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The case of Lars.

I’m actually really happy there are many posts out there “defending” Lars. Not because I particularly like him, but becase he IS the most realistic human on the show.

Personally, I strongly dislike Lars, and I get why people do as well: He’s a self absorbed, egoist and extremely insecure person governed by his own fears and, so far, he hasn’t even proved to be somewhat useful in the face of adversity, like Sadie has.

BUT- and it’s a big but- I know why I dislike Lars so much, and it has to do with the theory I have that regarding certain things, we despise on others those traits we also have, and hate about ourselves. The reason I don’t like Lars- and maybe the reason some of you don’t, either- is because he is SO desperately, intolerably human, that he embodies the sheer vulnerability we all have and despise in ourselves.

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In a narrative, the spectator is supposed to empathize with the protagonist, and we perform that role gladly: Wether it’s the sassy anti-hero that unconventionally saves the day; the righteous hero whose bravery and determination will outcome every obstacle; the antagonist that outsmarted everyone and won the game, we are expected to look at them, live through them, and ultimately, identify with them, therefore attributing those desirable traits to ourselves. Are you more a Snape, or a Harry? Which Crystal Gem are you? Which Madoka Character represents you best? In all of those, we can- and want- to believe we are as smart, as brave, as cunning and as strong as those figures, when adversity strikes, we can hold our own and we can win, because we are that great.

Lars…reminds us that is NOT the case. Lars is a human and a troubled teenager, and so he displays the angst the teenager mind goes through (especially if he interpret him as a trans character, just IMAGINE the amount of angst that adds). He doesn’t have any special powers, he’s not trained in anything that can help him, he goes to extensive- and somewhat ridiculous- lenghs to conceal the good things he DOES have going on for him, and if you’re perpetually starving to be something you are NOT (popular, traditionally cool), and negating what you are, it’s no surprise that most of the time you are going to be paralysed by fear, frozen with doubt, and with your sense of self worth downer than The Cluster.

Lars is insecure of himself and he remind us how we would most likely act in the face of true fear: one- some say the- most human fear, the fear of death. Lars shows us the self preservation instinct that would likely govern us in the situations the show presents, and we also shows us how powerless we could feel, how hard we would struggle before actually jumping to the unknown. We are, after all, only human.

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That’s why I think Lars being in the show is so important, he doesn’t only offers a powerful contrast and mirror to the spectators, he’s the one that represents the most raw potential of growing. Lars’ arch can be develop to what Rose woud most admire: A human being. Troubled by his own thoughts, constantly struggling with himself, but constantly learning, constantly evolving. Just like us, mere mortals, do.

But you know, it’s fantasy and nobody wants to admit that, even to ourselves.


fun little personal piece i did last night. i’ve had the new QOTSA album on repeat since it came out, and the aesthetic of the album art itself made an insatiable need to do a piece based on it hnnngh

i’m so happy they got boneface back to do another album

the slytherin common room is like a palace. the students hold court there, discuss schemes and ambitions and scandals, at home in such a regal setting yet always with a slight edge stemming from the awareness that outside these walls–outside this dignified, fierce, protective slytherin family–there is an ugly, real, vicious world waiting to tear them apart. but no fear; the slytherins will be there with their experience and cunning honed in their very own fortress to glide through the storm, calm and cool and untouched. these students love each other boundlessly, and this is where they prepare each other for the road ahead.

if the slytherins have a palace, then the hufflepuff common room is like a cozy cottage. somehow, the cushions are fluffier, the fireplace warmer, the sofas squishier, and the atmosphere homier than anywhere else the puffs have ever been. they readily welcome all, the ambience of the room bright and cheery and open. you can feel the love and support in that room–the frankness different from the slytherins’ to be sure–not better or worse, just different with its in-your-face bounce. the hufflepuff common room is shelter in a storm, a reprieve from an exhausting journey, a re-charging station brimming with smuggled food and unending comfort. 

the ravenclaw common room is like a roman atrium, open, airy, and embracing the sky with all its endless possibilities. it is florence blooming during its renaissance, chock filled with creativity, knowledge, and curiosity, the high turrets mirroring the soaring dreams of the students. here they study, work, and review, but also paint, sing, debate, and experiment. the ravens have no limits, no judgment or boundaries, only acceptance and empathy in shared thirst for wisdom. competition for grades is fierce to be sure, but personal ambition never impedes camaraderie and mutual discovery. books are swapped, new portraits revealed, and essays edited by peers. the ravenclaw room nurtures, growing curiosities, sparking new interests, encouraging deeper understanding.

the gryffindor common room is like an artist’s loft, overflowing with windows and half finished paintings and heart. gryffindors do not hide, or don identities or masks or veils; they are just as transparent and candid and true to themselves inside the tower and out. these lions are brave enough to care, and their ferocious love pervades their home base. like the slytherins, they know the true battle never ends; for the gryffindors, there will always be more justice to pursue, more weak to protect, more fights to be won. red is fierce, fiery, bold, burning bright and everlasting, the color of vanquished enemies and flowing sunrises and sunsets. this gallery holds a striking portrait of courage, of opening up to the possibility of wounds willingly, an arsenal of strength for the brutal, pounding battle ahead.

and the great hall–why, the great hall is where all these stunning qualities meet, in a glorious clash of colors, vibrant and unforgettable, melding together to form a place of unity, a haven for all–hogwarts.

  • George R.R. Martin: I'm going to create two characters
  • George R.R. Martin: They only have each other when they meet
  • George R.R. Martin: They survive through some of the worst times in their life together
  • George R.R. Martin: They fight together
  • George R.R. Martin: They will even have their own love song
  • George R.R. Martin: And I will send them to different continents where they have no contact with the other and do not know if they are still alive
  • George R.R. Martin: :-)
Dusk, Behind the Admissions Building

[My offer still stands. ~Nerd]

The ways back
Are the ones you guard most jealously.

