strict fashion

The GazettE members as teachers

Ruki: The strict, yet hot and fashionable teacher who gets pissed off if no one is paying attention to the lesson. Very popular with female students, has his own fanclub, gets many confessions from them, as well as offers to sleep with him in exchange for higher grades.

Uruha: He drinks booze in the staff room, and will sometimes accidentally spill champagne on a student’s test. Will sometimes talk about a game he played over the weekend, or ask students about their favourite kind of alcohol. He also knows how to rock eyeshadow.

Aoi: He’d be like, “Here’s what you’re supposed to do, now let me be”, and just chill at his desk, not even doing anything except for browsing through his phone.

Reita: A very chill teacher. He’d get easily derailed into a conversation about games, and he’d hand back assignments late. 

Kai: The perfect teacher, the one who is very encouraging, always tells students to talk to him if they need help, an overall sweetheart of a teacher with a smile to melt people’s hearts.

Outside the Lens.

Hi! I wrote this on my old blog (minsugabooga) and it was a request. This is the edited ver. Enjoy! :)

- Hana

Request: Model who’s attracted to his photographer.

Focus: Jimin

Word Count: 2100+

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It was the little moments in between that set his heart on fire.

Park Jimin. He was someone who many recognised as another face on the latest released fashion magazine, showing off the latest trends and expensive clothing. However, he was also someone with a personality filled with light and sincerity, but he found it difficult to express due to his busy schedule. It was almost impossible to be himself. He had never imagined that his life would lead to a career surrounded by blinding lights, hassling makeup artists who were always trailing his every move, and strict fashion designers, who never seemed to give him a break.

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You wake up to your phone vibrating on the floor. Pulling the blanket off you lean over and pick it up. Letting your eyes adjust to the light. The time read 2 am.

*4 new messages*

You roll your eyes and shake your head as you see it’s from your boyfriend.

‘Are you awake?’
‘I’m bored and your brother is sleeping.’
‘Does he usually take up the whole bed?’
'He’s sleep talking o.o’

You lay back down on your bed facing the ceiling. Since he finished his tour, the company let them take off for a month. For one week you both decided that he came to visit you and for the rest of the month you go to South Korea with him.

Your parents were strict and old fashioned so they made him sleep in your brothers room across the hall. Today was his first night and it sucked not being able to be together.

'I’m awake now.’ You reply and wait for his text. You continue waiting but no reply. 'Maybe he fell asleep’ you thought to yourself. Turning over you put the phone back on the ground and decide to go back to sleep.

As you were closing your eyes you heard a door slowly open. Picking up your head you see a light coming from the doorway and then someone closes your door. You squint trying to get a good look at the person who just entered your room.

“Hey.” The figure says right next to you. “Move over.” He whispers. You move over and let him under the covers with you.

“We’re going to get in so much trouble.” You whisper turning to face him as you both laid down.

“I’m not going to fall asleep. I just can’t sleep. Why aren’t you sleeping, little missy?” He says poking your cheek. You glare at him even tho he couldn’t see you.

“I don’t know maybe cause you kept texting me?” He starts laughing and places his hand over his mouth.

“Good.” He says and searches the bed for your hand. “Where’s your hand?” He whispers. You lift it up to his face.

“Here.” He comes closer to your hand.

“No not this one. The other one.” You put that arm under your head and put the other hand in his face.

“This one?” You say laughing.

“No the other one.” He whispers and you both laugh lightly. He takes it and interlocks his hands in yours. “Are you tired?” He asked as he rubs his thumb across your hand.

“Yeah but with you here I’m not.” You say.

“Really? Cause I’m about to fall asleep.” You laugh and lightly push him. “I’m kidding.” He says laughing.

“You better be! Waking me up…” You turn over to look at the clock on the nightstand. “2 am!” You say laying back down laughing.

“I’m sorry.” He says and picks up your hand kissing it. “Your brother is a horrible sleeper.” You laugh.

