strider household

john is the only one of the beta kids whos ever been to school

roses house is over an hour away from the closest middle school. obviously shes homeschooled. for most of her youth mom would invite live-in tutors for her, up until rose realized she could torment them and drive them away… and by that point rose was doing schoolwork far above her grade level and more than capable of keeping up with her studies without a guide, so mom just gave up on the whole thing. she does try to personally tutor rose in her specialties sometimes - computers, biology, astronomy - but rose doesnt really take to them. she knows more about any of them than youd expect a 13-year-old to regardless.

dave doesnt exist as far as the us government is concerned. bro scooped him up out of the crater in 1995 and took him straight home, no birth certificate, no fuss. how are you supposed to explain asteroid babies to the government, anyway? (dad and mom legally adopted john and rose, registered as discarded infants and given all the rights of us citizenship. which is the responsible thing to do, but bro finds it unnecessary and more trouble than its worth. theres a drawer somewhere in the strider household full of forged social security cards.) which isnt to say he hasnt gotten an education, just that hes gotten one entirely under bros authority - whatever that entails.

jade isnt a citizen of any country on earth and studies nuclear physics at a college level on her island in the middle of the pacific

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Hey, i heard rumors that you (or atleast used to) support bro strider? I'm not goign to harrass you or anyfin, i just wanted a bit of clarification on your stance on this topic, if youre comfortable, of course

IF you are talking about fanon bro strider and very much so in the past tense, then theres something you need to understand. it was a really different time because the fandom used to have a fun quirky ninja ideal of bro strider who was nothing like what he turned out to be. without the perspective dave put on it, and years out from the intro, no one took the strider household seriously. it was a silly joke, yknow, haha ninja training emotionless coolkid dave loves his bro hes great what a fun time i bet they have fun playing video games together and playing with swords etc etc. THATS who fanon bro was for years. 

but dave finally opened up on the retcon timeline and put it in an entirely different perspective. he came to terms with and talked about the abuse from the point of view of a survivor instead of belittling or joking about it (and in turn having it joked about by his friends, specifically john off the top of my head) and that was what really woke the fandom up about it, myself included. thats when bros popularity plummeted and fanon bro ceased to exist.

IF you are talking about my past support of fanon bro, then yeah, i was just as into him as everyone else was before daves arc finally hit a point where he began to open up and talk about himself and his life; we learned a Hell of A Lot Better after that and ive since been Very outspoken about it, and about people who still try to support the funny quirky ideals of fanon bro.

in short; fanon bro is dead and i dont appreciate the idea of people trying to say i support bro strider as he is now seen because of a fandom wide folly years ago. thanks.

Child’s play

Notes: parentstuck au created by @polyglotplatypus, I started this fic in the early stages of the au but since then the au evolved into teenagers blinding eachother with shiny bulges so I kinda feel like I’m late with this harmless fic

Summary: fic containes davekat, anshu being a savage, a bit of janshu rivalry and dave being a dork

Screams, shouts and giggles could be heard from outside of the Strider-Vantas household and loud noises may not be a rare occurrence around here, Karkat still couldn’t wrap his thinkpan around on what the other two members of this family could be doing.

He stopped reading a novel that was surprisingly not a romantic one thanks to Dave’s insistence and went outside of his Cantown home to see what was all the ruckus about. The sight that greeted the full grown troll was perhaps unusual at the least. His human husband and half troll-half human daughter was playing with vigour. Nothing wrong with that, until you look closer at this picture.

The cute child, Anshu, had a white tablecloth tied around her neck into a makeshift cape and a paper hat was placed upon her head, resting right between her small, nubby horns. Still, nothing wrong with that, as a kid she can get away with that and she looks really adorable.

