Follow Friday: Star Wars Day edition!

Striffle: Awesome superhero/Star Wars characters. His almost daily art has been featured on Herochan and Tiefighters a number of times. We strongly recommend checking it out and following Scott Triffle.

1TakeJake:This is the personal blog of the guy that started 30 Days of Empire. That’s right. He decided to watch Empire Strikes back 30 days in a row and take notes. He went overboard and is currently on day 84.  Click to follow 1TakeJake & also be sure to follow 30DaysOfEmpire.

James Hance: I admit. I didn’t know who this was 5 minutes ago. Pauline made the advert and I just assumed that she could spot talent. It turns out that this James Hance character has both talent and creativity. Why God skipped me I will never know. Click to follow James Hance.

The Surfing Trooper: We like these folks so much and they submit content to Tiefighters so often, we gave them their own tag. The Surfing Trooper is “taking a vacation from the Empire to surf around our world.” Stormtroopers, Surfing and some amazing photography. Click to follow on Tumblr!