strike back season 5



The relationship between the two male leads in the new Sky/Cinemax Season of Strike Back (Season 5 in the US, 6 in the UK) will be very different from that of Scott and Stonebridge, who may make a guest appearance in the show but whose story is effectively over (as they can’t top that perfect ending, can they?). Section 20 will be resurrected and this time the focus will be more on the team as a whole. Aussie Dan MacPherson will play Sergeant Samuel Wyatt (a bar room philosopher and not a team player, according to the press releases), while Warren Brown (last seen brutally killed off in Luther) will play tough Sergeant Daniel “Mac” Macallister (whom we are told is looking to avenge fallen comrades). Other main cast members include Alin Sumarwata as Gracie Novin and Roxanne McKee as Natalie Roberts. The new episodes will be set in the Middle East and Europe, and concern Section 20’s hunt for an escaped terrorist. Filming is already well under way, with screening expected later this year.

Warren Brown and Dan MacPherson in training for their new roles (photo posted by Daniel MacPherson on Instagram)