Take this,
For example:
The paved walk
(Mica glinting
In the tiger lily sun)
Behind the old admissions building
Is yours for you walk it
Every day,
Your half-secret road
Along the hillside
From the dining hall
To home.

There, where the strange seems familiar:
Throw a bag
Of oddments - dessicated
Mango, almonds, cornflake crumbs -
Watch the dust of
The crumbling rock candy
Arc and sparkle
To adorn the grass,
An odd thing to find yet somehow
More mundane than
The same old dew,
A gift (freely given)
For a lone black-feathered sentinel.

Guard this way back, too.
You do not know
Who they might be guarding it from,
But the lone one of the black and beady eye
Seems far, far more watchful than they:

They dance at their posts sometimes,
A flicker of white-violet in the tiger lily sunset,
Scents of holly and mulch like bitter rain,
Whispers of air and darkness,
To tempt, to turn, to call and cajole,
Hoping that one dusk-bright evening
Will stop, throw off all unnatural things,
Abandon your plodding daily guard
To brave the liminal spaces,
Walk a path (different, unpaved,
But with the same glints of mica)
To somewhere else,
Whirl until your feet are tatters
But your soul is free
And you hang there, caressed by unseen hands,
Whispering “I love you”
Into the mist.

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JB Homophobia Analysis

Okay so there’s been a lot of bickering within the got7 fandom over what JB said during his celebrity bromance with Youngjae. Firstly, I’m disappointed in JB but I’m more dissapointed in people defending his actions. It wasn’t just one mistranslation, it was literally throughout the entire video. This is gonna be long but I took screenshots and I’m going to break it down for people who still can’t see why what he said was wrong.

But before that I just want to say this does not mean I think we should be sending him hate. In fact, we should be educating him on why what he said isn’t okay and a simple apology isn’t the end of the world. Idols aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and have flaws. JB’s homophobia is one of them. There’s nothing wrong with correcting ignorant behavior, but ignoring it just means it can happen again. Alright, I will now go in depth about the screenshots I took. 

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Roommates (l.h)

“Y/N, you’ve got about five seconds to put down that water gun or we’re gonna have a big problem.”

Luke stood in his spot across from y/n calmly with his arms crossed over his chest. She, however was still bouncing around on the couch like a crack addict who’d just had a fix.

Just moments before this, he was sitting on his bed half way to sleep. Now, he was trying to calm down the crazy acting girl jumping on their couch; how he manage to get himself into such an insane situation in a matter of minutes?

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Percabeth Headcanon: Waking Up
  • Before he lost the curse of Achilles, Annabeth found the best way to wake Percy up was by running her fingertips gently over the small of his back along his weak spot. Percy would be up in a matter of seconds, but his worry would fade away when he recognized the hand touching the spot.
  • Sally always woke Percy up by saying his name and smoothing his messy bed head until he muttered something coherent. She still did these even when Percy had kids himself.
  • Annabeth only asked Thalia to wake Percy up once. Only. Once. It included blasting punk music into the bedroom as Thalia calmly moved in the room, grabbing Percy’s blankets, and dragging them down the hallway with her to leave Percy at the mercy of the cold morning. The amount of arguing about wake up methods after Percy was awake led Annabeth to never ask anyone to wake Percy up for her again.
  • After Piper charm spoke Percy awake, the daughter of Aphrodite nearly convincing him to make her breakfast, Piper was banned from coming within fifteen feet of Percy’s bed.
  • Nico and Leo were also banned from their bedroom when the pair decided it would be comical to send skeletons into Percy and Annabeth’s bedroom for a morning surprise.
  • When Percy is the big spoon, he loves to wake Annabeth up by kissing the back of her ear.
  • When Percy is the little spoon, he never wakes up before Annabeth. She’s usually up and out of bed before he can even begin to wake up.
  • Both Percy and Annabeth have developed ways to handle each other when nightmares strike. Annabeth holds the sides of Percy’s face to stabilize and calm him before he wakes in a sweaty confusion and she strokes his cheek until he breathes properly. Percy wraps his arms around Annabeth to stop any moment or thrashing and he speaks softly into her ear until he knows she’s completely come back to him from the nightmares. 
  • One summer, the Stoll brothers thought it would be fun to float Percy out onto the sound to see what he’d do. However, they didn’t expect him to slip off the air mattress they put him on and sleep on the bottom of the sound for the next three hours without even noticing a difference.
  • The only time Percy ever is genuinely cranky and not just tired is when someone tries to wake him up from a nap with Annabeth. There is nothing the son of Poseidon disliked more than being taken away from a warm bed with his beautiful love in the middle of their nap.
puppy love.

1,951 words | fluff; warnings: none.
brand new neighbors au + kim taehyung

a/n: i was struck with random inspiration about meeting taehyung and defending a puppy so please enjoy this nice little fluff since i’ve been MIA for so damn long.

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There are moments in your life where you’ve questioned your life decisions, and perhaps one of them to be plainly specific, is the fact that you’ve jumped on a complete stranger’s back over a dog.

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Feel Again

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Smut, Swearing, Angst, References to past psychological trauma

Summary: Bucky Barnes struggles in a world of violence and pain. But when she enters his life, he begins to feel new, beautiful emotions. He no longer feels crippled with guilt. He feels solace. He feels again. 

A/N: Gif is not mine :) 

It all started on a mission in Romania.

