strike the right pose

Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius

grumpy old man keith: no you don’t ‘still got it’ calm down lance, no one wants to see you break a hip trying to show off

old man lance: we’ve been married for over sixty years and you still think you’re better at this than me, unbelievable

keith: well my memory isn’t what it used to be but last time i checked, yeah

lance: oh please keith your stories are always so boring

keith: if by boring you mean factual, you can’t even tell it the same way twice

lance: exactly!!!

their grandkids: granddad, grandpa, can you please just get on with the story

lance: oh right, of course, where were we

grandkids: you were getting to the part where you guys formed voltron

lance: oh right!! (strikes a pose) so there i was, in the thick of it, the universe’s only hope, your favorite grandpa, a little more ripped and youthful than he is now but (dabs) it was me, nonetheless

keith: oh my god

A Night on The Town

My @mlsecretsanta​​ gift for @katswatermelon​! A Happy Holiday to you! Now have some DJWifi fluff!


“I just don’t know what to get her, bro.”

“What about an interview with Ladybug and Chat Noir?”


“Got her that last year.”

“Has she interviewed them since Ladynoir became canon?”


“Seriously, Nino. Stop beating your head against the table.”

“I’ll stop when I figure this out.”


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cinnamonfreak  asked:

For the fellowship of the ring (yes, again, I'm on a LOTR rage currently) how would they describe themselves from their own point of view?

Gandalf: I would call myself their foolish leader, but to quote an old friend of mine: “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” (He sends a mischievous wink to the viewers. He just broke the fourth wall.)

Frodo: I can feel the corruption of the Ring taking hold. I just hope I can do this in the end… (Admin has a nearly overwhelming desire to hug the poor little emo baby.)

Sam: I’m the gardener. The most dangerous gardener in Middle-Earth. Every party needs a gardener, right? (He strikes a pose proudly.)

Merry: An incredibly charming gentle-hobbit.

Pippin: A most excellent, handsome hobbit.

(Sam casts the two an incredulous look.)

Aragorn: I am the last of a dying house and doomed to never be king. (Suddenly, everyone around him feels a little depressed.)

Legolas: All this, and I can sing too. (He flirtatiously winks at Admin, who is not sure how to respond.)

Gimli: I’m the dwarf with a sore back from carrying the rest of this party! (Legolas sends him a dirty look.)

Boromir: The best that Gondor has to offer, and the hope of all the goodly races. (“At least with my superior strength and skill, I shall not be the first to die on this quest.” he says, looking at the hobbits.)


(Admin’s Note: Since you never said movie’s or books, I went with the book verse. I’d tried to treat it like an interview! XD

Since you never specified if the Fellowship’s personality would be pre-fellowship or post, I went with after the gathering in Rivendell, before the Mines of Moria.

This is after Frodo’s been stabbed by the Ringwraith (Nazgul), which I’m pretty sure you already know, so this is around the time he starts to take on a different perspective of the world.  

Legolas doesn’t really have much of personality in the books, because he was created last minute for the role. So, I’m taking the initiative and making up bits of his personality myself. Until I decided to do that, I was completely stumped with him…)

Some references in animations of Roy in SSB4

Because I’ve bored lately and got curious about Roy’s animations given to him in his SSB4-iteration~ and surprisingly enough, I’ve found some interesting ones that I’ll showcase now.

Firstly, his taunt, specifically the Up Taunt. It’s always looked quite triumphant to me along with being bit familiar. Turns then out that it’s actually based on the cutscene illustration from Binding Blade where Roy draws Sword of Seals the first time.

Now to another one which is his Forward Smash. It’s infamously powerful, but after seeing the origin of the animation, it might not be such a surprise.

As Roy gets promoted to a quite a broken class of Master Lord in FE6, his animations change quite a bit, becoming the following (also a basis to his ranged and Critical animations)

This has been incorporated to his Forward Smash, mainly the part where he swings down to strike his enemy. It’s right up there in the anticipation pose and the initial swing:

To the hard-hitting slash which even doubles as the freeze frame bonus that akin to him staying still after ending his attack.

