strife and discord

💀 Curse Correspondences 💀


  • Agate - for use on a target who has entered a space uninvited, i.e. someone breaking into your home or vehicle
  • Alexandrite - causes obsession and delusions
  • Amethyst - causes sensitivity and self-destruction
  • Astrophyllite - causes those who have died at the hands of another to torment the target from the grave
  • Diamond - causes blindness, confusion, and disorientation
  • Diopside - lowers inhibitions and causes secrets to be revealed
  • Emerald - causes greed, selfishness, and isolation
  • Flint - causes conflicts
  • Garnet - leeches energy from a target
  • Kunzite - induces vulnerability 
  • Kyanite - used to infiltrate a target’s mind
  • Meteorite - used as a catalyst in baneful magick
  • Obsidian - used for general aggressive magick
  • Onyx - causes nightmares and mental torment, and is used to break up relationships
  • Opal - used to store negative energy, and then to be given to a target
  • Ruby - used to focus your intent on a target


  • Black - law, justice, manifestation, sorrow
  • Red - force, energy, confrontation, jealousy, anger
  • Greenish Yellow - strife, discord, illness, conflict, jealousy, greed
  • Magenta - catalyst


  • Ague Weed - confusion 
  • Angelica Root - misery, strife, distress, discord
  • Asafoetida - drives enemies away
  • Bayberry - depression
  • Bindweed - binding
  • Blackberry Root - distress
  • Black Salt - misery, strife, distress, discord
  • Bladderwrack - illness
  • Bloodroot - substitute for blood
  • Blueberry - confusion, strife
  • Boneset - distress, confusion
  • Cayenne Pepper - anxiety
  • Chicory - discord
  • Chili Powder - discord, misery, strife
  • Cinquefoil - discomfort
  • Clove - stopping gossip
  • Cramp Bark - pain, illness
  • Dogbane - deception
  • Dragon’s Blood - destruction, strife, misery
  • Hemlock - discord, sadness
  • Henbane - illness, discord, melancholy
  • Jezebel Root - wickedness, ending relationships, punishing unfaithful lovers
  • Knot Weed - binding
  • Lemon - sourness, bitterness
  • Lemon Verbena - a boost of power, ending relationships
  • Lime - sourness, bitterness
  • Lobelia - discord
  • Mace - misery, strife
  • Mandrake - misery, strife
  • Mistletoe - isolation, confusion
  • Mullein - spirit work, nightmares
  • Mustard Seed - strife, discord
  • Myrrh - a boost of power
  • Nightshade (Belladonna) - discord, illness
  • Onion - strife
  • Patchouli - illness
  • Poke Root - confusion, discord
  • Poppy Seed - discord
  • Rue - misery
  • Safflower - destruction
  • Spanish Moss - bad luck
  • Slippery Elm - ending relationships
  • Stinging Nettle - jealousy, envy, discomfort
  • Sumac - bad luck
  • Tobacco - a substitute for any baneful herb
  • Tormentil - distress, harm, discord
  • Vetiver - silence
  • Wormwood (Absinthe) - misery, strife
  • Yew - spirit work
  • Yohimbe Bark - impotency


  • Mars - power, force, energy, war, conflict, jealousy
  • Saturn - law, justice, chaos, revenge
  • Neptune - confusion, illusion, chaos
  • Pluto - death, mystery, crisis

Lunar Phases:

  • Waning - binding
  • Dark - destruction, banishing, justice
  • Black - power, manifestation


  • DNA (saliva, nail clippings, hair, blood, etc.)
  • Drawings
  • Photos
  • The target’s name written on paper
  • The target’s signature
  • An item that belongs to the target

Other Ingredients:

  • Cigarette butts
  • Broken glass
  • Razorblades 
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon/lime juice
  • Alcohol
  • Bones
  • Needles
  • Nails
  • Thorns
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Shark teeth
  • Catfish spines
  • Murex seashells
  • Flying Devil Oil
  • Dead insects
  • Black sand
  • Charcoal

Disclaimer: I do not condone the unethical practice of collecting or harvesting animal parts, or forcefully obtaining certain biological taglocks. These are just ideas, and I am not responsible for anything you choose to do with them. 

