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Finally got the motivation to finish this piece that I started a while back in 2016.

Rika ain’t the greatest person ever…. she certainly has her many flaws but I can still appreciate and understand her character

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hello! I'm really glad to find your blog because it helps me a lot to get through many things for my future project! I also wanna know if you maybe can help me, bcs the world of my project is just like our own Earth, but there are monsters and people who can control elements like air, fire, etc. I'm still confused on how to make the world seems realistic and relatable to the readers, I wonder if you can help me? and I'm not a native English speaker, sorry if there is any mistake. thank you!

Hello, love!  Your English is great 👍  And thank you for following!

That sounds like a really cool universe :)  I strongly relate to your struggle with relatability – I tend to make my worlds complex and a bit inaccessible to readers.  And that’s the kind of problem that, when you look at it as a whole, feels pretty overwhelming.  That’s why I break it down into three different areas…

The Three C’s of Relatable Stories

In general, there are three big parts of your story that you’ll need your characters to understand and, on some level, relate to.  While your fictional universe should be unique and different from our real world – especially the more removed it is from real-life science and society – there should be a few common threads that your readers can see and think, “Oh, that’s just like real life!”  Examine your story in the following three areas:

1. Culture

This is the topic I’ll discuss most, so I put it first.  Your story’s culture is, for some readers (including myself), one of the most immersive and exciting aspects of your fictional universe.  Everything that creates your society – architecture, art, history, education, food, fashion, sports, politics, religion, medicine, community, major moral beliefs and conflicts – will shape how your readers experience your story.  Interesting fictional culture also promotes fanfiction, cosplay, and strong fandom ties that enable you to write sequels/spin-offs (J.K. Rowling is living off how strong her fictional culture was).

Because we want our cultures to be so unique and entertaining, though, many writers make the mistake of creating cultures too exotic or fantastical to reach readers.  But there are certain “human” parts of culture that reappear no matter what universe you’re in, so make sure your story has at least a few of the following:

  • Games.  Even wild animals, who have nothing to do with our society, play games with each other in real life – so unless fun and games are strictly outlawed in your universe, you should probably have some.  Games aren’t necessarily going to mirror ours; after all, we have board games, card games, video games, arcade games, sports games, drinking games, and games that don’t require supplies (guessing games, tag, hide-and-seek, charades, I-Spy etc.).  Different games are more appropriate for different ages – some are associated with certain genders, certain events, or certain environments.  Develop some of your own games, and maybe use some that mimic real games (with different names, of course).
  • Food.  Food isn’t just something we eat – it’s a culture.  Food culture = answering questions like:

Where do people of [lower/middle/upper] classes eat?

What sort of events are tied to food? (e.g. Thanksgiving, harvest festivals, etc.)

Are there special foods or meals for special occasions?

What do children eat in schools?

How difficult is it to get organic ingredients?

What is weight culture like?  In other words, are people viewed as more healthy when they eat more/less?  What figure is considered normal or attractive?  Do people diet?

  • Sports.  No matter where you live on planet earth, there’s generally some kind of sports culture – some sports are more dominant in some places than others (think about the U.S.’s relationship to soccer vs. everywhere else).  Some cultures use sports as a social activity for their kids, while others cultivate serious sports practice from childhood.  Certain sports are environmentally more relevant to certain places (which is why Canadians are so damn good at the winter Olympics).  Some sports are more violent than others – and each one has certain values: strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, artistry, precision, rhythm, teamwork, or strategy.  Assess your fictional region’s values and develop sports culture that mirror said values.
  • Politics.  Every type of government comes with its own benefits, challenges, and conflicts.  Issues of allocating funds, handling corruption, checks and balances, legal rulings, outdated laws, controversial leaders, foreign relations, taxes, inequality, nature conservation, church vs. state, overpopulation – many of these problems will likely exist in your universe, in some form or another.  Pick and choose what political conflicts you’ll share with readers, and think about how they relate to and reflect in your fictional society.
  • Theology.  Decide on the majority worldview/s (theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, pantheism, new age, post-modernism, etc. – although these worldviews shouldn’t be mentioned by name in your work) of your universe.  Read about these worldviews and how they shape society’s morals, legal system, government, interpersonal relationships, parenting, and environmentalism.  Create characters who align with the majority, and characters who contrast with the majority – thus creating conflicts that are very familiar to us.  This doesn’t mean your story has to become a religious or political commentary, of course!  But these belief systems have effects on every aspect of life, including life-or-death situations, romantic entanglements, and day-to-day affairs like work, money, and school.

