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The Truth About the Signs
  • Aries: That tough facade isn't a facade. It's real; they don't need to fake it. Not every coat of armor has a soft interior. Rigid in their beliefs, protective, and hard working.
  • Taurus: Transient, a nomad of the social world. Flits from one group to another, absorbing opinions and beliefs and soaking in new culture and ideas. Beautiful, open minded souls.
  • Gemini: Cares about happiness more than one would think. Will do anything to achieve a state of mental wellbeing, and has a true appreciating for selfless acts.
  • Cancer: Will present themselves as weak and unprepared, but knows everything about everyone. Kind until they are crossed. Has leverage over everyone. Loyal to those who are close to them.
  • Leo: Sarcastic, yet dark in their sense of humor. More than meets the eye. An enigma to decipher.
  • Virgo: Craves routine and order. Anxious, yet copes extremely well. Great organizers, and good under pressure.
  • Libra: An old soul. Believes that the world is a puzzle to be solved. Can be arrogant without realizing it. Content in their knowledge, yet eager to learn.
  • Scorpio: Pure. Noble but reckless. Willing to put themselves before others if deemed necessary. Cold, yet protective.
  • Sagittarius: Ambitious and surprisingly power hungry. Values honesty above all else. Will rise to the top by whatever means necessary, but will stick to their own strict moral code. Loves animals.
  • Capricorn: Maternal. Finds joy in nurturing the talents of others. Calm, confident individuals.
  • Aquarius: Can be scatterbrained. Loves to dance and enjoys physical activity. In tune with their body. Passionate about the Earth.
  • Pisces: Deep thoughts. Modern day philosophers. Romantics with a strong basis in reality. Will see right through you.
The Spoils of War aka the ship sails

You ever feel mildly annoyed when you happen to read an anti’s stupidly illogical comment on your ship? And by mildly of course I mean majorly bothered so that the only cure is repeatedly watching your favorite Jonerys scenes until you’re so immersed in the beauty of their love that nothing can get to you anymore? 😍💖

And then of course, you just have to write about it because how else will you be able to get a handle on the mishmash of emotions that just take over you like? 💖💖😍

And this episode man. Just. This. This episode I tell you!!! I’m a regular GoT fan, which basically means that I’ve learnt to have certain expectations from the show, especially regarding love. And I can honestly say that never in my life could I have imagined that GoT would give me a romance as sweet as this!

The first Jonerys scene in this episode:

Had me laughing so hard! 

The look on Dany’s face, it’s just so suggestive! And Jon’s interruption itself is so timely just.. We aren’t ever going to forget Jon’s first cave episode ever are we? And the particular expertise he surprised us all by? 😂👏🏻 I mean how much more of a throwback could this be to to the Jon/Ygritte cave sequence? And as if that by itself wasn’t enough, he takes her to a cave! My boy Jon is unbeatable at cuteness, fight me!

By this time, it’s obvious that a considerable amount of time has already passed since Jon arrived on Dragonstone, and also that their relationship has definitely improved since the whole initial ‘bend the knee’ scene, and the cave scene totally shows this! Now I know that people have been complaining that their love is so rushed, and doesn’t make sense but I strongly disagree. With fewer (Stannis and Davos simultaneously approve) episodes and the decision to only show the focal interactions between Jonerys, what’s illogical is to assume that they have had no interaction offscreen which got them to the point that Dany doesn’t need her whole entourage to tag along when Jon wants to show her something. 

Which gets me to the ‘hoooolyyy shiiiiiiit, I ship them and I ship them hard dammit!!’ moment of the entire show!!! Look at this!!


Remember my favorite romantic trope of ‘looking when the other person is not’?? The only thing that ups that is ‘looking while the other person is completely fascinated by something else! There is legit nothing else which can make me melt as fast as this! Because it’s so simply pure! Like, you’re watching the other person be mesmerized by something you’re showing them! You’re watching them lost in wonder, so taken by what they’re seeing. And they’re so absorbed in their own world at that moment, they don’t even notice you doing that while I’m here completely losing it!!!

Plus, it also totally reminded me of one of my favoritest Disney movies ever!


And this look!!! You know, I think this is probably one of the first times when Jon Snow was giving off the ‘you know nothing, but you’re so cute when you’re clueless and I get to show off’ vibes! 😂💖 

And this scene, oh my heart!!

This has to be the most non sexual and romantic physical contact on GoT ever! I can’t imagine any other moment when a simple arm touch like that (totally unnecessary, by the way, Jon. my boy’s got the moves though!) has got me shipping people so hard!!

Another thing which got me was how it was Jon who held her arm, our Jon (I’m never going to get over this!), reaching out to her in such a familiar comfortable gesture, when he could simply have walked ahead and shown her that. Basically, our Jon having the confidence to just take her arm like that, and the closeness (which lasts 0.00001 seconds, but it’s enough for a lifetime for me!💖), and the delicateness and the intense feels! 

And the softness? Apart from the way Jon kept looking at Dany and the arm touch, what I loved was how soft and mellow they both were around each other. Even though Dany still wanted him to ‘bend the knee’, not only was she softer, but she was so much more reasonable than in her throne room, where the attitude was ‘bend the knee you rebel, or i’ll destroy you after i’m finished with Cersei’; here, she is nudging him so much more gently than she had earlier. Jon, on his part, gives her an actual reason as to why he can’t submit to her, as opposed to his own stance earlier - ‘why would i give the north to you, stranger?’ Jon knows his people, and he knows they are not going to accept a Southern ruler, especially not a Targaryen. (which is realistic, those Northern lords are a task), he’s basically telling her that he’s not refusing because he wants to keep his title or anything so shallow as all that, it’s his people. And the puppy eyes in this scene only make it sooooo much better! 

And then there’s this!

The symbolism of ‘ice and fire’ being reinforced aside, they are shown so beautifully to be equals here, in sync, working towards the same goals! If that isn’t enough to start wanting them together…

This whole cave scene basically set up that Jon is definitely starting to develop feelings for her, which is only to be expected because she’s beautiful enough to warrant that attraction, and plus, Jon is starting to know her and realize that she’s not her father, or Cerse,i or bad or evil or batshit crazy or any of those things Targaryens are reputed to be. Dany’s trust in Jon is shown right in the following scene, when she disregards all her other advisors and turns to Jon, because she has come to know, that this is a man who will always put the realm first, a man whom she can trust to give her the truth keeping the people in mind, a man with no other motive than to save his people against all odds. 

Then again, there are the neverending parallels between them:

It is emphasized again and again how, despite their seeming differences, they share certain values and experiences with each other, which again serves to bring them closer together.

Now what I found really important was this:

I live for Ser Davos’ dialogues! But what’s important to note is Jon’s reply:

There’s no time for that.

Now, if he had really been trying to seduce Dany according to the antis (which I am definitely not going to believe in), it would have been far more natural for him to just be quiet about this.

If Mister Honor Incarnate is actually setting aside his honor for the greater good, it is definitely not going to come without an internal struggle. This guy has lived all his life by a strict moral code, and to set it aside will not be easy, especially considering manipulation is not his forte. 

So, if he had been trying to seduce her, he would be ashamed of it, he would hate himself for doing that, and when Ser Davos would have teased him about it, he definitely wouldn’t have replied with “there’s no time for that,” since according to some antis, that is his exact plan and there’s all the time for it!

But Jon doesn’t look pensive or even slightly uncomfortable. He doesn’t deny it, or even stare blankly at Davos like ‘what are you talking about?’. 


He simply says there is no time for it, and you know why he does that? Because right now, his sole mission in life is taking down the Night King, ensure the survival of the living, he doesn’t have time to fall in love and allow himself to be sidetracked. 

