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I really want to get into Lokeanism (is that what I should call it?) but I wasn't raised within religious boundaries. Sounds nice if opposed to stricly religiously raised kids and all, but it has left me with an utter and total disbelief in everything I can't actually see or feel. I'm spiritually underdeveloped, pretty much. Is there any advice you can give me?

I was raised without religion or spiritual practices, so I sympathize with being unable to believe in gods, ghosts, magic, etc. - it’s what kept me away from even trying to join any pagan groups for a long time.

Having said that - what is it about worshiping Loki that appeals to you? (Some people do call worshiping Loki “Lokeanism” and if they mean more by that term I do not know; it isn’t very widespread.) You don’t have to believe gods exist to set up an altar, make offerings or do other devotional work, meditate, learn about Them, learn from Their myths, apply these lessons or principles to how you live your life, etc. There are heathens out there who practice heathenry for essentially cultural and/or social reasons, but essentially don’t believe the gods exist as separate entities.

If what you’re looking for is to actually experience something Other - well, there’s no guarantee you will, though wanting to and believing it might be possible doesn’t hurt. For a bunch of years before I became a polytheist, I followed some people on Livejournal who had some pretty intense spiritual experiences, and while I didn’t believe they could really be talking about real gods, it was very clear to me that whatever they were experiencing, it was real to them. So if you can take that step of belief - “I don’t believe gods are real, but other people’s experiences are real” - I think that may help you. I don’t think I’d have got here without that. From there, once I was getting serious about wanting to reach out to Loki, it occurred to me that maybe all it took was “tuning” your brain the right way, like tuning a radio (I’d been a skeptic, but I was never 100% on board with it, I always wondered “but what if there is something that Science is just /missing/”).

Being willing to be open to experience is important; doubt, even for people who’ve had mystical experiences, can block out anything Weird that’s inbound, and if you DO have a really intense experience, all those doubting scripts go to war inside your head with “HOLY SHIT something hAPPENED” and let me tell you, that internal fight where part of you tries to deny something happened, that /sucks/.

Try things! Read up on a variety of meditation or trance methods and try them out - guided meditation may be a good first step, since it gives you something to focus on (as opposed to the kind of meditation that is about letting thoughts go), and that focus can, for some people, turn into a communication channel (spirits can influence the images or whatever that you start out intentionally creating).

Read about different kinds of energy work, and give some of that a try; see what happens - what do you experience? Keep in mind that people experience spirits and spiritual “energy” in a really wide variety of ways, so if you don’t find yourself ‘hearing’ gods, that doesn’t mean you can’t sense Them at all. Some people pick up scents, or physical sensations, or “just know” something; others ‘hear’ words or get flashes of imagery; dreams can cross into “a god was here” territory as well.

You might also find some kind of breakthrough in belief via practicing witchcraft or other kinds of magic and seeing results of a spell. There is a LOT of spellwork of various kinds written about on Tumblr, so pick something that sounds fun and try it out (start with something that wouldn’t be a huge deal if it doesn’t work out, as magic takes practice, too); I’m fond of sigils in the style written about here - - and that’s relatively simple to start with.

Learning some form of divination may also help, especially if an answer you get ends up feeling way too accurate to dismiss as “just chance.” Read up on Loki and other Norse myth and lore and spend time musing on what it means - imagination and insights gained through that kind of thinking can sometimes cross over into gnosis/mystical experience, but even if it doesn’t, learning more about something you care about, and finding meaning in it, is really, really vital to having a religious practice that you want to keep. And you do not need to have mystical/spiritual experiences to contribute in a meaningful way to community, either; if you want to write mythical fanfic, or art, or academic-type analysis of lore or archaeology, all that is terrific, too.

Anyway. I think that identifying what it is that draws you to this, and then figuring out how to start incorporating that in your life, would be a good way to start.


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Throwback Thursday! When was the muse last on a date? What happened?

Rith didn’t go on many dates….You can count it on one hand. The last one was pretty much a disaster from beginning to end. 

Sharwyn wanted her to have fun and had settled a thing with a young noble from around Neverwinter. Let’s just say that the young man careless behavior was the least of the paladin’s problems that day. She ran into Nasher, detroyed a precious statue of his garden (not really her fault but…), was reminded of a tragic event in a very rude way, lost all her money, fell into a fountain, was pursued by an angry merchant, got her clothes ripped off, and eventually was bitten by a pretty venimous snake after a short battle with some other beast. 

Then Rith never went on a date again. That simple world was stricly forbidden in her presence. And Sharwyn was banned from her chambers for a week. (which was totally unfair, as she only wanted her friend to have fun!) But Tomi had a pretty good laugh at Rith’s expense. Luckily Linu healed her, and Daelan kept Tomi far. 

They’re so many people in my life who loves me and wouldn’t hesitate to take me in for a long time.

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These people have tremendously Impacted my life. I know they would hate to see me die and they would want me around for the longest time to keep me safe as I do for them. Things are just really difficult ok?.. im trying my best all for you. Without them I wouldn’t make it this far. I want to give up so badly but my I have to say no stricly and firmly to the 100 people in my head.