stride 2.0


Upgrade to Stride 2.0

“Not bad for a rookie.” “Just drive Shaun.”

Stride 2.0

The ridiculously no longer lasting gum.

I was really disappointed when I ate a piece of Stride 2.0 and the flavor was gone not even 30 minutes later. I remember back when it was just Stride, it lasted for an hour.

And I know because I usually eat a piece of gum while on my way to class at 8:30 in the morning and I didn’t need to throw it out until we had break at 9:30. Now I can’t have it in past 9:00.

Stupid. I would switch to 5 gum, but that’s a whole freaking 10 cents more. I can’t afford that!

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This was one of the hardest shoots I’ve ever worked on, but it’s so awesome!  I wasn’t there for the Shaun White day (sad) but I was there for every stunt besides the car crashing through the windows.  During the part where he crashes into some bouncy balls?  Yeah, I was on the level below catching any of the ones that bounced over the side.  Glamorous, huh?