After a days worth of trekking through the dense, Romanian forest, you finally reached the small wooden cabin that would become you and the Winter Soldier’s safe house.

The cabin was a cute little thing, cozy and warm, with a large family room that boasted a beautiful, stone fireplace. It was the type of house that made you feel at home even though you had only been inside for five minutes. The four bedrooms were quite large and the master suite had a large, soft bed that felt as though you were sinking through clouds. This was definitely the place you wanted to be after a hike through the Romanian Alps.  

After washing up, you sat by the fire Bucky had started and allowed your hair to dry. As you did, you slowly became transfixed by the hypnotic dance of the fames that flickered in a rhythmic beat, the heat of their passionate waltz permeating onto your skin.

A rustle at the door pulled your focus away from the fire and toward Bucky, who was carrying large logs of wood in his arms.

“Hey,” he smiled as he walked into the living room where you were comfortably perched.

“Hi,” you smiled back; just as Bucky crouched down to toss another log in the fire. You gave him a quick glance before your eyes turned back toward the fire.

You and Bucky had rarely exchanged words during the mission. He was a quiet listener and polite but he kept his thoughts to himself. It was when the two of you were trudging through the forest when he started to open up, as though the wild had awakened a part of him that helped him settle in the skin that he wore like armor. But he still didn’t divulge much about himself, and you found him mysterious.

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Throwback! Years ago, we rescued a kingsnake from negligent conditions. It turns out part of why he was being neglected is that he was just a real raging arse of a snake and the owners were afraid of him. He would strike at literally anything, including just the glass as you walked by, and was very ambitious about trying to bite even if removed from the enclosure with a snake hook.

The story behind this photo is, I usually top off (clean) water bowls with a hand-pumped sprayer, and on this occasion the snake decided he wasn’t only going to strike, but hold on, wrap, and refuse to let go. Such a cranky little fellow. It took two people to finally disentangle him - one to keep him from biting and one to do the unwrapping, as the sprayer, once he realized he couldn’t swallow it, became a perfect perch from which to strike at people.

New Z-Moves for Solgaleo and Lunala

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, new exclusive Z-Moves make their debut for Solgaleo and Lunala—Searing Sunraze Smash and Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom.

There is one other Pokémon that can learn Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam, the moves needed to unleash these extremely powerful Z-Moves—Necrozma.

That’s right—a Necrozma that knows Sunsteel Strike or Moongeist Beam will be able to unleash Searing Sunraze Smash or Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom.

It seems there is even greater power still lurking within Necrozma, as well. Just how much power lies hidden within it?

– Searing Sunraze Smash Z-Move

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{One is not like the other}

• Kylo Ren shows his Dark Side towards Finn, the one he believes is a traitor.

- “That light saber, it belongs to me!”

He shows his power by using his talent and anger against Finn. He burns Finn with the saber when up close. When he gets hurt by Finn, he gets extremely angry and lashes out, almost killing Finn. He throws him aside like a lion would hunt a mouse.

• Ben Solo showing through, once again acting more like a Jedi than Dark Side user towards Rey.

-“It is you.”

Kylo/Ben is shocked when Rey obtains the saber and in the novel says that line. It unsettles her because she feels like he knows her better than she knows herself. He doesn’t strike first, and even holds his saber down low. He toys with her, barely showing defensive moves. Reminds me of a cat playing with a mouse. She seems way more angry than he does. When they’re up against each other close, just like he was with Finn, he doesn’t burn her even though her shoulder is exposed. Instead, he offers to teach her the ways of the Force, not Dark Side, but the Force (that’s really important). When she closes her eyes to become consumed by Force, he literally waits patiently until she opens her eyes. As she enters his mind (we think), he tries to put barrier up (his expression), but is unable too. This is the Force Bond connection between the two again, and it unsettles him because its unexpected. He felt it too from the moment he met her; maybe even before then.

He could quite easily, turn her mind off the way he did in forest, but doesn’t. He doesn’t want to kidnap her again; I believe he wants her to go with him, willingly. He waits for her to react. She now is the one who has dabbled into the Dark Side. He’s hurt, and she uses that against him, hurting him more. He struggles to defend himself, but never retaliates against her as he did with Finn. He’s trying to remove his saber from her touch but she strikes him down. In book, she hears a voice telling her to kill him. That’s the Dark Side of her mind. He lays there defenseless ready for her to kill him. Yet she doesn’t. They’re separated by the ground, which clearly represents [ying/yang]. The two sides! He watches her go, still not with anger, but what looks like almost sadness.

naehja  asked:

Do you think that, in the genocide run, Monster Kid is the last chance to stop the genocide? I really think that spare the little dragon is the ultimate proof of compassion. Because, for me, after have killing Undyne, there have not more "real" stopping point. It's like the game, by giving us the possibility to spare MK, gives us a last chance to stop.

(undertale spoilers)

Actually, the last chance to stop the genocide route is Mettaton Neo’s fight. If Hotland and the Core are not cleared out with 40 kills, the genocide route is aborted. 



Even though Mettaton Neo still goes down in one hit, the genocide route is about cooperating with Chara to eliminate the monsters. Fail to meet the kill quota, and the genocide route comes to an end.

I- Um- Feels.


Prompt: (Sonic Forces, cause I can’t stop thinking of scenarios xD ahhh!!! lol)

After a pretty big fight concerning leadership decisions and ethical standings, Amy stormed off away from the team, and carried off Classic her too.

Once far enough away, Amy tried to make a plan for retrieving the Ancient Powered Gears that Eggman was using to control the world and get his wishes and way.