2. Characters

Arguably the most important aspect of relatability, your characters are the driving force of empathy and comfort for your readers.  Although your characters will have some level of difference from real people (especially if your genre is fantasy/supernatural), there are a few common things that your characters should more than likely have:

  • Desires.  Everyone everywhere has desires, both attainable and unattainable, that drive them through every action.  There are large-scale desires – dream colleges, dream jobs, dream power, dream relationships – and small-scale desires – to help someone through a hard time, to make money, to eat right, to be a patient person – and even unknown desires – answers, fulfillment, guidance, the “right thing”, passion – all of which will exist in each character simultaneously.  Decide what your character wants, and you’ve already got multiple platforms for relatability.
  • Weaknesses.  Where there are desires, there are weaknesses that get in the way of those desires – and that’s usually the best way to find them.  What gets in the way of what they want?  Look at the Seven Deadly Sins; look at your own flaws, and the flaws that annoy you the most in others, and the flaws you don’t mind in others.  If your character, for example, wants to become famous on Broadway… what makes it a challenge?  Does she have social anxiety?  Is she impatient?  Does she struggle with her responsibilities?  Does she struggle with internalized discrimination?  What makes her dream personally, circumstantially, or socially unattainable?
  • Self-image.  So they’ve got their desires, and the weaknesses that keep them from those desires, so the real question is: how do they see themselves?  Do they focus on their failures or their successes?  Do they see their dreams as attainable or impossible?  Do they make steps to better themselves or do they feel comfortable with who they are now?  Do they absorb other people’s opinions of them, or reject those opinions?  Self-image is almost more relevant to a character’s story than their actual image, because this directs a lot of how they behave, how they struggle, and most importantly, how they narrate their own story.
  • Sins.  Bad habits, conscious choices, past sins – the sins they don’t even know are sins – these things are the ultimate stuff of relatability.  When someone reads your book and sees a character who shares their struggles, they won’t put the book down.  Don’t be afraid to let your character do bad things.  Don’t try to make them lovable angelic cinnamon rolls who do no harm.  Let them do things that make your readers cringe because damn it, she’s yelling at the people she loves again – stop pushing them away!  This will keep readers involved and allow them to feel your character’s failures as if they were their own.
  • Humor.  Everybody’s got a sense of humor – even those dumbass middle school boys who joke about sexual experiences they’ve never had.  Everyone has their own type of humor based on the kind of people they live with and the TV shows they watch and the experiences they’ve had.  Writing humor, however, can feel less natural – because there’s this pressure to make everybody laugh.  Don’t worry about that.  Just give your characters their own senses of humor, and someone will find it relatable.
  • Love.  Even villains have love to give.  Every person, and therefore every character – from every background and every trauma and every bad relationship and bad childhood – has love in their heart, as cheesy as that sounds.  They have love they want to give to people (sometimes a particular person) and love they want to receive, and different methods of expressing their love (see: The Five Love Languages) to others.  They have love for themselves, too, and conditions on which they’ll treat themselves with love.  Determine their potential for loving themselves, for loving others – both platonically and romantically – and for unconditional love.  Then allow this to grow over the course of the story, and you’ll have a character arc everyone can appreciate.

