strider being happy

Johndave week - Day 5: Free Space

After my last one I wanted to do something cute and happy, so bunkmates blanket fort it was!! I am;; late again but wowie yeah!! This has been a really fun week!! Everyone’s been so cool <3


The striders being openly affectionate with each other is so important though, because both these boys have spent most of their lives brushing off or hiding their emotions, and here they are smiling together, laughing together, supporting each other and just plain caring for each other’s well-being. 

I’m really glad they were able to talk about each other’s feelings and hug it out in the end, and I’m just so so proud of my boys and how far they’ve come in their development. They finally have that brotherly relationship they always wished they had. ;v; 


Alpha Kids God Tier Photoshoot at Närcon Winter 2015, Sweden.

Roxy: lordspongle
Jane: salmonini
Jake: fishymemermaid
Dirk: hstuckers
Photographer: mrevilfaget