She paced back and forth, as Classic Amy seemed worried about her, before looking over her shoulder, concerned as well that she wasn’t able to be with her hero…

“We could do this in a safe, strategic, and morally correct way where no one needs to get hurt or feel used and unappreciated. Don’t you think my plan will work, little m- ROSIE!”

Classic Amy twitched at her nickname, and swiftly spun around, sitting on her knees politely, she shivered slightly at the abrupt noise, before pouting at how rude it was to yell her thoughts away from Sonic.

Amy bent down and placed her hands on her hips, looking upset she wasn’t listening, and slightly frustrated too.

When she saw her face, she immediately knew what she was feeling… and her heart filled with loneliness too…

It just… wasn’t like how it was before… But she still wondered…

“I know, little me… I know.” she turned her head down and away, placing a fisted-hand up to her chest, and seeming sorrowful.

“I-… Ohh! I would miss him more if he wasn’t being so.. so.. difficult!” She stomped her foot down and looked away.

Classic Amy bent her ears slightly and smiled emphatically, before her ears perked up with a spinning noise and she turned around, jumping to her feet.

Holding her hands in light fists up to her face, she scanned over the area.

“Huh? That sound..?” Amy turned, and immediately looked hopefully surprised for something, and raced to Classic Amy’s side, before stepping further up…

When the two heard it again, Classic Amy’s face lit up, seeing a stream of blue light coming over and arching down the hill.

“…He came back…” Modern Amy breathed out, as if amazed and touched. “He came back for me…” She stepped a few, several wobbly steps forward.

When the streak of blue swerved towards the girls, Classic Amy jumped in a type of happy-victory dance, and waved both hands up wide to signal where they were.

In amazement, Modern Amy stopped.

When the light drew closer, she squinted her eyes…

It.. it was small.

The light dimmed to reveal a small stature, but a determined little face, holding a striking stare that could only mean annoyance.

“…It’s not-…” she stumbled backwards, lowering her hands and looking down.


Had he not forgiven her?

Was he not going to come back?

Classic Sonic sped right past Modern Amy, as she held her head down, her eyes covered in shadows, as her hair moved with his speed in a delicate, but swift motion.

Bouncing giddily at her hero’s appearence, Classic Amy hopped to the side and waited for him to skid to a halt.

In the which case, he paused and put his hands on his hips, leaning forward as if to scold her a moment, though realizing it wasn’t entirely her fault for being whisked away by her older self.

He leaned back and rolled his eyes, clearly there for her and her alone.

She seemed to squee and jump towards him, hugging him as he struggled slightly but didn’t push her away.

Hearing Classic Amy’s happy, joyful sounds made Modern Amy grit her teeth and tighten her fists.

She flung herself around.

“She’s not going ANYWHERE.”

Classic Sonic had gotten Classic Amy to let go, and had his arms folded as he looked to her, before being shocked and frankly spooked a bit at Amy’s alarming declaration as she marched over and scooped up Classic Amy again, holding her over her shoulder.

Classic Amy blinked her eyes, not sure what was going on, but not fighting it either it seemed.

For a moment, she lay limp, still used to getting captured. But after a moment, she started kicking her legs and flailing her arms out to her hero, wanting to be put down and rejoin with him in his arms~<3

“Hmph.” Modern Amy glared down at Classic Sonic, before swiping her head to the right, and puffing up her cheek.

“If you want her, you fight for her!”

Classic Sonic raised an eyebrow, not sure how to take that declaration, before bending his knees and ducking his head, looking ready to fight.

Amy flinched, lifting and withdrawing a hand back. “Yeesh! I didn’t mean for you to get all serious like that!” she blinked in worry… before…

He spun into a tight ball and started jamming into her head like a homing attack x 4.

She was knocked back quite a few times before summoning her hammer, flailing it around as she closed her eyes, not wanting to get hit anymore.

“Q-quit that! You-!! Why you little-! Stooop!!!” she swung around but he landed a little aways from her, folded his arms and faced her from the back.

He shook his head, thinking this ridiculous, before sighing.

He looked up just then, seeing a taller figure as a hand came down from above him and gestured in a bob of itself to remain calm.

“Don’t worry, buddy. I got this…”

It was a calm and affirming voice, one that sounded trustworthy, as Classic Sonic didn’t quite understand, but allowed him to pass and didn’t torment the older Amy any further.

Classic Amy had her eyes filled with swirls, dizzy from the spinning and rapid movements, as Modern Amy kept trying to dodge invisible attacks she thought were still around her.

With her eyes squinted shut, she didn’t see a hand grip her hammer, stopping it from it’s random movements.

“H-huh?” Amy noticed the power struggle shift a moment, and didn’t remember Classic Sonic being so…


“What are you trying to do? Fight the wind?” Sonic shook his head, and let her hammer go.

“Hand over little you. My other me is worried about her.” he gestured to Classic Sonic a little ways away, as he did look pretty fed up with Amy’s rebellion, and outstretched his hand.

Amy looked at that hand… wishing to trust it again, but feeling hurt from before, and held onto her younger self tighter, bringing her in front of her and pulling her away from him.

“No! I won’t let him miss treat her like a toy!”

The word caught both Sonic’s off guard, and the hand immediately withdrew in a painful flinch.

The look of surprise and hurt was apparent, before Classic Sonic lost his temper, and sped forward.

He stomped the ground and let his anger full force be known, and then threw out his hand, demanding the girl!

Classic Amy looked down, innocent to his actions, and tilted her head, looking like she didn’t quite understand.

Sonic looked down, understanding his frustrations, and how he wasn’t used to Amy’s new behavior in the future…

He glared up at her, showing his frustrations too. “Amy! Quit this!” he swished his hand out in front of him.

“You’re not helping!”

