Kickstarter, like Wikipedia, Twitter and every other service on the Web, was built on the foundation of an open Internet. We would not exist without it. The more than 60,000 creative ideas that have been brought to life using Kickstarter — from new technologies to new restaurants to new symphonies — also depend on a free and open Internet.
—  Yancey Strickler talks about the importance of net neutrality over at Washington Post

Oscar Isaac playing music instruments.

1. Gig in New York. Credits: Dina Regine.

2. During the filming of “The Two Faces Of January”. Credits: Leonidas Laikanis.

3. Playing at Kind of Blue in Copenhagen, with Ane Trolle.

4. AcoustiCafe Open Stage Monday’s at Club Cafe, Pittsburgh. Credits: Kristy Strickler.

Kickstarter Focuses Its Mission on Altruism Over Profit

Many technology start-ups aim to become “unicorns,” the companies that get valued at $1 billion or more on their way to probable vast riches. Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen have no interest in that.

As co-founders of Kickstarter, the popular online crowdfunding website that lets people raise money to help fund all manner of projects, including cooking gadgets and movies, Mr. Strickler and Mr. Chen could have tried to take their company public or sell it, earning millions of dollars for themselves and other shareholders.

Instead, they announced on Sunday that Kickstarter was reincorporating as a “public benefit corporation,” a legal change they said would ensure that money — or the promise of it — would not corrupt their company’s mission of enabling creative projects to be funded.

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When threatened by fish, some copepods, specially Anomalocera ornata can jump straight out of the water and shoot over many times their own body lengths. From the fish’s point of view, its prey suddenly disappears, using same tactic as flying fish to escape from predators…

The crustaceans kick their ten legs rapidly and take off into the air in a jump that can send them flying for distances over 40 times the length of their body. 

Based on what I've heard so far...

Im pretty confident that the triangle will finally be resolved -as in Riley and Lucas will know what they are to each other and be on the same page about it - in Ski Lodge. 

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 But the fall out from that will take a lot longer to solve, and by that I mean Maya’s side. Maybe it will take the rest of freshman year (knowing Michael Jacobs i know he is not a strickler for *time* so i’m not ruling out they may cover more than a school year in a season, specially if they get a large episode order again). 

 Lucas will have to win Maya back, Maya will have to deal with her Josh feelings - what they are and what they aren’t -and store up her hope again. And i wouldn’t hate if she dated someone in between. I kind of think that the longer it takes them to get together the best their chance to be (one of the) endgame(s). 

Just speculation into the void

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Last night, friends from all over the country crowded into 32 theaters to enjoy five terrific Kickstarter-funded films, and a *lot* of popcorn was consumed. It was the Fifth Annual Kickstarter Film Festival — our biggest ever! — and oh, what a magical evening it was.

A huge thanks to everybody who joined us at the East Village Theatre in NYC, where our own Yancey Strickler hosted alongside T-Rex filmmakers Zackary Canepari and Sue Jaye Johnson.

We can’t wait for next year!