And here’s the freeze-frame in action. 

Now compare that to the original animation.
Pretty cool, eh?

Finally, this concerns his jump animation. First, let’s take look at Marth’s:

As fans would remember, both Marth and Roy shared the same jump animation back in Melee.

However, here in SSB4, Roy’s jumping animation looks noticeably different:

Take a good glance on how his hand is curled to a fist as opposed to Marth’s being open like in the past.

As of late we got to see prototype artwork for FE-games in the FE 25nth Anniversary Book, including that for Binding Blade. One of the artworks had Roy also doing a jumping motion while his also having his fist curled:

Yeah, it’s pretty easy to love Smash Bros at times.


This bit from Midori Ritou’s Baten Kaitos gag doujinshi Owaranai Moe to Ushinawareta Koi takes place just after the Wazn ice statue incident; the other characters are goofing off and striking the poses they’d want if they had their own ice statues. Savyna is doing finger guns, which I think means she wins.

SNSD Reaction to: You Giving Them Your Jacket When It’s Cold

Taeyeon: giggles like an immature child. “what is this? do you think we’re in a drama or something?”

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Jessica: the wind is blowing her hair, as she tries vehemently to tame it while saying, “oh, for me? thank you” and feels so humbled and awed by your kindness

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Sunny: slips your coat on. “ta-dah! how does it look on me?”

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Tiffany: “are you trying to impress me?” she teases. “because it’s working”

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Hyoyeon: acts nonchalant but grateful. and don’t expect to ever get that jacket back. it’s warm & smells like you, so it’s hers forever. poor sica has to listen to her brag though

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Yuri: acts grateful and sweet and like the cutest little bean, overjoyed that her plan worked. you don’t know this, but she whispered her plan to the other girls earlier that day: “I’m going to pretend to be cold on our date and see if (y/n) gives me their jacket. that’s how I’ll know it’s meant to be”

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Sooyoung: “whoa ~ your jacket looks so good on me! I’m so pretty!”

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Yoona: dances around, splashing in puddles and acting adorable. “wow, it’s so comfy! are you sure you don’t me wearing it?” she loves how protected she feels in it. it makes her nerves tingle, making her want to dance even more

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Seohyun: strikes a pose. “I look good, right?”

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Take a Breath, and Let the Rest Come Easy

teenage!phan have a sleepover and dans a bit of an asshole but phil secretly likes it so he goes along with dans strange behaviour and takes the blame for a lot of his shit


“You never said anything about 10 minutes!” Dan complains, watching his best friend through the smoke-filled kitchen frantically flapping at the smoke alarm with a tea towel, praying that the horribly high, wailing sound piercing throughout the kitchen would kindly come to a halt before his parents wake up and discover exactly how damaged their new microwave is.
“I did!” Phil defends, sliding off the marble worktop once the alarm had silenced, and no visible parent had resurfaced. “I specifically said to you, ‘keep the popcorn in for 10 minutes.’ It was on the instructions!
“How come I didn’t hear you, then?” Dan turns his back on the burst bag of 10% popcorn and 90% charcoal, raising an eyebrow challengingly at Phil.

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Anon prompted (shortened): Mpreg!Kurt in which Blaine loves his husband’s baby bump and isn’t afraid of Tweeting it to the entire world. 

More mpreg here!

Kurt’s humming happily while making scrambled eggs when he hears a quiet ‘oh my God’. He turns to look at his husband, whose eyes are fixed on him, glass of orange juice hovering in front of his slightly open mouth. 


"You’re showing." 

Blaine’s voice is so full of amazement that for a second Kurt wonders if he forgot they were having a baby. "A little, yeah,” he says with a glance at his stomach. The bump is small but big enough to push back the fabric of his tank top a little bit.

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Adorable Boy

Request: What would their reaction be if you randomly tapped them on the nose, said they were adorable and walked away? (Thank you for running this blog! You’re an angel. 🙏🏻❤️)

❤️ You’re so sweet ❤️

Jinhoo: Since your so random, he’ll look at you walk away and start calling you to come back to him and explain what that was about.