“I’m trying to help, Sonic! If you would only listen to me!”

“Listen to what?! Amy? You’ve been at my throat since I got here. Why are you so against me!?” he spread his arms out, as Classic Sonic tapped his toe, folding his arms again, realizing the only way to get Amy was probably to let them talk things out, but he was growing impatient with that tactic…

“I’m not against you! How could you say such a thing! I thought.. for a moment I thought you weren’t coming back!” her anger suddenly turned to her true sorrow, and Sonic suddenly lost some of his anger’s fire through the water of her beginning tears…

She held them back, beautifully, though.

He also held himself back now, standing more up and trying a new tactic too..


“All I’ve wanted to do is help you! And all you keep doing is ignoring me! You give orders and you leave as if you haven’t been gone for so long! You make such rash decisions and don’t think of the lives at stake here! I’m not trying to fight you, Sonic! I have a bigger issue concerning a common enemy to even DARE and think such a thing!” she pointed an arm out and towards the sky, gesturing to Eggman’s large robots.

Sonic’s eyes followed the notion, before frowning deeply and looking back at her, still not sure what she was getting at.

“Then why do you fight me?” He asked this pretty tenderly, as if truly seeking understanding instead of an argument over ideals for a change.

He motioned his arms out, stepping forward, as Amy avoided the gestured by looking away.

“All I’ve been trying to do is save lives here… yours included, Amy…”

Getting annoyed with the touchy-feely way this conversation was going, Classic Sonic twitched an eyebrow, opening his eyes and finally being done waiting.

He saw the opportunity to grab his era’s Amy when her hand moved away, and bounced up to kick her other arm away as she was avoiding eye-contact.


Classic Amy jumped into his arms, wrapping her hands around him, as he quickly got down and took off, having what he came for.

“Little me-!”

Amy reached out and started to run after them, but Sonic turned around and gripped her arm, pulling her back.

“Let them go.”

“N-no! I don’t want her to feel… to feel…” she could barely even utter the word, her mouth trembled shut when she attempted too, and little whimpers slightly escaped her as she tried to form the breath to say it.

He pulled her back into his arms, and put an arm around in front of her, slightly below the neck.

She reflexed a hand up and gripped the arm, blinking her eyes wildly as tears threatened once more, and she looked to the ground, then out to where they ran off too.

She opened her mouth before closing it again, hearing him speak just behind her lowered head.

“Feel what… Amy?”

Classic Sonic sped off as Classic Amy smiled and leaned into his embrace, before feeling something was unright, and looked over his shoulder.

Her eyes filled with compassion when she saw her older self throw her hands over her eyes, and be turned around as the older Sonic held her, tightening his hold and seeming to comfort her.

She made a face of shocked horror, realizing her older self needed her.

She looked angrily up at her Sonic, and kicked and struggled as it threw him off course.

He made a video game noise of slipping up and wobbling, as if being hit, and skidded to a halt over the dew’d grass, and then turned his head to her, narrowing his eyes as he searched for understanding in his confusion of her actions.

She made another noise and pointed behind her, back to their future selves.

He turned around to look over his shoulder, and twitched at the intimate scene he saw going on.

He shook his head, in what looked to be fear, and reered a leg up with Amy to the side in his arms as if ready to dash off.

She puffed up a cheek, and bonked him with her hammer on his head.

His eyes swirled as rings plopped out, and then shook his head from the effect and glared back at her, pouting.

She looked more sincerely to him, tilting her as if saying, ‘come on..!’ and showing she was truly worried about them.

Classic Sonic leaned his head up and away from her, but his eyes stayed fixed.

His ears drooped back in frustration, but he couldn’t resist her heartfelt plea.

He turned back to the Modern tragedy, and sighed, before racing back to them.

Sonic looked up from Amy crying and moved slightly, as Amy felt the shift and turned her head back to their Classic selves.

Classic Sonic stared at her a moment, not really liking her, but put his Amy down and folded his arms, waiting once more.

She nodded to him, a huge smile as to say ‘thank you for waiting for me’ and then ran up to Amy with a skip in her step.

Amy knelt down.

“I’m sorry… I pulled you away from your hero. All because me and my Sonic were fighting…” she put a hand up to her eye, wiping it gently. “I was… I was jealous… and embarrassed… because I knew you expected so much more from your future.” she bent her head down. “Sonic’s not always mean… And he doesn’t mean to be sometimes, but..”

Modern Sonic’s shoulders dropped as air escaped his nostrils, and he looked away, feeling awkward about being called out.

His younger self raised a judging brow to that comment, and looked to his future self.

Modern Sonic doubled-taked his expression before stomping a foot down and lifting a fist, warning him indirectly to quit judging him.

He then pulled back to turn away.

“Either way. I’m sorry for my selfish behavior. Me and Sonic are going to have a long talk now. So you can go. We’ll be okay. Many challenges can come up when you have close friends. But…” she looked down to the side, before up behind her at Sonic.

“Greater friends put differences behind them. And walk on towards a brighter future.” she smiled, as Sonic looked back to her, and then away to scratch his nose, as if embarrassed.

She giggled and turned back to Classic Amy.

Once she turned around, and he checked with his eyes to be sure of this, he leaned up to address Classic Amy, and held up a thumbs up and a signature wink with a smile.

It was as if he was telling her it would be alright too.

Seeing that the two were going to make-up made Classic Amy’s worried expression of love turn to pure delight, and she did her usual dance and happy twirling of jumps before rushing into Modern Amy’s arms and hugging her.

Once done, she raced back to her hero, who casually, as if duty, just scooped her back up without much care for the Modern scenario and walked off a moment, bouncing Classic Amy in his arms to get a good hold on her.

