And now it’s finished! Glowing eyes are my weakness and pointed ears so I drew out all the ones that came to mind.

I wanna just talk about this for a while, I posed them very carefully. KirinDave has such a sweet smile, but he’s wielding a deadly force that could strike at any moment.
Xephos is welcoming, he’ll help you out, but honestly i’d say he was the least trustworthy of the lot, who knows to what end he’ll use you.
Strife is displeased; he wants nothing to do with you, “what? you expect me to babysit you? I don’t think so”, but under that guise is a good heart.
Rythian, well, he doesn’t want you close and he plans to keep it that way, so ironically he’s probably the most trustworthy one of the lot.

I guess what i’m saying is, not everything is as it seems

wow I waffled so much I just really like exploring complex characters