Updated: 3-9-2017

The signs as Greek goddesses

Aries: Eris (goddess of strife and discord) 

Taurus: Gaia (goddess of the Earth)

Gemini: Hebe (goddess of youth)

Cancer: Selene (goddess of the moon)

Leo: Eos (goddess of the dawn)

Virgo: Athena (goddess of intelligence and wisdom)

Libra: Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty)

Scorpio: Persephone (goddess of the underworld)

Sagittarius: Artemis (goddess of nature and the wilderness)

Capricorn: Rhea (goddess of time)

Aquarius: Urania (goddess muse of astronomy)

Pisces: Iris (goddess of the rainbow)

Baneful Aspects of the Cosmos 🌌

This is a list of celestial bodies that have baneful associations - these correspondences can be good for curses, hexes, and banishing magick. 


  • Mars - aggression, war, power
  • Saturn - chaos, justice, revenge
  • Neptune - illusion, chaos, confusion
  • Pluto - death, mystery, crisis

Asteroids, Comets, & Minor Planets:

  • Eris - discord, strife, revenge
  • Lilith - fear, suffering, conflict, crisis

Lunar Phases:

  • Waning Crescent - banishing
  • Dark Moon - destruction, banishing, justice

Other Celestial Bodies:

  • Black Holes - banishing, destruction, darkness
  • Comets - stillness, isolation, stasis
  • Supernovae - destruction

the gods & their retinue: Ares & Eris

Ares was the Olympian god of war, battlelust and courage, son of Zeus and Hera.  He is the personification of bold force and strength, and not so much the god of war as of its tumult, confusion, and horrors – and while  his sister Eris calls forth war, Ares loves war for its own sake, and delights in the din and roar of battles and in the slaughter of men.

Eris was the goddess or personified spirit of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. She was often portrayed haunting the battlefield and delighting in human bloodshed, and even after all the other gods have withdrawn from the battle, she would remain rejoicing over the havoc that has been made.

Color Correspondences 🌈
  • Red - Passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage, romance, desire, lust, victory, motivation, self-esteem, leadership, independence, confrontation, conflict, anger, jealousy
  • Magenta - Attraction, catalyst, energy, power, changes, transformation
  • Orange - Strength, authority, dominance, attraction, success, joy, happiness, kindness, alertness, harvest, material gain
  • Peach/Apricot - Abundance, attraction, desire, kindness, warmth, comfort, love, intimacy, relationships
  • Yellow - Clairvoyance, learning, mental clarity, communication, intellect, productivity, friendships, prosperity, creativity 
  • Green - Healing, hope, money, prosperity, luck, employment, fertility, transformation, courage, success, luxury, material gain
  • Greenish Yellow - Illness, discord, strife, conflict, cowardice, jealousy, anger, envy, greed
  • Blue - Healing, meditation, tranquility, forgiveness, patience, peace, calming, loyalty, truthfulness, intuition, psychic protection, dignity, communication
  • Teal - Clarity, awareness, balance, logic, meditation, intuition, renewal, transformation, cleansing
  • Purple/Lavender - Spirituality, wisdom, psychic awareness, intuition, dignity, meditation, royalty, independence, divination, mysticism, the occult, intelligence, knowledge, forgiveness
  • Pink/Rose - Harmony, emotional healing, nurturing, self-love, friendships, affection, calming, compassion, charity 
  • White - Protection, peace, purity, truth, cleansing, balance, healing, enlightenment 
  • Black - Absorption/destruction of negative energies, rebirth, banishing, reversing, uncrossing, binding, protection, shapeshifting, invisibility, manifestation, law, justice
  • Gray - Neutralizing, stasis, stillness, restraint, confusion, destruction, astral travel
  • Brown - Animals, studies, home, foundation, stability, endurance, grounding, concentration, security, harvest, conservation, strength, generosity
  • Copper/Bronze - Negotiations, business success, promotions, goals
  • Silver - Stability, psychic awareness, intuition, dreams, victory, meditation, communication, luck
  • Gold - Prosperity, financial matters, attraction, confidence, fortune, positivity, luxury, success

