stretched images

no one ever says anything about stretchmarks that aren’t small, white and thin and on butts and hips and thighs (”lightning bolt tattoos”) so here’s a post for the people who have stretchmarks that are huge, my girls/boys/non binary peeps who have stretchmarks that are angry red and purple and gaping, my babes who have stretchmarks on their backs, their boobs, under their arms, etc. I’m here for the cuties with stretchmarks that aren’t typical and are never talked about. They’re cute!!! Y’all are beautiful and so are your stretchmarks!!! idk how to end this bye nya’ll 

Girls would be amazed to know that guys couldn’t possibly care less about stretch marks. Or the other way around. Your marks, scars, etc are the last thing the other person is worried about when they are getting naked with you.

Scars, lines and marks can come together to give character to a complete person. Love yourself and feel good in your own skin. Nothing’s sexier than that.

Stretch marks can be beautiful

This morning getting dressed I realized something….
I never took notice of this before but I have a few stretch marks on my chest…
First reaction: WTF
Second reaction: What the hell is this badassery on my chest?
Last reaction: Fuck being ashamed of my stretch marks, I literally have bad ass lightning bolts on my tits that’s pretty fucking sweet if you ask me.

How to Center Things In Photoshop, you peasants:

  • select all, copy, paste. ( either flatten or merge layers/visible if you did a layer mask and are working with a transparent background )
  • view > rulers, and use snap ( this locks blue guides in the center of the document )
    • you drag this from the rulers onto the document and can move them around, but if they’re near the edge or center, they’ll ‘snap’ in place there
  • if you’re using cc, purple guides will appear if you’re aligning anything ( text, png, whatever ) like so:
  • when creating a text layer, you can drag the ends ( “dancing ants” ) to the edge and they’ll ‘stick’ to the edges. 
  • in the ‘paragraph’ tab, these should be your settings if you’re not trying to do anything special or specific with the alignment. 

While we’re on this, you don’t need to stretch your images or squish them when you want to resize them. Simple going to image > image size ( or canvas for a quick ‘crop’ ) and there ya go, the image is resized without looking distorted. ( Unless you want to purposely distort an image ).

I always find it odd when women are insecure about stretch marks. I quite like them to be honest. For me, I see no difference between stretch marks and tattoos. They’re what make a woman’s body unique, distinctive, like flowers in a field; no two are ever exactly alike.
—  Journal entry. 24.04.2015.