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The Cabin By the Lake: Chapter 3 Summary: Cassian has been keeping a secret- for the past 300 years he has been building cabins around a lake to house the Inner Circle and any family they might have. Five years after the end of ACOWAR, the cabins are finished and the Inner Circle descends for two weeks in paradise.

** This chapter is certified “Safe For Work”

Chapter 1 (Feysand) || Chapter 2 (Azuala) ||

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(do I like how big that GIF is? No. However, it was like the main reference writing this chapter)

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Specially Dedicated To: @221b-impala-fezzz (who asked for general fluff and I think this is fluffy?)

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Space Trash

Falling stars catch fire
like you and I
inbetween the distance spaces,
the dark places,
that stretch across
a diamond sky
where sounds move in echos
and mumbles buzz
out here
I beg of you
to hear me just once
an alien amongst men
a molecule vibrating
in a vaccum
where wishes
to burn

The future of Steven Universe

‘Back To The Moon’ dropped a big reveal on us when we learned Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. But while she is shattered, she’s not gone. Homeworld’s gem shard experiments are proof enough that shattered gems don’t just disappear.

The fact of the matter is … Diamonds are not only powerful gems. They’re HUGE gems. If it’s any indicator, the largest gem we’ve seen (if I’m not mistaken) was this gem from the Obelisk in one of the first episodes, 'Serious Steven.’ (Which has hints about White Diamond written all over it, but that’s a theory for another day.)

Even normal gems can create many shards, so imagine how many a Diamond’s could make. When Rose shattered her, it’s likely the pieces almost instantly tried to reform. I believe some of them became Lion, which explains why Rose had him in the first place. Lion and Pink Diamond also have similar hair.

His gem isn’t shown which suggests he’s a culmination of gem shards, like Big Bird from 'Giant Woman’. His mane holds things much like Pearl’s gem, which I’d say it’s not a stretch to imagine Diamonds come with all the powers of every gem, including interdimensional pockets.

So where are the other shards? Well, what with the new info coming out about hibiscus flowers being associated with Jasper, and by extension, Pink Diamond, there’s some very hibiscus-like flowers I’d like to remind you of.

In ‘Lars and the Cool Kids’, the moss Rose Quartz grew herself bloomed into pink flowers with five petals, all with pink gems in the middle of them. Granted, Rose’s plants already gain sentience. But they usually became soldiers, as we’ve been told. While this moss seemed to be mindlessly searching for something … much like gem shards mindlessly search for their pieces. They’re also unevenly cut, more like shards than actual gems.

To see these flowers float off onto the breeze was symbolic. Pink Diamond isn’t gone. She’s everywhere. She could’ve been a part of the monsters from ‘Nightmare Hospital’. She could be some of the millions of shards in the Cluster. She could be in any of Rose’s secret bases, like the armory. And that’s a lot of shards to find.

So I think the recent promo suggests more than just the Crystal Gems going to space. I think it suggests the Crystal Gems themselves are going to grow, and fast. And it will take all of them to find Pink Diamond’s pieces.

We’ll hopefully see them solve corruption, so we can add Centi and Jasper and the currently corrupted quartzes to the team. Perhaps the Ruby Squad will join, and maybe even Bismuth will return. We could even see some all new gems join the ranks.

Because the Diamonds are coming, and it’s gonna take more than just ‘the four of us’ to take them down. I believe we’ll soon see an arc of the CGs hunting down PD’s shards for a currently undisclosed purpose in what would be another great anime reference (Inuyasha and the shikon jewel shards, anyone?)

The Crystal Gems are going to return to their former glory, stronger and better than before, all with Steven at the helm.

And he’ll be a greater leader than Rose ever was, in his own Steven-y way.

“That’s what’s so exciting! You don’t have to be like Rose Quartz! You can be someone even better. You can be you.


For day six of @virgiltracyweek​, the second piece of fanfiction I’ve ever written (you get the first bit tomorrow!) A huge thank you to @supersaiyanbokuto​ for being so helpful and supportive. <3

Whump. Whump. Whump.

Virgil’s dark eyes moved in circles as they followed the lazy rotation of the ceiling fan positioned above him. Round and round the fan blades went. Round and around and around. For all the good that that did.

Whump. Whump. Whump.

He’d been at this now for ten minutes straight, ever since he had given up on even attempting to get back to sleep. It was simply too hot. The first few weeks in August were always warm on Tracy Island, but this year the temperatures had climbed to dizzying heights. Even Virgil, who was of the “anytime, anywhere” variety of sleepers, had been defeated by it.

Groaning, he rolled over onto his side, the springs in his mattress creaking as he did so. Flailing blindly with his left hand, he managed to scoop up the small alarm clock that sat next to his bed. Virgil scrunched his eyes up in an attempt to focus them before starring at the numbers on the digital display.

6:57 am.

Groaning again, but with a note of genuine anguish this time, Virgil rolled back the way he’d come, flinging the alarm clock across the room in disgust. 6:57 am and wide-awake. On a day off, no less. Of course, this predicament could have been avoided if his father had installed air conditioning when the villa was being built, but the elder Tracy’s environmental concerns had stopped that from happening. Now they were left to contend with the consequences. Namely, sweat, heat rashes, sweat, disturbed sleep, and yet more sweat.

Groaning for a third time, Virgil swung his legs over the side of his mattress. There was no use in crying over non-existent air con. He was awake now; he may as well get up. In one fluid motion - surprisingly graceful for a man of his size - he got out of bed, bringing the sheets that were stuck to his back with him. After languidly swatting the sheets away, he made his way to his bedroom door. Out on the landing, he paused for a moment to yawn and readjust his boxer shorts before striding purposefully down the stairs. There was only one place to go on Tracy Island when it was this hot. The pool.