3. Conflict

Here is a post I’ve written discussing 4/5 of the main types of conflict, which are:

  • Man vs. Man
  • Man vs. Nature
  • Man vs. Society
  • Man vs. Self
  • Man vs. Technology/Supernatural

The reason these categories of conflict are so popular is because they’re the same conflicts we face in day-to-day life.  The fight over territory with your roommate = Man vs. Man.  Trying to find your car in the rain = Man vs. Nature.  Making the same New Year’s resolution for the third year in a row = Man vs. Self.  So identify these conflicts in your story, both large-scale and small-scale.  Both are important, but the personal conflicts – the ones that most affect your characters, like their resolutions or their roommate, or the killer beast that’s trying to eat them or the A.I. that’s taken control of their spaceship – will give your story stakes that, on their basest level, your readers will understand.

That’s my only real advice for you, since this is something I also struggle to manage – but I hope some of this makes sense for you and your story.  If you have any further questions, hit me up and I’ll try to get back to you way sooner.  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

“Chidori’s the first girl he’s ever been with. Do you think he’ll be okay?”


And as promised, more RBACC spammery! Say hello to my favorite new thing in the entire hood: Old Town

Nested on the cliffs just above what will soon become the beachfront city centre, this fascinating fortress was made in the likeness of similar fortified towns that can be found all across the Mediterranean. I loved the idea of giving my hood a bit of ‘history’, and in addition, having an ‘old town’ gives me the perfect excuse to mess around with castle lots without actually having to play a strictly medieval game. My wizard and elven families have all been moved here, as have the vampires; I also plan on adding some touristy community lots, like a museum and a clock tower, but all in good time. For now though, this is what I have. Pics are captioned.

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Can you do one with #15 fem!reader and Clay?

this is gonna be great. thank you for requesting! enjoy x

#15: “Do you have tinder?”

You and Clay were sitting on his bed, listening to random songs he was playing and watching him dance like a fool. You laughed and rolled your eyes at his ‘sprinkler’ move. Honestly, this boy is an odd one at times.

“Hey, Clay?”

He hummed in response, spinning around to face you. “Yeah?”

“Do you have Tinder?”

His eyes slightly widened, making you smirk in amusement. He so does. 

“Uh, no actually, I don’t,” He shook his head, slowly creeping back over to his phone that rested on his desk. “Don’t need it, I get so many girls on the daily.” He laughed, avoiding your eyes.

“Right.” You smiled. “So can I look at the games you have on your phone.”

“Nope.” He instantly replied. “Sorry, I don’t have any games, it’s strictly,” He held the device up. “It’s uh, strictly academic.” His voice died out as he realised his excuse was poor.

“You so have Tinder.”

He jumped away from you as you sat up on his bed. “No I don’t!” He practically squealed, running from your outstretched hand. “I’m a pimp! I don’t need it!”


“I have an appetite for the normal in my Life, as well as the abnormal”, Benedict Cumberbatch


Hey all, QZ Productions here, and based on the survey I sent out with my first game, Prom Dreams, there’s been one consistent weakness that fans have pointed out: the game was rather weak in the graphics/artwork department.

Well, for my next game, I want to change that - I’m looking to sign on an artist or two (maybe more?) to create character portraits (for menus and dialogue), title screens, enemy artwork, and (if feasible) CGs.  I’m willing to work with more than one artist depending on what their strengths are (e.g. one artist does the characters, another does the enemies), and I’m also willing to provide some financial compensation for their work.

What IS the game, exactly?

This game, codenamed Celestial Tower (I have a name for it, it’s just a secret right now :> ), is a dark fantasy Japanese-style RPG made in RPG Maker VX Ace.  While not strictly a horror game like my previous work, it features a dynamic, psychological story that dramatically changes based on everything the player does - the choices they make, the things they explore, and even the outcomes of battles.  While it contains all of the trappings of a classic, 16-bit era JRPG, it becomes very clear as the game progresses that things aren’t quite as they seem (I sense this will become a theme in my games, heh).

What kind of art will be required?

