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Actual things that have happened in Miraculous Ladybug which I still can’t believe
  • Ladybug rode a giant flying hairdryer
  • Ladybug rode a dragon
  • A guy tried to take over Paris with pigeons
  • A chef encased an entire building in caramel and tried to cook a girl alive in a pool of soup
  • A 15 year old challenged a panther to a race and the owner was so upset he turned into a dinosaur and ate Ladybug
  • A rock star was sword-fighting with Chat Noir on a plank suspended at the top of the Eiffel Tower, using a guitar
  • Said rock star has a pet crocodile
  • A girl tried to fight off a butterfly with an umbrella while stuck in a lift
  • Chat Noir was murdered by a supervillain and died in Ladybug’s arms, in an early episode. No, really, he actually died, I’m not even kidding
  • Ladybug kissed Chat Noir for like 10 seconds while lying on the floor, and he didn’t remember it and she didn’t tell him
  • Chat Noir threw his bodyguard down a lift shaft from the 8th floor. This has never been brought up again.
  • A kid used magic bubbles to kidnap all the adults in Paris so he could throw a birthday party
  • Marinette went on a date with a supervillain
  • Ladybug tossed Chat Noir in a river
  • Some smartie in the 19th century invented the hologram and then… didn’t tell anyone?? Except their family?? Why would you keep such awesome new technology a secret??
  • A 186 year old and his turtle sidekick started shipping two teenagers because of an umbrella
  • A guy cut the entire Eiffel Tower in half
  • A strict rich fashion designer pretended to be a butterfly and then pretended to be an aeroplane, and also another time said he was the Easter Bunny
  • A ridiculously competent toddler managed to brainwash Chat Noir
  • Santa Claus dabbed

This are the York women. Notice something? They all have their hair down. And it’s not just for promotional purposes. All the women on the York side tend to do so (Cathy Gordon, Marie de Bourgogne) with the noticeable exception of Margaret of York. In contrast, the women on the Tudor side wear their hair up in a very strict fashion. Lizzie and Maggie start wearing their hair up when they ‘enlist’ with the Tudors. Now, wearing you hair loose if you are woman in the XVth century England is not allowed. Except if you are the queen and on very special occasions. So here we are facing a blatant anachronism. What does it mean?

To a modern audience, loose hair might inspire thoughts of liberty and modernity. So what The White Princess is trying to tell us is that the York dynasty is much more open and less strict than the Tudors, those terrible oppressors of woman-kind. And here begins the obvious pro-York bias that a show about the birth of the Tudor dynasty has. And when I say obvious, I mean both painfully obvious, like the Yorks wearing lighter, richer color than the Tudors, and quite simply, painful.


The White Princess is Faux-Feminism at it’s Finest-The Fandomentals

This hit the nail right on the head to me, not only does the narrative have a huge bias towards the Yorks, you even get it on a visual level. Of course they are far from the only period drama to do something like this, having Elizabeth Woodville, a woman in her 50′s leaving her hair down in her daily life when she’s out in public is beyond ridiculous. Also Margaret and Lizzie wearing their hair up is more than period appropriate for their ages and status, but then again they way Margaret was styled is a whole other problem. 

Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 3

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,575

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

You couldn’t sleep that night. Not that you did on a normal basis. The only means of telling whether the sun had risen or fallen was the fist-sized vent in the ceiling of the massive, garage-like room you resided in.

So Chanyeol is his name.

Not that you had any interest in identifying your captor, however, he was a vague, violence-ridden mystery to you. Being from another realm, you had the ability to feel a person’s intentions and emotions after interacting with them rather strongly. A type of emotional radar. Chanyeol, however, was a different story. You were bombarded with a blinding overdose of sensations every time you tried to figure him out, and it frustrated you beyond belief.

So you sat there, hugging your knees on the creaky scaffold of a bed, compromising the perfect plan of escape.

I just have to get these weak-minded people to trust me.

After countless hours left in your own thoughts, you drifted into a tentative state of exhaustion.

Dawn eventually came, and your eyes were met with a burning sensation due to your resistance of sleep. You swung your legs around, earning a milk squeak from the rust-covered bed, and dusted off your white smock. The sound of a door unlocking jerked your attention to the main door of Chanyeol’s room. The cocky vampire himself appeared not long after the lock was broken and sauntered into the room, wearing a simple gray cargo jacket and worn brown jeans.. He didn’t so much as glance in your cage’s direction as he walked over to his large, king-sized bed and placed the large duffel that hung around his shoulder upon it. He continued to unzip the bag and the clinking of metal objects brushing against one another heightened your attention as he drew from it various items. All of them sent alarm bells ringing in your head.

