strider reviews


Genre: Smut

Warnings: Oral, Dom/Sub

Main Ships: John/Dave

Secondary Ships: N/A


Rating: 7.5/10

Length: Oneshot (808 words)

Status: Complete

My thoughts: Smut in it’s purest form. This has no real story to it, just smut for the sake of smut. Mind you it’s pretty decent smut but it’s nothing that stands out. the characters blur completely, yet somehow they still manage to make it OOC. Even with John as a dom he wouldn’t act like that(I felt like it was more dirk than John. half tempted to say just change it to a stridercest fic). Really it comes down to the fact that this was just two random guys having sex, with John and Daves names inserted into the story.

If you’re in the mood for reading a decently written smutty yaoi fic, than I recommend reading this. It’s quick, and I think, if you’re in the mood for smut, It’s worth your time.

Authors Summary:

“Please.” He says, and that seems to be a mantra for him tonight, but he knows better.

You run this shit, not him.


Coffee and Fireworks

Genre: fluff, romance

Warnings: N/A

Main Ships: John/Dave 

Secondary Ships: Rose/Kanaya(very slight)

AU: collegestuck, weird timeline befuddlement 

Rating: *10/10*

Length: 20 chapters (31778 words)

Status: complete

My Thoughts: I didn’t except this. which is amazing because I ‘m pretty damn good at predicting fanfictions and how their gunna play out by now! But… wow this was… different in all the best ways. It was like any good story. It didn’t just stop when John and Dave got together, it became something more. It established the characters and their relationships, making you fall in love with them whole heartedly before delving into the deeper storyline. The storyline is unexpected and intriguing. The fluff is well… impossibly fluffy. It’s one of those fics where you find yourself smiling all the way through, despite the difficulties the characters have to go through. Honestly I was extremely saddened when it ended. The storyline felt like it could have been stretched out another chapter to give a more complete feeling, but at the same time the fanfiction never felt rushed, so that might just be a matter of personal opinion.

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands for a longer fic and feel like experiencing a taste of fluff overload and fuzzy feelings, I definitely recommend reading this fic! (don’t forget to take a few breaks just to enjoy a fluffy moment or a moment of just serene bliss! This is one of those fics where the fuzzy feelings will just well up inside of you!)

Authors Summary:

Some guy is lying in your bed. This is a guy you’ve known for about nine years and have been going out with for, like, two. It just so happens that on this day, the thirteenth of April, is this guy’s birthday. Though it was twenty something years ago that life was shoved up his ass, it was eleven years ago that he began having shitass nightmares and his life basically became complete crap. It is only today, though, that he’ll find out why.