I’ll be needing the following:

  • Waist-up character portraits (for the menu, etc.) for 10 characters.
  • Emotive dialogue portraits (mostly likely based on the portraits for simplicity’s sake) for 10 characters.
  • Enemy artwork for battles, both creature and humanoid.
  • Title screen artwork

If time and resources allow, I may also ask for the following:

  • CGs for important cutscenes/endings
  • Miscellaneous promotional artwork

Please keep in mind that some of the artwork will probably include some blood and/or weapons due to the dark nature of the story. I plan for this game to have the equivalent a hard “teen” or soft “mature” rating, so please keep this in mind when inquiring.

What references will I get?

I’ll be providing all reference drawings, sprite sheets, character bios, story details, and anything else you feel like you need to get the job done, so don’t hesitate to ask. :)

How much creative freedom will I get?

Some designs are fairly set already (e.g. the main characters), but you will be free to tweak them if you think they’ll look better. I also need some (read: a lot of) help with designing some of the enemies, so assistance in that area would be greatly appreciated!

How will I be compensated?

Please note that Project Celestial Tower will be a freeware game, like my last title, so the financial compensation I can provide may be somewhat limited; however, I am willing to negotiate an exact amount according to your rates and my budget. :>

Of course, you’ll also be co-credited as a major production partner, and all of your artwork will be free to use as you wish for portfolios, etc., along with any additional terms you set that won’t conflict with its usage in the game and promotional material.

Any other terms and conditions?

Just a few:

  • Due to the dark content of the game (and also so I don’t accidentally violate some kind of labor law), please inquire only if you’re 17 or older. Don’t worry, there’s nothing sexual/pornographic in the game, I’m just covering my butt here. >_>;;
  • Please only inquire if you believe you’ll have the time to work on this project; I know a lot of y'all have school and work to focus on (I know I do, for work anyway), or even a backlog of art commissions, so please don’t take this on if it’s going to be too much work, for both of our sakes!
  • All artists will be asked to agree to non-disclosure, which means not releasing details about the project before they’re publicly announced and posting no spoilers of any kind prior to the game’s release. Your art will be featured in previews, demos, etc, so feel free to gloat about your hard work once I’ve released them on the game’s (future) dev blog. :V
  • In the event that you want to back out of the project, please inform me so that we can negotiate things like refunds, use of materials already completed, etc. Please do NOT just up and abandon it, especially if money’s already been exchanged! :<
  • Have fun with the art!! I like to see artists doing their own thing so I’ll try not to micromanage. :D;;

If you’re interested, please message me over Tumblr, (I’m QZProductions there), or via email at flanoirbunny @ gmail . com (no spaces).  Thanks a bunch!!

  • me (a.k.a the gayest): *plays mystic messenger* *i blush, tears forming in my eyes, as i get down on one knee, opening up a small black box* jaehee kang. will you be my gal pal for the rest of our lives?
Kaotic Koncepts: Team Rose Gameplay/Controls for 2D Sonic Game Idea

Heyah everyone! I’m back with this whole idea again and this time I’m going to unveil the gameplay/controls of Team Rose! Sorry to keep any of you waiting for this ^_^; I meant to post this on Monday, but I completely forgot lol And I couldn’t do it yesterday because Sonic Forces revealed their “Custom Hero” feature and this would drowned in the hype XD Coincidentally, that feature is kind of what I’m trying to do, just applying it to the canon characters and it’s strictly for a 2D game (though 3D would be awesome). *Ahem* Anyway, before I go on, I’m just going to remind you that I’m just sharing a general idea for how the characters in question would play in this game idea of mine; the main purpose is to see if the traits/abilities me and my friends have come up are good or not, not so much the numbers being presented. Maybe I’ve made Ring costs too much or too little, but that doesn’t matter. Also, not going to do a “Read More” >:D 

Amy Rose

Overview: Have no fear, Underdo- I mean, Amy Rose is here! At last we get to this pink hedgehog, for Amy is one of my top favorite characters! Literally a close second to Cream, Amy’s own sidekick! Damn shame though that, thanks to Sonic Team’s handling of her character, Amy’s one of the most polarizing characters in this franchise… Well, even if it’s strictly in gameplay manners, I’m going to do Amy some serious justice with this idea of mine!

