title: uncle, uncle, uncle
rating: K
pairings/characters: sarada, shisui
summary: sarada and shisui have an unparalled uncle/neice relationship
author’s note: none of you can convince me that this isn’t exactly how sarada and shisui would have been (that is of course, when they’re not teaming up to piss off sasuke)

Sarada takes a deep breath, and for the umpteenth time today, prepares herself to successfully complete the jutsu at hand. The water below her is steaming (so is she) as she weaves the appropriate hand signs and focuses her chakra through the movements. Her eyes snap open, sharingan whirling to a point where she’s almost seeing red.

“Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!”

The same thing that happened the last twenty-three times happens again—despite her immaculate chakra control and intense focus, she yields what looks like two wimpy water snakes instead of two fearful water dragons, that mockingly dance around her head for a maximum of twelve seconds before dismembering out of her control into a shower of rain drops, soaking her yet again.

“Dammit,” she hisses, shaking her head, thinking she must look like a wet dog at this point. “Maybe I’m using up too much chakra using my sharingan,” she considers aloud, and gets ready to focus herself again, before another thought dawns on her. “But if I can’t do this with my sharingan what’s the point?”

She drops her arms, cursing her Papa’s genes. She thought about how much easier combining elemental chakra natures and jutsu would be if she were of a water or earth nature by birth. Water and earth are neutral and adaptable; if harnessed correctly, possess healing qualities, as they’re not destructive by nature. But of course, in the tradition of the Uchiha, Sarada had, for better for worse, chakra of a fire nature; which meant that water jutsu was extremely difficult—creating a jutsu that required both fire and water natures seemed near impossible. But, again, in the tradition of the Uchiha, she’d rather slit her own throat than put her pride at risk by giving up before she’d tried every single trick in the book. Twice. 

“You are aware that water jutsu kind of goes against all the chakra you have inside of you, right?” A sarcastic voice questions, startling her. She whirls around, sharingan ablaze, ready to trap whoever was spying on her in a genjutsu they’d never forget.

Instead of finding an enemy, she comes face to face with an all-too-familiar face.

“Mama says it’s not nice to spy on people, Uncle Shisui,” she sighs.

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Ignoring that there's a chance that it really was coincidental, i feel weird about people just collectively agreeing that "petiness" was even a motivator here. First, it could be stricly business - it elevated the news to dominating-the-media- level. But even if it was emotionally motivated, it doen't feel to me like it came out of a place of vindictiveness. Petty would be "i want to get back at you cause you dared to come for me". Petty is what Katy was doing for the last few weeks (1)

This feels much more like someone feeling things are going to far, it seems more defensive than passive-agressive if you get what i’m saying. Less “take that”, more “back off”.I know we’re all sick of talking about it but i people who’re going after her character because of this seem to see it as her being an asshole w/o necessity. But this isn’t some playground fight. This is a manipulative person that first undercut her under a guise of friendship for years (including shaming her publicly (2)

for speaking out about an abusive ex) then, once she dared speak out and cut her from her life, she went to other people-in this case the public - and started manipulating their view of her. I mean, that’s classic.I think some people aren’t taking into account the whole picture, how it looks and feels from T’s perspective. Things like this can make you feel really helpless and you may feel the need to “retake the narrative” which is what i feel she did here.(3)

Also, this really isn’t as big of a deal as people are making it into. It sure as hell isn’t sabotage. It’s just a little takover of media attention-which she didn’t really have much to begin with with a subtle warning underneath it (4)

Presented without comment because I agree. 

Sinbad and Ja’far reading Seren’s goodbye letter together. Literally holding each side of the paper and reading it together.
I like that this was stricly necessary, somehow. It could have been Sinbad alone reading it to the group, but no, it’s the two of them ♥
Just wanted to point it out…



My favorite male character: Jace Wayland Morgenstern Lightwood Herondale

My favorite female character: a tie between Lydia Branwell & Isabelle Lightwood

My OTP: Jalec.

My BROTP: Not stricly fitting the definition of BROTP but if I take it as “favourite non-romantic relationship”, it’s definitely Alec & Izzy. Their relationship is my favourite thing on the show besides the parabatai bond. By extension, Jace, Alec & Izzy all together.
Alec & Lydia. Jace & Clary. Alec & Clary. Clary & Izzy

My NOTP: MaIec. And I doubt that’s ever going to change. Now despite not shipping it any longer, I probably wouldn’t hate the ship itself. But the M@lec fandom as a whole is one of the most toxic environments I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing in any fandom space, and it’s just become plain impossible to separate the ship from the shippers. So MaIec it is.