Also… it made her laugh, that could have contributed to the action too.

Modern Amy smiled when she saw them leave, before returning to a small, neutral frown and getting up, dusting off her dress.

“…You ready?” Sonic turned back to her, and offered his hand.

“….Em.” she looked at him, then the hand, and accepting a new trust needed to be formed, along with a new understanding, she took it.

The two, led by Sonic, walked off further down and away from humanity, finding some privacy.

“I’m… not good with compromises Amy… but I can explain… a little, of what I was doing so far away from everything.” he looked down, kicking the ground.

She nodded, her hand still in his.

“…I don’t want you to think… that it’s… entirely because of what I’m going to say. But i hope it explains my behavior lately…. especially towards you.”

She nodded again, wiping her eyes.

“…I… We’ve been getting..*ehem* we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other, you know?”

He let go of her hand, and threw his arms up behind his head.

She was surprised and perplexed by his suddenly shift in uneasiness, and blinked up at him.


He stared off towards the sun.

“…We… We’ve *Ehem* had a lot of adventures together… you know?” he once again dropped his hands and continued to press his toe into the dirt.

“Makes a guy think… exactly… what this is… It’s difficult for me to really call it anything… or place a title on it… but…” he turned away and walked on, looking up again.

“Made me think. That’s all.”

She was suddenly, and very slowly, growing more and more interested in what he was trying to say.

She followed, suspiciously, behind him.

“What you took for um…*cough, ehem* ‘Anger’ was actually a cover.” Sonic placed a fist over his mouth, as if this was hard for him to articulate.

Amy’s stare held, before her eyes widened.


“… was the cover?”

Sonic turned back around, facing her.

The light through the sky seemed to blare over the image of the two, details were lost, but words were crisp and clear…

He looked down again after a moment of staring.

His feet kicked up slowly over the other.

“That’s the thing… that’s hard for me to address… one I can’t name. Nor identify…”

He stopped closer in front of her, and slowly… rose his head up to her eyes.

“Out of fear.”

The wind rushed by.

Amy’s hair gently floated behind her, as she slowly held a hand up to her chest in a tight ball again, her heart pounding.

He looked at her expression, then her eyes, trying to read what she was getting from all this.

He looked away again, and walked briskly ahead once again, swinging his arms around.

“I can’t say I have an answer! But half the reason I wasn’t around for so long was one, the Gears, and two, some thoughts. More things popped up, but the thoughts were the most present and…”

He stopped from his carefree facade, and turned back to her… then swished his head away as if embarrassed or ashamed at his next word.



He immediately noticed her expression and grew shyer, more defensive, and especially continued to avoid being directly assertive again.

“Ehem.” he cleared his throat once more and folded his arms, looking away. “We should head back. I’ll try and be more considerate of your feelings this time. I’ll let you battle more and even take charge of your own positioning. Just… Just promise me one thing, Amy Rose.”

He turned back to her, swaggering up, before stopping the swaying to try and hold himself seriously again, but his nature suggested he tried to play most of his feelings off, and Amy was picking up on that.

His eyes were a serious plea, and Amy could hear the slight shift in tone too…

He wasn’t playing around.

This was a sincere desire of his heart for her too keep.

“Just.. Don’t get hurt. Don’t let me lose anything more.”



She was going to keep that promise, forever..

And ever.

My feels right now, I need to go to bed, goodbye sweet, cruel world.

(AU-y, but I tried to stick to character as much as possible…)

Tails' Ball Python Care Sheet

Must Haves-
•Thermostat ($30-$100+)
•Temperature and Humidity Gauge ($5-$10)
•Temperature gun ($20+)
•Substrate ($2-$20)
-Cypress, aspen, paper towels are the most recommended.
•Hides ($10-$25 each)
-a good rule of thumb; a hide for every 10 gallons of tank
-cardboard boxes with holes cut into doorways are also okay, I personally prefer them
•Water dish ($10-$30)
-the snake shouldn’t be able to knock it over
•Under Tank Heater [UTH] ($20-$50+)
•Spray bottle or mister ($1-$50)
•Food, mice or rats ($8-$20+)
-Frozen/Thawed are recommended, as live prey can bite and infect your snake
•Hand sanitizer ($5 for a huge bottle)
•A tank or bin ($15-$120+)
-I personally use and prefer tanks
-10 gal. for hatchlings/neonates, 20-25 gal. for subadults, 30-40 gal. for adults
•Water purifier ($5)
•Cleaning solution ($5)
•Gram scale ($15-$25)

May Haves-
•Climbing branch ($10-$25)
•Heat lamp ($15-$20)
•Ceramic Heat Emitter [CHE] ($10-15) or infrared bulb ($5-$10)
•Decor (varied prices)
•Sphagnum moss ($10-$25)
-usually used for humid hides, a practical must
•Feeding tongs ($1-$15)

There should be a warm side and a cool side, and a thermometer for each. I like to have the thermometer/hydrometer pair at the top, middle of the tank, to measure ambients, and the other two on the sides at the bottom, where the snake is. Even with thermometers (which are known to be faulty) you should have an infrared temperature gun to measure exact temperatures in certain places. You should spend about 5-10 minutes a day evaluating temperature, humidity, and all technology is properly functioning.
The warm side is where the UTH and lamp should be. You won’t need a lamp if your house’s temperature never drops below 75°. DESIRED TEMPERATURE OF WARM SIDE: 88°-92°
The cool side shouldn’t have any heating elements. Most people keep their water dishes on the cool side, though the dish can be put on the warm side to boost humidity. DESIRED TEMPERATURE OF COOL SIDE: 85°-83°

In general, the humidity should be in the 40-50% range. You can put the water dish on the warm side to bump up humidity, mist the tank 1-3 times daily, add sphagnum moss and a humid hide, and if you have a mesh lidded tank put damp towels over the top. When the snake is in shed, humidity should increase to 50-60%.