A handgun.

A pair of metal cuffs.

And a chain.

He sniffed nonchalantly before grabbing the assortment of threatening objects and turning in the direction of your confinement. As he began to mess with the lock on the cage gate, you immediately flung yourself off of the bed and darted to the furthest side of its iron walls.

“Easy there, tiger,” Chanyeol placed the items on bed, “I want to take you somewhere outside of this dingy rust bucket for a bit.”

“And what if I respectfully decline?” You kept your eyes trained on the gun that had been thrown on the mattress.

“Then I’ll have to not-so-respectfully use other means to get you there regardless,” He smirked before his face fell, “Now come here.”

You didn’t budge, hands clutching the metal bars behind your back.

“Don’t make me do this the hard way, Angel-cakes.” Chanyeol’s voice lowered threateningly.

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tbh the way some abusive parents approach teaching their kids to be ~obedient~ would be funny to me if it wasnt so fucking traumatizing.

like if you make your kid do something/stop doing something out of the fear of consequences then theyll never actually understand why doing that/not doing that is important, and theyll only try to dodge the consequences?

example: the kid has to take their prescribed medication 3 times a day. the kid is afraid of failing to do so because they know the consequences will be dire. if the kid somehow forgets to take their medication at lunch, lets say, they will compensate by taking 2 pills in the evening so the number of pills checks out if the parents were to look.

making your child terrified of making mistakes fucks them up, and destroys any true parent-child communication, but i guess some people prefer to be ‘strict’ and ‘old fashioned’ and abuse their kids anyway lmao.

To a young, traditional Catholic

I understand your reasons for wanting to be a priest with the Society of St. Pius X. However, if you are looking to serve the Church as a priest, I would like to suggest applying someday to the Fraternity of St. Peter, or the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, or the other traditional orders that are able to operate within the canonical structures of the Church and exercise a legitimate ministry for a larger group of people.

That you don’t feel any support, at home, for a vocation is sad and discouraging. Parents often say things like “Why can’t you have more normal interests? Why do you have to be so pious and be so involved with religion? Don’t you think you’d rather date and get married?”

In some cases, the mom or dad will get very angry at you. They think that traditional Catholicism, Latin Mass, and pious devotions are just weird and part of some kind of cult. This makes the home life very hard. No one wants to think that their mom or dad sees them as weird or a misfit.

You are not weird. You are not a misfit. You are not bad or wrong. You are a typical young guy who is coming into his own. And from the way you wrote me, I also think you have worked very hard to develop a good character with good moral fiber.

You have your own ideas and hopes for the future. You have a different mindset than they do about religion, God, faith, and lifestyles. It is just kind of shocking for parents when their teenage son turns out to be more “strict” and old-fashioned than them!

In a strict, traditional, Catholic home that attends Latin Mass and says the family rosary and talks about restoring the “old time religion” you would be adored and favored. If you talked about becoming a traditional priest, your dad would beam with pride and your mom would weep tears and say that you were the prince of her heart, making her so proud.

But instead, you live in a “modern family” with post-Vatican II, modern-type parents. LOL. You have to admit, God has a sense of humor, because it is such a crazy mix up! 

Once again, I say to you, do not be discouraged. There is a heaven-sent reason for your family life and how it has turned out. And believe it or not, there is a lot you can learn from the conflicts, clashes, and differences between you and your family. Sometimes, even the strongest guy can break down and cry with anger over the frustration of trying to get along.

But instead, try to find the silver lining in this dark cloud of struggle.

Are there criticisms that your mom or dad send your way that might be valid? Are there concerns about your “social skills” and how you act? Without giving in to the unnecessary negativity, are there ideas that will change you for the better by listening to your parents? Then focus on that. They have life experience that you do not have.

Yes, when I was a teen and i expressed a desire to be a priest, it caused a lot of conflict and pain. My dad said I had dashed his hopes, and wasted his dreams for me. He wanted me to become a professional with a more “practical” job that earned good money. Of course, he was bitterly disappointed with the thought that I would not visit him someday with my wife and children. 

It didn’t matter that my other siblings would get married, have families, and bring him grandchildren. That was the life he wanted for me also, because he believed that I would be much happier in life if, like him, I got married and became a family man.

It was the more stable and ideal life. The life of the priest, he said, would be filled with hardship, loneliness, and I would have an empty heart without a family.