My other ships: As far as my favourite character goes, nothing else in terms of actual OTP material - I’m a strictly one-OTP kind of girl.
On occasion, I do read Malace when it’s well-written by a select handful of people, though I have to admit that for me it’s really more Jalec + Magnus.
Sebjace in a more ~problematic capacity (meaning I don’t SHIP ship it but I find the dynamic and all the badwrongmessedupproblematic shit that comes with it immensely interesting and intriguing).
Very low-key Jace/Lydia.
Clary/Izzy in the sense that I like it and I’d most likely dig it if it happened on the show, but I’m not actively seeking out content.

My least favorite character: going with the rest of the Jalec fam here and gonna say crazy m@lec fans. Cause really, I can’t think of anybody WORSE.

Who I would date off the show: Jace. In a heartbeat. If it was only up to me, Alec too, but that’s not really a viable option, so yeah. Probably Lydia.

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KRIEGHALLEN is a collective effort paying tribute to the legendary albums that were recorded in Grieghallen studio, Bergen, Norway, in the 90’s.
This 32 pages book gathers 20 nostalgic artists from all over the world.

The line-up consists in :
Jeremy Hannigan
Cloven Hoov
Sin Eater
View From The Coffin
Daniel Corcuera
Maks Pathologikal
Dehn Sora
Gozer Visions
Flog Diver
Sindre Foss Skancke
Dale Nason
Seldon Hunt
Manuel Tinnemans
Riton la Mort
Business for Satan

To be released on March MMXIV, published by the almighty Timeless, and curated by Valnoir from Metastazis.300 stricly limited copies - 30x40 cm opus.

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How can you defend ereri from the haters???? And please teach me how to defend

Hello lovely person!
Well first of all, I do not defend ereri from the haters as I stay very far from drama and ship wars. If anything comes up regarding ereri, I explain my reasons why I ship them and how I started shipping them, as well as what I think their canon relationship is. I also got death threats in the past through anon and shut down this blog for 2-3 months before deciding to give it another chance… So I’ll say it as I would to anyone who’d be looking to pick a fight. Here’s my thoughts:
1-Shipping whoever you want, however you want, is regarding ONLY AND STRICLY you. You should not make someone feel ashamed for who they ship and how they ship them. Instead turn this hate in love towards your own ship and don’t look for haters.