Hides and decor-
There should be at least two hides in a tank, one on the warm side and one on the cool. A lot of handlers, however, use the 1:10 ratio; one hide to ten gallons. There’s no such thing as too many hides!
Hides come in various forms and prices. The most inexpensive hide is a cardboard box with a doorway cut in it. Cardboard is an insulator, which is why cats like to sit in boxes and snakes like them as hides. The most common hide is a small halved log called a Habba Hut, which is about $5 for a small hut. Many professionals use a basic, black plastic hide that’s about the same price. There’s also caves, skulls, and other hides that get a little more pricey for the natural look. Be careful with decorative hides- make sure there’s no place they can cram themselves into and not get out of, or anything that in an emergency you can’t remove them from. And if you want to get crafty, there’s a ton of DIY hides you can try.
Substrate is more of an aesthetics option. While woodchips (cypress and ReptiBark) are more natural and can boost humidity for a time, they’re the most expensive and hardest to maintain. Aspen is cheap, but can also be a pain to maintain humidity and cleanliness. The substrate should be about an inch thick.
The simplest and cheapest are paper towels. While not pleasing to look at or natural in any form, they’re functional. They don’t absorb the water spilled or misted on it, and are the easiest to clean and keep fresh.
Live plants tend to be a hassle and are easily crushed by the heavy bodied ball pythons. Aquarium fake plants work, along with fake plants from craft stores (required there’s no glitter, scents, etc.). The plants can be used to make hides or as decorations. The plants should be cleaned with the rest of the tank, and should be sanitized with the cleaner before being added to the tank.
Ball pythons are nocturnal, and enjoy dark, cramped spaces. Consider adding siding and backgrounds to your tanks to add security, as they can’t see out or get much light in.
TIP: By varying thickness of substrate (high to low, odd dips, etc) you can add a bit of enrichment to your snake’s tank when you clean it.

Tanks should be thoroughly cleaned every 30 days. Spot cleaning should be done daily. Water changes should be done every 2-4 days, and the water should be purified. All objects should be cleaned with a safe cleansing solution before being added to the tank.

Hatchlings get a mouse crawler every 5-7 days.
Hatchlings-150 grams get a rat pinky every 5-7 days.
150 g-400 g: rat pup every 5-7 days
400 g-600 g: weanling rat every 5-7 days
600 g-1200 g: small rat every week
1200 g-1800 g: medium rat weekly
Do not handle the snake within 12-24 hours of it eating, as this can cause regurgitation, which is very stressful.

Going off feed-
Ball pythons are renowned for their finicky eating habits. Going off feed/not eating can be caused by:
•incorrect temperature
•incorrect humidity
•breeding season
•different fur color
•in shed
Evaluate your tank for any issues. Correct them if there is any. Reduce handling and add hides. Check your snake for symptoms of illness (wheezing, crackling or popping when breathing, stuck shed, weight loss, cloudy eyes, etc.).
Carefully watch your snake’s weight for a significant loss. As they don’t expel a lot of energy, they don’t need a lot from their food. If there is a significant loss, take it to a local exotics vet. If there isn’t, there isn’t much to worry about.
Only offer food once a week (or however long it takes you to periodically feed them), even if the snake doesn’t eat. Over-offering can stress out the snake, and cause them not to eat even longer.

Yes, most breeders have their snakes on live as its faster and easier for people with large amounts of snakes to feed at one time. Transitioning-ease varies on the snakes; some will take the first food they’re offered, some need to be offered prekilled a few weeks before taking F/T, and some will fight you until their dying day.
When thawing, put the prey in a Baggie into a container of cool water for 30-40 minutes to defrost. DO NOT THAW THEM IN HOT WATER- it causes bacterial growth in the prey and can cause illness in the snake. After it is completely defrosted, heat the prey in hot water for 10-20 minutes, or use a blow drier to heat them in the same room as the snake- the smell of the prey will get their senses going.
Oh and DON’T microwave the prey. It will explode.

Tempting Balls to Eat F/T-
•splitting the head open or braiding the prey (not for those with weak stomachs)
•scenting the prey with dirty mouse or rat bedding
•blow drying the prey to warm it in the same room as the snake (mentioned above)
•a zombie dance (wiggle it, make it scrounge around if you have to)
•leaving it in a hide overnight (be sure to check on it the morning after)
•annoying the snake with it (yes, quite literally, poke and prod at them with it. Get their attention.)

Live feeding-
This way is risky and highly unrecommended, but on occasion, unavoidable. After every meal, check the snake for bites or missing scales. If the snake doesn’t strike it within an hour (UNDER SUPERVISION; NEVER LEAVE LIVE PREY UNATTENDED), remove it from the tank. Don’t leave prey in the tank.
DO NOT GET A BALL PYTHON IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO FEED IT LIVE. While ideally every snake can be transitioned to the safer F/T, some are set in their ways. You shouldn’t starve your pet because you can’t handle to feed it live.

SNAKES DO NOT NEED TO BE HANDLED. While us mammals enjoy physical contact and being cuddled and held, snakes don’t. This can stress them out, and can easily be overdone. It’s important to make sure they aren’t impossible to wrangle or are the nastiest nibblers out there in case they need medical treatment, but it’s not necessary to take them out for a little play date everyday.

