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Ricardo Vega, President of StrexCorp Synernists Inc, is holding a Company Masquerade this month to celebrate harvest holidays and to maintain company morale. There will be music, ballroom dancing, spiked punch, and the looming threat of re-education for anyone who dares spoil the atmosphere. This will be a two-week event beginning on October 15th, following the release of the new Night Vale episode, and run until the official in-character date of the event, Halloween!

Event rules:

  • Anyone can participate! StrexCorp employees are required to attend, and are allowed to bring one or two outside guests, provided they pass all company security checks and aren’t going to cause trouble. (This doesn’t mean you have to play if your character is Strex! no one has to participate, but it’s an excuse.)
  • Starting October 15th, simply tag your posts with #StrexCorp Masquerade to have your thread considered part of the event.
  • strexcorpsguardian and myself (smilingindoctrinator) will be moderating the event. That is to say, if a thread is deemed inappropriate, unrealistic, or otherwise bending the corporate rules too much to be believable, we reserve the right to veto that incident from canon.
  • Always ask to join someone’s thread! Just because everyone is in the same hall doesn’t mean people don’t have plans among themselves. Be courteous to your fellow writers.
  • If your character is attending the Masquerade, they MUST be in a mask! Not a halloween costume–they shouldn’t be dressed as full-furry werewolves or sheet ghosts. Think fancy dress party with masks inspired by whatever you want (So a black suit with a long-nosed wolf mask and a moon-patterned tie, a cloak and a fanged porcelain mask to mimic a vampire, etc). Be creative!

Some suggestions to consider:

The Masquerade is the main event, but feel free to make up your own little sub-plots around it! Maybe your character is helping out with catering, or wants to dance with someone and can’t get their attention, has to go home sick, or gets up to some scandalous behaviour behind the curtains. You can also have your characters make observations on other peoples’ threads by tagging your post with #Masquerade Commentary as well as the URLs of the participants and the event tag. Send starters and plot ideas to other people participating! Draw your character’s mask and costume! Write drabbles about the event! Basically, have fun!

Last but not least–if you intend to participate, all you have to do is reblog this post and consider yourself on the guest list!

I want to be faithful
I want to be raw
I want to be ignorant
I want to know it all
I want to die someday
I want to live long
I want what I ask for
I get what I want

Lurk – The Neighbourhood  [lyrics]
Diose, apparently.  A very fitting song for them, nonetheless.
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(Diego created by videntefernandez)

Concerning Kevin
  • Ricardo 19.48:did you know kevin has a second mouth on his neck? don't look at me like that. i saw it.
  • Diego 19‎.49:you think I don't know what i'm dating
  • Sergio 19‎.51:I think it's charming. Two smiles at once. What's not to like?
  • Diego 19‎.51:best in Desert Bluffs
  • Ricardo 19‎.‎51:that's really cute, i can't argue with that.
  • Serigo 19‎.52:Precisely. And the second mouth occasionally recites poetry and speaks prophecy, which really only adds to the appeal.
  • Diego 19‎.‎52:see. Sergio knows what's up
  • Ricardo 19‎.53:i tried to feed it a candy. it ate the candy. incredible
  • ‎Diego 19‎.53:can you not. he eats too much sugar as it is
  • Ricardo 19‎.54:but it's so cuuuute