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First Do No Harm

things that just seem Right in homsetuck fanart, while not being strictly canon, clothing edition:

  • john only wears his god tier outfit. anything else is illegal
  • dave never wears short sleeves. ever.
  • roxy’s bra straps showing
  • kanaya’s high-waisted skirt
  • karkats turtleneck
  • terezi’s crocs+sweatpants combo

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supercat appreciation meme: tropes (pt. i)

That basically every children dubbing company in the US (Saban, 4kids etc) HAS to edit good animes. I mean, why? Children are not stupid. There’s no good reason that shows like Ojamajo Doremi, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Smile Pretty Cure needed to be rapidly and strictly edited the way it was. Why it just can’t be dubbed or at least have little to no changes? Parents (or people in general) are that sensitive that they have to ruin baby/dumb down good shows so they don’t have to teach/correct their kids?

In celebration of actress Alex Kingston, we’re counting down to her birthday with a week full of Alex love and appreciation! Beginning on March 5th and going through the 11th, please join us in creating and sharing original content – gifs, edits, playlists, art, fics, musings, et cetera – to celebrate all things Alex.


  • Please be sure to tag your posts with “akaw2017” (in the first 5 tags) so everyone can find them. All posts in this that tag will be reblogged by @itsalexthatwelove; if a post is missed, please let me know! Also: Follow that tag and this blog!
  • Other tags to help get your posts seen: “Alex Kingston”, “Kingston edit” (for edits), “Kingston post” (posts that aren’t strictly edits), character names, “drfic” (for River x Doctor fic), & “River Song edit” (for, obviously, River edits).
  • There are 2 prompts listed for each day so you can pick your favorite. Feel free to think of the prompts as suggestions and substitute a lagniappe prompt (below) or deviate entirely.
  • Please do not feel obligated to participate in all seven days!


  • Day 1 (5 March) –  What was your introduction to Alex Kingston? // Alex in a period piece
  • Day 2 (6 March) –  When Alex made you feel all the feels // A time when Alex made you laugh
  • Day 3 (7 March) –  Favorite interview // Cast Alex in a film of your own imagining. Create a graphic, generate a synopsis, and/or write a scene.
  • Day 4 (8 March) –  Favorite acting partnership // Favorite Alex quote (either by or about her)
  • Day 5 (9 March) –  Favorite non-River Song role // Favorite recurring Alex theme (an accessory, outfit, type of role, prop, etc., that’s popped up repeatedly)
  • Day 6 (10 March) –  Alex in a decade // What has Alex taught you? / How has she inspired or influenced you?
  • Day 7 (11 March) –  Happy birthday, Alex Kingston! A free day to create as you please!

Lagniappe prompts: (for substitutions or those who’d like to do just a little extra)

  • A role or production you’d like to see Alex in
  • Favorite sartorial choice(s)
  • Favorite audio recording(s)
  • Favorite stage role(s)

Fic prompts: For the fiction writers out there, write a fic based on a character Alex has played and three words given (to include or inspire).

  • Archaeologist. Dust, worn, shine.
  • Queen. Sword, courageous, skim.
  • Criminal. Atomizer, dense, divulge.
  • Writer. Draft, blurry, tapped.
  • Mother. Water, frayed, grasp.
  • Doctor. Adrenaline, precise, gather.


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no one knows who we are

» a study in the brotp that is cassandra & cullen «

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You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same


And by that metric, you’re all just terrorists. And I kill terrorists.

Trying to get more comfortable with posting on here in a way that is not strictly edits and edits alone. I made this account originally just to have another place to put my edits. I wanted to make sure that I got most of the @’s on social medias that I tag my edits with, a precautionary measure, and then I found myself really getting attached to the community here. 

When I started posting on Tumblr more frequently and with longer captions, I had been through the ruin of one of my longest friendships. I had this group of people on Twitter who were with me from the creation of my account on there. My first social media friends in a very long while. Our friendship lasted for months and.. they’re all still friends. I made some stupid mistake and upset one of them. I apologized profusely and left the chat in my shame. That was several months ago. I haven’t spoken to any of them since. I was publicly a mess about it all. I cried my mind into shambles for two weeks. I pretended to be okay on social media. But I would have nights in which I would tweet out my thoughts as they occurred to me. It probably wasn’t a pretty sight to see. No one really took notice to it all. That sorta just.. made things worse. One person noticed. And they helped me out for a while. Despite me knowing how close friends this person was with that group, I told them everything. All my concerns about them. All my doubt in them. But I never told the person who those people were directly. I didn’t want to ruin their friendship because of my personal issue with them. As of recently, I haven’t spoken to that one person either. They sorta replaced me in that friend group. Which is painful to think about. I was replaced so easily in a friendship that I cherished more than my family. I don’t know why I decided to go on about this. One of the friends from that group that I felt closest to recently broke the mutual with me. I guess I’m just.. empty. And need to ramble on about this to get my thoughts out. Or to stop myself from holding all these negative thoughts within myself for too long. 

Apologies for the long post. I didn’t intend to ramble on this much. I just got lost.


I’ve seen many things, my friend, but you’re right: nothing quite as wonderful as the things you see.

TV MEME : [2/2] quotes