Dave/Bro -Hands off.

lets all take a moment and read this fic because other wise you wont know what the fuck is going on in these pictures

I would also like to say, that I am so grately sorry for looking like I just threw that cosplay together in an hour, there is a reason tho, because its true. Anyways it’s a lot better now and yeah whatever. we took these months ago and sort of forgot about them.

We’re redoing the photoshoot next time I see my dave with better cosplays, actually styled wigs, and paying more attention to details we missed. Anyways so those will come around feb? because that is when I will be visiting my Dave I hope. k done rambling. Hands off is perfect and we portrayed it far less awesome then it is. bye.

((ps if you wanna reblog this i give you permission to delete the text just keep the credit on it thx no one will reblog it lol))