(you can also find these on my “Cosmic Nailpolish Chart” post)

eris · goddess of chaos, strife and discord

Eris was the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord. She was the daughter of Zeus and Hera; according to other myths, she was the daughter of Nyx (dark night) alone. Eris played an important role in the events that eventually led to the Trojan War. All of the Olympians had been invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, who would become the parents of Achilles; however, Eris was not invited, due to her inclination to cause discord. As a means of revenge, Eris dropped the golden Apple of Discord into the party, which had the words To The Fairest One inscribed on it. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite started quarreling over who the apple should be given to, so Zeus appointed Paris, Prince of Troy, as the person to solve the dispute. The goddesses offered Paris various gifts, but he eventually picked Aphrodite, who promised him the most beautiful woman in the world; Helen, wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.

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Α short #animation (in a better quality) of the #divine #eris , η ακατάβλητη Έριδα ☆, the future #goddess of #strife and #discord 🍏
[Καλό μήνα !! 😊]
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Theory on Rage Powers (Black Magic)

SO! A while back when I was a mod for the analysis from the meteor blog I had made a post that was a little mini theory that proposed the idea of rage players having more than just a berserker state as a power. That power was the exact opposite of white science (which is what hope players seem to use as an energy, examples being Eridan’s white science wand and Jake expelling a shit ton of it as a page) which I deemed so as black magic. Black magic would work in a similar way to white science, in that it is a highly destructive energy, but far more corruptive and generally used for devastating effects depending on the class. Since both Hope and Rage are very heavily related to belief and religious-like themes, black magic would also be powered by belief, but instead of using positive emotions, it’d be negative emotions. Its kinda like the light and dark side of the force if I had to make a reference to something. But while Hope is described in believing in many different things, the power of black magic that Rage players wield would grow stronger the more belief you have in a single thing. That single thing could be anything, from yourself, to friends, to a god, etc.

A thief of rage would rarely use black magic as a means of offense, more so as a means of distraction. The more rage they steal from others, the stronger their black magic becomes. They could use their black magic for mostly passive effects (surprisingly), but only to allow their activeness to become even stronger. Their motivation and ability to take rage from others would grow stronger with each theft, making it easier and easier for them each time. They could cast hexes to make you even more likely to output even more anger, only allowing them to siphon off even more anger from you. A thief of rage would use black magic to create cattle, much like a vampire does for blood. They would use all their black magic to do everything they can to increase the amount of rage, fear, and passion in a session, creating a buffet for them.

Opposed to a thief of rage, a rogue of rage would use black magic to actually balance out a session. Similarly to a thief of rage, they’d use black magic to cast hexes and jinxes to increase rage, but just so that they could redistribute it accordingly to make sure there was no excess. They’d hold to the background, essentially making sure that their session mates wouldn’t turn on each other by using black magic. They’re also incredible in battles when with a teammate, capable of using their black magic to empower their ally, giving them a taste of rage.

Heir is known to both be protected by their aspect, become their aspect, as well as inheriting their aspect. In regards to how an Heir could use black magic, it’d be one of the classes that would have a VERY easy time using it. Using black magic they could surround themselves in an aura of pure black magic, for both defense and offense. Imaging a shield thats constnatly warping and distorting, create and shooting oout spikes tat could keeo enemies far away. Not only that, but the black magic aura could be used to project terrifying images of an opponents fear. If their rage and belief is strong enough an heir could even become this terrifying image, or just prefer being an ever shifting mass of black magic, destroying everything in their path. For those who have seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this could be similar to the form an obscurus takes, the giant shadowy mass that wreaked havoc across the city of New York.

Maid is a little harder to tackle purely because of the amount of speculation about what their power actually is, but the one that I like the best is maids being “made” of their aspect. A person thats *literally* fucking made of black magic and pure negative energy is a force to be reckoned with. What sets maids apart from heir and witches is that instead of straight up manipulating their aspect or becoming their aspect, they already are their aspect and are able to distribute it to others. I could see a maid of rage using black magic as a literal form of energy, able to fire blasts of black science at her enemies, all the while boosting her own abilities and her teams through supportive black magic, increasing their drive and blood-lust.