2-If you see something offending regarding your ship, try shrugging it off. If it is really harmful towards the shippers, I’d suggest trying to report the post or the blog. Do not get into a direct fight with the person as this is actually what they strive for. No matter if you think you have good arguments, know that if you truly believe your arguments are enough, it should also be enough for you without needing to argue. I ship ereri and I am proud that I do. That’s all you should tell yourself and let these pathetic haters excuse of a human being ship war fighter be idiots in front of their mindless blogs.
3-I started shipping ereri while browsing tumblr. The truth is…I fkn loved Eren and hated Levi at first because of how he treated him. But then as the anime/manga progressed we saw more of Levi and how he was filled with emotions although he didn’t seem very nice at first. He’s a very complicated character on the inside and I fell in love with how deeply he feels things and manages to stand up for himself and people he cares about. While I browsed, I saw them kissing and immediately got attached to the ship. It obviously turned into way more than kissing and endless fanfics…
4-Why I ship them? Well that could be a long answer but I’ll try to make it short. Eren and Isabel are very similar and I truly believe that Levi wants to care for Eren the way he never could for Isabel. I’m not saying anything romantic could’ve happened with Isabel. I only mean, that he’s attached to Eren and that much is obvious. Also Eren and Levi are very very similar and lived a lot of similar experiences so they get along and understand each other in a way no one else could. Levi also happens to have a good influence on Eren throughout the entire manga. At first he’s just an angry german kid who runs everywhere for vengeance…but then slowly, he starts thinking more and listening and learning and basically he grows. Not only cause of Levi but a lot because of him indeed. He’s his mentor, his childhood hero and he wants to be part of what Levi is. He wants to be as strong and capable as him. Levi on the other hand, wants Eren to grow and be able to fight the way he believes he can. Levi is the only character who never stops believing in Eren. He NEVER doubts him although he threatens that he is, it’s obvious he trusts him with all is being. Whether he sees a chance at a better world or at making up for his past, Levi knows Eren is the key and that’s how deep of a relationship they have in canon. Now that being said. Isayama confirmed that Levi was never in a relationship before and he never specified Levi nor Eren’s preferences. I ship them because of this complicated deep relationship that they have. This silent understanding of both’s personality and being that makes them keep fighting because they know if no one remains, they’ll both keep fighting until the very end for vengeance from the past but also for a better world even if they both end up not being in it. I ship them because they obviously care for each other and if there was ever a slight chance at a romantic development between the two, it would be backed up by so much shared experiences and feelings. I ship them because it’s easy to see how they truly care for each other. I ship them because I like to think that Eren feels grown up and listened to with Levi, while Levi feels young again and maybe like he has another chance to make things right for once. I ship them because they both look youthful and cute together. I ship them because they make my heart beat faster and I feel like this relationship belongs to me just as much as it belongs to them. If they hurt I hurt, If they smile I smile. They are deeply and forever stuck in my heart those two beautiful angry dorks.
5-Age difference: OK…….quickly on this…First of all, they are fictional. Second of all, it’s consensual (I don’t like non-con). Third, look up the legal age in japan and even tho snk doesn’t happen in japan, I’d like to think that since Isayama is the one who created it, those rules would apply to the ship. Even if it didn’t…to me they are in a consensual relationship and it’s fictional so I do not care. And also, not to defend myself but at the very first watch of the anime I did, I didn’t catch their age, so I thought Eren was around 22 and Levi was about 26… But even then, I still ship them. I would if it was consensual and a loving relationship. I don’t want to talk much about this as I know this is the haters favorite topic and I don’t have much arguments to fight back on this except that whatever they say won’t keep me from shipping them in a fluffy or smutty way.

I think that’s pretty much all I can say to be honest. Perhaps I’ll think of something else and edit it later but anyways… I hope I helped a little? If you ever need someone to comfort your ereri feels, I’m here and I know many people are dropping the snk fandom because they don’t read the manga and are tired of waiting for the anime, but I’m a true faithful fan and I’m not about to leave, so stick with me my little ereri lovers, this blog ain’T going anywhere as long as there is stuff to reblog ^_^

PS: I wrote a few ereri fanfics on ao3 (hikarimitsuko’s my username) that would make them haters bite their keyboards lollll…

Keep shipping what you want and keep being you! Chin up and don’t care for pathetic haters! <3

Little Boy Looking For A Mommy

Name: Houndy
Physical Age: 16
Little age (put N/A if you aren’t a little) idk yet
Role:little boy/kitty
Preferred Role in Partner: Mommy
Gender and pronouns: he/him
General Area You Live In: california
Preferred Gender of Partner: female
preferred age: 14-17
Interests: im a pretty big nerd you could say. I like comic books and playing video games but also like snuggling, cuddling, kisses, ect.
Polyamorous or Monogamous: stricly mono
Description of What You’re Looking for: im looking for a loving and caring mommy, one who is strict and will make me feel little. Someone who spoils me and doesnt mind a lot of cuddles and cute nicknames. Someone who doesnt mind being heartfelt. Also someone who has a lot of time for me.
Ways to Contact You: kik: hellhound291
Tumblr: hellound291
Any Extra Information: im very clingy and possesive so i’ll smother you in lots of love if you’re nice to me! Also im really needy and sensitive so hopefully you can deal with that ;~;

Frozen Fever on Anna Scale

olofahere made this scale to rate Elsanna levels in Frozen merchandise. I had this idea to use it for Frozen Fever.

Just in case: this is stricly for fun, I repeat, for fun. Did I say fun? So please don’t tell me that I get it all wrong. And boy, it was hard to choose screencaps, for every score there were always a few fitting. Choices,choices…

0. Actively non-elsanna. Anna and Kristoff, or Elsa dancing with whoever that guy was in that comic. (We all hate him, right?)

Elsa and Kristoff without Anna works as fine, yes?

1. No interaction between Elsa and Anna.

No interaction.

