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Bring on the Easter spirit

The day I stopped thinking Easter is just for children, I realised there is so much fun to be had with it. 

Looking back, Easter decorations remind me of the elegant afternoon parties my mum and aunt used to throw (strictly for friends only). Seeing as children were not ‘invited’, I used to steal sneak peeks at the beautiful floral arrangements. Subtle hues of lilac, powder blue and baby pinks seemed to make big appearances across the table placements.

And when I look around now, Easter seems to be a similar celebration of tasteful festivity. So I thought, this is the perfect opportunity to write a blog about table decorations for when you’re hosting an Easter brunch, lunch or dinner.

I love the idea of coupling simple artistic techniques with eggs to make eye-catching centrepieces. Martha Stewart’s lace and candle eggs are what speak ‘style’ to me for a lunch or dinner party.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

My personal favourite, these watercolour eggs by Craftberry Bush would just be a piece of art on any dining table, adding that extra touch of style and pizzazz. 

Photo credit: Craftberry Bush

Of course for me flowers and Easter table decorations are a match made in heaven. Be it the extravagance of blooming peonies or the petite beauty of wire stem flowers, they both seem to do the trick for me. And when choosing colours, pastels are the clear winner. 

Photo credit:

And let’s not forget to have a little fun with the decorating. For the kids of course :) These beautiful egg eyelash faces stole my heart.

Photo credit: Little inspiration

How can an Easter table setting be complete without creative napkins? I love the versatility of bunny napkin folds. They can add both light-hearted humour and a tasteful touch to the party.

 Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Photo credit: Helena Lyth

And I couldn’t finish this blog piece without featuring my fav Easter napkins. There’s an understated simplicity about them that I just love. 

Photo credit: Sortrature

If you’re throwing an Easter do this year, I hope it’s fabulous and successful. Add your mark of style to it and it will be a definite winner.

Happy Easter and let’s promise not to go easy on the chocolate this year. 

Here’s to happy living everyone.

There's no such thing as 'Strictly by invitation only' at a Nigerian wedding

Yep, the two weddings i went to on Saturday both by invitation only, if you see how packed the receptions were KAI!!! People were standing, sitting on the stage even sitting on the floor. Only Nigerians.

Then when they were doing the speeches and prayers people were talking 


ABEG OOO, NO ONE should talk while speeches and prayers are going on at my wedding, I wouldn’t want to ruin my dress…..shey u get?