CV-9040 (9040 Strf) is a Swedish infantry fighting vehicles.

By the beginning of 1980-ies in the Swedish armed forces as a machine fire support and transporting troops was the armored personnel carrier Pbv 302 domestic production. Overall, the car was quite good for its time (produced 1966), and on its basis was created many different types of equipment. However, the leadership of the Swedish armed forces it became clear that the army needed a full infantry fighting vehicle.

1.Experienced version with 25-mm cannon. CV-9025.
6.THE CV-9040C.
7.The CV-9040C during the peacekeeping mission.

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prompt? okay, jonnor at easter egg hunt at the adams-fosters household :)

“Aren’t we a little old for an Easter egg hunt?” Marianna griped, sighing with irritability. She had had plans, but Stef and Lena had insisted that they hunt for plastic eggs instead.

“Never too old for Easter fun.” Stef said, smugly. “Your mom and I worked really hard on making this fun for all of us, guys.”

Jude was glad that Connor agreed to join them. It would be nice to at least have his boyfriend around.

“Mariana’s right.” Jude said to Connor when he knew everyone was out of ear shot. “This sounds boring.”

“Well, I made it interesting.” Connor smirked, earning a questioning look from Jude.

“What did you do?” Jude asked.

“I hid a personalized egg of my own. You have to find it. If you do, you win a prize from me.” Connor winked, making Jude blushed.

Now Jude was curious and ready for the hunt as a child would be. He was excited to see what his prize from his new boyfriend would be.

“Everybody ready?” Stef asked, clapping her hands together. She and Lena both were standing there looking a little too excited.

“I guess so…?” Callie wasn’t too enthusiastic herself, but decided to humor Stef and Lena.

“Okay! Go!” The married couple shouted in unison.

“I’m gonna find way more eggs than all of you!” said Jesus with enthusiasm. Jude and Connor exchanged amused glances as the girls rolled their eyes.

“What? We all know this is MY day.” Jesus said. “The bible says it. I was resurrected or whatever.”

“That’s actually a really offensive thing to say, Jesus.” Mariana pointed out.

“Well, either way, I’m gonna beat you all at this hunt!” Jesus grinned.

“Then stop standing there and start hunting!” Lena urged.

Connor was about to run off, but Jude grabbed his hand. “Conner? What does my special egg look like?”

Connor smirked, not saying a word. Jude sighed, a little frustrated. “What if I don’t find it? What if Jesus does?”

Connor shrugged, a cocky smile on his face. “I guess he’ll get the prize then. So, you better not let that happen.” With that, he ran off to hunt.

Jude searched and searched, finding eggs of every sort. None seemed too special or out of the ordinary. Jude met up with Connor who was behind a bush and tackled him down with difficulty. Connor stared up at him, bewildered and blushing.

“I want a hint.” Jude almost whined out his demand.

“What do I get if I give you one?” Connor asked, playfully. Jude leaned down and kissed Connor right on the lips.

“More of those?” Jude offered, breathless.

“Fine. It’s blue.” Connor blurted out, raising his head up for another kiss, but Jude jumped off of him and began running around the yard in search.

“Callie, do you have a blue egg? I’ll trade you any of mind for blue.”

“Yeah, here you go.” Callie swapped all of her blues in exchange for a yellow, pink, and two green eggs.

Jude thanked her quickly, rushing to Mariana and doing the same swap with her. Brandon easily agreed and now his basket had mostly blue eggs. He just had to do some more exchanges.

Jesus! He had the most eggs out of everyone, as he predicted. Jude went over to him with hopeful eyes. Connor was staring over at Jude with amused and loving eyes.

“Jesus, let’s swap all of your blue eggs for all of my eggs that are of any other color-”

“No can do.” Jesus rejected, searching far and wide for more.

“But, Jesus-”

“Forget it.”



Jude lunged at Jesus’ basket and the two were now in a wrestling match that caught Stef and Lena’s attention.

“Hey! Break it up! Break it up!” Stef demanded sternly.

“He won’t trade eggs with me!” Jude griped.

“Well, he doesn’t have to trade eggs if he doesn’t want to, Jude. Besides, they’re all good.”

“No, because one is from Connor!” Jude shouted, worked up.

While nobody was paying attention, Connor was searching through the basket of Jesus’ eggs.

“Jude, it’s ok. He didn’t find it.” Connor placed a hand on Jude’s shoulder and whispered,“Get ahold of yourself. I’ll give you another hint.”

Jude apologized, feeling embarrassed now. The hunt restarted and Jude tugged Connor’s flannel sleeve.

“Another hint?”

“Pocket.” Connor smirked.

Jude stared in confusion and began searching Connor’s pockets. Nothing. Connor was grinning ear to ear.

Jude hesitated, checking his own pocket, surprised to find a little blue egg with a red heart on it.

“You had it all along.” Connor said, blushing. Jude smiled, opening the egg to see a note inside that said: “Look up!”

Jude looked skyward, only to be tackled down by Connor who grinned down at him. “I’m your prize.”

“Darn, all of that drama for this?” Jude teased, earning a playful thump on the forehead.

“How about those kisses?” Connor asked, leaning in. Just as his lips were about to meet Jude’s, an egg flew in his direction and smacked him on the head. “Ow!”

The frustrated boys turned to see Jesus who had their baskets in his arms and a wicked smirk on his face.

“Happy Jesus day!”