You see, deep down, what every parent wants for their child is for them to be happy, to be with someone who takes care of them, and to share their life hopefully with children, and then be surrounded with great neighbors and friends who help them live a contented life.

When they see a son or daughter who seems stand-offish, a loner, a quiet and simple person, red flags go up. Every parent is afraid of the “socially bizarre” kid who doesn’t mix in with other folks and who may go through life as a “reject.” Or worse, they worry about an angry child who brings harm and destruction to themselves or others.

And it doesn’t help if you compensate for this tension by acting super smart, well-read, “highfalutin” in your talk, and, oh well, just kind of super geeky, like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

So when parental authority gets really preachy, controlling, domineering, and gives you constant scolding, they are trying to get you back in line. They mean well, even if they make you very angry.

Thank you for being very patient thus far. I appreciate the note you sent me just to blow off steam and rant with someone you trust.

Thank you for doing chores, helping around the house, and doing your best to come out of your room and have a social life, even if they don’t always like your friends.

Thank you for being a good kid. I use that word “kid” affectionately and with respect.

And carry on (I won’t say “carry on my wayward son” even though that is one of my favorite songs LOL). Continue to read and enjoy your fictions and your hobbies. It’s healthy and normal for a guy to be into a little “fantasy life” unless it disconnects you from reality and makes you a depressed, unhappy person.

As a personal note, let me just say that certain eras of history should not be seen with so much nostalgia, and therefore, so much forgiveness. Great empires of the past may strike your admiration, but don’t allow that fascination to easily excuse and forgive the untold suffering those empires caused to millions.

Most of all, continue to fortify your prayer life with your reading, your devotions, the Lives of the Saints, and the sacraments.

You may or may not end up becoming a priest. May it please God to grant you a vocation and then to grant you perseverance. And yes, many, many priests came from backgrounds of difficult family life and parental conflicts. But in the long run, those things helped them as human beings and as priests. 

God will see to it that something good comes from your struggles as well. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

anonymous asked:

Do you consider trans women, women? I was reading through some of your responses to asks and it came off kind of like you thought that trans women who haven't transitioned aren't really women because they might have a penis.

The definition of woman I use here is that of a homo sapiens animal of the ova producing sex who has reached maturity. In short, adult human female.

The term female here is use in a strict scientific fashion, concerning sexed reproduction, which is a characteristic of the homo sapiens species.

The term “woman” can be also associated with the gendered socialization received from birth by a female human, which results in a set of ingrained traits and behaviors that because associated with female humans, but are in no way inherent. As Simone de Beauvoir said in her famous book “the Second Sex”, one is not born a woman, but becomes one. This is often erroneously interpreted to mean that womanhood is in no way connected to femaleness, but when seen in context, it’s pretty clear that Beauvoir was talking about the way discriminatory societal standards and expectations shape the behavior of female humans from birth, resulting in a collection of traits and behaviors that result of this traumatic socialization.

According to this definition, trans women are not women in the biological sense (not female) nor in the upbringing sense (were not socialized as women). Trans women are males who wish to be perceived as women by society and to perform the social role assigned to women. This is not inherently bad or anything, I personally believe people should be able to live and present themselves in any way they desire, providing they don’t harm others in the process, but a lot of trans women have a very distorted and innacurate idea of what it is to be a woman in this society.

Hope that makes the issue clear, Anon. Have a nice day!

The GazettE members as teachers

Ruki: The strict, yet hot and fashionable teacher who gets pissed off if no one is paying attention to the lesson. Very popular with female students, has his own fanclub, gets many confessions from them, as well as offers to sleep with him in exchange for higher grades.

Uruha: He drinks booze in the staff room, and will sometimes accidentally spill champagne on a student’s test. Will sometimes talk about a game he played over the weekend, or ask students about their favourite kind of alcohol. He also knows how to rock eyeshadow.

Aoi: He’d be like, “Here’s what you’re supposed to do, now let me be”, and just chill at his desk, not even doing anything except for browsing through his phone.

Reita: A very chill teacher. He’d get easily derailed into a conversation about games, and he’d hand back assignments late. 

Kai: The perfect teacher, the one who is very encouraging, always tells students to talk to him if they need help, an overall sweetheart of a teacher with a smile to melt people’s hearts.

You have no idea...

