“That was decades ago, Cecil! Anyway, we want to know what we can do to keep your business. We here at StrexCorp Synernists, Inc. are dedicated to the betterment of life through branding, social networking, and upbeat music.”

Really wanted to draw this duo, and I have a feeling that they really loathe each other deep inside :p

FINISHED! my completed WTNV postery thing.

Two large panels are Cecil Palmer, and Carlos the Scientist. Small panels are (from top to bottom) Khoshekh the floating bathroom cat, the Glow Cloud, old woman Josie and one of her angel friends, Hiram McDaniels, and some StrexCorp propaganda.

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T H E   B A T T L E   F O R   N I G H T   V A L E // we do not look around. we do not look inside. we do not sleep. our god is not a smiling god, and we are ready for this war. one voice, one scientist, one revolution. viva la night vale. #hostilecorporatetakeover

// L I S T E N //

01. northern lights - 30 seconds to mars
02. invaders must die - the prodigy 
03. now - paramore 
04. radioactive in the dark - fall out boy vs. imagine dragons
05. teeth in the grass - iron & wine
06. iron - woodkid
07. when they come for me - linkin park
08. glory and gore - lorde
09. monster - imagine dragons
10. no mercy, only violence - skrillex
11. dreaming - smallpools
12. angels - the xx
13. help is on the way - rise against
14. black skinhead - kanye west
15. sound the alarm - max anarchy
16. heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs
17. killerz - bastille
18. am i not human - two steps from hell
19. this is war - 30 seconds to mars
20. oblivion - bastille
21. bird song - florence + the machine
22. highway to hell - ac/dc
23. death valley - fall out boy
24. are we the waiting - green day
25. counting bodies like sheep - silent circle 
26. broken mirrors - rise against
27. demons - sleigh bells
28. bleeding out - imagine dragons
29. bottom of the river - delta rae
30. hurricane - 30 seconds to mars
31. moving mountains - two steps from hell
32. the end of all things - panic! at the disco
33. skeletons - yeah yeah yeahs
34. you and i belong - simone felice


“Strexcorp: Believe in a Smiling God” - Kevin Free

“Ours is not a Smiling God.” - Tamika Flynn

Or: The two opposing sides of the Night Vale Revolution

I’m really excited about these and I’m finally finished. Haha. But seriously, what’s better than a Night Vale / Doctor Who crossover?

(Also: Many thanks to idlewildly and fyeahgallifreyan for proofreading this.)