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Momma Hale

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Characters: Y/n, Scott, Stiles, Liam, Derek(mentioned)

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, cuteness

Word count: 816

Summary: Scott and Stiles require Y/n’s help when they have a frightened Liam in the bathtub.

A/N: This is based on a request i got from an anon-I absolutely love love your pack mom series. Could I request something similar with a female reader like at the beginning of season 4 Scott and stiles kidnap Liam and Scott calls the reader telling her to come attend a “pack mom” or “momma hale” emergency? Thanks x There was additional info was given, but I can’t be bothered to add them into the A/N. But I did stick to them mostly. So I hope u like this, whoever requested it.

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“Shit! What the hell are we meant to do?” Stiles whispered to Scott, afraid someone might hear them, despite the fact that the only person other than them that was in the house, was the poor boy they had tied up and duct taped in the bathtub.

They wracked their brains, wondering how to sort this out. 

They couldn’t call Scott’s mom or the Sheriff. 

They’d go crazy. 

Lydia would just give them a lecture. 

Everyone else was basically useless when it came to things like this.

“You think we should call her?” Stiles asked, knowing she would be the best one to help.

“I don’t know. Won’t she tell him?”

“If we ask her not to, she won’t”.

Scott nodded, grabbing his phone and handing it to Stiles, who dialled the number and waited for her to answer.

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Of Books and Dirty Cash

Librarian!Yoongi Au

Inspired by this and this

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. All the librarians you had ever encountered had been very nice and friendly, if a bit old. But Min Yoongi, the librarian at your university…

People talked about him.

You had never heard of a librarian that people gossiped about either. But this one, people had a lot to say about. They said he was young, handsome, and very strict, mostly. One boy in your class, Dylan, claimed that the librarian had punched him in the face for forgetting to put his phone on silent, but you highly doubted that. Dylan had an overactive imagination and was a chronic liar. The concerning thing was that the librarian did have the authority to ban people from the library if he deemed it appropriate, and he deemed it appropriate quite often.

It wasn’t until midterms that you actually had to confront the problem. As they approached, you realized that there was a whole list of books that you needed. “It’s fine,” You thought to yourself. “I follow the rules. He won’t mind me. I’ll just get my books and go.”

You had seen the building every day since you arrived, but had only ever been in the library once, during school orientation. It was four stories high, the first level only computers and a mini coffee shop. The second floor was where all the book were. And the evil librarian.

To your relief, there wasn’t anyone at the desk when you stepped off the elevator to the second floor. This was fine, you could just find the books you needed, and take pictures of any important pages for later.

You had always loved books. The smell, the feel of them. There was something about being surrounded by books for the first time in months that made you feel at home, and at peace. Finding the books you needed was easy, you had spent so much time in libraries as a child you knew where to look for things. You found a desk in the back to put all of your stuff, and noticed how quiet the place was. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the constant noise of your dorm room.

Once you were finished writing down everything you needed from the books and taking pictures of the really important bits, you set about putting them all back. Technically, you were supposed to leave them on the cart for the librarian to put back, but you figured you’d save him the trouble.

You had just placed the first book back on the shelf when you heard someone clear their throat. You turned slowly, making eye contact with a young man with circular glasses.

“…Can I help you?” You said, utterly confused at the glare he was directing at you.

“That.” He pointed to the book you had just put on the shelf. “It doesn’t go there.”

You looked at it, and then back at him. “Yes it does.”

He rolled his eyes before stepping past you, snatching the book from the shelf. “It does not. It goes here.” He put it about two feet from where you had placed it.

“Same thing.” You shrugged, not seeing the importance. It was only two feet after all.

“No, it is not—you know what? You’re not even supposed to be putting books back on the shelf. They’re supposed to be placed right there-“ He pointed to the book cart. “So that someone who knows what they’re doing can put them back.” His voice had been getting louder as he spoke, his anger at the misplaced book evident on his face.

“Hey, sorry, I was just trying to save the librarian some trouble. No need to get so upset. Or so loud. It is a library.”

He narrowed his eyes at you, before taking the book back off of the shelf. “Why are you putting it back, anyway? Don’t you want to borrow it?”

You blinked at him, the change of subject catching you off guard. “No.”

“Are you putting those back, too?” He pointed at the other five books you were holding.


“Give them to me.” He held out his hand impatiently for you to hand them over. You did, figuring he was going to put them back since you apparently did such a bad job.

He glanced at each one before frowning at you. “These are all on biology.”

“Yeah, I’m writing a paper…” You didn’t see why he was so interested, you were putting them back anyway.