Kuhn would look at you walking away from him and chuckle walking shaking his head at your randomness calling him adorable.

Kogyeol would strike a adorable pose and be like ‘I know right’ with a huge smile afterwards.

Wei would smile really wide ‘Am I…’ “I am?” He’ll probably ask you to tell him his adorable again.

Bitto would use his deep voice telling you ‘I’m not adorable’ over and over again making you crack up.

Wooshin would just look at you walking away and blinking multiple times.

Sunyoul would smile really big showing you his two bunny teeth ‘Yea I guess I’m really adorable you couldn’t help but tell me’

Kyujin: ‘Adorable?! Did you just call me adorable?!’ His voice will be echoing behind you while you just keep going and ignore him making him catch up to you.

Hwanhee: When you tap on his nose and walk away he’ll catch up to you and stand in front of you bending down to your height and tapping once on your nose ‘you’re’ and another tap ‘adorable’ and walk away leaving you hanging like you did to him.

Xiao would be like ‘ya~ come back’ he’ll follow you like a lost puppy, complaining that your calling him adorable when his manly.

- V

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook calling your name continuously until you turn around to look at him and right before you turn around, he quickly strikes this pose.

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Mercy: If I kneel down at the appropriate angle, I can make the light beam go into their ass.
Reinhardt: [laughs] What the fuck?
[more laughter as Soldier: 76 kneels in front of Zarya as he inspects her]
Reinhardt: Can you move away a bit? I want to take a screenshot.
[Soldier: 76 moves away right as Zarya strikes a pose, more laughter ensues]
Mercy: Sorry, I’m an adult. I swear.



I present:  Love for the Cold-Blooded, or The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero by Alex Gabriel

  • it’s funny
  • it’s a world where superheroes and supervillains are common, and they kinda fight each other from time to time, but it’s never serious and no one dies, and honestly they’re all ridiculous cause they strike ridiculous poses that make them look sexy (yeah right), and prepare awful speeches, and they have minions (a kid of a villain ought to ‘serve’ as a minion to some other villain, it runs in a family, it’s called NET-WORKING)
  • Pat doesn’t want to be like his Mom (honestly Pat’s Mom is the greatest though), he just wants to be an urban designer (what a sweetheart)
  • Pat also works as a night manager to Nicholas Anderson aka Silver Paladin aka a hoagie superhero  
  • Silver Paladin is a fucking dork. end of story.
  • ANYWAYS. the plot is ridic, you’re gonna love it
  • the point is, ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS TBH. there are so many, and they’re so great. Pat’s sisters - Cea, Zen, HELL (hell yeah), are lovely. Pat’s Mom is the greatest, like I said. Cat. Ariadne and Doc Destiny (mhmmmm gimme a superhero/supervillain lesbian romance asap right now) THEY’RE SO BRILLIANT, all of them, and it’s natural and obvious bc duh
  • honestly the blurb says (among other things) that the book is about “young men loving not wisely, but well” come on??? this is the sweetest
  • (honestly though the romance is cute. they’re both nerds. Pat is a weirdo, and Nick is even a bigger weirdo, and they constantly keep telling each other “you’re the strangest person i’ve ever met” (Nick to Pat), “you’re nuts” (Pat to Nick)
  • (ok uh i should probably mention the book has explicit sex scenes so 18+ my friends)
  • OK BUT the reason number #1 why you should read the book:
  • honestly, my boys. so brave so young so sexy, wearing leather, and being slutty and pretty - and being proud of their job, and responsible and totally heroes. 
  • (AT ONE POINT THEY RESCUE SNAKES AND I’M??? they’re so eager and starry eyed and v brave)
  • i mean, as you can see, this book is ridiculous and funny but also subversive (”Pat’s “I;m proud to be a SLUT!!!” i mean……)
  • you’ll lough out loud 
  • (i mean, ok, this book is weird, and sometimes the writing style is Too Much™ bc Pat babbles so much and it can get confusing? but that’s kind of a point) 
  • also, i almost forgot: android dolphins (do i need to say more)