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader
The innocent and helpless reader finds a place to stay with the Winchesters, after her family abandons her. Two years later, and sparks are flying between her and Dean. (reader 19 / Dean 32 here, so prolly around S8)
requested: Hey! I love your blog. You are such an amazing writer! I love every one of your writings. I wanted to request a one shot with dean. A lot of fluff and a little bit smut. I’m sorry I don’t have any idea for it. Take your time, no hurry. Love you :)
Words: 3388
Warning: virgin reader, age difference, smut, oral sex (female receiving)

Please follow my lovely friend who requested this <3
This is my first time writing smut, so I’m sorry if this is a bit weird? Please leave me some feedbank on what you thought about it! Thank you :)

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This picture is from the finale at Alexander McQueen’s S/S 2001 show, “Voss”, where erotica writer Michelle Olley was encased within a mirrored box, which collapsed around her at the completion of the runway show. Moths, which had also been trapped in the box with her, swarmed her naked body, which was concealed only with a gruesome face mask; a direct reference to Joel-Peter Witkins’ ‘Sanitarium’. The dramatic finale was a commentary on the modern perception of beauty, and the entire “Voss” show was concocted by McQueen to criticize the fashion world’s strict ideals of feminine beauty. 

Character asks

For @yknhec, @vir-ghilani and for @happywife416 thankyou lovelies!

Molly is a popular gal today!

1. Them as a child

The schoolyard is full of raucous sound and laughter. Amongst it sits a pigtailed Molly, her red hair and freckles a contrast to the green of the lawn on which she sits. This grass is in a quieter part of the playground and tucked under a sycamore tree away from the spring time sun. Molly turns each page, riveted to each word.

There’s a quiet taunt from the resident bully; who would want to be friends with such freckle faced bookish nerd says Vincent Lafferty. She ignores the sneer of the larger boy and continues reading. She doesn’t care what he says, he frightens her, but for the most part she steers clear of him as do her friends. After school she goes to her Grandmother’s house where she’s fed cookies and milk and told to do her homework in a strict fashion. Only after her parents have retrieved her do they sit at dinner and discuss the day’s events. Molly gives an exciting recount of the murder in the latest Rosie Ray mystery series and after dinner they match wits in a board game. At bed time Molly picks up her book again before being told its time for sleep. She takes out her flashlight, unable to put the book down she hides under the covers and adds to the atmosphere within the books pages, dark and mysterious. Tomorrow, if she was brave enough, like Rosie Ray herself, Vincent Lafferty would be told right from wrong and she hoped he would see the error of his ways.

4. Their laugh

The sound surprises Preston, it’s the first time he’s heard her laugh and he expects something much lighter than the sound that comes from her – a deep resonant chuckle that emanates deep within her belly and reverberates through her chest. It’s open mouthed and without a hint of pretension or affect. She holds one hand to her stomach and one hand to mouth trying to supress it, but even muffled it sounds hearty and heartfelt.

12. Them in their favorite outfit

The dress is made of silk brocade, a flattering 50’s design, sleeveless and a boat neck with a pinched waist and a calf length full skirt. The colour matches the cool blue of her eyes and is spattered with uniform white polkadots. It’s in contrast to the sunkissed color of her skin and the smattering of freckles that cover her from head to toe. The material flows over her shape like a waterfall spills and curves over a mountain edge, hugging then, billowing outward as it descends down her legs.

14.Them in an uncomfortable outfit

The skirt, brown and of an unknown fabric was a rushed purchase. It’s first wearing was rushed too. Nate, late for his deployment had rushed out the door and taken Molly’s keys by mistake. She had dressed and not thought too much until she was finally seated at her desk in the office of Shuster and Walpole. Then she realised, the skirt being much shorter than she was used to wearing, rode up her thighs when she sat down. In an important client meeting the fabric rubs and irritates her legs, the material a harsh woollen fabric, she fidgets and stries not to scratch, but the meeting turns out a disaster. Later that night the skirt makes its way to a box in the laundry, one for donations, next time she tells herself– she’ll pay closer inspection to her purchases.

16. Them sleepy

It’s dark and after midnight when Molly calls Nate. She’s been out on the town with the girls, had a few drinks, and danced the night away in a bar full of people much younger than her. Her voice is hoarse from talking and laughing. Nate arrives to pick her up, greets her with a kiss and asks if she had a good night. She clears her throat and nods. “Very good.” Nate rubs her leg and remarks on the reasonable sober state she appears to be in. As they drive home she leans against him, laying her head on his shoulder and yawning. Before they even make it a few blocks, her head nods and she’s fast asleep. There’s a quiet whistling from her nose as her head slumps forward. A bump in the road wakes her and she yawns again. “It’s well past my bedtime,” she says and closes her eyes once more.