So, the idea I’ve always had for Amy was to take her gameplay from the first Sonic Advance but make her more acrobatic, and most importantly, grant Amy the use of magic! I know there are people who oppose Amy using magic, but it makes the most sense to me; Amy had a fascination with the arcane and utilized tarot cards in the Classic era and I see no reason not to bring that back, not to mention her hammer gives off serious magic vibes. And so with that, I’ve given Amy the ability to triple jump via the “Arcane Arts”, able to grab onto Swing Bars and extra proficient with them, a fast swimmer, and being able to roll into a ball (not jump into one though, there’s a big difference there). And for both her Abilities, Amy makes use of those tarot cards she used to find Sonic back in Sonic CD; the first use being to basically look up the map of the level, but in a limited sense, and the second use is gaining every known power-up from the cards, at the cost of Rings of course. All that alongside a “stomp attack” that lets Amy plummet to the ground at a fast rate! Never forget that this rose has serious thorns!


-Speed Type

-Fifth fastest character

-Can swim; fast swim speed but medium breath duration and stamina

-Can’t jump into a ball

-Can roll into a ball

-Able to grab onto Swing Bars

-Medium durability; loses 65 Rings on damage but can reclaim 40 of them

-Has the unique “Arcane Vision”, allowing Amy to see past illusions such as invisible platforms or false walls

Move Set

Jump (in midair)- Magic Jump (Using her Arcane Arts, Amy is able to jump while in the air. Magic Jump gives the most horizontal movement of all available double jumps and Amy can use it twice for a triple jump. However Amy is vulnerable to any enemies she hits and she’s unable to attack. Can be done after jumping to the air from the ground, launched into the air from a spring, or even falling off a ledge into the air)

Up + Jump- Hammer Jump (Amy slams her hammer onto the ground and does so with enough force to launch herself into the air. Hammer Jump enables Amy to jump even higher than with her double jump, however she can’t move easily in the air like she can with the double jump and her horizontal movement especially isn’t as good. Upon using the Hammer Jump, Amy swings her hammer the whole time while flipping forward as if she’s doing “Air Hammer” repeatedly, making Amy automatically attack any enemies she hits and grab onto any Swing Bars. Note that pressing/holding Up does not halt movement)

Down + Jump- Spin Dash (Amy rolls into a ball and revs herself, gathering speed with each press of the Jump button. Once Down is released, Amy launches herself forward with the speed dependent on how much the Spin Dash was charged. Though she was initially incapable of this technique, Amy has trained herself in the art of the Spin Dash and has succeeded)

Attack- Hammer Strike (Amy strikes the enemy with her hammer. You couldn’t get a simpler description. When she’s not moving or simply walking, Amy slams the hammer down in front of her. When running, Amy swings her hammer horizontally, enabling her to attack while moving with only a slight penalty in speed. Hammer Strike destroys any non-armored enemies and Amy isn’t harmed by hazards on enemies. The immobile version of Hammer Strike can be used on a spring to launch Amy higher and faster than any other character)

Attack (in midair)- Air Hammer (While in the air, Amy flips forward while swinging her hammer downward, destroying any enemy and damaging bosses she comes into contact with. If the hammer hits a Swing Bar during this move, it will catch onto the bar and allow Amy to swing from it. Destroys all kinds of enemies and interacts with springs just like Hammer Strike)

Down + Attack (in midair)- Heart Slam (From the air, Amy slams downward with her hammer with intense force, creating a powerful shockwave of hearts upon hitting the ground. Destroys all but giant armored enemies)

Ability 1- Divination (Amy looks at her tarot cards and foretells the future, gaining complete view of the upcoming areas in a given level; all the enemies, Rings, Item Containers, anything. Divination allows sight of even the furthest areas in a level, but Amy’s unable to gain view of the area of a level she has already passed. Costs 40 Rings and has a 1 minute cooldown, with any damage forcing Amy out of Divination, which can happen since she’s completely stationary and vulnerable in this state)