Jon basically is treating his second life as some sort of ‘serving the greater cause’, he doesn’t seem to think he can focus on anything other than the Night King, especially not something personal as fall for Daenerys. Also, he knows that falling for her will only lead to complications, since the North is staunchly against the Targaryens. He doesn’t want to analyse his feelings for her because it will lead him down a rabbit hole he doesn’t think he should be ‘wasting’ his time on. God, he has such a heroic aura around him, turning away from any possible personal desire for the greater good. Jon, why do you have to be so good! Of course, he’ll eventually end up changing his mind in the most glorious way possible and I just! 💖😍

Also, they have the epicest couple line! 

*jonerys feels intensify*

OK KO! Episodes 6-10

I’ve wanted to keep writing about each episode, but they have been coming out so fast! Here is some background on 6-10. 

You’re Level 100
This one comes from a Dave Tennant pitch, suggesting we spend some time on showing how Pow Cards work in this world. As I’ve said, we internally consider episodes 1-6 as a mini-arc about KO’s first week. Knowing that You’re Level 100 would end of this arc, we tried to treat it as a culmination of everything so far. We didn’t know how many episodes we’d get to do at this point, so we wanted to make sure that these six would be satisfying on their own, and You’re Level 100 is their pseudo-finale. This is most clear in the third act, where we see all the characters we’ve met so far forming into a giant fist to help KO feel like a true hero for a moment. The image is a humorously direct metaphor for some important underlying themes of the show as a whole. Stevie and Danny did an amazing job, keeping things hilarious as KO’s ego takes over and incredibly warm and fun throughout. Also we meet DYNAMITE WATKINS!

Sibling Rivalry
The relationship between Darrell and Shannon is something the original mobile game established really well, and we decided that the first episode to air after our initial “mini-arc” should focus on them. Ian had the great idea of introducing the sporty/romantic Raymond (also first shown in the game) as a shared enemy for all the characters.

This episode has some of the funniest sequences yet, in my opinion. I love the way Haewon depicts the familial relationship between Boxman and the bots, something she did previously in a 2 minute short that will hopefully release someday soon. Dave’s ending scene with the zen faces is already immortal. We obsessed over it at every stage, milking its unexplainable hilarity for all it was worth. An early favorite of mine for its wall-to-wall insane comedy.

I Am Dendy
We faced a big challenge in I Am Dendy, giving a whole episode to a character who was completely new to us at the time. We spent a crazy amount of hours discussing her character and how she could fit into the show’s existing dynamics, going through three completely different story premises before finally landing on this one. As you can see, it started to work when we decided to make it as simple as possible. 

When we saw the first pitch from Geneva & Mira, we knew we had something very unique. After the high-octane first set of episodes, we get a surprisingly down to earth story about two kids spending time together. Geneva & Mira did a great job crystalizing Dendy’s personality. In a lot of ways, Dendy and KO could not be more different. KO follows a strict heroic moral code, and Dendy does not. Their fascination and understanding of their differences brings them together for a friendship we will see much more throughout the series.

Special regards to Jake and Mint Potion for the jaw-dropping music in this episode! Dendy’s theme is probably in my top 3 songs so far.

Do You Have Any More in the Back?
The title of Do You Have Any More in the Back? actually derives from an ancient (2013?) premise that Ian wrote in his original bible for the pilot-era version of the show. The two stories have nothing in common, but it is a fun detail. This new one came from right when full time development started in 2015, which was basically a summer of me and Ian hanging out on an empty office floor and deciding what the show was going to be. A couple times a week Dave Tennant would come by to break stories with us, and I think this and an early, scrapped version of “We’ve Got Pests” were the first. The network liked the story, but asked us to sit on it for a bit because it’s a somewhat deeper, more deconstructive look at Rad’s character.

In my opinion, this is a very successful early episode that provides a pretty complete package of action, comedy, adventure, and emotion. Ryann and Parker stuffed it with countless cute, funny and exciting moments that ended up setting some important character details (and running jokes) for the future. I was extremely impressed by how they handled the emotional subtlety of the ending, which is my favorite thing about the episode.

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad
My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad is another episode that has roots in Ian’s original Lakewood bible, but unlike DYHAMITB?, this one is almost entirely intact from what was originally written. This is a fairly straightforward Carol/KO story that gives us a great opportunity for extended badass action sequences! Much like with Sibling Rivalry, Dave and Haewon took something simple and infused it with tons of personality. The first time we saw both versions of Chameleon Sr, the room lost it. The action scenes (with plenty of extra love from Jeremy, Max and Anna) are some of our most ambitious so far. The final scenes are sweet, heartfelt and weird in ways I absolutely love.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep up with these, but luckily the board artists are writing some of their own great thoughts on the other episodes! 

Geneva on I am Dendy
Geneva on You Get Me
Parker shares his demo animatic from You Are Rad
Danny on the ending of We’ve Got Pests
Ryann on We’re Captured

Essays in Existentialism: Footie II

MORE lexa soccer player please and thank you!

Previously on Footie

The ride home after a game was one of the best times on the planet. Coming down from the high of playing, from the adrenaline of winning, from the pressure of the team and herself, from that glorious feeling of her muscles twitching with built up lactic acid from leaving every ounce of sweat and preparation on the field. It was an almost sacred time.

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Dear US Whovians/YA fans,

Tonight is your first chance to watch Class, the spin-off written and directed by British-American YA author Patrick Ness. If you have heard of it, you might have heard it’s been cancelled. This is a rumour printed by tabloids - Steven Moffat, Patrick Ness, and most of the cast have confirmed that NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE YET. The decision is pretty much guaranteed to be made based on the American audience. It didn’t get much of a British audience, not because it’s bad - there is a very dedicated fandom right here on Tumblr who have got SO MUCH OUT OF IT and please, please join it! - but because it aired at ridiculous times and there just wasn’t enough promotion.

So anyway, this is a longwinded way of saying watch Class. Here’s why:

- A cast who really, really care about the show and their characters. Fady Elsayed, for example, he’s done about as much as anyone to promote the show tbh and he does an amazing job of taking a character who at the beginning of the series is essentially the ‘popular sportsperson’ trope and developing him into something a lot more complicated and a lot more loveable than that. He plays Ram with such depth that Patrick Ness’s writing really shines through. All the other characters are amazing too and played with such honesty and emotion it’s just really great to watch.

- REPRESENTATION. THERE IS NOT A NAMED STRAIGHT WHITE MALE IN THIS SHOW. The main cast is much up of two white women (one of whom has a disabled mother), a (disabled) Sikh boy, a black girl who’s also a prodigy - she skipped two years of school which DOES NOT HAPPEN in England, a Polish boy - and his boyfriend, Charlie, your new problematic fave. However, while they talk about their experiences as minorities and problems like homophobia and ignorance about religions come up they get to have adventures and struggles and drama and lives outside of this. It’s no big deal at all that they’re not straight white men.

- Men are allowed to cry and show different emotions and be human - one’s a geek with a questionable side, one’s really into sports and acts like an idiot but has a secret heart of gold, one’s adorable and sweet but will not hesitate to hit you if you threaten his boyfriend. Girls are allowed to be strong in a variety of ways - one makes a big deal out of being strong but still nice, another is a badass who would hurt you without damaging her six-inch heels and designer clothes if you called her nice, and the third is just super woke and intelligent but also starts learning to fight physically.

- Patrick Ness, as a YA author, understands how to write about teens. We see them deal with shock, grief, difficult relationships with parents, friends and themselves, as well as the other stuff teens worry about realistically - while still being part of a dramatic save-the-world story. This is why I think you should give it a try if you’re a YA Fan but not a Whovian.