18. Them eating

Molly sees the cake on her plate, normally she’d argue it’s too much, she really shouldn’t but she can’t help it. Each bite, each mouthful sends a shiver of sweetness down her spine. In the Wasteland she misses that feeling. Manufactured sweets like fancylad snack cakes are dull and their sweetness cloying and sickly. When Sanctuary Hills sorts out their first kitchen facilities—it’s Jun who brings her the treat—a cake made from a combination of ingredients, sweet mutfruit and razorgrain flour, eggs from Farharbor chickens make the cake rise and a warm sticky layer of tarberry jam, fresh from the markets of the Slog, coats the top. She licks her lips in anticipation as she brings it to her mouth. The first bite she savours, closing her eyes and humming with satisfaction. The next bite is the same as each piece bursts with flavors she remember from before the war. This is how you make a cake, this is the sweet she had craved since she left the vault. She washes it down with hubflower tea and as the clouds roll away revealing a warm autumn sun, she blinks back a feeling of peacefulness. For a moment she revels in it, the taste, the sensation of the sun on her back and the jobs that need doing are put to the side as each luscious spoonful slips down her throat.


You wake up to your phone vibrating on the floor. Pulling the blanket off you lean over and pick it up. Letting your eyes adjust to the light. The time read 2 am.

*4 new messages*

You roll your eyes and shake your head as you see it’s from your boyfriend.

‘Are you awake?’
‘I’m bored and your brother is sleeping.’
‘Does he usually take up the whole bed?’
'He’s sleep talking o.o’

You lay back down on your bed facing the ceiling. Since he finished his tour, the company let them take off for a month. For one week you both decided that he came to visit you and for the rest of the month you go to South Korea with him.

Your parents were strict and old fashioned so they made him sleep in your brothers room across the hall. Today was his first night and it sucked not being able to be together.

'I’m awake now.’ You reply and wait for his text. You continue waiting but no reply. 'Maybe he fell asleep’ you thought to yourself. Turning over you put the phone back on the ground and decide to go back to sleep.

As you were closing your eyes you heard a door slowly open. Picking up your head you see a light coming from the doorway and then someone closes your door. You squint trying to get a good look at the person who just entered your room.

“Hey.” The figure says right next to you. “Move over.” He whispers. You move over and let him under the covers with you.

“We’re going to get in so much trouble.” You whisper turning to face him as you both laid down.

“I’m not going to fall asleep. I just can’t sleep. Why aren’t you sleeping, little missy?” He says poking your cheek. You glare at him even tho he couldn’t see you.

“I don’t know maybe cause you kept texting me?” He starts laughing and places his hand over his mouth.

“Good.” He says and searches the bed for your hand. “Where’s your hand?” He whispers. You lift it up to his face.

“Here.” He comes closer to your hand.

“No not this one. The other one.” You put that arm under your head and put the other hand in his face.

“This one?” You say laughing.

“No the other one.” He whispers and you both laugh lightly. He takes it and interlocks his hands in yours. “Are you tired?” He asked as he rubs his thumb across your hand.

“Yeah but with you here I’m not.” You say.

“Really? Cause I’m about to fall asleep.” You laugh and lightly push him. “I’m kidding.” He says laughing.

“You better be! Waking me up…” You turn over to look at the clock on the nightstand. “2 am!” You say laying back down laughing.

“I’m sorry.” He says and picks up your hand kissing it. “Your brother is a horrible sleeper.” You laugh.

“I’ve never slept in the same bed with him so I have no clue.” All of a sudden you both hear a door open and footsteps. Your eyes widen and you both freeze. The footsteps come closer to your door. He squeezes your hand a little tighter. Then the footsteps continue on passed your room. As you hear them go downstairs you let out a breath.

“Was that your dad?” He whispers really softly.

“I have no clue but I hope not.” You whisper back.

“Should I go back?” He asks. Then you hear footsteps come back up the stairs. They pass by your room and you hear a door close. This time you hear him let out a breath. You laugh a little.

“What are you a scaredy cat?” You say laughing. “I think someone just went to go get water.”

“Don’t lie I heard you let out a breath when they first passed by.” He said laughing. Taking your hand he places it on his heart. “My hearts beating so fast.” You laugh along with him.

“Mine too.”

“Now look who’s the scaredy cat.” He says and you know he’s sticking out his tongue so you stick yours out too. “I know for a fact your sticking out your tongue right now even though I can’t see you.” You both laugh.

“Like you weren’t.” You say.

“Did you see me?”

“No.” You say laughing.

“Then you have no proof.” He says laughing. You lightly push him again. “I’m just kidding. Yeah I was.”