Getting them used to you-
DO NOT HOLD THEM FOR 5-7 DAYS AFTER BRINGING THEM HOME. They need to settle in. With the stress of moving and an unfamiliar space, handling can tip the scales. Give them their space. After that, do short, 15-20 minute sessions every 3-5 days, watch how they respond to it. If they’re responding well, you can handle them more frequently. If they’re not, give them more time.
Ball pythons are shy, and babies can be defensive. Don’t go in the tank afraid of them. Go in confidently. Pet their sides to let them know you’re there and you’re not a threat, then pick them up at their thickest. If you’re worried about being bit, pick them up by lifting the body behind their heads- they won’t turn around and nab you.
Don’t grab their heads or their necks. Like most snakes, ball pythons are head shy, and this can cause them to panic.

Snakes can’t bond like mammals; they can’t feel affection towards their handler in any traditional, mammalian sense of the word. While they think they’ve privileged you with not striking you when you hold them, to you, the relationship is lacking. They’re sort of like scaly cats.
While snakes can learn to trust their handler in a sense, they can’t really bond to them. They simply don’t have the mental capacity to. Though everyone who owns one believes they have a special connection to their noodle, truthfully, they don’t.
The closest thing snakes can establish to a bond is a sort of comfort with the familiar. They recognize your scent, your voice, your hands and their warmth, and your schedule. When you’ve handled a snake a lot, you’ll notice they’ve become used to you- they know their favorite spots to sit, that your finger isn’t a prey item, and your heat signature is yours alone. Humans vary slightly in temperature; not very much to us, but to snakes, a few degrees or points of degrees is a huge difference. Many snakes when handed to a stranger will seek out their familiar handler, simply because they’re used to that person and their set of quirks.
While this isn’t much of a bond to us, it means a lot to them. If you really want them to love you, leave them alone!

While not everyone owns hundreds of snakes or even more than three, records are very important. You need to keep track of feeding, shedding, and digestion. While this doesn’t need to be horribly extensive, you do need to carefully follow:
•feeding/going off feed
•weight (weigh in once a shed, at least)
FUN FACT- People who own multiple snakes commonly use a 1.1 sort of system to keep track of snakes. The first number (1.0) is how many male snakes are owned. The second (0.1) is females. This can continue into 3’s and 4’s for unsexed (0.0.1) or eggs (

Snakes will hide their issues, as its a great weakness in the wild. You will have to carefully watch your snake for any changes.

ALWAYS HAVE MONEY SET ASIDE FOR THE VET. You never know when something could go wrong. Before purchasing a snake, look up exotic vets in your area, and check their services.

Health issues-
RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS [RIs]- Commonly diagnosed by:
•crackling, popping, or wheezing
•bubbles in the mouth (can be checked by gently holding the snake’s head or neck and carefully pushing down the lower lip)
•frequent “yawning” (jaw readjustment should only be seen after feeding)
Cured by:
•antibiotics; aka Veterinary treatment.
If you suspect your snake has an RI, check the tank for anything that could be wrong. RIs can be caused by improper heat, humidity, or stress.

Commonly diagnosed by:
•patchy, incomplete sheds
Cured by:
•humidity increase:
•adding a humid hide
•increasing mistings
•adding sphagnum moss
•cleaning the water dish, adding a little extra fresh water
•pillow case method: put the snake in a damp pillow case and tie it, leaving the snake in there for 30 minutes.
•bathing- the water should only be as high as the thickest part of the snake’s body.
Stuck shed is a very easy problem to deal with.

Commonly diagnosed by:
•the snake frequently submerging themselves in the water dish
•small, black bugs on the snake or in the tank
Cured by:
•mite sprays and frequent cleanings. Make sure the snake has plenty of fresh water too!

Be sure to bump up humidity in the tank. A humid hide is really great to give the snake a place to shed in peace.
You can tell a snake is going into shed when their belly scales begin to become more pinkish, their pattern darkens, and their eyes become cloudy. This is known as “going blue”. They’re in blue for about two days before clearing up, which is when they should take a day or two to completely shed their skin.
Snakes tend to be irritable at this time; my mother calls it a “snake period”. Some won’t eat while in shed. Younger snakes tend to shed more frequently, often 3 weeks to a month. Older snakes can go about 45-60 days until shed.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT COHABIT BALL PYTHONS. This causes a huge amount of stress for both animals, and just because “they do it in the pet store” does not make it okay. If one becomes ill, you can’t figure out which one, or they could both become infected. Cannibalism exists even in well fed animals, so cohabitation isn’t worth risking.
And just to put it out there- I’m sick of having people say, “the breeder said they grew up together and can live together until they’re adults”. That’s a really unintelligent breeder. No one who had any idea what they were doing would tell you to cohabit these animals. I’ve already been over the fact snakes can’t bond; they don’t recognize siblings as nonthreatening. Snakes don’t have childhood friends. You put both your animals at risk doing this.

DO NOT, HOLY FRICK, DO NOT SMOKE AROUND YOUR SNAKE. Holding your snake while taking a few puffs isn’t cute. A snake on a bong isn’t cool. Ball pythons have a singular, primitive lung, and smoking around them or even in the same room as them is awful for them. Snakes can’t cough, as they don’t have diaphragms, which is why smoking and RI’s are such a huge problem. You can and will cause premature death if you have your snake on or around these objects. Even if you aren’t using the bong when you put your snake on it, it has remnants of smoke, and still is harmful.

While you don’t need to bathe your snake everyday, you certainly can do it on occasion. It’s great for helping shed. Make sure the water is only as deep as your snake is thick.

Well, I think that covers everything. Hopefully this is annoyingly thorough and you’ll get sick of seeing it on your newsfeed. If I missed anything or you have any questions, feel free to message me at tailsandkabuki.