- It plays with the whole ‘Alien’ concept really well by having aliens with a strict moral code that… isn’t human? It’s really hard to describe how this works but… the two main alien characters have emotions which we can 100% relate to (fear, guilt, love, loneliness) but they obviously aren’t human. They don’t see moral dilemmas the same way we would because the alien societies they grew up in different rules to ours and this is FASCINATING from an ethics point of view. Patrick Ness literally created two whole new moral codes and it is so amazing and interesting to see these interact with our way of doing things.

- Twelve has a f***ing awesome cameo in episode one, if you love Peter Capaldi’s doctor. If you’re not such a fan, the rest of it is the Class characters dealing with stuff - the whole point is what happens when the doctor leaves people behinf

- We have two major adorable ships who are just the actual cutest. Also… well-handled sex scenes with clear but not shoe-horned in consent, one of which is between two boys. Just saying.

- the end was really feelsy and we really really need Patrick Ness to play with our emotions in a season two ok

Ok, there’s more but I’m going to leave it there.

Just… Give this show a chance, ok?

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #118 - Kingsman: The Secret Service

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes!

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #343.

Format: Blu-ray

1) I love this movie. It’s so much fun, it has a great blend of style and character, and it’s just a treat all around! Honestly it’s probably the best Roger Moore James Bond movie without Roger Moore in it.

Originally posted by galahadftw

2) Hey, it’s Mark Hamill!

3) The bad guys are so polite in this movie.

Thug; “I’m under very strict instructions not to hurt you.”

4) Hey, it’s Jack Davenport!

Originally posted by richmondvalentines

Originally posted by grandefilms

Too bad he, like Mark Hamill, dies very early on in the movie.

5) The score in this film composed by Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson is one of the things that infuses this film with the energy it has. It has JUST enough of that classic 007 feel to know that’s what they’re going for, but not too much to distract the audience. The rest is a fun, action packed score which adds an extra dose of adrenaline to the film. I love it!

6) Sofia Boutella as Gazelle!

Originally posted by murrddocks

Boutella’s scar is quickly on the rise, having memorable rules in this, as Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond, and as the titular monster in Universal’s upcoming The Mummy reboot. And this films tells you why. It is a smaller role, especially when compared to Eggsy or the main villain Valentine, but every scene Boutella is in defines the character. She’s fierce but also incredibly loyal to Valentine, but that doesn’t mean she’s not human. You see bits of kindness, curiosity, wonder, and humor. Boutella merges all these qualities wonderfully in the villainous Gazelle and her scenes with Sam Jackson are a delight!

7) Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine.

Originally posted by richmondvalentines

Sam Jackson is great in this role. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen the legend give a bad performance. Has he been in bad movies? Sure. But he always commits 100% and gives it his all, and here’s no different.

Valentine is an interesting character in that he’s the best example of a villain believing he’s the good guy. He doesn’t want to kill people, he doesn’t want to hurt people, he wants to save the world, so he’ll get others to kill and hurt people for him. Samuel L. Jackson is a lot of fun in the role, adding a nice lisp which (according to IMDb):

Samuel L. Jackson’s character of Richmond Valentine was originally intended not to have a lisp. However, Jackson completed his first take with a lisp. Matthew Vaughn yelled “cut!”, and talked to Jackson, who revealed to Vaughn that, prior to having an acting career, he actually had a lisp, which he eventually overcame. It was also jokingly remarked that this lisp is Valentine’s reason for being villainous.

It’s a great part of the film.

8) Harry Hart/Gallahad’s need for the Kingsman to progress past snobs already establishes him as an interesting character among the spy organization. It shows he truly understands what it is to be noble. That it’s not about the circumstances of one’s birth but how you treat your fellow man. But more on that later.

9) Taron Egerton as Eggsy.

Originally posted by hartwinorlose

Although the film was largely marketed on the star power of Firth, Jackson, and even Michael Caine, it is Eggsy who’s the real hero of the film and he is awesome! Eggsy is an intriguing character with a lot of nice layers/surprises which pop up in the film in fun ways. To start we learn that - even as a “punk” - he lives by a strict moral code of not ratting on his friends and taking care of his own, but he’s not below petty pranks of revenge (as in stealing a jackass’ car and then driving it backwards). He can keep a secret and largely fends for himself, only calling upon the favor Harry Hart offered him 17 years later when he REALLY needs it.

Egerton is fantastic in the role! He embraces every layer of Eggsy. The kindness, the loyalty, the rough edges, the temper, the brashness, all the contradictions and surprises, and he blends them together in a believably way. He’s funny, charismatic, and an absolute star on screen.

10) I never understand why Eggsy’s mom decided to marry such a shit after his dad died. Maybe because he can support them? I don’t know, but Eggsy’s stepdad is a prick.

11) I love this

Harry: Your father was a brave man. A good man. And having read your files, I’d think he’d be bitterly disappointed in the choices you’ve made.

Eggsy: You can’t talk to me like that.

Harry: Huge I.Q., great performance in primary school. And it all went tits up. Drugs, petty crime, never had a job.

Eggsy: Do you think there’s a lot of jobs going around here, yeah?

Harry: Doesn’t explain why you gave up your hobbies. First prize, regional under tens’ gymnastics, two years in a row. Your coach had you pegged as Olympic team material.

Eggsy: Yeah, well, when you grow up around someone like my stepdad, you pick up new hobbies pretty quick.

Hart: Now of course. Always someone else’s fault. Who’s to blame you for quitting the Marines? You were halfway through training, doing brilliantly, but you gave up.

Eggsy: Because my mum went mental, banging on about losing me as well as my dad. Then we wouldn’t be cannon fodder for snobs like you, judging people like me from your ivory towers with no thought about why we do what we do. We ain’t got much choice, you get me? And if we was born with the same silver spoon up our arses, we’d do just as well as you, if not better.

I think this is great for a few reasons. It tells us a lot about Eggsy (gymnast, marine corp, huge IQ) but it SHOWS us a lot too. It shows up that he respects himself and that he’ll stand by the decisions he’s made in the past. It shows us that Eggsy takes shit from no one, no matter how in the right society may say they are.

12) I love the fight scene in the bar, otherwise known as “Manners Maketh Man”.

It is our first real showcase of the film’s stellar action sequences, which hold up for the rest of our two hour ride. I think the action is most marked by a fun, fast pace, but also incredible fight choreography. It’s an excellent case of action/reaction or action/consequences. Everything leads into everything else and it all flows so beautifully.

13) Remember how I said Eggsy had some nice layers?

Harry [trying to describe training Eggsy to be a spy]: Did you see the film Trading Places?

Eggsy: No.

Harry: How about Nikita? Pretty Woman? Now, my point is that the lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path that you needn’t stay on. If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.

Eggsy: Oh, like in My Fair Lady.

Hart: You’re full of surprises.

Eggsy is not some moron tough guy who’s masculinity is too fragile to watch and appreciate My Fair Lady. Harry obviously has this image in his mind of what Eggsy is (a guy who likes raunchy comedies and action movies).

14) Is it me or is the idea of a spy organization run totally on its own above any sort of law or government shady as fuck? And they use fear tactics to train their recruits and want them to willingly shoot a poor dog in a cold blood (more on that bullshit later).

15) I love Roxy.

Originally posted by wonderlandinmymind

She doesn’t get nearly enough screen time but is given some nice development in the time she does.

  • Is able to be civil in a competitive field without it getting in the way of her goals.
  • Has an incredible fear of heights and/or falling, but that doesn’t stop her from doing what needs to be done towards the end of the film (which is a great arc in and of itself).
  • Is willing what needs to be done to accomplish her goals (like shooting a dog to be in Kingsman).

