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And by that metric, you’re all just terrorists. And I kill terrorists.

I’m gonna actually lose my mind with this fandom one day. 

2x7 was a monstrous fuck up all around as far as malec is concerned. They literally faded to black on their first time just after Magnus expressed a very real concern and vulnerability that was literally pushed aside because Alec really wanted it so Magnus shouldn’t worry- I’m not faulting characters here, this is strictly about writing and editing. 

When LGBTQ fans and genuine allies rightfully called the show out for this- especially the fact that the same episode literally had Jace and a random seelie rolling around half naked in a bed, in Magnus’ loft as a matter of fact- some fans, mostly straight, tried to say all we wanted was to see our faves naked and that we needed to shut up about it. They kissed, we knew they had sex, asking for more was clearly because we were perverts and wanted smut.

But what might actually be worse at this point than straight fans telling us we have no right to be angry and that we’re just perverts is these random few LGBTQ, and also straight, fans who are saying we shouldn’t and won’t have intimate malec scenes because straight girls will fetishize them. First all off, straight fans, shut the fuck up. We don’t need you to explain to us how often and in what ways we are fucking fetishized. We live with it. My fellow LGBTQ fans who have expressed this opinion- what the actual fuck? So because some random straight girls might fetishize it we shouldn’t want, and should stop demanding, intimate scenes between the main LGBTQ canon couple? I really don’t care. We deserve those kinds of scenes. Those scenes should be as normal as het sex scenes and scenes with heterosexual intimacy. 

Like I’m honestly… what the fuck. Like how many different ways do LGBTQ fans need to be silenced when all we’re asking for is equal fucking representation?!

I Would Never ~ Joe Sugg Imagine

☆I hope you’re okay!💘 please could you do an imagine where y/n and joe have an argument over the fact that joe thinks y/n flirts with his friends. You can choose an ending I don’t really mind!💕

Wow, it’s been officially four hours since I started editing. You thought to yourself.
Wouldn’t hurt for a coffee break! You laughed to yourself as you got up from Joe, your boyfriends bed. You made your way down the stairs, at this time you had thought you were the only one in the house. As Joe was at a full day of meetings with Caspar. Though you kept yourself busy most of the day, this morning you went out for breakfast with Jack, Conor and Mikey. A defining gang, and came back to Joes for strictly editing. So yes, kinda busy.
Walking down the steps you felt an usual presence, you know that feeling you get when someone’s watching you? Ya, that was it. This intuition put you on your feet, and made you much more cautious. Or scared in other words. Turning the corner from the bottom of the stair case was almost as planned as it would seem in a horror movie. But it was okay. You walked into the kitchen feeling better about your surroundings when a deep, monotone like voice speaks your name and fills the room around you.
“Jesus!” You yell, jumping and turning faster than a cat. You are faced with a slightly smirking yet unamused, Joe Sugg.
“I thought you had meetings all day?” You said hand still on your heart.
“Got back early,” Joe said bluntly.
“And didn’t tell me? I was upstairs the whole time!” You said chuckling to yourself amused by the small highlight in a boring day.
“Were you?” Joe said uninterested.
Now this was a Joe you knew all too well, blunt, unamused and tired like actions all indicate that Joe is in fact, angry. You sighed.
“What is it,” You say leaning back onto the counter and crossing your arms.
“Nothing,” Joe said simply, clearly more interested in what he was studing on his phone that what he really wanted to say.
“Yes, you’re angry.” You said less delighted and more frustrated.
“You went out for breakfast with the boys, huh? Why don’t you tell me about your day?” He said sarasticly sharp.
“Yes?” You began audaciously.
“We went out for breakfast, and it was delicious. Sorry I didn’t save you some.” You said staring him down.
“You well know it’s not about that”
“Then what is it about Joe? Help me out here!” You said throwing your hands up in the air.
“Flirtatious comments, touchy conversations, your hips seem to move a bit more excitingly when ever you’re around them. No wonder you went out with them the minute I leave the house.”
“Are you serious Joe? This is really what you’re concerned about.” You said in shock.
“Ya, and I fully believe it too!” He said enthusiasticly, almost like he kind of enjoyed this subtle banter but took it seriously at the same time.
“Joe, when will you get it?” You said taking your coffee out of the brewer and walking to the table he was sitting at.
“Get what? What are you talking about?” Joe said as his eyes followed you as you moved across the room.
“That I only love one person,” You began
“There is family love, which is unconditional and unlimited to everyone. There is friend love, people who you would take a bullet for and tell anything and eveything to-”
“So, what you’re trying to tell me is that I’m just a friend now? Are you friend zoning me y/n?” He said entertained.
“I’m not finished. I only have a limited amount of this special kind of love. This kind of love belongs in a  very special place. And only one person gets to use it. Catching on?”
“No keep going” He said, content now.
“It’s you Joe.” You said dramatically putting your hand on his.
“I knew it.” He said squeezing your hand reassuringly.
“You know I would never, right?”
“Would never what?” He asked.
“Would never cheat.”
“Of course, I’m just playing with you.”
Thanks for requesting!