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Helldeity Seal Dragon, Granitecross [G-BT11/032 (-R)]

[Stride]-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[CONT](VC):All of your opponent’s units cannot intercept.
[ACT](VC) [1/Turn]:[Counter Blast (1) & Soul Blast (1)] If you have a heart card with “Seal Dragon” in its card name, retire all of your opponent’s grade 2 rear-guards. Then, your opponent may choose a grade 2 card from his or her hand, and calls it to (RC). If he or she does not call, you draw a card.

Seal Dragon, Seersucker [G-BT11/063 (-C)]

[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (1)-card with “Seal Dragon” in its card name] When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent’s grade 1 or greater rear-guards, and retire it. Your opponent searches his or her deck for up to one grade 2 card, calls it to (RC), and shuffles their deck. If they called a card, you draw a card, and Counter Charge (1)/Soul Charge (1).
[CONT](VC/RC) Generation Break 1:During your turn, for each of your opponent’s grade 2 units, this unit gets [Power]+3000.

imagine Enjolras striding over to R all serious and looking determined and everyone is expecting a fight but instead E slams down a briefcase in front of R and starts pulling out graphs and pie charts before adjusting his posture and looking him in the eye before just

“it’s come to my attention that I am romantically and sexually attracted to you..”

And starts going on about how his data he’s collected over 6 months proves that they would work relatively well as a couple

Prince of Stride: Saisei

(L-R; Mayuzumi Asuma, Senoo Tasuku, Mayuzumi Shizuma, Suwa Reiji, Chiyomatsu Bantaro, Okumura Kaede)

Saisei work as idols on the side in order to pay for all their stride gear. As part of that they also perform at Stride events.

They act as Honan’s main rivals in the game though the two teams share a very close friendship since they’re always crossing paths.

Mayuzumi Asuma: 2nd year runner and younger of the two Mayuzumi brothers. After seeing the Honan Vs Mihashi race he becomes interested in Riku. The two of them become rivals and good friends. Generally quite easy going and cheerful.

Senoo Tasuku: 2nd year runner. Speaks in Kyoto dialect. Has some kind of rivalry friendship with Heath (Honan) though he acts cold a lot of the time. Kind of strange, gets on best with Bantaro within Saisei but has a lot of respect for Reiji.

Mayuzumi Shizuma: 3rd year relationer and older brother to Asuma. Childhood friends with Reiji he’s always been too weak to compete in sport but Reiji wanted to include him so they started stride together. Incredibly loyal to Reiji and can’t help but worry over about him at times. Generally very kind and caring. 

Suwa Reiji: 3rd year runner and captain. Heir to his family he juggles family duties, stride and being an idol. Wants to win for the sake of his childhood friend and team mates. Runs into Nana by chance at a studio. Very fond of Nana and refers to her as Dosanko-chan (道産子ちゃん)*. Has a very gentle personality.

Chiyomatsu Bantaro: 3rd year runner. Lacks in stamina but makes up for with gimmick sense. Gets on well with pretty much anyone. Good friends with Hozumi and Kadowaki (Honan), they become some kind of comedy trio when together. Usually cheerful and upbeat.

Okumura Kaede: 1st year runner. Joined stride after watching the broadcast of Kyosuke and Tomoe competing in Stride back when they were both at Honan (same broadcast Nana fell in love with). He fell in love with the sport after that and is a huge Kuga Kyosuke fanboy. Wants to compete with his idol and forms the KFC (Kuga Fan Club) with Nana.

* t/n: refers to a person born and raised in Hokkaido

(These are from my own personal experience of the game and I assume the majority of it will be the same in the anime from what i’ve seen in the previews. I tried to make it as spoiler free as possible while giving more of a feel for the characters)

About Honan and Stride in general [x]

In case you ever wanted to do the national team warmup

Jump Rope (optional)
Variation of jumping 5 minutes

Walking Around Mat
Head and wrist rolls 8-16 counts
Shoulder circles w/bent arms 8-16 counts
Arm swings Up, Down, Cross, Side 4 times each
Trunk twists arms in opposition 8-16 counts
Toe/Foot Stretches
Ball of foot lifts R begins then switch, quick 8 times
Top of toe lifts R begins then switch, quick 8 times
2 steps rebound, R begins 4 times

Forward runs 3-5 passes
Backward runs 1 pass
Knee Lifts 1 pass
Butt kicks 1 pass
Prance, toes point, legs straight in front 1 pass
Power skips using big arm swing 1-3 passes

