strict mourning


During the Victorian Era, woman would wear these mourning pins. Because of strict mourning rituals, a woman couldn’t wear or display anything bright or flashy, even shiny pins keeping her clothing together. So women would use these mourning pins to button their clothes. The pins resemble thin black nails.

dirgeforfaust  asked:

What's your dissertation on?

I’m looking at how mourning culture/our coping with death has changed over time. Starting from the Victorian era with the strict mourning rules and fashions and ending it with modern times where we’ve distanced ourselves from the mourning customs and the reality of death on personal levels, yet we deal with news of mass deaths and consume entertainment that deals with death daily. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s it in a nutshell (:

(Edit: @dirgeforfaust: I study costume design (: )

A Victorian ear trumpet for use during periods of mourning. Before the invention of modern hearing aids, ear trumpets were used by people who suffered from hearing loss. Normal ear trumpets were made of metal, but strict rules of mourning prohibited clothes or accessories which were deemed too gaudy. A metal ear-trumpet would be shiny and attract attention. This one has been specially made with black silk covering and lace details to suit the sombre occasion.