striders gonna stride

TT: Definitely not a show containing that little pony.
TT: Why would I like something like that.
TT: I like pretty much all sorts of anime though
TT: It’s hard to pick a favorite.

TG: definitely trigun
TG: even though vash uses a gun a not a sword hes still hella cool
TG: also inuyasha
TG: that shits the bomb

Bro: I’m gonna take it old school, back to the shit that got me started on anime in the first place, Speed Racer and Robotech: The Macrosse Saga. Coolest ever.

for the people who are still awake!

congratulations, you won Striderstuck! includes all the humans and the beta trolls as coolkid Strider men and hot mama Strider women!

NOTE: alpha trolls do not come with this, purchase those separately at a blog that isn’t mine because this took 3 days. :T

look for the knockoff items Lalondestuck, Egbert-Englishstuck, and Harley-Crockerstuck in a million years (aka when I can make them)

Okay, I wasn’t GONNA post the panels before the whole thing was done but I am REALLY HAPPY with this title panel and I have 78 more of these to do.  So it might be a while.  So I’m just gonna show off the start to this Strider-filled lyricstuck that may actually see the light of day. 

Comical note: in my files this is saved as 00 and the last one is 78 so I have to remember to add one when I’m talking about the final numbers.