DON’T USE VASELINE!!!! Do not use Vaseline while stretching it is NOT STERILE. This has no healing properties except for dry skin(NOT ON YOUR STRETCHED EARS OBVIOUSLY). Treat stretching your ears or any other piercing like your getting pierced again. Do not play with them, take them out, or put lotion or Vaseline on them while they are healing. You should use Vitamin-E, Jojoba, or any kind of natural oil that helps build up skin cells and promotes blood flow. If your ears are chapped use a product like Holy Butter to soften them. Using Vaseline can cause your ear to become swollen, crusty, and or infected. 


Stretching should not hurt and should not bleed. Also if something DUMB worked for your friend or for Billy down the street, don’t do it, Billy’s a dumb-ass, don’t follow what Billy does.