High toe 8-16 counts
Heel 8-16 counts

Arm Swings
R back, L back 4 each
R forward, L forward 4 each
Alternating R back first 4 each
Alternating L back first 4 each
Diagonal swings R then L 4 each
Trunk (stand in straddle)
Trunk twist, R begins 4 each
Pilé twist R Straight twist L lifting L leg 2 times
Repeat beginning with L
Hip push RLRL
Hip circle begin to R 1 time
Repeat to L
R lean, R hand on hip, L arm overhead stretching 2 times
L lean, L hand on hip, R arm overhead stretching 2 times
Forward lean, hands on hips 2 times
Backward lean, hands on hips 2 times
Arms through legs then thrust up overhead 2 times
Alternating arm lifts, body bent over, hand on floor RLRL

Floor Stretching
Join legs in pike stand
Pike, squat, pike, squat, 4 quick toe rises twice
Tuck roll to brief pike lay, roll down to pike sit
Pike sit stretch with toes pointed 8 counts
Pike sit stretch with toes flexed 8 counts
Straddle legs, R reach 2 counts
Middle reach 2 counts
L reach 2 counts
Open and hold 2 counts
Repeat beginning with L
Reach back R to side, swing L leg up and around and allow body to follow to L.
As roll finishes, allow R leg to continue swinging back bent, as R arm swings forward then switches as R leg swings forward and R arm swings back.
Begin counting with R leg back then F,B,F,B,F,B,F and move leg up and over head as exercise began.
Repeat on L
Finishing on L side, Side stretches 8 counts
Roll to tummy, Seal stretches 8 counts
Roll to R side, Side stretches 8 counts
Roll to tummy, Quad stretches, R then L 8 counts

Push back, sit on knees and lift body over top of toes 8 counts
Hop over toes, straighten legs, walk hands out
Achilles stretch R begins alternating 8 counts
R leg straight, L ankle at R ankle, stretch 8 counts
R leg bent, L ankle at R ankle, stretch 8 counts
Repeat above on L side
Ankle pops, pike stand, flat, then pop to top of toe 8 counts
Toe rises in pike stand 8 counts

Turn to R, R leg in front, stride stand, chest to knees 8 counts
Deep lunge, toes pointing forward, back leg straight 8 counts
Wider stride stand, R foot flexed 8 counts
Deep lunge, toes pointing forward, back leg straight 8 counts
L knee on floor, pull L foot to hip (Hamstring stretch) 8 counts
Slide into R split, square off 8 counts
Lift L leg, hold it with R hand 8 counts
Release, L leg joins R in pike sit, turn over to knees
Repeat lifting L leg to stride position
From knee sit, step on L foot in lunge
Move to R side lunge, L,R,L slide into side split 8 counts
Wrist warm-up, top of hands, palms of hands - while in split
Pull legs together and bridge, push thru shoulders 2-4 counts
Tuck and roll 2 times

On last roll, roll all the way up to:
Straight jump, Tuck jumps (alternating) 5 each
Roll back to back, crunches 25
Alternating V-ups 10 each
Roll to R side for Arch ups 10
Repeat to L 10
Roll to tummy, Push-ups 15
Slide legs in to pike press, rebounds 5 each

In lines, step R, kick L front, step L, kick R side, step R, kick L back, turn
Repeat down the mat alternating legs
Bend over kicks, touch floor with hands, kick R back straight then bend
Repeat to L
Report to personal coaches for additional warm-up and conditioning as time allows

anonymous asked:

Every time E tries to ask out R, he just gets tongue-tied and frustrated and they end up arguing. To combat this, E decides that hit and run complements are the way to go. He just strides up to R, says something very flattering, and then runs away, before they can be taken the wrong way. After about a week of WTFing, R just stands up when E walks over, puts a hand over his mouth and asks, "Do you wanna go out with me?" E nods.

The first time he does it, he’s got it all perfectly planned out, even has Combeferre standing by just two tables away, waiting to come save him if he needs saving. He’s going to go up to Grantaire and politely ask if Grantaire would like to grab dinner with him. As something more than friends. He has it all rehearsed and all he has to do is to say it, but then he goes up to Grantaire and realises that Grantaire has on glasses, and he just loses his words. 

“I like the glasses!” he ends up blurting out before he hightails it out of the Musain. He catches Grantaire’s stunned look from outside the glass windows, watches as Grantaire slowly starts to smile softly, and makes a new plan.

It is about a week’s worth of hit-and-run compliments and secretly watching Grantaire smile to himself at Enjolras’ compliments (look, Enjolras made him smile!), that Grantaire stands up when Enjolras walks over to where he’s sitting. Enjolras means to tell Grantaire that his hair looks really nice and soft today, but before he can do it, Grantaire’s hand is covering his mouth. 

“This has been a really odd week,” Grantaire says, “and I’m not sure if I’m reading this situation correctly, but do you want to go out with me?" 

Enjolras nods enthusiastically and Grantaire removes his hand from his mouth. 

"Your hair looks really nice and soft today,” Enjolras says, but instead of running away this time, he slowly cups Grantaire’s face and presses his lips to Grantaire’s.