Oh boy. Page. Page is an interesting case, they wouldn’t exactly have direct control over their black magic, but they could use a LOT of it. Like holy shit. Think of it like you press a button on the “FUCK ME UP” machine. The page wouldn’t have much access to black magic until they’re fully realized, but when they are they’d be able to use black magic for a variety of destructive effects, whether that being summoning demons, erasing people or things, or hell even creating zombies from the dead. A page might not be in extreme control of their black magic, but they would be extremely powerful when it comes to actually using it for insane effects.

While some of the other classes would sue black magic for rather flashy effects and powers, the Knight would use it in the most efficient (and badass) way possible. A knight of rage could either embue their weapons with negative energy, using their weapon as a conduit for destruction and corruption, or flat out creating weapons from it. The mere sight of seeing a knight of rage wielding a black magic weapon could instill the utmost terror upon their foes, or possibly even cursing them. Each attack would be filled with malice, increasing their damage the longer they engage an enemy. Combine this with a typical berserker state most if not all rage players have access too, and the knight of rage is guaranteed to make some people shit themselves.

The Seer is among the rage classes that wouldn’t exactly use black magic in the typical way other rage players use it. They would still be capable of using black magic for offensive capabilities, but their true power lies in their supportive abilities. As said before, black magic grows in strength along with your belief and fury. A Seer could EASILY pin down nearly any event they want (most particularly, events of strife and discord which is very important to know as a seer, figuring out when the worst shit is about to happen, IE a session mate going crazy) using black magic if they were furious. You could never escape from a seer of rage on the warpath. Their righteous anger would allow them to pin you down anywhere, especially if they were finding you to commit an act of vengeance (or uh, cold blooded murder.) A seer of rage would always know when to act and when best to apply their passion and anger.

Mages are known to suffer from their aspect, but they are also graced with the ability to know absolutely everything about their aspect. A mage of rage would know the best way to use black magic. A mage of rage using black magic would be extremely terrifying. They could create curses and cast them upon anyone who wrongs them, and understand the best way possible to make their black magic efficient. As for them suffering from it, I fancy the idea of a mage of rage visibly changing as they use black magic more and more. They would slowly turn more and more monstrous, eyes becoming bloodshot, and their body surging with purple lightning. Their hair could even begin to lift, and their skin taking a pale discoloration. As they suffer from black magic, their powers would grow even stronger, being filled with rage and negative energy, becoming a nigh unstoppable master of black magic. They could manipulate a session from the background, pulling strings like a master puppeteer.

A sylph using something like black magic would seem rather counter intuitive. However, a sylph could use black magic in ways none could even think of. They could create demons made of pure negative energy to listen to their every whim, create eternal shadows to fall upon the world, and more. A sylph wielding black magic could even revive dead players for a limited amount of time, allowing the dead players to commit one last act of revenge upon who wronged them or the sylph, becoming a mad zombie who would not rest until their vengeance was fulfilled, essentially a revenant. Not only that but if a sylph wished it, they could use black magic to unleash a wave of passion, anger and motivation to support their team mates and grant them a taste of rage to do what they need to do.

A witch of rage using black magic would be absolutely text book. They’d become a literal witch, casting curses, hexes, and jinxes that could devastate anyone in their path. They could even turn their enemies rage on themselves, making their enemies literally tear each other, and themselves apart. They could essentially create the perfect warrior, taking aspects of rage and using black magic to create a monster of destruction, but still able to think cognitively as the witch has willed it so. A witch of rage could use black magic to almost to anything they wanted, making them an extremely formidable opponent.

Oh dear. A Bard of rage wielding black magic is something you wouldn’t even notice. The only signs being the whisps of negative energy emitting from them, like an aura of terror, and then its gone. A bard of rage would black magic as a means of pure destruction of course, but not immediately. Imagine bugs slowly picking a rotting corpse clean. A bard of rage could do that to nearly *anything* using black magic. Their destruction would never be instant. It’d be like watching a building slowly be overcome by pure corruption itself, making it fall apart piece by piece until suddenly it is gone. No one would realize it was black magic until the final moment of corruption, where it seizes the entire building and makes it turn to ash and dust. Their black magic would seem like nothing at first, slowly becoming more and more destructive with each use. But *every* time, the destruction would take its time. The bard knows that they’ve done their job, all they have to do is wait and watch their black magic cause whatever they wanted to fall, crumble. It’d be silent and slow.