We see her and Eggsy develop a nice friendship. Not a romance, not a will they won’t they, a mutual respect among peers and also platonic support. If the sequel can improve on the original in one way (and listen carefully Matthew Vaughn) it would be to include more Roxy!

16) Can we be honest? If there was a US president who would participate in the planning of mass genocide from this current decade, it wouldn’t be Obama.

17) The water tank!

Originally posted by egertoness

Not only an example of the film’s great action, but also imaginative set pieces and classic spy thrills. Also - and I say this as a hetero guy - but Eggsy’s abs have even me going DAMN.

18) Me too Sam Jackson. Me too.

Valentine [after he has to blow up Professor Arnold’s head or risk exposure]: “He made me kill Professor Arnold. I goddamn loved Professor Arnold.”

19) This line really sticks with me.

Valentine [after Gazelle says she reached out to various secret services]: “Beijing. So freaky how there’s no recognizable name for the Chinese Secret Service. Now that’s what you call a secret, right?”

20) I’m a dog person, okay? I love this.

Originally posted by bride-of-the-north

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

21) Remember how I said that Kingsman is a shady spy organization? Well it should really follow the Captain America rule of ethics and not include any bullies in its services. The only two candidates who aren’t pricks are Eggsy and Roxy!

22) The skydiving scene - akin to the water tank scene - is a great example of the film’s wonderful set pieces and fun writing. It also gives us Roxy’s fear of heights and/or falling and Eggsy supporting his friend (and later fellow teammates) even though if he left her there it would mean he’d advance through the program. It’s so great! Even Merlin (Mark Strong) is getting tense watching!

23) I get hungry for McDonald’s every time I see this film.

Originally posted by robinwright

24) The scene where Harry visits Valentine at his home for a gala which turns into a dinner date (basically) is a very Bond scene. They each have a sense for who the other is but play nice, act civil, make vague threats. I call it “Into The Lion’s Den.” Very 007.

25) This. Fucking. Quote.

Harry (quoting Ernest Hemingway): “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Originally posted by iaminfiniteus

I live by this fucking quote.

26) This film has some pretty great humor.

Harry (showing Eggsy how a knife hidden in a boot works): “Now do your very best impersonation of a German aristocrat’s formal greeting.”

Originally posted by anthony94825

Harry: “No, Eggsy.”

[Harry clicks his heels and a blade pops out of his right shoe]


Arthur [the head of Kingsman, handing Eggsy a gun]: “Shoot the dog.”

So the final test to be a Kingsman agent is to shoot a dog who’ve you spent the last few months training and growing attached to and if you shoot the dog you get in.

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

And later it turns out the gun was only filled with blanks and Harry says Kingsman only condone the taking of a life when it’s necessary.

(GIF originally posted by @karenmpage)

We only condone the taking of a life when it’s considerate and thought out, but we want to make sure all our agents are mindless coldblooded killers who follow orders without questions because that always works so damn well. You know, because we’re the good guys.

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

 28) The fucking church scene. 

Originally posted by lewiebaloo

So Harry goes to a hate-group church in America which Valentine has shown an interest in to inspect it, and we hear a little bit of their extremely hateful rhetoric before Harry gets up to leave…

Harry: Would you excuse me?

Female Patron: Where are you going?

Female Patron: Hey! What’s your problem?

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

And then Harry gets up to leave and Valentine (who’s in a nearby building) starts a mysterious machine he tests out on the church. What follows is one of the greatest action sequences to grace the screens of cinema:

Content Warning: The below video features hyper-violent, bloody, stylized violence. Watch at your own discretion.

Everything about this scene is perfect. The choice of music feeds directly into the high speed sense of pacing, and the choice to speed up the film just a bit not only supports that same aspect of pacing but also gives the scene the quality of a runaway train. Because that’s what Harry is right now: he’s out of control! He has no ability to make decisions he just lets loose with every hateful whim that pops in his head. But probably the thing that makes this scene work as well as it does is the decision to make it a continuous shot. You cut back to Eggsy, Merlin, and Valentine/Gazelle as they witness this event, but the fight inside of the church itself is a continuous shot (or edited to appear as such). This goes back to my earlier point of how the action of the film plays very much into cause/effect or actions/consequences. You witness every little thing that happens. Harry runs out of bullets? He starts to beat someone with his gun. Someone just tried to stab him? He takes the knife for himself. It is continuous. It flows. And it is just an adrenaline filled scene to watch.

Note: I saw this twice in theaters, the second time with my parents. My mom loves Colin Firth and did not take too kindly to the fact that he murdered a bunch of people. She thought the scene was great, but she didn’t like that they made Colin Firth do that. My mom is very cute sometimes (like when she asked me in Rouge One when Chewbacca was going to show up, knowing full well he didn’t).

29) After the church scene, Valentine shoots Harry point blank in the head and hates how it feels. Gazelle points out that he just killed everyone in that church.

Valentine: “No, no, no, they killed each other.”

That is so fucking important for Valentine’s character. He doesn’t tack responsibility for any of his actions. He doesn’t see himself as the villain. He sees himself as a savior who hasn’t even killed anyone!

30) Note: The scene I’m about to discuss is best experienced without knowing that it’s going to happen. If you want to be surprised by it, skip on to note #31.

So skipping ahead a bit to when Eggsy has infiltrated the enemy base (since all the notes I made during the preceding scenes I’d made already), the way everyone’s head blows up in a scene I call “Pomp & Circumstance” is hysterical.

In contrast to the hyper violent and sometimes too realistic fight in the church, the filmmakers opt to make a more cartoony and artistic violent scene. And if you don’t know it’s coming you laugh so hard when it happens (hence the note above).

31) The song choice of “Give It Up” as Valentine operates his hate machine gives it a similar sense of pacing as “Freebird” did in the church scene. This film really understands that music is it’s friend.

32) This scene seems weirdly empowering towards women.

Swedish Princess (who is captive in Valentine’s base, after Eggsy says he has to save the world before he rescues her): “If you save the world, we can do it in the asshole.”

And in any other movie this would be written off as, “Oh, a guy wrote that line.” But this script was written by a man and a woman, meaning she had to okay it. So…weirdly empowering, right?

I think I should move on.

33) The fight scene between Gazelle and Eggsy may not be the sheer perfection which is the church scene, but it’s a fun watch nonetheless and it uses Gazelle’s blade legs to their advantage.

Originally posted by foxmovies

34) Remember how I said this film’s score incorporates JUST enough 007 in it? Well the little bit of horn we get just before Gazelle dies represents that perfectly. That’s a very James Bond moment.


Valentine [after Eggsy has fatally wounded him]: “Is this the part where you say some really bad pun?”

Eggsy: “It’s like you said to Harry: this ain’t that kind of movie, bruv.”

It kinda is.

36) And we come full circle.

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Kingsman is spectacular. It’s possibly my favorite spy movie of 2015 (which had Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Spy, The Man from UNCLE (sorry @theforceisstronginthegirl), Bridge of Spies, and SPECTRE), definitely one of my favorite action movies ever, and hell it’s one of my favorite films of all time. It is just a fun ride with great style, characters, and acting. A true delight through and through. Go watch it now if you can!

some more autistic femlock for you cuties
  • sherlock gets fomo in secondary school because everyone else gets invited to parties and smokes joints behind the pool and she never gets an invitation, she just sits in the library with her spectacles slipping down her nose doing extra chemistry readings 
  • she loves the soft feeling of flannel pyjama pants and tshirts, and loves when she can wear them all day
  • sherlock once had a very strict moral code and always followed laws and school rules but eventually developed a sense of morality with more shades of grey, in her adult life she gets a huge thrill from breaking rules
  • had a hard time lying when she was young but after training as an actress in college and university is one of the best liars out there
  • keeps a chapstick in her pocket because she picks at her lips all the time
  • hates warm days when she can’t wear her coat because it makes her feel cozy and she loves to stim with it
  • got her biting and sarcastic sense of humor very late in life but thinks it’s tremendous fun
  • secretly she takes all of anderson and donovan’s criticism to heart, just like whenever anybody criticizes her, and it stings a lot but she can never let it show
  • holds compliments like the ones john gives her very close to her heart and thinks of them when things are hard 
Some things I noticed after watching Rogue One a second time . . .