“I knew it.” You say. Silence followed. You look at him and then you felt your eyes slowly start closing. You then feel his hand crawl up your arm. “What are you doing?” You say laughing as he reaches your shoulder.

“Where’s your lips?” You laugh and take his hand in yours. You pick up his hand to your lips.

“Here.” You whisper against his skin. He then comes closer and places his lips on yours.

“Good night.” He says pulling away.

“Good night.” You say as he slowly gets up and off the bed. He walks over to the door.

“Ow.” You hear him whisper loudly.

“What?” You say lifting up your head.

“Stop leaving stuff on the floor. How am I supposed to sneak in and out of your room at night?” You laugh and lay back down.

“Bye.” You say as he opened the door.

“See you tomorrow.” He says closing the door. You hear his footsteps and a door opening and closing. After a couple minutes your phone vibrates. You pick it up and read the text.

'Your brother took the whole bed -_-’ you laugh covering your mouth.

'That’s what you get for waking me up :P’ You say putting down your phone and closing your eyes.

DeanXShy!Reader- Part 8

Request: FINALLY MONDAY YESSS!! can u do a one shot where the reader is latina and is dating dean but she has a really big family and they want to meet dean. and while he’s there he’s really uncomfortable because there are so many people and they are all really loud (I’m latina believe me, it’s like a rock concert) and are speaking spanish at him and the reader is just cracking up. sorry it’s super specific, but something like that would be nice thanks

Request: Hola. Its kinda late for this…ive been meaning to ask since Nov. I’d love a Deanxreader where she and the boys have x-mas w/ her family. The fam doesnt know about their relatoinship. Thy know she’s a hunter but still treat her like a niave lil girl

Request: shy!reader part 8 where dean gets jealous? please!! :D

Request: Hey I was wondering if you can make a part 7/8 of shy girl something about her getting sick or really really upset about something or make one about Dean and the reader finally doing it.

Request: Can you please do a chapter 8 on the shy girl story it was the best!!! Please continue it

A/N: Alright, so I don’t really say any nationality, so just kinda change it up to fit your family. Also, in any dialogue, the italicized words are spoken in a different language.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

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The popular guy~ I don’t know if relationship and romantic needed to be separated but I did anyway just in case

Kunikida Doppo


  • He’d keep a page in his notebook dedicated to his s/o, things they liked, disliked, little habits, eta…
  • Cooking together. Sometimes this will be done in a very strict, neat and peaceful fashion, sometimes it will be the chaos of Kunikida intensely focusing on getting the perfect amount of herbs while his s/o runs around with a flaming frying pan
  • His s/o might feel pressured by Kunikida’s ‘ideals’ for the future, once he found out he would let them know whoever they choose to be or whatever path they want to follow is his ideal and there’s no need for them to change


  • Kunikida would be romantically awkward at first, this would be due his perfectly set out plans about how dates or flirting should go, only to find that heart rates, blushes and stutters don’t care about his plans
  • This romantic dork would write love poems for his s/o
  • He’s very knowledgeable on the meanings of flowers, frequently using them to subtly tell his s/o what words can’t or what his professional attitude won’t let him 
  • He is the cheesiest of cheese  
A Year at Hogwarts - Pt. 1

Summary: Inspired by a request I got about being Newt’s friend (whom he’s secretly in love with) at Hogwarts and being a Ravenclaw. In September, you find yourself aboard the Hogwarts Express, reunited with your two best friends, Newt Scamander and Leta Lestrange.

Word count: 1114

Originally posted by not-infires-its-inspires

September 1st, 1912

“Newt! Leta! Over here!” you shouted as you peered outside the compartment where you’d been sitting for the past couple of minutes.

You’d gotten to the Hogwarts Express pretty early, and you’d made sure to get a compartment for your friends and you. You’d sat impatiently, waiting for them as you’d seen all the other students boarding the train. The usual excitement of getting back to Hogwarts, back to witches and wizards and magical beasts, after a summer mostly spent in the Muggle world was quite incomparable. 

Now that you’d checked in the alley of the train for what had felt like the hundredth time and that you’d actually spotted your friends, you felt giddy as ever. Their faces lit up when they heard you, and they promptly made their way to you.

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Outside the Lens.

Hi! I wrote this on my old blog (minsugabooga) and it was a request. This is the edited ver. Enjoy! :)

- Hana

Request: Model who’s attracted to his photographer.

Focus: Jimin

Word Count: 2100+

Originally posted by suga-com

It was the little moments in between that set his heart on fire.

