strider sidenote

i could get all gushy and reflective about the past five years i’ve been reading homestuck and the experiences i’ve had through it (and how things have changed over the years, like having to do this drawing over 3 days instead of a during single evening back in the day, because i’ve become a Real Adult with a Job) but i think i’ll just stick with saying, thanks for the memories, andrew hussie (and friends)! looking forward to the next adventure :B

Being on someone else’s dash is weird.  Like all these new people I’m seeing, and most of them are cool, but then there’s tons of crazies too…it’s like I’m at someone else’s house, listening to all their relatives shout at once, except its about fandoms.

You know, some times people ask me “Hey JC (Digity dope master flash king), who’s best pony?”  And I’m like “Shit dawg (swag master admiral emperor swiggy swip), dat’s gotta be mah homie R-Dash!”