strike laser claw


Shadow Keaton

Background: (in progress) A custom shadow fox made for Helena, the daughter of Moonbay, by entrepreneur McMann. Due to some bad intel Helena attempted to steal the base shadow fox from McMann but was caught in the act. Rather than turn her over to the authorities, McMann instead made a deal with her, impressed by her capabilities, he enlisted her as advertisement of sorts. He would give her the fox and customize it, in return she would travel to zoids shows to display the new zoid, and send most of her winnings back to McMann to pay off her debt for the zoid and parts. The color scheme came from the legend of the goddess Quetzalcoatl.

Beam Katana x2
35mm pulse laser rifle x2
Electron Bite Fangs
Strike Laser Claw x4

Optic camouflage
3D Radar
Smoke Discharger x4
Ion Booster x4

Crew: 1
Weight: 55 tons
Max Speed: 220 mph

The build:
An hmm shadow fox and the 9 tails conversion kit by Metal Plus. The paint scheme is inspired by Lucoa’s hair from Kobayashi Dragon Maid. The tails are a bit of a pain and like to fall apart or just fall off, but they look very awesome and I’m very happy I bought this kit. Let me know what you think!


ZT-02LZ Liger Zero Epyon
The second experimental Liger Zero created by ZiTech Industries, Liger Zero Epyon was built to improve upon the shortcomings of Liger Zero Honoo. Construction of Epyon began shortly after Honoo’s. However, after acquiring new data based on the combat style of Honoo’s pilot Sasha Schubaltz, and data gathered reviewing the battle between Honoo and the rouge Berserk Fury, codenamed “Grim”, the construction was set back in order to improve the design further. Epyon was given a very short range set of experimental armaments, along with a large set of wing boosters to enable flight. The unique paint scheme was suggested by the pilot’s sister Sophia Schubaltz, who believed a more personal touch to Epyon would allow the pilot to better connect with it. After Sasha Schubaltz had recovered from her injuries following the near destruction of Zero Honoo, she was chosen to be the test pilot for Zero Epyon. She agreed on the condition that the new liger be tested by reacquiring and destroying Grim. This request was granted, however she would now be assigned a partner. Sophia Schubaltz would accompany her in the newly repaired Zero Honoo, now dubbed the “Liger Zero Endless Waltz Custom”. Sophia had formerly been working as a zoid designer and technical overseer. However after seeing the power of the rouge berserk fury, the company feels it necessary that more than one zoid be sent on this mission. Sophia was not first on the list of possible test pilots, however she had shown to be quite a capable strategist, and able to assist Sasha in using the Zero system. Sasha had also proven difficult to work with, but trusts Sophia unquestioningly, so she was allowed to assist on this mission.

Twin beam swords: A new type of beam sword, connected directly to the zoid core, this causes the beams to be abnormally large and intense.

Epyon Claws: Added claws mounted above the liger’s claws, they can be charged up to cause further damage when using the strike laser claw attack.

Heat Whip Tail: A long segmented whip in place of the ligers tail. It can be used to trip or entangle opponents. It can also be heated to slash through armor.

AZ 208mm shock Cannon: A double barreled Cannon mounted on the underside of the liger.

Special Equipment:
Epyon Wings: Large booster wings that enable flight.

Zero System: The same system built into Zero Honoo, designed to show the pilot every possibility in battle.

The build: So Epyon was a tad harder to make than I originally thought, but I ended up loving it more and more. The wine red seemed to be a good idea, but I ran out before I could finish painting everything. The orange tail was a spur of the moment thing. I found out a tallgeese 3 model had the orange whip and I just had to have it. The wings on this are super cool and lots of fun to play with. The spikes on her legs were a big pain and some parts will probably get glue later on. Oh and as with Zero, Epyon is still missing her eyes, but she’ll get those soon. Let me know what you think!