When I first watched Rogue One, I was just trying to stay with the plot and falling in love with the characters, so I didn’t go too deep with studying the actual filmmaking that went into it.

I’m a huge film nerd - went to film school, actually - so this time around, I consciously looked at the film through that lens.

Maybe someone else has already noticed this, but here goes:

I was really struck by the Director of Photography’s lighting choices in the scene where the rebellion is basically “recruiting” Jyn.

Lighting is such a cool thing - often used in classic movies to show the moral standing of characters.

Here’s a breakdown of how each major player in the scene is lit and what we can infer:

Mon Mothma - brightly, fully lit (she almost looks angelic); she is clearly the person with the most strict moral code and the most “spotless moral conduct” (reading the novelisation, this really comes through)

Jyn Erso - softly lit with no hard shadows, but clearly dimmer than Mon Mothma; she has a shady criminal past, but she’s got good intentions

General Dodonna and Bail Organa - lit similarly to Jyn; they have good intentions, even if they might be a bit more comfortable with the moral grey areas than Mon Mothma

General Draven - there is a bit of bright lighting on the top of his head, but his face generally stays in shadow; he has fully accepted the “morally questionable” acts he orders others to commit to serve the greater vision of the Rebellion

And now my favourite …

Cassian Andor - his face is half in shadow and half in light (very similar to the way Michael Corleone is lit in The Godfather); it represents how he wrestles with doing things he hates (assassinations, etc) to serve the cause he believes in, because he finds them morally reprehensible - Cassian is, to borrow a phrase from Doctor Who, “halfway out of the dark”

Anyway, I though it was pretty cool. I noticed some other thematic stuff that I might post about later.

Feel free to talk to me about this - I’m a total nerd about it and I love meeting other people who are nerdy about it, too.

Also, I’m total trash for rebelcaptain. If you are, too, we should be friends.

RIVALS  [ peter quill x reader ] 0.1

a/n; i wrote a ficaroony because i love peter quill and he deserves more appreciation and also every problem in this story would be solved if the two would just express their feelings /sobbing

summary: Some things are just obvious from an early age: you and Peter were meant to get along no better than a cat and a dog. And not the modern spin on a cat’s and a dog’s relationship either (none of that Disney fun-loving BS). No, we’re talking about that good old fashioned thirst for blood, spite and rivalry.Only that your situation really was Disney like. Which is ironic, since you’ve been raised to spit in anyone’s face that even mentions the name ‘Starlord’.

words;  2,427

warnings: a bit of swearing


Originally posted by mintpilot

i need your help!

The current state of the ship and its crew can be described in one word: bored.

Whiskey. In Terra it’s high noon but no one really counts space hours so why the hell not? Peter Quill sits idly drinking by his cluttered table, trying to drone out the occasional buzzing and clatter and the piercing sound of squeaky metal by clogging all of his senses with alcohol. There isn’t a particular reason to indulge in daytime drinking festivities, but there simply isn’t anything better to do so he had helped himself to a glass a little while ago. He has finished three in total. Now he sits silent, his mind sometimes drifting out of these cramped walls of his beloved spaceship, branching further and further into the unseen horizon and onto a lonely planet that is just waiting to be looted. His fingers tap of the table and he shakes his head again: that stupid fucking clanking!

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Higurashi alignment chart

So, this might not be everyone’s point of view on the subject, but @ooishikuraudo and I came up with an alignment chart for (most of) the main cast in Higurashi. Again, we might’ve missed some characters (Nomura was going to be included but couldn’t be because she doesn’t have a sprite laughs) and you might not agree completely since this is just our opinion on the subject.

  • Lawful good (compassion, honor, sense of duty, strict moral code–but it can be broken for the greater good): Mamoru Akasaka - Satoshi Houjou
  • Neutral good (willing to bend the rules to do the right thing, not for or against rules or traditions): Mion Sonozaki - Akira Toudou
  • Chaotic good (will do whatever it takes to do what’s right, rebels, free spirits, disregard laws): Keiichi Maebara - Satoko Houjou - Kurado Ooishi
  • Lawful neutral (believes in order–be it personal, systemic or both, will abide by their personal code/orders): Rena Ryuuguu - Jirou Tomitake
  • True neutral (not personally committed to order/law/good/evil, often apathetic and aloof, but also mediatory, independent and diplomatic): Rika Furude - Hanyuu Furude
  • Chaotic neutral (will do what they want, doesn’t bend to rules or traditions, individualistic, unpredictable): Shion Sonozaki - Natsumi Kimiyoshi - Kyousuke Irie
  • Lawful evil (plays by the rules for personal gain, believes in survival of the fittest, efficient, proud): Oryou Sonozaki - Tetsurou Okonogi
  • Neutral evil (no regard for rules or chaos, will use people to further their personal goals, self-reliant): Miyo Takano - Ritsuko Mamiya
  • Chaotic evil (no respect for anything but their own desires, vicious, arbitrary, unpredictable): Teppei Houjou
RIVALS  [ peter quill x reader ] 0.2

a/n; seriously this chapter is one of my favs EVER from anything i have ever written idk i just like it alot. also! keep in mind that the chapters of this story are written in two different POV’s, and they dive deep into what the character is thinking, so that’s why some info may differ from chapter to chapter

P.S. wrote this listening to sad 80s music smh

summary: Some things are just obvious from an early age: you and Peter were meant to get along no better than a cat and a dog. And not the modern spin on a cat’s and a dog’s relationship either (none of that Disney fun-loving BS). No, we’re talking about that good old fashioned thirst for blood, spite and rivalry.Only that your situation really was Disney like. Which is ironic, since you’ve been raised to spit in anyone’s face that even mentions the name ‘Starlord’.

words;  2,502

warnings: a bit of swearing



“My mom died. I want to say goodbye.”

Your words ring in his ears like a catchy pop song, but without a cheerful note or even a pleasant one. His bed feels rougher than usual: the mattress is cold and the spirals dig into his back, the pillow, no matter how many times he fluffs it, refuses to lay softly under his head and he can already tell that when a new dawn rises he is going to have the mother of neck pains. He crosses his arms under his head, as if that would somehow make his position more comfortable, and stares into the dark ceiling of his private bedroom. He can hear Rocket and Groot playing from somewhere in the spaceship. The clanking and screeching and smacking pierce the air every two to three seconds. Or maybe it’s the storm raging outside.

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entpstruggles  asked:

Heyy I'm bored too so well... What are the reasons why people might be afraid of ENTPs? (I've actually been told we are scary)

Well, I’ve also been told I’m pretty scary but it doesn’t bother me at all, actually I think it makes me even more interesting;)
(Of course this is my view)

1So, first of all, we are ideas-generators, our Ne makes our mind brainstorms new things continuously, every hour of the day and (especially) of the night.
And, unless we want to hide something for our own purposes, we tend to (and we need to) share our brand new thoughts with everyone, we are really that excited for every single idea that comes from our mind.
An ENTP in a friendly environment has basically no filter when it comes to thoughts and, let’s admit it, some of them are pretty scary.
We are fascinated by new, unusual and strange things, there is nothing worse for us than banality, and this usually leads us to be interested in topics that others consider taboo.
We like to investigate what others consider forbidden, also because we don’t see it that way, and we sometimes really can’t understand why some topics are just not discussed in public.
So, if we feel comfortable enough to talk freely, our favorite topic and the way we deal with them can make people see us in a different light that can also lead to some sort of fear.
People may feel like we make hundreds and hundreds of ideas flow on them with the enthusiasm of a 5-year-old and a lack of social morality

2Also, we don’t like to be seen as “similar to” anyone. One of the worst insult for an ENTP is hearing “oh, you are just like that guy/you think the exact same thing that guy told me yesterday/your brand new idea is something another human being already thought about”.
We are jealous of our individuality and of our being unique, we like to stand out, to be noticed (*laughing nervously* hystrionics) and we love to be different.
Of course human mind naturally tend to be afraid of what is different and out of ordinary.