Ability 2- Manifestation (Amy looks into her tarot cards, but instead of divination, Amy taps into their greater power to grant herself a power-up. Amy stands completely still while doing this, but she’s able to select any power-up in the game without relying on item-boxes, from the Elemental Shields to Invincibility. However, the power-ups cost Rings, with the most useful ones costing the most; invincibility always being the most expensive while the Elemental Shields shift price depending on the level) 

Cream the Rabbit

Overview: At last we get to Cream, sidekick to Amy Rose and my absolute favorite character in this franchise due to her interesting and adorable design coupled with her surprising badassery (I also wish real life kids would share Cream’s polite personality rather than mostly be brats). Sadly for me, Cream doesn’t get a lot of love from both fans and SEGA because she’s not overtly badass. Which is kind of odd given that Cream is easily the most powerful character in her playable appearances… Then again, being a game breaker isn’t exactly a good thing, and so my focus for Cream was making her more badass while keeping her balanced.

So, Cream’s playstyle remains mostly unchanged from Advance 2 and 3, being able to fly, jump into a ball, a send Cheese to attack enemies, but Cream is no longer able to roll into a ball and even forgot the Spin Dash, instead using her own version of Amy’s “Giant Step” from Advance 1. Cheese is also much less powerful, still able to destroy regular enemies but finding himself only able to stun Giant enemies, can’t even attack Armored enemies, and Eggman has Chao-proofed his mechs, so now Cheese is no longer a boss destroyer. On the plus side, though, this allows Cream herself to take on Eggman rather than send Cheese, and the polite tyke has learned new abilities to be further useful, namely using her rabbit feet to jump high into the air and stomp down onto enemies from the air, keeping Cheese useful by sending him to collect Rings and Item Containers, and Cream has also developed a mystical technique to craft herself a shield of light, which is temporary but let’s Cream tank 3 hits! This should make Cream a badass in a true way and do her justice! Cheese may have gotten weaker, but Cream herself becomes stronger, and those who would still view her as a non-badass in this game idea, I kindly ask you start reconsidering.


-Flying Type

-Highest jump of all characters (she’s a rabbit after all and very light to boot)

-Third fastest running non-speed character

-Tied with Charmy for most fragile character (loses all Rings upon damage and can only retrieve 5)

-Can’t swim; low breath duration

-Can’t roll into a ball 

-Can jump into a ball

Move Set

Jump + Jump (in midair)- Ear Flight (Cream flaps her ears like wings and flies through the air. Very fast horizontal speed, allowing Cream to reach far distances, but vertical speed leaves a bit to be desired. Lasts for 7 seconds, after which Cream becomes exhausted and falls to the ground completely helpless. Cheese slows Cream’s descent to a relative crawl but he is unable to do anything else for her)

Up + Jump- Rabbit Bounce (Cream channels incredible force to her already strong rabbit feet and jumps very high into the air, even higher than normal. Downside to this ability is that Cream does not jump into a ball, thus leaving her vulnerable to enemies, and she cannot enter Ear Flight from this jump)

Down + Jump- Rabbit Leap (Cream runs in place as she gathers speed for a momentous leap. Pretty much Cream’s version of Amy’s “Giant Step” from Sonic Advance but with a lengthier leap at the cost of slower momentum)

Attack- Chao Tackle (Cream commands Cheese to attack the nearest enemy, destroying regular enemies but only stunning Giant enemies and not even attempting to attack Armored enemies. Due to Eggman Chao-proofing his mechs, Cheese is also unable to attack bosses, though he is able to stun certain parts of a boss. Can be used in midair and while flying)

Down + Attack (in midair or midflight)- Rabbit Stomp (Cream puts her rabbit feet to good use and slams herself to the ground from the air, stomping anything below. Destroys regular enemies, with the stomp continuing after making contact with any, and deals good damage to bosses but only stuns giants and Cream will get damaged by hazards on enemies for obvious reasons)