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JJBA Complete Rewatch Stream: Day 18

Well folks, we are officially in the final stretch of Diamond is Unbreakable. Which means DavidPro better hurry up and announce the part 5 anime…

Last time, Josuke fought Fungami Yuuya’s stand Highway Star in an intense race to save Rohan. Meanwhile, Shinobu Kawajiri accidentally killed a stand-wielding cat, who came back as the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Kira is now keeping it in the attic, unbeknownst to everyone except clever little Hayato. How much does Hayato know? Does he have the knowledge and resources to fight back against Kira with his discoveries, or is he doomed?

Tonight’s eps:

  • Episode 105 (DiU 31): July 15th (Thursday), Part 1
  • Episode 106 (DiU 32): July 15th (Thursday), Part 2
  • Episode 107 (DiU 33): July 15th (Thursday), Part 3
  • Episode 108 (DiU 34): July 15th (Thursday), Part 4
  • Stardust Crusaders OVA episode 7: Justice

9:00 PM EST as always!
Moon base Diamond murals.


So, I was just wondering why all the Diamonds had spheres in their hands and around them. And then I realized what they were because of Pink Diamond’s.

Eyeball said that Earth was Pink Diamond’s colony, and that made me realize why she only has one sphere with a smaller sphere next to it.

That’s Earth and its moon.

If Pink Diamond has her only colony on her mural, then that means all the other spheres are the other colonies. Based on this, we can learn that Blue Diamond has seven colonies, Yellow Diamond has nine, and White Diamond has twelve.

But what about those two planets with those diamond-esque shapes on top of them floating above Yellow Diamond’s hands? And what about the one White Diamond has enclosed in her hands?

The two planets in Yellow Diamond’s mural escape me on what they are. But I’m fairly sure that I know what the main one in White Diamond’s mural is.


And if my theory about that planet being Homeworld is correct, then it makes sense to say that White Diamond rules over Homeworld and that it’s her colony.

And I may be stretching just a bit, but I think the amount of colonies a Diamond has shows how important they are. So by that logic, White Diamond is the main leader, Yellow Diamond is right next to her, Blue Diamond comes next, and Pink Diamond is the least important.

So, I still may be stretching a bit here, but I think the fact that Rose shattered the least important Diamond shows that she was ready to take the war past Earth if she could. And by the way she was doing it from what we know so far, I think Rose would have saved colonies one by one by going up the Diamond ranks until she could finally take down White Diamond and liberate Homeworld.

And that worries me because of one small thing: that’s exactly what Bismuth wanted to do.

Lizard of Mischief

Three moons this was boring. Why did he have to attend a royal meeting anyway? It was just a bunch of old dragons, and his mother the Queen, exchanging pleasantries, discussing politics, and talking about….well, ANYTHING that couldn’t possibly be interesting.

Not one thrilling topic. Not one.

Idle chatter just filled the meeting chamber and seemingly berated the young skywing’s ears as he picked at the cracks in the arm of his chair with his claws. No one even glanced in his direction unless it was to cast an unnerved gaze at his sister Princess Glare, who was sitting next to him.

Personally he wasn’t sure if her name was more ironic due to the blinding color of her orange scales when sunlight hit them, or because she literally glared at everyone all day all the time.

That would certainly explain why the adults seemed so scared of her even though she was only 3. He was 6, but no one really paid him any mind.

Moons help them if she ever becomes queen, he thought with a passive glance. He wasn’t the least bit concerned about the idea. In fact, there just might be a lot more treasonous dragons caught, tried, and executed. None of this ‘life in exile’ malarkey.

Now THAT would be thrilling.

With a groan under his breath the skywing prince sunk down further into his chair and scowled across the table at no one in particular. This was truly becoming an insufferable bore. At least the queen didn’t seem to notice.

But of course someone else did. “Frown any more and your face is gonna look like a deflated hog,” Glare commented self-importantly in a sort of whisper.

“Sit any straighter and it’ll look like you got a stick shoved up your tail,” he retorted not-so-quietly.

She immediately snapped her blistering glare to him and flared out her wings in anger amd embarrassment. It seemed she was about to say something until she suddenly glanced in the queen’s direction. Then she clamped her jaws shut and forced herself to settle. Oh, he was glad to see she was too proper to argue back. But even more glad to know he ruffled her scales. Glare was always so busy trying to make herself look better than Mother that she didn’t want to waste time and energy on anything less. “You better watch your mouth, Taper,“ she hissed with a flick of her tail. “I’m gonna be queen someday, after all.”

“And I’m gonna be a fruit peddler.”

“One can only hope,” she sneered. “If you’re so bored why don’t you just leave?” After that she fell silent and went back to pretending she was enthralled by the babbling dragons once more.

Prince Taper hummed to himself. Now THERE’S an idea. After a quick look around the chamber to make sure no one was watching, the skywing slowly slid off of his chair and slunk quietly toward the door. His dark red and orange scales were perfect for blending in to the stone of the floor and walls. No one even noticed. If Glare did, she didn’t say anything.

Once outside he launched into the sky with his massive wings and fled the castle grounds. Soon he crossed the wide stretch of Diamond Spray River and disappeared into the nearby forest.

Taper didn’t want to sit in a muggy old castle all day. He wanted adventure! Excitement!

…At the very least to get away from all those dumb, bumbling adults and his sister. Just as well.

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