3 this one can surprise who thinks in terms of stereotypes. Our honesty probably leads people to fear us. Yes. Honesty.
People usually think (and this will be our next point) that ENTPs are natural born manipulators (and that’s true). But, if we don’t have to hide the truth for our own business or for fun, we really are totally honest with you, we don’t really care to act nice in order not to hurt your fragile feelings, we are going to tell you every painful thing we believe, and the truth sometimes is pretty scary, some people (sadly) prefer reassuring lies.

4 Manipulation.
We are truly good liars. And cheaters. And manipulators. Even if it happens a lot less to us than to the stereotypical ENTP, let’s admit it, we really enjoy it.
We like to penetrate minds, to touch the right buttons, we enjoy the sense of power this gives us. We enjoy making fun of people seeing that they can’t understand if we are lying or not, and we love deceive with our words.
We like the complex scheme that our minds come up with.
Of course, people feel threatens around us, believing to be “in danger”

4 We tend to hide our emotions and our feelings instead of embrace them. That’s why we usually seem cold-hearted calculators and I guess it can be really frightening. A person often connect to another through sharing feeling and it can be pretty unsetting finding someone who (apparently) has none. I believe this makes us seem untouchable and distant (and a little sociopaths).

5 Stability. Just because we have none, physically and morally.

6 Ethics and Morality. If ENTPs do have a sense of morality, for sure it isn’t a traditional one or the one a lot of people can rely on.
We like our freedom, and first of all our freedom of thinking and of acting, and I truly believe that a strict moral code could be a limit to that freedom.
Of course a lot of people don’t like it, because it makes us unpredictable and “strange” in some way, and our immoral action could lead them to be afraid of us.

If some other thing will come up to my mind later, I’ll add it
(Sorry for every grammar mistake, still learning;))

Baby Tim - Part 3

Baby Tim isn’t really in this one, he is mentioned, but not seen.


Your date with Jason is set for three days later, on Saturday. Jason had told you that we was dropping of Tim at Wayne Manor, strictly under Alfred’s care, in order to let Bruce do more scans and to let Zatanna and Doctor Fate take a look at the magic that surrounds Tim.

“Yes, Jason, I understand that you need to do a quick patrol before we go out. It’s fine! I promise, yes I will meet you at the restaurant. Okay, bye”

You chuckle as you hang up the phone, “He’s so damn paranoid “you say to yourself

You continue to get ready for your date, putting on simple makeup, nice jeans and a blue flowy top. You walk out into your living room to put on your shoes when you hear your phone ring.

“Jason I told you …”

“Not, Jason, pretty girl”

You freeze, “Who is this?” you whisper, dreading the answer

“People call me the Black Mask, sweetheart”

“What – why are you calling me?”

Black Mask chuckles, “Well you see, a few days ago one of my associates saw a man they call the Red Hood enter your establishment. According to the video they took, he seemed quite smitten with you.”

You whimper, “That still doesn’t explain why you are calling me”

You hear a sigh, “I have a highly trained sniper who has you in his scope right now. I fyou so much as twitch, you will be shot in the stomach. Now you might wonder ‘why the stomach?’ well you see, your precious Red Hood is on the opposite side of the city right now. As soon as I end this call with you, I am going to give him a ring. If you are shot in the stomach your death will be slow and panful, you will probably still be alive when he gets to you, but you will be too far gone to save. So you will die in his arms and in agony. He has fucked with my organization one too many times, and I think that it is time for him to pay, don’t you?”

“Mr. Mask, I don’t really think that me dying will make him stop coming after you”

“Listen, bitch, I don’t really give a shit what you think, you just need to do as you are told”

“Alright, I won’t move. I will stay right here”

“Good. Goodbye, I truly hope that you enjoy the wait”

You hear the click of the phone hanging up. You look down at your stomach and see the little red dot appear right above your belly button. You whimper and lock your knees, desperate not to fall, to not be shot. You knew that you would eventually be shot, that one the phone call between the Black Mask and the Red Hood was over that the snipers trigger would be pulled. That you were probably going to die that night.


Jason leapt from rooftop to rooftop, hurrying to finish him patrol so he could go get ready for his date. Currently he was on the phone with Tim, saying goodnight to his little boy

“Daddy! Daddy! I no wanna sleep!”

Jason chuckled, “You have to sleep, Timmy. You need to be a good boy and go to sleep, so you are all rested when Y/N comes over to play tomorrow”

Tim gave a long suffering sigh, “Okay daddy. Night night!”

“Night night, baby”

Jason hung up the phone and continued on his patrol. Five minutes later his phone rang again.


“Hello Mr. Hood! How is patrol tonight?”

“Black Mask. Didn’t expect to hear from you tonight”

“I have something to tell you” Black Mask practically sang, “I have your little sweetheart in the scope of a sniper right now! Your girl, what was he name? Y/N I believe”

Jason could feel his blood run cold, and he immediately began to make his way toward your apartment, “I swear to fucking God, if you hurt her …”

“What are you going to do? Kill me? You haven’t managed to do that you. Plus I do believe that you are working for the Batman now, and he has a very strict moral code against killing”

“I don’t give a shit about him, you had better not hurt her!”

“As soon as I hang up this phone, the message will be sent to my guy to shoot her. So you better hurry, Hood, or you won’t get the chance to say goodbye” the Black Mask’s laughter is cut off when he hangs up the phone.

Immediately Jason was calling Bruce, “B, I need an ambulance at Y/N’s apartment, Black Mask said that he had a sniper on her. I am in route now. He said that she would be shot when he ended the phone call, that was about two minutes ago”

“An ambulance has been dispatched to her location”

“Thank you”

“Jason” Damian’s voice spoke up, “You had better make it in time”

Jason just grunted, and ran even faster, desperate to get to Y/N, so save her.


The waiting seems to take hours, but in reality you know that it is only a few minutes. You tremble as you wait for the inevitable moment where you will be shot. Even though you are waiting for it, you are still not prepared when it happens. You hear the window shattering before you feel the pain. It feels like fire has ripped through your stomach. You scream.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” you whimper, “gotta put pressure on it.”

You let out a sob as you when you use a blanket to try and stop the bleeding. You can hear an ambulance stop outside of your apartment, Jason had called an ambulance. You just might survive the night, you might make it. You can hear the EMT’s pounding on your door, shouting for you to unlock the door. You stumble to your feet, trying to make your way to the door.

“Miss?! Miss, open the door!”

You don’t really remember making your way to the door, but suddenly it is open and you are staring at two paramedics.

“Help” you whimper, collapsing forward, into the arms of the two men.

“Just stay with us! Can you tell up what happened?”