2. Elsa and Anna being completely 100% Snow Sisters. Wholesome innocent fun. Highest possible rating for lil’ Elsa and lil’ Anna.

Innocently holding hands.

3. Elsa and Anna being innocently fond of each other in an entirely appropriate way.

“Follow the (red) string (of fate)!”

4. Elsa and Anna being rather more fond of each other than most siblings, but not in a surprising way.

The Look of Love while on a swing.

5. Elsa and Anna being very, very close sisters.

So close that it is a little creepy.

6. Elsa and Anna being rather romantic, but still excusable as very close sisters who are making up for lost time.

“I’m giving you the sun, the moon and the sky.”

7. Elsa and Anna behaving in a way that could be undeniably romantic if you didn’t know better.

The hug and the cheek caress.

8. So flat-out romantic you couldn’t even be in denial about it.

Bedroom eyes. Holding hands.

9. Pride Parade.

The engagement bracelet.

10. 100% undeniable “this is canon” level elsanna. Send out the engagement notices. Passionate kisses and up.

The wedding cake.

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Hi I wanted to share my thought with you about H/L coming out. The April/May theory does make sense BUT why would any management team would take such a huge risk (and it is a risk) in the middle of such an ambitious and megalomaniac tour? Modest doesn't exactly think that coming out is good for business, you know? :-(

OK, I have to retype my entire reply, thanks tumblr again… A couple of things to consider here


  • three key employees left and their sudden departure happened 5 shows into a 80 show tour and coincidentally exactly 3 months after the release of Four
  • there’s a new vocal coach working with the boys, visible improvement with Harry’s singing techniques, new coach is the new team’s employee.
  • new vocal coach = thinking in long term and Modest proved to be unable to think in long term (denied radio interviews during WWA, pushing of 5SOS)
  • all these departures lead to an April contract expiration.
  • porky pies interview leads to an April contract expiration.
  • Just look at the Niall/Melissa narrative. papped, kissing, denial, papped, swirling, confirmation, confirmation. (That’s a lot of 180’s in a span of a week. New team wanting to give freedom to the boys in their love life?)
  • 2 months break will be the breaking point and the end of the transition time.
  • no single announcement yet.
  • no new merch yet. (remember the crazy discount in 2014 Q4.)
  • the shift in media and update accounts that have been very strictly on a leash, there’s a visible change in their behavior.


  • Someone and something allowed the release of the Yahoo and the ODE interviews
  • seeding of Harry’s sexuality - huge media interest - started by THREE WORDS.
  • seeding of Louis’ sexuality vs bs 2.0 (that’s not the same team)
  • spinning of @’s BS 2.0 in the media (no, that’s not Modest.)
  • spinnig of the gay vine (accidental, but it went viral and hasn’t been stopped. No BS 3.0)
  • 2 months will be enough to CO, rehearse and still have time to relax.
  • 2 months will be enough to gain as many people’s attention as they want
  • because there’s no other logical explanation to the events that happened since Aug 2014 or even earlier. And seeing Modest’s MO, they would never be on board with these things, so there MUST be a new team.
  • CO can be a success story in the industry, look at Sam Smith
  • CO is a business decision, a very well thought and planned success story and any team woould happily have their names next to a CO.
  • rebranding? CO!
  • I can never imagine Harry and Louis signing a contract promising anything less, I interpret all their actions and Harry’s silent cries on instagram as them wanting to be out. I can also see the other 3 not signing w Modest for a long list of reasons, one is to see 2 of their bandmates unhappy.


  • the 3 employees didn’t actually leave, they will come back later
  • new vocal coach is Modest’s
  • Modest stays till December because of Rebecca Ferguson’s contract.
  • Eleanor is still around.


  • 2 months break is something the boys insisted on and it’s for their sake
  • modest has never supported HL (BS 1.0, BS 2.0!!!)
  • 2 months is not enough to gain new people in the fandom


  • seeding has not been enough in the fandom yet.
  • Elounor is still present
  • Harry still has womanizer articles
  • 2 months is not enough to gain new people in the fandom
  • CO after OTRA when they’re not stressed anymore (but they have nothing to sell either)
  • CO before album release
  • CO after album release (where they can sell the album)
  • no CO under Modest
  • no CO in 2015
  • boys don’t want to CO

By the way in my opinion their team being ambitious and megalomaniac should be the best reason as to why do a CO ASAP.