Saw as many wonderful yogis post this posture @silver_cloudss @teesa1313 @liifong @mansuz @ijaze @gordonogden @dalima26 , just name a few. Sorry if left out someone.
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Day 12 pick your within yoga … Sadly, there’s no penguin🐧..So within the yoga poses my favorite animal would be the monkey 🐒.Here’s a variation inspired by @dharmayogacenter 🐵💛 @laurasykora @yogabeyond @kdeerhauteyoga
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supta virasa. So it was my first try and it was so fun!!! You can see my crazy yoga moment now. Anyway, I only had one (huge) problem that since I had to fold my yoga mat, my hands were slipping and I couldn’t do any better than this. So, sorry…. Hahahaha
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