“Then why aren’t you going to borrow them? Don’t you need them for referencing? And you can’t have read everything in them in such a short amount of time.”

You shrugged, not wanting to admit that it was because you had heard the librarian was mean. What a silly reason that would sound like.

“Come on.” He gestured for you to follow him to toward the front desk that was still empty.

“Wait, why?”

“Don’t you want to do well on your paper?” He asked, stepping behind the desk. “Hand me your ID card, you can check them out with that.”

“Can you do that, though?” You asked, bewildered.

“What?” He asked as he scanned the bar codes on the books.

“Let me borrow the books.” You clarified.

“Well, I am the librarian.” He glanced up at you. “It’s kind of my job.”

A/N lol I had so much fun writing this… Yoongi the librarian ended up a lot scarier and angrier than I first planned, but I like it like this. Thank you for reading, I know this isn’t what I normally post. I hope everyone has a great weekend! <3


Downton Abbey Modern AU
Farmer’s Market Hot” Autumn Aesthetic
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Anthony Strallan

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I've already sent two, but oh well... Since Roman and Virgil call Patton Dad or Padre, they call Logan mom. And Logan pretends to be annoyed, but secretly finds it endearing.. Eventually Logan and Patton doing parent things without realizing. Stopping arguments. Making sure the two hours to bed at decent hours. Occasionally Logan is found reading to one of them. Patton is the parent that spoils them and bends the rules a little. Logan is more strict and both boys know it.

aaa yesss

-”Wait! Mum!” Logan was so perplexed when the word left the anxious traits lips.

-”What did you say?”

- “I said… M-mum?.. “  He goes red ducking into himself.

-Logan wants to be mad, But his heart is so..warm, and a smile tugs at his face.

-”What can I help you with Verge?”

-It happens again with roman.

- “Substitute father!  Can you tell me again of the battle of Hastings?”

-Logan sighs, shaking his head and swallowing a smile and the lump in his throat. ‘Certainly’

-Patton giggles “We are the most mature parents” he states as he nods, patting Logan’s shoulder.

-Slowly it becomes more regular… A system forms :

- Patton cooks, Logan cleans

-Logan makes sure the boys don’t get too reckless but also makes sure they are healthy.

-Patton makes sure they are supported. Loved. Given regular affection. This includes Logan.

- He helps Virgil find foods to eat when he’s too anxious to decide, or not up to big meals with the others.

- Logan finds he has many facts and fictions to share. Distracting one from earlier bickering and soothing him to sleep. Or making up historical accurate battles, fueling Romans need for adventure before rest.

- if Logan can’t. Patton will sing.

- Logan actually does their hair. He had a hobby of hairdresser when he was younger.

-Patton and Logan curling on the couch after a big day. Patton making sure Logan’s taken care off too before allowing the teacher to comfort and calm his needs too. 

-Roman and Virgil giggling in the morning when they find the pair past out on the couch. 

“Mum and Dad are so cute.”  - Roman  

-“They do a really good job…” - Virgil. 

Seventeen in Bed [NSFW]

this turned out longer than expected! but it was fun to write >///<

warning: nsfw

S.Coups: daddy kink ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) he would be focused more on your pleasure than his own. but only if you’re a good girl/boy. if you say “please/thank you, daddy” then he’ll award you. but only then. also, i think he’d be into costumes. not so much for him, unless you were into that, but for you; maid/nurse/school girl outfits, all those typical ones. he’s v private about your sex life though. if he was ever to talk about it, it would be to jeonghan or jihoon. and he would be very vague and blushy. but is very strict about the younger boys having sex. is on high alert if they bring someone over & has a stash of condoms just in case. then he’ll disappear to yours which annoys the boys bc they know what he’s doing! why can he get laid but not them?!

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Jeonghan: surprisingly v dominant. he acts like such an angel around his members, then is like, “oh, i think i’m meeting (y/n) today? later guys!” and arrives at yours where he left you tied since this morning to the headboard, a vibrator stimulating you enough to keep you aroused but not enough for release. he looks like an angel, but acts more like a devil. he won’t give you what you want until you’ve completely surrendered yourself to his power and are begging, tears in your eyes. even then, it mightn’t be enough for him

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Joshua: would be into creating an atmosphere, i feel. so don’t expect too many sudden nights of passion w him. he’ll prob warn you or drop hints before the chosen night like “babe, we’re free to spend all of Sunday in bed, right?” and you come home that day from grocery shopping and there’s rose petals leading the bedroom filled w candles. jisoo, like the gentleman he is, will help you put away the groceries before getting frisky. i get the feeling he’s kind of a sub? seeing you dominate him just makes his balls clench. but if you’re shy or whatever, he knows how to take charge too