“I’ve never slept in the same bed with him so I have no clue.” All of a sudden you both hear a door open and footsteps. Your eyes widen and you both freeze. The footsteps come closer to your door. He squeezes your hand a little tighter. Then the footsteps continue on passed your room. As you hear them go downstairs you let out a breath.

“Was that your dad?” He whispers really softly.

“I have no clue but I hope not.” You whisper back.

“Should I go back?” He asks. Then you hear footsteps come back up the stairs. They pass by your room and you hear a door close. This time you hear him let out a breath. You laugh a little.

“What are you a scaredy cat?” You say laughing. “I think someone just went to go get water.”

“Don’t lie I heard you let out a breath when they first passed by.” He said laughing. Taking your hand he places it on his heart. “My hearts beating so fast.” You laugh along with him.

“Mine too.”

“Now look who’s the scaredy cat.” He says and you know he’s sticking out his tongue so you stick yours out too. “I know for a fact your sticking out your tongue right now even though I can’t see you.” You both laugh.

“Like you weren’t.” You say.

“Did you see me?”

“No.” You say laughing.

“Then you have no proof.” He says laughing. You lightly push him again. “I’m just kidding. Yeah I was.”

“I knew it.” You say. Silence followed. You look at him and then you felt your eyes slowly start closing. You then feel his hand crawl up your arm. “What are you doing?” You say laughing as he reaches your shoulder.

“Where’s your lips?” You laugh and take his hand in yours. You pick up his hand to your lips.

“Here.” You whisper against his skin. He then comes closer and places his lips on yours.

“Good night.” He says pulling away.

“Good night.” You say as he slowly gets up and off the bed. He walks over to the door.

“Ow.” You hear him whisper loudly.

“What?” You say lifting up your head.

“Stop leaving stuff on the floor. How am I supposed to sneak in and out of your room at night?” You laugh and lay back down.

“Bye.” You say as he opened the door.

“See you tomorrow.” He says closing the door. You hear his footsteps and a door opening and closing. After a couple minutes your phone vibrates. You pick it up and read the text.

'Your brother took the whole bed -_-’ you laugh covering your mouth.

'That’s what you get for waking me up :P’ You say putting down your phone and closing your eyes.

shoutout to all the girls (especially muslims and ones with strict/old-fashioned parents) who arent allowed to buy/wear/do things that make them feel sexy

instead of being allowed to wear cute bras or thongs, have to wear gray sports bras and white granny panties

instead of being allowed to wear makeup, only get to wear lotion and chapstick

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when they find out we don’t wear lingerie or when they can’t see a thin strap under our shirt

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when we say that we buy new bras once a year, and only 3 at a time

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when we say the only colored bras we have are gray and white

we’re the ones that don’t forget the looks on peoples faces when we say we’ve never worn a push up bra or thong and might never be able to

we don’t forget.

Person A’s parent(s) is (are) strict and old-fashioned. When they think about A’s love interests, they surely choose Person B who is Person A’s best friend and whose gender is different from A’s. A and B pretend to be a couple in front of A’s parent(s) and make inner jokes about it.

OT3 bonus: A is actually in relationship with their other friend C whose gender is the same as A’s. They have to behave like friends in front of A’s parent(s) because they would never accept such love.

Miraculous March
↳ Day #2: Adrien || Chat Noir

Adrien Agreste

Pour la victoire, j’en fais serment,
Je me bagarre, éperdument…

A charming, encouraging, shy boy with a funny, outgoing & proud alter-ego. Adrien literally means The one who comes from the sea or The one who comes from the Adriatic Sea this name is the french version of ‘Adrian’ and has Latin origin. The last name make allegory of —according to RAE— the adjectives rough or rude, so we could say that the composition of the name is The rough boy who comes from the Sea.

Also this could be referring to his father’s character cosidering that he is the son of a strict and succesful fashion designer: Gabriel Agreste.
Adrien has an opulent life, taking everything and nothing at the same time, he spend his days into modeling and study giving an image of perfect idol but he manages a double life as Chat Noir —a parisian hero who works alongside Ladybug protecting the city against Le Papillon and the Akumas using his incredible corrosive powers, baton and non-good puns.

edit made by me.