Dave on the other hand…

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Hi everybody! I’m back today with some more art for Author Appreciation Week! Today I did some DirkJake art inspired by Leopharry’s story A Taste For Adventure! This isn’t really a specific story moment, but I like to imagine they’re at the Strider household after Jake takes over the company. Dirk totally fell asleep with his sunglasses on. =p 

Anyways! A Taste for Adventure was positively marvelous! I was current for the latter chapters of the story and let me tell you I waited diligently for the next chapter to be released! It’s a ride, but the relationships are told in a really fun realistic way. I love the dynamic in the Strider family and the characters chosen to fill each spot! It’s a really good read, and I recommend it to everyone. I will hopefully be back tomorrow with one more picture in to honor an author I enjoyed this week! Trust me when I say there are many many many more art pieces I’d like to do for various writers, and probably will do in the future! As always. I hope you weeks been good, and enjoy! ~ Kera

Imagine Jane and Dave hosting a huge thanksgiving party, and all their friends are invited. Once everyone sits down to eat, it’s been noted that the food looks a little weird, but they just brush it off as having been overcooked. When Jane starts to carve the turkey, it turns out to be a huge cake! Everyone is confused, thinking that it’s just the dessert, but they are so very wrong. As soon as people start to serve themselves, everyone starts realizing that everything is cake. All the side dishes, all the turkey, even the gravy! It’s all cake. There is no escaping the cake in a Crocker/Strider household. Never.

things i wish to see first on paradox space

  • strider household before the game
  • dirk and jake’s relationship in the medium
  • ancestors - we always need more of that
  • what dirk and roxy’s life was like before the game, maybe jake’s too
  • anything involving condy
  • how did the kids meet. all of them. all of the kids
insect clockwork

The cicadas are back.

He couldn’t sleep in his room because of the cicadas screaming outside. Every thirteen years, like some kind of stupid long-term insect clockwork. They are so, so, so god damn loud it is impossible to think unless you shut the windows, which is equally impossible because it is so, so, so god damn hot out. There is shimmery heat climbing off every scrap of road and roof and you guess heat rises, making your top-floor apartment even more unbearable. The giant air conditioner on the roof is good for maybe topping with a 2x2 Tetris block and not much else. The last time it was this loud and this hot your Young Ward (he hates that nickname because Robin’s name is Dick Grayson and you’re basically calling him “Penis”) was six months old and cranky as a motherfucker. Pretty much just like right now, only cuter and louder and stupider. Right now Mr. Less-cute is sleeping in front of the TV, hair plastered to his forehead with sweat, and you can’t help watching him breath through his mouth like he got lobotomized with a Lawn Jart. It kind of breaks your heart, how big he is, and you have to wonder when he grew up. He used to be so small. You remember:

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The Striders only put swords in the fridge on the hottest days, so they’re cool when they’re used for fighting. Combined with the fact that Bro keeps overestimating the amount of food the Striders eat and underestimating the amount of food in the fridge, it is perfectly normal in the Strider household to find random chilly bins filled with food stashed in weird locations as there is never any room in places food is supposed to be stored!

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I have to comment on this

Anonymous asked: May I suggest/request a fic that tackles them dealing with jealousy (a reasonable emotion) in a poly relationship? Maybe Dirk and Bro dealing with jealousy/possessiveness over…

I was so happy to see this. It means someone else was thinking what I was thinking/hoping for.

However, I never asked for it, ‘cuz I knew it couldn’t happen. One of the reasons D let the incest slide was because each of them had outside relationships and therefore weren’t socially stunted.

That being said, DON’T THINK I DIDN’T HOPE FOR IT. Stridercest trumps all other Homestuck ships for me. There are so many ways to go about it, from flat-out noncon to obsessively-in-love (both being pretty negative extremes.) The Striders’ home life seems detached from the real world to some level, and I think that’s why them having a romantic/sexual relationship seems very possible, in one incarnation or another. But my preference is when it’s not just for sex, but they actually are in love with each other in a romantic, agonizing, this-is-not-ironic-bro-this-isn’t-ok-we-shouldn’t-but-I-can’t-stop way. That is my favorite kind of Stridercest, and I wish it were possible to see it in Striderclan. When Jade, Jake, and Jane came into the picture, I nearly bailed on the whole AU. But I didn’t. Because I love the writing and I completely respect these girls(?) and their commitment to their vision and their AU, and for sticking to their guns on the world they’ve imagined.

What I want to see isn’t possible in the Striderclan AU, but I can find it elsewhere. What this AU offers is something substantial and developed and unique and amazing, and I love it just how it is. So you go, Aeacus and Aquaris and Ibis. You go.


bro i think youre better

like the entire strider household concept was always so straightforward in this fandom??? always like “bro loves dave. bro wants to protect dave and prepare him for the game. dave wants to be just like bro”. and now we have THE REAL STORY. THE REAL shit. its kind of surreal