Park Jimin. He was someone who many recognised as another face on the latest released fashion magazine, showing off the latest trends and expensive clothing. However, he was also someone with a personality filled with light and sincerity, but he found it difficult to express due to his busy schedule. It was almost impossible to be himself. He had never imagined that his life would lead to a career surrounded by blinding lights, hassling makeup artists who were always trailing his every move, and strict fashion designers, who never seemed to give him a break.

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So angles are like pets correct? But Charlie, Dean and Sam treat them like their kids? Is that normal?

They are indeed pets! And yes and no, it’s not ‘normal’ per say, but not rare. Although most of the time the sentiment goes as far as it goes with (some) dogs in our real world! Like, you genuinely love your dog and want the best for them. But when push comes to shove, most if not all people will choose their allergic kids over the dog, keep the dog outside, and a lot of dog owners have uttered the phrase 'I adore him/her, but it’s still a DOG.’ So, it’s part of the family, but it’s a very distinct difference between the humans and the dog(s) in the family!

A second hurdle is the way the human owners are 'primed’ before taking in an angel. The experts seem to agree that they need to be raised in a strict, if not harsh fashion, OR ELSE these animals will take over before you know it!!1 What adds to that is that angels make all these animalistic sounds and have reactions similar to wild animals. It creates a bit of a distance between most humans and their new pet. Also because it’s mostly assumed that because they act like animals they are far less intelligent than humans. SPOILERS: this is abso-fucking-lutely FALSE

Sam and Dean had never interacted with angels before and basically just got suckerpunched by protective feelings the minute they saw the neglected, distinctly child-shaped little ones. They had no expectations apart from 'they probably are severely traumatized and will probably act like it’ and treated them accordingly and the only way they knew how (so like they were ittybitty kids ♥)

Charlie got Anna in a whole different way, but that’s for another time~

Just a girl

I was three years old, playing in my toy kitchen as my dad told me that it was good that I can cook. I’d get a nice husband if I’m a good cook.

I was six years old and in primary school, the boys would play football at lunch in the summer and take their shirts off. No girl would dare take theirs off, as that’s just wrong.

I was ten and I had been scolded for taking my shirt off in front of male family members. I understood of course, I am a girl, I cannot display my nude (however, not fully developed) body to people; that would be inappropriate.

i was eleven and a boy in my class would shout abuse at me, he would make me feel like giving up everyday. I had a huge group of friends and would never leave them, but I was willing. I told my mum I wanted to move school and she said I was pathetic, it’s just one boy. She told me boys are mean when they like you, that’s how they show affection. I was terrified of a boy ever liking me again.

I was twelve and an excited, young sportsman who was eager to lead the handball team. Four boys were picked to lead the teams as I slowly sunk my hand in shame. I asked why and got “boys have better experience with sports, they’re better at leading.” Despite the fact I’d played my whole life and could outrun the whole team. I was just a girl.

I was thirteen and I wore my nicest black dress and nude heels to my first house party. A boy whispered in my ear that I was hot and I was teasing him. I was terrified, but, it was my fault for wearing a little black dress.

I was fourteen and left appalled by an all girls assembly in my school telling me that my skirt is too short and that it is decreasing my self respect. I politely asked if the dress code could be less strict and why my fashion choice had anything to do with my self respect. I was told “that’s the way it is” and “boys see girls as pieces of meat, it’s your job to cover up” “you’re not giving a good impression going out like that.”
There was nothing I could do to change it. I was just a girl.

By law, I am not allowed to engage in sexual activity, so why are my legs being sexualised when I am still a minor? Why were the boys who were whispered to by girls allowed to laugh in their face and call them sluts? Why can only boys lead a sports team to victory? Why aren’t boys fulfilling “feminine” traits such as cooking and cleaning? Why was I told I need to change myself to get a husband? WHY DO I NEED A HUSBAND?

Throughout my short life I have realised that I have been effected by many social issues. Everyday sexism, discrimination, harassment and “lack of self-respect.” My future, sexuality and life choices have been forced upon me from an age that I was far too young to comprehend. And I thought that whatever my parents or a member of authority said was correct. I was brainwashed. Whenever a teacher told me something I questioned, I was told that I was wrong for disagreeing with them. They were always right. I felt stupid and controlled. I was made to dress feminine and I had abuse romanticised right in front of me. I had every requirement handed to me giving the impression that, If I completed them things appropriately I can be deemed a girl.

All my life I have been shaped to become something I am not. I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m just a girl.