Unlike the bard, the prince wielding black magic would not take their time. They do not use their black magic to summon demons, nor would they use it to become a terrifying image. They would use it for destruction and destruction only. In the blink of an eye a prince of rage could use black magic as a blast or beam of energy, wiping out their target, desolating whatever they wanted to destroy. It’d be volatile and instant, happening in the blink of an eye. The angrier the prince become the stronger their black magic becomes, and with that their destruction would be unparalleled to any other aspect. They could decimate anything in their path. They wouldn’t bother making storms of destruction and chaos (which they could do). It would just be pure black magic used to wipe out whatever they lay their sights on.

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what happened on esquire interview

it gave me a ton of laughs ;) and a moment of sadness and maybe a tinge of panic, which i think kit was trying to convey, because the show that ‘made’ him is finally coming to an end. have a read if you haven’t already. i find it refreshing to hear him swear like a sailor because he’s usually quite reserved and composed

Mistress Mary

Queen Maria Satanica || Mary of the Black Cathedral/Mass || “Bloody Mary”

Patroness of:  

Sin – most any traditional form of sin, though she’s particular fond of the “unforgivable” ones, Strife, Discord, Necromancy/Nigromancy – and the Dead and Damned, in general, the Dark Arts, Revenge, Sorcery, Divination, Domination – of men, in particular, War – for it is she who is the Great, Marciless Warrioress, Malediction, Sickness/Illness – mental illness and insanity are her specialty, Cannibalism, Poison, Transformation/Shapeshifting, Sex – loves a good orgy, Sacrifice, Entheogens and Poisons, Demons/Shades, Most any diabolic works or motivations ;; She is power – the embodiment of primal, female energy – and hellfire runs through her veins, flows through fingers, and burns behind her eyes. She is Queen of Hell, Consort (and Mother) to the Devil (as Lucifer, the Destroyer) – the diabolic equal of Mother Mary, the Virgin: there must forever be balance.

Call upon her for works of

Power, Sexual Wiles, Temptation, Lust, Dominion, Knowledge of all things Diabolical/Nigromantic/Malicious, Raising the Dead, the Evocation/Invocation/Conjuration of Demons/Shades, any works call for Lucifer, the Destroyer – their powers are strongest when combined, Curing (or inflicting) Disease/Illness, Lessons in working Herbs, Roots, Poisons – as well as Astral Projection and Trance work, though Possession will most assuredly be required.


The Slain Dove, Jimsonweed Flowers the Devil’s Fork


  • Maria Satanica, Queen of Hell: the most powerful and volatile manifestation, it is she who Destroys, whose force and will is unmatched, she who hold the Fork of the Devil, and impales all those who dare cross her or her attendants. For works involving demons or shades of all types, it is she who presides above all.
  • Queen of the Dead: the aspect most knowledgeable in regards to necromancy, she who works in the Graveyard, with the Dead and the spirits, shades and demons therein. She is also the one most suited to heal or inflict illness – the one who imparts medicine and poison.
  • Queen of the Night: The most sexually charged and alluring aspect, that of the Whore – who is blatant in her indecency, who revels in her lechery – but she is also the most human and understanding of the aspects, the one who is forgiving, the one who does not judge, but offers comfort instead
  • Queen of the Crossroads: The Witch – the one who houses endless knowledge of the Black Arts – her justice is swift. It is she who keeps the recipes and rituals, who knows the arcane ways. She is the Sorceress, the Witch, the Priestess – she is the one who reads the bones and walks the planes, who takes the guise of any creature on which she has lain her eyes. It is she who keeps the sold souls, bartered at the Crossroads, forever bound to do her bidding.

Ideal locations for Worship and Workings

Always worked at Night; Crossroads – “X” and “T”, places of Death, Disease and Despair – Battlefields, Hospitals, places of Massacre, Murder, etc., Caves/Tunnels, Graveyards/Sepulchres/Mausoleums – especially Catholic cemeteries which feature Mary statues at the foot of the crucified Jesus, Thick Woodlands/Wetlands, Brothels, Crematoriums, Deserted Roads or Building – especially desolate, nature-reclaimed Churches, any Subterranean place – including basements/cellars.