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Jun: absolute tease. he knows your body like the back of his hand; knows just where will make your toes curl and make you whimper or moan. he’ll tease and tease until you beg him for more. he’s usually in charge but also has a soft spot for being sub. he loves when he teases you so much that you snap and pin him to the bed/table/bathtub/whatever, climb on top and take the dominant roll. he just loves how confident and fierce you are in those moments

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Hoshi: hyper + dancer stamina = sore body tomorrow. this boy is like an energizer bunny, he can just keep on going. idk but i feel like he would be inexperienced and unsure, looking at all your parts like, “what am i supposed to do w those?” so he might pinch a lil too hard or not prep you properly for penetration. but once he gets the hang of it, sex is mind blowing. i mean, you can’t walk and there’s bite marks everywhere but ayy, worth it!

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Wonwoo: is awkward and blushy at first. but he learns quickly and is teasy af. he won’t give you what you want unless you beg for it. daddy kink maybe? or at least a dominance one. he likes being in charge, likes when your hands are tied up and you’re bare and vulnerable before him, begging for pleasure only he can give you. he brags a lot, esp to mingyu

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Woozi: i think he’d be hella shy and careful in bed, prob blushing the entire time. he might be smiling from nervousness or embarrassment, ducking his head and not making much every contact. until he was more practiced and assured that he knew what he was doing. then he’d be a bit cocky, “i’m the only one who can make you feel this good, aren’t i?” and lots of eye contact. he’s more of a grunter, i think, as he’s thrusting. maybe let’s out a moan or two

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DK: has such a loving personality and is just a v nice person overall, so sex with him will be full of emotion. any kind. like, if he’s upset over not getting as vocally noticed as seungkwan, you’ll be able to tell by his rough thrusts and the dark bruises he litters on your skin. if he’s happy or just in a romantic mood, it will be slow and sensual, kisses being pressed to every inch of your skin. imo he’s a moaner. a loud ass moaner at that. there’s no way you’re getting away w sneaky quickies w this boy unless there’s no one within a mile radius

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Mingyu: learned everything he knows from wonwoo but doesn’t tell you that. he acts like he’s just a natural, awkward only for the first ten seconds until he realises that wonwoo actually gave sound advice and you’re moaning loudly for him, him! now he’s all cocky. “ah, so loud, jagi? do you want the neighbours to hear?” but if you even lightly brush against his dick, he’s a twitching and moaning mess. he’s the loudest in bed out of all the boys, trying to hide that by lip biting or muffling his moans by biting your shoulder while cumming. you wake up to breakfast in bed, curtosy of the sex god himself, and wonder where he’s gone when he says he’ll be right back. a minute later, you hear the rest of seventeen cheering and you groan

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The8: is kind of spontaneous about initiating sex. like, you’ll both be watching a movie at yours and he’ll suddenly lean over to kiss you. which seems innocent at first until his hand is resting on your butt and then you realise what he wants. he’s not cocky or shy either, just somewhere in the middle. he doesn’t feel like he’s the greatest ever but knows by your moans that he’s not bad either. it’s 50/50 in the bedroom. sometimes he gives you oral, sometimes you suck him off. sometimes he’s on top, sometimes you are. it’s not forced, just natural and fun

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Seungkwan: sassy but passionate. i think his vocal bg will make him loud af in bed. the entire dorm will know when he gets laid. but he’s so proud of himself, strutting down for breakfast and ignoring the stern, fatherly look s.coups is giving him. “how did everyone sleep? i slept great!” lil shit. if he’s in the mood & you’re not or vise versa, he could get snappy. also, i see him as a sub? a whimpering, hot mess that begs for your touch. and i don’t see him as being the best giver? bc he’s pretty self conscious about his looks compared to the rest of 17 & he’s also still so young. so sex is spent w you reassuring him? idk

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Vernon: considering he’s still young, i doubt he’s too experienced in this field. also, he’s awkward af. so it could take forever of dating before he’ll move past making out. and even then, his touches are shy and gentle, always checking you for your reactions. you’ll have to tell him how to move his fingers and maybe he’ll cum quickly but that’s cool. there’s an intimacy and awkwardness to sex that’s lost in movies. sex is a constant learning experience and who better to learn w than hansol?

