striaton brothers

I’m thinking about that one episode from the pokemon bw anime where ash challenged the striaton gym and the brothers were so surprised he had pikachu as his starter and were basically like “shit shit shit uhhhh just pick who you want to battle” I want to know how often that happens. I mean, not everyone starts off with a starter pokemon.

“and who was your first pokemon, trainer?”

“oh, it was this pidove my mother caught for me!”

“wait wait shit what”

So this is my phone’s home screen. I find it ridiculously adorable x3

I tried to get the icons off of the Striaton bros as best as I could, but I purposefully put my clock on Cress’ face, cause his expression is so perfect XD

He’s all like “Ugh get this clock off of my face I’m much too fancy for this are you even listening?” Hahahaha I love my phone :’D