Offerings, including but not limited to

Animals Sacrifices (or blood of) – lamb/goat, black hen, dove*, snake; Poisonous flowers – Jimsonweed, in particular, rotted/spoiled meat, bladed weapons – though tridents, lances and spears are also accepted, hot-pepper infused rum, red wine mixed with vinegar, thorny brambles or red roses, Sinner’s Dirt/Dirt of the Damned – the grave dust from the grave a particularly nasty person (murderers, rapists, etc.), statues of Mother Mary that have been defiled with blood, graveyard dirt and brimstone.

Takes black or red candles


Maria Satanica – Queen of Hell:
Purveyor of Damnation,
Consort of The Devil,
Mistress of the Diabolica;
She who drove the spear –
Into the Heart of God,
Who lapped at the blood
Of Christ – upon his Cross,
And smiled;
Who rules the infernal nethers,
And who creeps – like the serpent –
Up the spine and into the mind;
Mistress Mary – Queen of the Dead,
Harlot of the Boneyard,
Who digs a hand into the grave,
And raises the bones of the Forgotten;

Mistress Mary – Queen of the Crossroads,
Who knows the ancients ways – 
Who barters yet – for stolen souls
And bestows to (wo)man,
Her mysteries,

Mistress Mary – Queen of Night,
Whose kiss is that of poison,
Rise from the depths – and settle,
Now, upon the Mortal Plane;
The flesh is yours,
The blood is yours,
The choice is yours.


Seal of Maria Satanicaused to evoke her presence; offerings should be left on the seal

Fork/Tridents of Mistress Maryused for invocations when marked upon the body; can also be used to incorporate her energy into works or as a way of solidifying the evocation of like-entities (i.e.  Lucifer, the Destroyer or some manifestations of The Devil)

Playlist (as an added bonus!): Mistress Mary – The Black Cathedral

the signs as greek goddesses
  • Aries: Eris (goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry)
  • Taurus: Demeter (goddess of the harvest and to the growing, preserving and harvesting of grain, mother of persephone)
  • Gemini: Atalanta (a competitive warrior goddess, adventure and amazing runner, turned into a lion by aphrodite)
  • Cancer: Eirenne (goddess of peace)
  • Leo: Hera (queen of the olympian goddesses, goddess of marriage)
  • Virgo: Athena (goddess of wisdom, war, domestic crafts)
  • Libra: Maia (spring goddess)
  • Scorpio: Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty)
  • Sagittarius: Nyx (goddess of nighttime and darkness)
  • Capricorn: Hestia (goddess of the hearth and home)
  • Aquarius: Dike (goddess of moral justice)
  • Pisces: Iris (goddess of the rainbow)

Harmonia, in ancient Greek religion, is the goddess of harmony and concord. She is closely tied to Aphrodite Pandemos, the love that unites all people, the personification of order and civic unity. According to one source, she is the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite (although another describes Harmonia as the daughter of Zeus and Electra). When Hephaestus discovered his wife, Aphrodite, was having an affair with Ares, he vowed to avenge himself by cursing any lineage of children resulting from the affair. As a gift during her wedding to Cadmus, the founder and first king of Thebes, Hephaestus presented Harmonia with a stunning necklace. Crafted by the god himself, the necklace allowed any woman wearing it to remain eternally young and beautiful, yet it was cursed to bring great misfortune to all its owners.

Eris is the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. In some myths, she is the daughter of Zeus and Hera; according to others, she is the daughter of Nyx, the personification of night, alone. Described as sinister, relentless, and cruel, she is the constant companion of Ares. Eris plays a significant role in the events which eventually led to the Trojan War. All of the Olympians were invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the future parents of Achilles, except for Eris due to her penchant for troublemaking. As a means of revenge, Eris tossed the golden Apple of Discord into the party, with the inscribed words To The Fairest One. When Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite began quarreling over who the apple should be given to, Zeus appointed Paris, Prince of Troy, as the person to solve the dispute. The goddesses offered Paris various gifts, but he eventually chose Aphrodite, who promised him the most beautiful woman in the world: Helen, wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.