Replicas Versus Authentic Clothing in Bangtan's Wardrobe

After mentioning it a few times, we’ve received a lot of messages about this subject, so I thought making a complete explanation to answer all your questions at once would be easier for everyone. If you have further questions, please feel free to message us, but every ask regarding what’s been said in this post will be overlooked from now on. This post will also be linked in our FAQ for future reference.

The first issue here is understanding, when looking at how Bangtan dresses, from performances and photoshoots to fansigns and public outings such as airport appearances and official events, how the boys get to afford so much clothing, at such high prices. We can indeed see them often sporting pieces from well known designers and brands such as Givenchy, Rick Owens, Katie Eary, Hood By Air and other just as prestigious names. How are they able to buy so much clothes, to the point that we barely get to see them wearing the same item twice, moreover at such expensive prices, when they’ve debuted barely a year ago? 

An important fact to consider is that most clothes we see them appear in (and I’m not saying all of them, but still a good amount) aren’t theirs but were bought by Bighit’s stylists for them to wear. The only way to know which items are theirs and which aren’t would pretty much be to observe with time if said item was used on other occasions, excluding promotion outfits of course.
It’s legitimate to say the members indeed don’t have the money to buy all these clothes by themselves, especially when taking in consideration how the k-pop entertainment industry works.
It’s also safe to state that some of their clothes come from sponsors. So are all their expensive clothes sponsored? No. The few they get are more often than not from Korean designers, brands that have a good foot in the Korean market or international companies that have a counterpart in Korea. Unfortunately, high end Occidental designers don’t care for bangtan or most k-pop groups, and don’t need sponsors anyway since their notoriety is already well established.

Part of their wardrobe could also come from fansites collectively raising money to buy them an expensive item, or individual fans giving them accessories or cheaper clothes at fansigns and various events.

Once we’ve made it clear that most of these clothes don’t actually belong to them, the problem is still pretty much the same; does Bighit, as a company, have the money to buy all these expensive clothes? Not really - or maybe they do, but it wouldn’t be in their best interest to buy 7 times the same 500$ t-shirts. The truth is, the majority if not all of bangtan’s designer clothing are actually replicas (keep in mind that this also applies for many other k-pop groups out there; it’s not just bangtan that wears replicated clothing). Even though I have never spoken to their stylists nor have I seen their clothes up close, I can afford to say this for various reasons. First of all, the copyright laws in Korea (as well as Japan and China), or at least those regarding fashion copyright, seem to be pretty different from Occidental laws, in the sense that they are significantly less strict and controlled. Fashion copyright violations aren’t seen as serious as they’re here, and it’s relatively easy to get a hold of a rather well made replica in street stores or off dozens of Korean replica specialized online shops. It is therefore easier and more convenient for stylists to buy off Korean webstores than from the official e-store of any designer based in Europe or America.
Secondly, while doing my usual research for this blog, I’ve come across, and more than once at that, pieces of clothing that aren’t even supposed to exist. Those clothes use a well known print from a well known designer’s collection, but the item in itself doesn’t exist in said collection, meaning the stylists cut and sew new clothes from already existing designs. How unfavorable would it be for them to cut and play with 500$ worth t-shirts? Buying replicated item allows them to custom and alter entire outfits without significantly throwing money out the windows.
Another point is that I’ve come to notice that the members appear too often wearing out of season items that have been sold out for months and are only purchasable on ebay for 10 times the original retail price, while it’s easy for replica stores to sell any of those designs whenever at extremely cheap prices. In this situation, the choice seems clear.

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task to differentiate which clothes are legitimate and which are replicated. This is only my take on the subject and I have no way of being 100% sure if one item or another is the real deal. But if we take in account what I’ve said until now, what’s more likely to be fake is basically everything coming from a foreign high end designer or on the contrary a foreign indie brand that’s hard to get a hold of. Streetwear clothes are also more likely to be fakes, especially printed t-shirts, shorts and fleece. Items that are more probably authentic are the less expensive ones coming from basic and classic international and renowned brands, as well as Korean brands.

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shoutout to all the girls (especially muslims and ones with strict/old-fashioned parents) who arent allowed to buy/wear/do things that make them feel sexy

instead of being allowed to wear cute bras or thongs, have to wear gray sports bras and white granny panties

instead of being allowed to wear makeup, only get to wear lotion and chapstick

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when they find out we don’t wear lingerie or when they can’t see a thin strap under our shirt

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when we say that we buy new bras once a year, and only 3 at a time

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when we say the only colored bras we have are gray and white

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when we say we’ve never worn a push up bra or thong and might never be able to

we don’t forget.