You try to answer, but you only end up coughing up blood. You can feel the edged of you vision begin to go grey. You can feel you consciousness slipping. The last thing you remember is burning pain in your stomach and you wondered how Jason would tell Tim that you were going to miss their play date tomorrow.

andrewsneils  asked:

hello! i love your writing and your andrew is so very in character that i need to ask for your help! i just got into tfc and andreil, and my fingers are itching to write fanfic. the problem, tho, is that i'm not sure how to write andrew properly. so i'm asking: can you give me a few tips, pointers, and any help possible? thank you so much!!!

ahhh thank you so much!! this really means a lot, i’ve actually spent a bunch of time trying to figure out how to write andrew because he’s such a unique character and i don’t think i’m 100% accurate but it’s really flattering to hear people think i’m good at writing him ahah <3 i’ve also written a bit on andrew here, which doesn’t quite answer your question but honestly i just spent ages on it and it has a lot of my thoughts on Understanding Andrew so

the number one tip is obviously to reread the books and just pay close attention to him. we see him through neil’s eyes, so until the last book neil does not have an accurate read on andrew, so you’ve got to be aware of that in trying to get an objective idea of who andrew is.

then i have a few things that i try to keep in mind when writing andrew. the first is that he has a really strict moral code - to me, he’s a lawful neutral (that doesn’t all fit perfectly; essentially it just means to me that he has a strong sense of what should and should not happen, but it does not really align with anyone else’s morals). for instance, he doesn’t lie. he doesn’t necessarily tell the truth, and he avoids it whenever possible, and when he’s medicated he makes a lot of jokes that dance around the truth. so he isn’t an honest person, but he does not lie. and he’ll bend any rule or moral in order to fulfill his promises and protect his people. 

when it comes down to it, andrew’s actions are relatively easy to predict - he will do what it takes to follow his own rules. he will protect kevin, aaron, and eventually neil, and he has his hierarchy of people. he has his topics to avoid. and then beyond that, he’s pretty much just in pursuit of a reason to keep going. he wants things to be interesting. so outside of his promises, he’s pretty fucking chaotic just because that’s more interesting. exy is more interesting when he’s fucking it up; kevin’s more interesting when he’s pissed off; and then neil’s just plain interesting. 

actions-wise in writing, while on medication he moves a lot and grins a lot and it’s all very sharp imagery. post-medication, he’s still. that’s pretty much the only guidelines. he always has a flat tone, though. he’s not an expressive person and that’s intentional. this is similar to how he talks - on the medication, he’ll joke and make references and it’s very jarringly larger than life. off medication, he doesn’t really spare words or movement. he does and says as little as possible and he’s a lot more likely to stare at someone who doesn’t get it (because they should be able to put it together, it’s not his problem if they don’t) than explain himself. a lot of this adds up to the general person seeing him as super standoffish and a dick and dishonest, when in actuality he just isn’t going to guide a horse to water.

i don’t know. this isn’t by any means comprehensive, because andrew is a really really complex character, and i’m definitely no expert. these are just the things i try to keep in mind when writing him? like it’s important to remember that he literally does not care. it’s important to remember his trauma and how it’s affected him (but obviously we don’t know all the details of it so there’s only so far that goes). it’s important to notice the differences from him being on meds and after. there are lots of intricacies so i really do suggest just doing a reread of the books and trying to pick out certain scenes - especially in the early books when neil’s just ???? about him - and trying to pick apart his motivations. that’s what i found helped me get to grips with him best. 

hope this helps <3

Twilight Saga: Bella Swan [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Bella knows what she wants – Edward. She teems with internal emotion and finds it difficult to share those feelings with her father once she loses Edward temporarily; she never once wavers from her desires. She tends to blame herself and put herself down (Edward says, “I tell you I can read minds, and you think something is wrong with you?”), because she has a strict moral / ethical code that she finds it hard to live up to. She tends to “show” her love for others (through cooking, cleaning, etc., for them - Fi and Te) rather than telling them outright. She refuses to let anyone talk her into or out of anything she feels strongly about; though she cares for Jacob, she’s immune to his attempts to change her mind about Edward (and favor him); she defies her entire Cullen clan in a refusal to abort her daughter even when it seems the baby is killing her.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): She is impulsive and tends to live in the moment; her focus is almost entirely on sensory reality (how Edward looks, and how she is in comparison; on keeping her father’s house clean, tidying things, cooking, and fulfilling her senses). She is quite impulsive – and unafraid to put herself in danger. Bella tells Edward often that she “is not afraid of [him]” even after he warns her that he’s  a vampire and could hurt or kill her. She pushes him to try new things and become physical; once married, and once she overcomes her nerves, Bella greatly enjoys sex. She often puts herself in harm’s way to protect the people she cares about – and is exhilarated rather than frightened to experience all it is to be a vampire. During her depressive period, Bella feels most alive when engaged in fully sensory pursuits – leaping from cliffs, motor biking, etc.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She becomes convinced of what she wants (to live forever with Edward) and refuses to let anything or any other option deter her from that. Bella has a strong sense of intuition about the core motivations of Edward’s behaviors (“I know who you are,” “You hide from people because…”); she has strong instincts about who is and is not trustworthy. Bella can put connections together and discern motivations at times, but tends to focus more on how she feels in the present moment (Se); in her depression, she becomes convinced nothing will ever change in her future, that she cannot go on without him.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She has no problem putting people in their place when they push her too far; she tells Edward that his yo-yo emotions “are giving me whiplash.” She tells Jacob off for abandoning her and not talking to her for months. She tends to act on her feelings. In the final book, she is quite effective at coming up with a “plan” in case their entanglement with the Volturi goes badly.

bxstiarius  asked:

[Cor S/O headcanons pls]


*throws extra hearts and Airheads your way* THANK YOU.

But here! Have some of those Cor Leonis S/O headcanons. c: He was a fun challenge to try writing for, and it definitely took time to think of stuff. But thanks to @araneagreatlyapproves​ / @loqute​ for tossing some ideas my way, I managed to write it up! WHOOP!

Hope you guys enjoy the read. c; Didn’t do bullets this time because I wrote alot per each note. So it kinda has a weird flow to it. But I hope it’s an okay read nevertheless!

Cor The Immortal Lover Boy – Cor Leonis S/O Headcanons

Cor Leonis, the Immortal Shogun. Samurai extraordinaire, commander of Lucian’s finest Crownsguard, loyal soldier to the king himself – this man really has quite a few names on his resume, and definitely lives up to the reputation as one of the most skilled fighters across all of Lucis.

It’s a wonder how he ever had time to really invest in a relationship with someone – anyone for that matter. Most assumed that he was just married to his work, so they did little to really question him about a love life that may or may not have existed. But it’s there.


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Sensitive to the needs of others and dedicated to their responsibilities, ESFJs are conscientious helpers who are highly attuned to their emotional environment. They seek social approval and harmony. As traditionalists, ESFJs stick to a strict moral code and expect the same from others. They enjoy creating order and structure out of the chaos that is life. ESFJs are quite generous and receive satisfaction from the happiness of others. Simply put, ESFJs are people people; they love people and making others feel good about themselves.

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I hear you on Potter being deceptively hard to world-build and an eventual failure in the making. Seeing the franchise name become "Wizarding World" is a bad sign but WB seems to forget Potter was a story with a clear ending, so it CAN'T go on eternally like Star Wars or superhero-verses. I'm already feeling bad on how new Potter media reflects on the main seven books. Anything else to add onto Potter & franchise-building in general: how hard it is and the roadblocks corporations face doing so?

I’ll admit, I definitely dropped that in there on purpose, because the idea of How To Make A Shared Universe is one that was preoccupying me a bit recently, and why Harry Potter it turns out can’t do that at all. Even setting aside how good or bad it might have been, Cursed Child is clearly redundant: there was one villain that all other evil flowed from in a very direct sense, his defeat closed the narrative for the main character, that’s the end, no other stories cry out to be told in this world. Yes, you can make a quintilogy about the guy who wrote one of that main characters’ textbooks, but it’s beyond pointless.

