your union needs to have dues

there’s a debate on here right now that goes like this:

“we should strike on election day!”
“but it won’t do anything.”
“but historically strikes had power!”

yes. yes they did. but there’s a slight difference between then and now.

think about it. mill and factory workers in the industrial revolution worked longer hours for less pay and no benefits, and they needed those jobs to survive. why would they strike, when they had so much to lose?

they had a fucking strike fund.

why are people so afraid of striking? because if you’re in poverty, even taking a day off of work is a day without getting paid, and when you have a family to provide for, the thought of being without even those wages is terrifying. how do you alleviate that fear? you let them know that there’s a union-driven safety net. everyone contributes to the fund with their dues, and everyone draws from it according to their basic needs. sure, the funds won’t last forever, but if you plan well and keep it maintained, that gives you more bargaining power. it’s not the employers waiting to starve you out, it’s a game of chicken: your dwindling funds vs. their dwindling profits, who decides it’s not worth it first?

calling for a nationwide strike doesn’t do that because there is no safety net. you’re effectively only asking the people who can afford to take time off to strike, and ignoring everyone else. and if you really want your protests to have power, you can’t afford to ignore all those people.

Trump’s victory has triggered the slow-motion implosion of the liberal wing of the establishment.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has advocated ‘putting aside differences’ with the candidate she called a ‘pathetic coward’. AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka has offered ‘our congratulations’ to the President elect, offering to meet him halfway on labour issues. Revelations abound of the Clinton campaign and figures in the DNC actively promoting Trump’s candidacy as a weak alternative to 'more dangerous’ discredited establishment figures in the GOP.

This rudderlessness reveals the truth behind the war of words which has dominated mainstream discourse: that the political establishment is willing to sell its working class constituents willingly down the river to close up the negligible substantive differences they have had with Trump’s ideology all along.

As the political centre scrambles to make achingly 'respectable’ compromises with dangerously racist, sexist, anti-working-class right-wing ideology, the mask falls: it’s totally clear that ordinary Americans are left entirely without any independent organisations to defend them from the storm.

We need a party of the 99%.


#Fightfor15 mass strikes and protests take place across country

  • The Fight For 15 movement’s national Day of Disruption started early Tuesday morning. 
  • Low-wage workers across the country are striking in what the movement calls its “largest, most disruptive protest” in its 4-year history. 
  • The strikes are expected to take place in 340 cities and almost 20 of the nation’s busiest airports.
  • Uber drivers are joining Fight For 15’s strikes for the first time. Read more

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 We must take sides. 

Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. 

Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. 

Elie Wiesel

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Se a vida anda tão louca, eu não vou me apegar a pequenas coisas. Sei que o destino tende a surpreender as pessoas. O mundo lá fora está em guerra sem porquê. Nos resta o agora, viva tudo que há pra viver. Só peço que eu não perca a fé no amor, pro novo sol de paz se abrir. E no que a escuridão tentar te dominar, sempre uma luz irá surgir. Que prevaleça a fé até na dor, pro novo sol de paz se abrir. E no que a escuridão tentar, eu hei de resistir. Vou adiante. Pouco tempo é o bastante pra eternizar momentos que nem são pra sempre. A vida é curta, vou aproveitar. Somos tão jovens, mas nem sempre inconsequentes. E ninguém sabe quando um simples tchau pode ser o adeus. E nunca é tarde, já que o futuro só pertence a Deus.
—  Strike.