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First Do No Harm


The Chain - Fleetwood Mac


@grishatrilogynet’s nikolai month: week 1 - favourite nickname
↳ sturmhond

Being around Nikolai was always like this, watching him shift and change, revealing secrets as he went. He reminded me of the wooden nesting dolls I’d played with as a child. Except instead of getting smaller, he just kept getting grander and more mysterious…

Sturmhond had a way of talking that made me want to shoot someone. Preferably him.

Pidgance Positivity Discord

Hello all! @the-vegetarian-artist @lady-of-bath and I have set up a Discord chat for Pidgance shippers! Shoot any of us a message if you would like to join. We are excited to get to know you!


supercat appreciation meme: tropes (pt. i)


And by that metric, you’re all just terrorists. And I kill terrorists.