Ability 1- Chao Fetch (Cream sends Cheese to collect any Rings and Items Containers in the screen. Can be used midflight)

Ability 2- Light Shield (Cream uses her Light Aura, a special new ability she gained, to craft herself a barrier of light. Light Shield protects Cream from 3 hits but only lasts a minute. This barrier also lights up dark areas to a minor degree and kills any ghosts who touch Cream. Costs 40 Rings and has a minute cooldown, which begins once the shield is gone)

Big the Cat

Overview: I bet you were all hoping for the other purple cat whose name begins with a “B”. Well, we’ll get to her later. For now, it’s Big’s time to shine! So, Big the Cat… I can’t deny, I don’t really have any feelings for this guy. I like him, I certainly don’t think he deserves the hatred he’s gotten and still gets. But I don’t really find his character all that interesting, save his design, and I often forget he exists. Granted, Big hasn’t had a plot relevant, let alone playable appearance, since Sonic Heroes! So, despite not much interest, I’m gonna give the big guy a chance and went through the trouble of making up some gameplay for him in a 2D game, which is something Big actually needs above all other characters since the major source of Big’s hatred is his fishing gameplay from Adventure 1.

It was a challenge, but I think I came up with something; basically, Big is the slowest character in the game (but in a way that works for the franchise) and has the second lowest jump. However, not only is Big the fastest in ball form but he’s practically invincible! However, Big cannot jump into ball form, so you have to rely on his Attacks, the Pole Strike and Body Press, in the air. And Big of course uses his fishing rod for both Abilities, with the first one being him using it as a grappling hook of sorts and the second being Big literally fishing like in Adventure. Though at least it’s massively simplified and you get incredible rewards from it in the form of huge amount of Rings or power-ups of the best kind. Big may be slow-witted, but his massive size sure makes up for it.


-Power Type

-Slowest running character in the game

-Second lowest jump

-Can roll into a ball 

-Can’t jump into a ball (except when bouncing on a spring)

-Strongest in ball form, possessing highest roll speed and destroys all kind of enemies. Ball form is heavy though and requires lots of momentum to continue

-Durable; loses only 10 Rings on damage and can reclaim them all

-Can swim; slow swim speed but great swim stamina and breath

-Able to climb up walls when colliding into one while holding Jump, via intense upper arm strength and cat claws. Slowest climber though

Move Set

Jump + Jump (hold)- Umbrella Descent (While in the air, Big shifts his fishing pole into an umbrella and floats down to the ground at a steady pace. Slows down descent the most out of all “float/hover” abilities but doesn’t give much horizontal movement)

Down + Jump- Spin Dash

Attack- Pole Strike (Big raises his fishing pole up and then swings down with great force. Destroys all kinds of enemies and has good range, all while not leaving Big harmed by hazards on an enemy. Only downside is that Big is slow in doing the attack and it can’t be spammed. Can be used in the air)

Down + Attack (in midair)- Body Press (While in the air, Big spreads out his arms and legs and aims his belly down at the ground. Big then slams down to the ground with his entire weight, plummeting down at the fastest speed and destroying all kinds of enemies on the way down and on impact. Hazards on an enemy, however, will hurt Big)

Ability 1- Frog Rain (Froggy appears on Big’s head and summons rain with his croaks, a technique he learned from the giant frogs of Frog Forest. The rain Froggy summons lasts for 30 seconds and causes plants to sprout from the ground for the duration, some launching Big into the air like a spring and others acting as platforms for the cat. Once Frog Rain ends, the plants wither away. Costs 50 Rings) 

Ability 2- Fish Goods (When adjacent to or above bodies of water, Big will cast his fishing pole to, well, fish. Big will then stand still with his line in the water, waiting up to 3 seconds for a “bite”; when a “bite” occurs, an exclamation mark will appear above Big’s head and you have a full second to press any button to reel in the fishing line, netting the cat Rings or a power-up. The Rings will be HUGE in amount and the power-up extremely useful to make up for having to stand still)


Mr. Valente: You sure understand Tristan that there are… conditions in this contract that aren’t strictly connected to your game performances. Easton, to you.

