (Afterbirth updates #3)

there will be around 20 new trinkets in afterbirth, in the past i used trinkets as a way for the player to “pad” their character with some minor stats and allow for a some slight choice of customization over the course of the game. i designed trinkets to be about 1/3rd of an item in terms of power level and for the most part all the original trinkets references existing items in some way.

in afterbirth i tried my best to design trinkets that acted more like combo pieces than just stat padding or minor luck changes. i feel like a lot of the new trinkets in rebirth added to gameplay, combo pieces like the petrified poop, callus, lucky rock and store credit all changed the way you played when you picked them up. you cant always strike oil with new items, but i personally think the best items in Isaac are the ones that change how you play when you get them, make you retrace your steps and reward peoples memories.

the new trinket this week are the Safety Scissors.

experienced players will instantly think about going infinite against war.. but this trinket combos with loads of stuff.

Aside from just being a great way to break the game, it will also protect against those unwanted troll bombs and also combo with more than a few items in afterbirth.


France, Douchy-les-Mines : TOPSHOT - Riot police stand guard behind a fire as refinery workers hold a blockade of the oil depot of Douchy-Les-Mines to protest against the government’s proposed labour reforms, on May 25, 2016.
Refinery workers stepped up strikes that threaten to paralyse France weeks ahead of the Euro 2016 tournament as the government moved to break their blockades, escalating a three-month tug-of-war over labour reforms. / AFP PHOTO / François LO PRESTI                        

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Another challenge. This one is personal. A friend and I are building each other budget decks, and I'm having kind of a hard time keeping budget in line with synergy. I'd like to see a Varolz deck with a $50 price ceiling. (As usual, basic lands don't count.)

Since Varolz is cheap and can protect and buff himself, our deck is going to be first and foremost a Voltron list. Let’s start with a few dudes with insane power-to-cost ratios for Varolz to scavenge.

+Death’s Shadow: One of the more expensive cards in this budget list, but he’s pretty much mandatory because he reads “BB: Put 13 +1/+1 counters on target creature.”

+Phyrexian Soulgorger

+Force of Savagery

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“A Supermarine Seafire hitting the barrier on HMS Indefatigable after returning from the strike on a Japanese oil refinery at Pangkalan Brandan, Sumatra. Note the broken undercarriage. Weather conditions were excellent and the whole weight of bombs and missiles from the Grumman Avengers and Fairey Fireflies fell within the target area. The powerhouse and other important plants, together with oil tanks and buildings, received direct hits.”

(Imperial War Museums)

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What do you think about Julies answers about bamon on twitter?

What did you think about Julie’s Q&A about Bamon ? Do you think it’s positive for a romance ?

Have you seen jp tweet?

For anyone who missed it, here’s what JP said about Bamon:

It’s not anything we haven’t heard before. If romantic Bamon is in the cards, don’t expect twitter or a TVLine interview to be the first place we hear about it. 

It’s good for the ship’s prospects that she’s recognized the chemistry between them, because that’s like striking oil on a tv show. It’s also good that, as usual, she hasn’t shut the ship down. And it’s good that she referenced the ship being romantically canon in the books.

She reinforced the fact that they are bffs right now (which we can all agree on), and that Damon is still obsessed with Elena. Through that lens (and others), it’s meaningful then that we saw him start to take steps away from the latter in the last episode, I think..

All in all, it looks promising for the development of romantic Bamon in the future. But even though we’ve been waiting for a long time, we still shouldn’t expect it immediately, and the story is still unfolding. That’s my takeaway from the tweets, anyway.

In today’s Reuters wrap: the Venezuela cure for corporate blues, cheap oil for happy farmers, Samsung redirects its cash and more.

 REUTERS PHOTO OF THE DAY: This hood is a howling error

Ace, a Basset Hound from Lithuania, wears a hood as he waits with a handler before competition in the Hound Group at the 139th Westminster Kennel Club’s Dog Show in Manhattan, February 16, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar


Your one-stop shot for Venezuela inoculations

U.S. companies that are tired of suffering water torture wrought by Venezuela’s crumbling currency system can take a one-time hit and a big charge instead. It hurts, but like any shot, it’s over in a few seconds and provides an extended vaccination. Check the example of Ford Motor Co., which last month wrote off its entire Venezuela investment.

Managers bunk down at U.S. refineries as strike enters third week

U.S. oil refinery managers are going to the mats, literally, during the biggest fight with union workers in 35 years, bedding down for a third strike week that experts and some employees say raises concerns over safety and operations. Just remember to sit behind the blast-proof wall.

You have no identity

Myanmar’s decision to revoke temporary identification cards for minorities is raising tensions among its 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims, who have effectively been disenfranchised just days after parliament approved a law affirming their right to vote in a referendum. The people who hold the cards are mostly Rohingya, a much resented minority in Myanmar, where many people consider them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Once in a blue harvest moon

Cheap oil means happy farmers, especially when their future economic prospects otherwise look as optimistic as a trip to the slaughterhouse.

It’s called a divid-“end” for a reason

Samsung kept its investors satisfied by throwing money at them in 2014, hoping to distract them from falling profits. This year it’s all about growth, so if you’re a Samsung investor, get ready to watch a lot of that cash go elsewhere.

Jobs, guns and politics: thinking about election 2016

- How would President Jeb Bush deal with fighting Islamic State militants while avoiding the mire of another war? Good question, one for which he doesn’t appear to have an answer.

- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s job creation agency fell short of its goals and wasted millions of dollars. That might be a problem if he tries to become President Scott Walker.

Like a dog in a (very, very nice) manger

“It’s a beautiful group of dogs,” says one of the participants in the 139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. What more do you need to know? Here’s the slideshow.

Greek music: more than the sum of its bouzoukis

The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments contains barely any bouzoukis, the quintessential Greek instrument that often accompanies the smashing of plates in overseas Greek restaurants. Instead, visitors are treated to rows of wood and bone flutes, pottery drums called toumbeleki, and gaida - bagpipes made of sheep or goat skins.