At the same time, Harry Potter seems like it should be conducive to the shared universe approach: there’s so much mythology and history setting up the scaffolding of that world, it feels as if you could explore its corners forever. But all of it, from the spells to the characters to the locations, ultimately come down to how they impact Harry. That’s not a flaw of the work, and those characters do breathe on their own, but it’s not *really* an ensemble piece. Only the one guy’s got his name on the cover (well, Sirius and Snape had their nicknames on covers, but you know). Everything relevant feeds back to him and his development one way or another, and once his story is done, the world ends with him. It’s rich set dressing, but for a purpose that has been served.

Star Wars on the other hand, as the star of the day (or at least the day I received this ask) and therefore my primary positive example? Just going by that first movie, while there’s one character in particular whose narrative ends up driving everything, one of the first things we learn about Star Wars is that a lot of people’s very different stories are propelling this world forward, from comedic robot duos to gun-slinging space smugglers to princesses overseeing galaxy-spanning conflicts to wizard samurai to plucky teens in search of adventure. They’re all relevant, and because of that we as the audience are to understand that all the corners of that world they represent are themselves relevant.

Thinking about it, I ended up laying out some rules for how these mass universes (on the Star Wars/DC/Marvel scale) tend to work:

1. They can’t be set in what we’d comfortably call the real world. If it is, there’s no real shared conceits, beyond the ones us real schmucks already live by, and aside from that the characters could run into each other, the connection is immaterial. The Middle and The Office might exist in the same universe, but besides a theoretical crossover episode, what opportunities spring from that connection that justify making it in the first place, that’d make people go “wow, they exist in the same world, this changes everything about how they both work”? If two or more fantastical things coexist though, you’re multiplying the number of things you’re permitted to bring into each other’s narrative spaces, meaning crossovers can thereby make both worlds exponentially richer.

1a. Speaking of conceits, generally speaking there does need to be a shared one or two that’s specific beyond the very concept of “magic/time travel/etc. exists,” to show why all this stuff needs to be in the same world.

2. Closely tied with the above, there needs to be the opportunity to explore multiple genres in that world; if you want this place to feel rich, it has to be able to feel like all kinds of stuff is going on in there.

3. Closely related, the idea that there are multiple figures of significance worth following beyond their involvement in one or two other peoples’ stories in this world is crucial.

I talked about Star Wars and how it invites diverse genre possibilities a bit already, so let’s go with my own favorite shared universe in the DCU. While I tend to think it actually works best when the ties that bind them are fairly loose, let’s cover what the core Justice League alone bring in:

* With Superman and J’onn, it’s clear that aliens exist in this universe, that they may have fantastic abilities by our pitiful human standards (or may gain them under special circumstances), that both literal little green men from Mars beyond our ken and incredible Flash Gordon-style pulp sci-fi civilizations of near-humans number among them, faster-than-light-travel and teleportation are on the table to get them here, at least one brings an entire ghost dimension with him, and they may well wear elaborate uniforms and publicly devote their lives to protecting Earth, while also living among us as humans in “secret identities”. Their adventures in pursuit of this duty can take them from the depths of space to the inside of men’s minds.

* Batman shows that humans can also devote themselves to the same mission with the same basic methods of operation, that these weird costumed characters can fight flashy stylized murderers with elaborately themed Rube Goldberg-esque master plans, and that said human vigilante can in fact function and defeat them with access to a perfect physique, virtually every existing human skillet, a set of gadgets and vehicles that wouldn’t be out of place in James Bond, and a network of allies, i.e. superheroing is an option theoretically on the table for anyone and everyone in the right circumstances, and they can get so good at it to earn a spot on the big table with people with superhuman powers.

* Wonder Woman and Aquaman demonstrate that magic, hidden civilizations that may emerge to impact humanity at any time, and literal gods are also on the table - and those of such realms may take classical heroic journeys to save our own world.

* Flash shows that just any old normal human can get powers like these under the right (if still improbable) circumstances, as well as bringing in time-travel and expeditions to other universes.

* Green Lantern shows that all these incredible forces can and will take notice of humanity directly, and declares that even our literal emotions can have a tangible, cosmos-shattering impact when the right super sci-fi tools are applied, and that we may take part in a universe-spanning mythology that extends from galactic military campaigns to beat cop work.

Even if you deleted the rest of DC Comics tomorrow, you could easily rebuild a world from those seven characters and the first principles they represent. There’s a ton going on. And at the same time it makes sense that they can and should all sit in a room together, because they share similar aesthetics and basic goals.

I think those rules hold up pretty well. Take Kingdom Hearts: much as I love it, it isn’t well-suited to an expanded universe setup. While there’s a lot of crazy magic and super-science and alien races and mythology in there, it all only really comes down to the people with the keyblades, and they just go from world to world to beat a given bad guy or seal a keyhole; there’s only so much you can obviously justify doing if you stray away from that core premise. Star Trek on the other hand for instance, while centering around a singular organization, has such a broad mission statement - go Out There to find new life and new civilizations - in the context of multiple ensemble piece programs that you can do just about anything with those crews, from dealing with metaphors of race relations to getting thrown into the 1930s to meeting actual Greek gods, and as such a whole empire of TV shows and movies and novels and comics and audiobook dramas and whatnot makes total sense. That’s what it comes down to: if there’s a real feeling that this is a world that can plausibly have anything, then there’s no reason not to do do everything with that set-up.

In a corporate sense like you ask the basic principles don’t change, just the budgets depending on the medium and which characters you can wrangle if it’s an adaptation. I do admire though how the MCU and the DC TV shows have made it work in the public consciousness, particularly how they sidestepped the possible uncanny valley involved with the concept by slowly building up to their weirder elements. The MCU kicked off with a normal guy in an - admittedly extraordinary - exosuit he built fighting terrorists and other guys in exosuits, the next had a monster but one of science gone wrong in building a super-soldier, the next had a god but in another dimension, with most of his time spent on Earth being moral, and the straight-up costumed superhero of the bunch was in a pulp period setting, with only Avengers finally doing a straight-up superhero action movie where they all get together with some super-spies to fight aliens. The CW’s world started off with a single crimefighter without even Batman’s allowances for a strict moral code and a flamboyant theme, slowly introduced super-drugs, eventually allowed super-beings but in a limited context with a single well-defined source point, then time travel, and then magic, and then aliens but in another universe, and then finally they let it all sit together with all of these becoming normal elements regularly crossing over and teaming up with superheroes as an established part of that world. Not that it necessarily has to be that way - I have problems with the DCEU, but it isn’t that it kicked off with Superman and then immediately brought in the rest of the Justice League, even if the insistence on pseudo-realism seems odd in that context - but especially in the early stages of making this something that can work for the first time on TV (aside from Trek, but those didn’t often cross over on TV and didn’t branch out nearly as much) and in movies, I bet it helped.

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I don't know if you're into this sorta thing, but... do you know what personality type each of the ROs might be? From the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) test? I know a writer friend of mine took the test as her characters and had a lot of fun with it :) I know my MC is an INFJ type. She's shy yet courageous, idealistic, loyal and edhers to a strict moral code :) Also, if it's not too personal... what is your MBTI personality type? :) I love Felix and Adam <3 You're a wonderful writer :D

That’s a good question! :D I haven’t actually ever done a test for myself or characters.

So, after taking the short test here-

Adam/Ava- ISTJ

Nate/Nat- ESFJ

Mason/Morgan - ISTP

Felix/Farah - ESFP


I don’t really know what it means, but the explanation of the personality types seemed to match the vampires pretty well :D

Thank you for the ask, and the lovely message! :)