striaton brothers

So this is my phone’s home screen. I find it ridiculously adorable x3

I tried to get the icons off of the Striaton bros as best as I could, but I purposefully put my clock on Cress’ face, cause his expression is so perfect XD

He’s all like “Ugh get this clock off of my face I’m much too fancy for this are you even listening?” Hahahaha I love my phone :’D

Headcanon: The Striaton Triplets' Parents!

This is my theory of Chili, Cress, and Cilan’s parents. This is their Mom, Cheyenne. 

Their dad’s name was Cauli, a pun on the vegetable.

When Chili, Cress, and Cilan were very young, their parents were the gym leaders of Striaton City. They were both A class connoisseurs, and they set the system of the gym for many years to come. The triplets loved their parents dearly, and they taught their sons some incredible cooking skills. Cheyenne was a master of nice hot tea, and Cauli was an expert on gourmet casseroles. Cheyenne and Cauli were very nice parents to their sons, and they gave them Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour as a gift they caught near the Dreamyard. One tragic day, when the brothers were around 7, Team Plasma attacked the city, and brought some mutated Purrloins with them. This is how Cilan developed a massive fear on them. The mutated Pokemon killed both Cheyenne and Cauli. The brothers were weeping a lot, and they missed them. When Professor Cedric Juniper and his daughter learned the news, they decided to raise the triplets, and the brothers honed their skills and cooked their trademark tea recipe. The gym was closed for 8 years until Chili, Cress, and Cilan turned 15. They saw the closed gym and decided to reopen it and become the gym leaders. Until the events of Pokemon Black and White 2, they were one of the more charismatic gym leaders, and they taught Pokemon trainers the basics of types. This headcanon was invented by me, rolllight101, and this is my theory of their parents. I hope someone draws a picture of how I imagined their parents to look like!