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Dino: is still a baba so let’s just think about how adorbs this fetus is

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Hey i hope you see this!!! Can you write a scenario for Bakugou/Todoroki (separately if you can) where their s/o has a quirk that can calm others with their touch and idk maybe controls nightmares/thoughts so they go to her for comfort and stuff ( THIS IS REALLY SPECIFIC I KNOW SORRY BUT I LOVE YOUR WORK SO YEAH ) - \(>~<)/

Alright, so since you requested two scenarios, They will have to be shorter than usual, because It’ll be hard for me to write two long ones. I hope you enjoy them!

“Dammit Deku!!”

You could hear your boyfriend yelling as he approached your apartment. He barged in and you sighed, closing the book you were just reading. Him barging in would have been a problem if your parents were home, but they were out of town for a week or so. You could take care of yourself just fine though.

“What’s wrong oh Baku Dearest?” you smirked.

“Stupid Deku! Stupid-”

“Come here,” You cut him off.

You set your book down as he approached you on the couch. He sat next to you, still mad, and you hugged him. He had instantly calmed down, do to your quirk. 

He opened his mouth to speak but you shushed him.

“Don’t talk about it right now, you’re still mad and you need to calm down. You can tell me all about it later,” you said.

He nodded and wrapped his arms around you. He burrowed his face in your hair. You didn’t hear him but he had mumbled something.

“How did I get so lucky?” his muffled voice had said.

You woke up to your boyfriend gasping for air.

You turned over to him. You had to sleep on different beds because your parents were kind of strict about boys. They weren’t home but you weren’t sure when they would be, so you had to take precautions. You had switched beds with your younger siblings. They had a bunk bed. You were on the top bunk, he was on the bottom. You could hear your boyfriend’s distressed breathing. You climbed down the ladder and managed to climb into bed next to him, without him realizing. He only realized when you spoke.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked.

When he shook his head no, you hugged him. His breathing became calmer as he held you closer.

“But what about your parents?” he asked, knowing they were strict.

You giggled. It’s fine, your well being is more important. You said. So, you two went back to sleep, in the same bunk. Your parents didn’t mind because you explained it to them.

Todoroki wishes he could sleep next to you more often, after all, your presence does calm him down, not just your quirk.


you know even during the gamergate controversy i never actually saw what brianna wu looked like, i thought she would be like your normal blue haired san diego hipster girl but she looks exactly like the cruel headmaster of a strict boarding school for boys from a movie set in victorian england

So I’d just like to take a minute to educate those poor, deprived people out there who have never once seen or possibly even heard of the Canadian cartoon Detentionaire.

Lee Ping starts out as your typical teenage boy - a strict mother, few friends, and eyes fixed firmly on a pretty girl - but on the first day of his sophomore year, the biggest prank in high school history (make that the biggest prank maybe ever) is pulled in the crowded auditorium during a school-wide assembly. And he’s labeled the culprit.  

Now he finds himself stuck serving a year’s worth of detention - while trying to figure out who set him up.

And in doing so, he discovers that there’s so much more to the people around him - not to mention to the school, to his family, and to himself - than he ever imagined.

It is admittedly geared mostly toward sci/fi or mystery fans, but there’s really something in it for everyone - like, for instance, the main character himself is a superdorky, superlovable, supersmart, supersassy, superbrave friggin’ adorable lead and everyone who’s watched this show with me agrees.

And you know what else? He’s got great character design. Excusing the freakishly long neck and barely-a-nose for a minute here, you can just look at him, and you can tell that a lot of love and thought went into that guy up there. The animators worked really hard on this show and it really shows, and I love it. If nothing else about this post has appealed to you so far, I really hope he does, because Lee is a character who belongs in everybody’s life.

But he’s not the only character and the others in here are just as amazing. 

Like Biffy Goldstein - the tough, muscular student who’s viewed as a bully and spends ninety percent of his time in detention with Lee but adopts stray cats and knits sweaters for them in his spare time. And, despite everything, he really loves and looks out for Lee. 

But the show doesn’t stop at these two.


Because then there’s Tina Kwee - ultra-smart and ultra-pretty, with a thirst for justice and bravery in the face of adversity, it’s easy to see why the school reporter is the girl of Lee’s dreams.

Along with her partner on the school news, the hilarious, vain, egotistical Chaz Moneranian. 

And Lee’s two best friends, Camilio Martinez - a free-spirited and occasionally thoughtless kid and Holger Hogarth, a sweet-natured, optimistic exchange student. 

And then there’s Brandy Silver, a fun-loving girl, new to the popular crowd and desperate to prove herself “worthy”. 

At first, she appears to be nothing more than your shallow, stereotypical popular girl, but she’s way deeper than that - and she’s, when it comes down to it, nice. Really, truly nice. 