Easton: First of all, you’ll become part of our image: we don’t want any scandal. As major league team our players tend to be under the spotlight constantly. But since you’re a good father and husband, I’m sure there won’t be any problem with the press. Right?”

Easton smirked, as if he was trying to say that he had no idea of what was he getting into. Of course Tristan expected that being the new player in such an important team, most of all appearing out of the blue, would have been a big thing. Press love this kind of stuff. But scandals? What was Easton implying?


What happened to your sister?
An accident. Tennis. We’d just turned twenty. Agathe was so beautiful. We’d discovered a new sport and played whenever we could. In order too avoid any sense of rivalry, we never had an actual match. Our games were strictly friendlies. Then, in a moment of euphoria, a moment of shared happiness, tragedy struck… She was born a few minutes after me but she departed well before me. It’s the only race I’d have loved to lose.

The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc Sec (2010), Luc Besson

A Walking Disaster

Pairing; Robb Stark x Female Reader 

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve ever written on tumblr, so hopefully it is good! Feedback is welcomed with open arms! Also, in my perfect GoT world, Robb was never dead and gets to go back to Winterfell and remain King in the North

Warnings: N/A

Prompt: As a token of gratitude to the King in the North, your father decides to ship you off to Winterfell to become a Lady in Waiting to the King’s younger sister, Sansa Stark. Unfortunately, you find yourself messing up left and right.

 You had to be the worst lady-in-waiting the seven kingdoms had ever seen.

Honestly, Ghost probably could’ve done a better job than you and he didn’t even have working thumbs. 

 It had been about 2 months since you had walked through the gates of Winterfell and joined the royal court. It had also been about 2 months of a constant flow of royal screw ups. 

After the sack of King’s Landing, everyone had shown their gratitude toward the Northern army and their King, Robb Stark. The reign of King Renly could not have come about without their help and as a sign of gratitude, Renly had granted the Young Wolf his request to be separated from the seven kingdoms.

Following in Renly’s act of kindness, you father had also given the King of the North 60 of his most skilled men and you as a lady-in-waiting to Sansa.

As a lady-in-waiting, it was your job to follow Sansa around and do practically everything with her. Sadly, for you, that meant doing the type of things you weren’t very good at. It wasn’t like the tasks were hard, you were just a very accident prone person; as your father would always tell people. Whenever you were presented with an activity or task, it had been followed by some type of disaster. 

Including the current one where you had accidentally set Lord Umber on fire.

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djsonic94  asked:

I generally see people complain that Sonic games nowadays are too linear & the Adventure games rail you by surrounding you with bottomless platformers. What would be the solution to this to make the level design work in a 3D environment while not having either issue?

I don’t think linearity has to be a four-letter word. I think more and more people are realizing that there are all kinds of games, and that the whole industry doesn’t necessarily all have to move towards one style of game. I’ve talked before about how I like Errant Signal’s Sonic video, where he likens Sonic Unleashed to a rhythm game like Guitar Hero because it’s about execution accuracy. You’re giving a performance.

That can be fun, and has been proven to be fun outside of strictly being a Sonic game (and the fact I have to qualify it like that at all is kind of messed up, as if Sonic automatically taints everything he’s involved with).

Honestly, I think Sonic Utopia was on to something. I was a little bewildered by it at first, but the more I played it, the more I took my time to poke around, the more I enjoyed how big its level was.

It may be a little too wide at the start, but does gradually narrow down to an ending point. I believe those that are working on Sonic Utopia have said other levels won’t be quite this wide-open.

But yeah, I dunno. I used to be pretty staunch in the whole “Sonic games were about exploration!!” stuff before, but that matters a lot less to me now and I think Sonic works better as an ultra-fast racing game anyway.