Then there’s Kimmie 

Again, seemingly shallow and surprisingly clever and thoughtful.

And Principal Barrage

The maybe-insane, definitely-weird half-cyborg who really has it out for Lee - and yet, also a brave, determined, ambitious man, willing to do anything to protect his students.

Not to mention, Barrage is just a really hilarious guy in general. Here are just a few of the wonderful, wacky phrases directed at Lee and other troublemaking students: 

“Tweedledum and Tweedledummer! I’ll leave you to figure out which one’s which!” 

“I could cry…IF I HAD TEAR DUCTS!” 

“What in the name of Sam’s sweet, sweet potato farm is THAT?”


There are really just too many amazing characters here to name, so I’ll stop here - but the show is seriously very clever and worth watching - like I said, there’s something in it for everyone. So if you’re a sci/fi or mystery buff, this is really your thing; if you prefer humor, there’s always a lot in every episode; and for those who enjoy romance, believe me, there’s plenty of that going around.

Wrapping up, it’s just a very enjoyable, well-thought-out show after all with cliffhangers, surprise kisses, robots, rumors and Mathlete rivals to keep everyone into it when the “conspiracy” atmosphere gets too thick. It’s just really great and if you’ve never seen it, you might want to consider it, at least. 

anonymous asked: Hi ! Can you write a Jeff x reader imagine where she lives in a latino household ( like shes Tonys sister or something) and her family’s very strict about boys sleeping over and so she sneeks him in through her window and they just watch films and cuddle together till the middle of the night ?

Originally posted by 50shadesofdistance

Jeff X Reader

Tony and your dad have just finished tuning up the Mustang, which leaves you on clean-up duty, so you’re in the middle of counting all the tools to make sure nothing is missing when you hear the familiar noises of Clay’s bicycle coming up.

“Hey, Jensen. What are you doing on this side of town?”

“Looking for your brother as always. Know where he’s at?”

“Yeah. He took the car for a quick spin. He’ll be back in a bit.”

“Mind if I wait?”

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Rewind (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

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Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Requested?: ‘Could you do another poly ham squad where the reader get super shaken up after witnessing something horrifying and they comfort them? I’m super shook rn and I need it’ (@hamilton–trassh )

Prompt: Reader’s BFF commits suicide.

Words: 1900+

Warnings: Suicide, Angst, Overdosing, Depression, Shitty Plot Twist


A/N: I’m sorry. I turned this into a platonic Peggy x reader on accident. Oops.


She was your best friend.

You and Peggy Schuyler were the best of friends. You did everything together; shopping, sleepovers, doing each others makeup, gossiping and laughing together at lunch, you were both even on the swim team. She has been your friend since diapers. You grew up together and always had time for each other, no matter the situation. You were basically Veronica Sawyer and Martha Dunnstock, minus the betrayal.

Since you entered a polyamorous relationship with Alexander, John, Hercules, and Lafayette, you’ve been slightly busier. You basically had to look after your four boyfriends and make sure they didn’t do anything stupid. And whenever you tried to spend time with Peggy, one of them or all of them found a way to keep you busy. Most of the time, Peggy came over and watched as you cuddled and acted all lovey-dovey with your boyfriends. This really upset her because she was having trouble keeping one boyfriend when you had four. She felt like you were rubbing it in her face but you’d never do that. The bad thoughts in her head made her think otherwise.

You knew Peggy had depression and anxiety problems. She took medication for that, along with her insomnia she’s had since you were little. You always made sure she took them or else she’d be irritable and push everyone away. You made her swear to always take her medicine and she swore. You even had her sisters confirm if she took her medicine or not when you didn’t have time to see her. Your boyfriends noticed you were stressing yourself out over Peggy and they understood it was for a good reason but you needed to calm down and relax. You’d just brush them off and say you were fine when really, they were right. Maybe you were freaking out too much. So, you stopped checking in on Peggy so often. Slowly, you stopped checking in on her altogether, trusting her 110% that she would take her medicine.

When really, she wasn’t.

She never does unless you remind her.

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Putting aside his attitude towards Louis, which is nasty, I was surprised about the way he talked about the process of making music in the beginning. Of him being allowed to talk about how authoritarian it was, and how the boys weren't happy with it. I know in the process he is talking himself up, trying to imply the whole 'they would be nothing without me, I groomed them in the beginning, it was all me' but still. Interesting how it was all so strict for the boys, and how they didnt like it

he sounds like a condescending dick no wonder louis wanted to cut him loose