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Holiday with the Starks

Another Wattpad request! I do not own any of the Starks. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: Fluff, Modern AU

Pairings: Robb Stark x reader, Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, Sansa Stark

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You sighed loudly when someone knocked on your door. In truth, you weren’t having a good day. You were behind on your studies which meant you weren’t going to be able to go home for Christmas like you’d planned. You knew there had been a chance of you not being able to go, but now it was real. It was a drawback of being a medical student.

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Walk by you

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Forst of all I’m sorry that it took me so long, I had a writer’s block and didn’t want to write against myse;f, because I knew it would suck. Also Sorry if it’s not as you wanted this, yet I hope you will enjoy that.

Sighting slightly, you stood up from your chair, stretching slightly and walking towards your wardrobe, searching for your raiment with slight frown on your face. When you couldn’t find anything, you groaned and walked towards the glass-cabinet where your cape was, which not even moved when you got to it. With sight you took it by the collar and made it turn to you.
“Where are my clothes?” It moved slightly as if it was trying to play innocent. You just rolled your eyes, grabbing it tighter. “If you want to ever go to Kamar-Taj today, you have to give me my clothes back, you understand?” Cape moved slightly and waved itself in direction of your bathroom. Letting go of it you walked to get dressed, cursing under your breath at the day when you meet the black cape, which got attracted to you in an instant when it saw you.

When you finally dressed in your dark robes, you got out of the bathroom and put on your sling ring. When you created the portal, your cape wrapped itself around your shoulders, and you walked through the portal, slight smile on your face.
You haven’t been in Kamar-Taj for a while now, choosing live in solitude after Kaecelius, your best friend, left. You heard of what he was up to half year ago, and yet you choose not to do anything, distancing yourself from everything and everyone, only you and your cape in small cabin in  the middle of some polish woods, away from the world.
And yet, few days ago you found a message from Wong on your porch. With smile on your face you read of how he wanted to introduce you to the new Sorcerer Supreme, which name you never heard before. Some Strange guy from what you remember reading.

When you stepped through the portal, every single student on training ground stopped what they were doing at the sight of you, at which you scoffed. You never liked the attention you got, especially after you were recognized as Kaecelius’s friend.
“What?” You growled at them, which instantly made them look away from you and got back to what they were doing. Rolling your eyes you walked to the library where you found Wong, who spoke with someone. Before you were able to even open your mouth, your cape flew in their direction, making you to do full 360 degree turn, finished in you landing on your butt, face to doors direction and merry-go-round in your head. Groaning you turned in direction of Wong and other man, who made a surprised sound. Apparently he ended just like you, his cape no longer on his shoulders, instead of that both your capes levitated together, rolled into a ball. You furrowed your brow and walked to them, trying to separate them, yet it gave you nothing.

“For the love of God, could you be so kind and act normal for once?!” You growled at your cape, which apparently had you in where sun don’t shine.
“What’s going on?” Man, who was a master of the other cape walked to you, looking at the artifacts with frown on his face. Behind his back Wong laughed, which made both of you look in his direction, man with shock and you with frown.
“Explain.” You walked to him, waiting for explanation.
“It’s nothing really. You two just have to give them some time. They haven’t seen each other for really long.” You looked at him as if he was sick. Seeing your gaze Wong sighed and patted your shoulder, having for nothing your distaste of human touch. “That is The Cape of Levitation.” You raised your eyebrow, still not understanding what he was telling you. “Nothing? Have you ever read about your Cloak of Invisibility?”
“No.” You almost screamed at him, showing his hand away. “That’s why I’m asking you to explain it to me.”
“You? Asking?”
“Better speak until I’m doing it nicely.” You put your hands on your hips looking at him with furrowed brow. Master Librarian only sighed and waved at you and the man to follow him.
“I don’t want any tea, I want my Cloak sane.” Wong only rolled his eyes and looked at man who was behind you.
“Yes, please.” He sat at the table and so did you, impatience clear on your face. You didn’t choose a solitude without the reasons. You hated people and now you were forced to interaction with them.

“So, you see now, why they are acting that way?” Both you, and Stephen, as you learned was the mysterious man’s with weird facial hairs name, looked at your capes with raised eyebrows. When you turned back to Wong you jumped slightly at sight of Stephen watching you intently.
“You want me to believe that they are like this because their former owners were lovers?”
“Oh, they were more than just lovers. As the Ancient One said, such deep and overwhelming feeling for other person is rare and those two were really made for each other.” You just rolled your eyes.
“I don’t believe in such fairytales. When Cloak will be done with its shit, I’m going back where I came from and I hope to not to see this red rag ever again.” After your words, you felt something slapping you on the back of your head, hard enough, that you almost hit the table with your face. “What the hell?” You turned around and looked at your cloak, which looked pretty pissed off. “Don’t give me that look. It’s not like I’m going to change my way of living because your former masters were close.” It slapped you again, this time in the cheek. Wong cleared his throat shyly, and you looked at him.
“It’s quite possible that the they love each other, just like their masters did.” You groaned.
“Great, now my another problem is my cloak having a crush in the Cape of Levitation.” You facepalmed and looked at Stephen, who whispered to his cape this whole time. When he saw you looking, he stopped and cleared his throat.
“You may come to New Your Sanctuary and stay there, so…”
“No way, nah-ah.” You got up and shook your head. “I’m not gonna do it, not for cloak, nor for anybo-” You stopped when your cloak slapped once more. Looking at it with hard eyes, you finally groaned. “Fine, ok. We will go, but don’t you dare to slap me again.” Cloak twirled slightly in air and wrapped itself around your shoulders. You looked at Wong with hatred in your eyes.
There is no way that this bastard didn’t knew that this was going to happened.
Strange stood up, with his cape on his shoulders and was ready to open the portal when your cloak pushed you in his direction, making you fall into his arms. You shook at the feeling of his warm arms wrapping around you for support, and when you looked up, you didn’t even had time to look into his eyes, for cape of levitation pushing it’s master’s head down, making your lips meet. Your eyes widened at that. Never in your life have you thought that you would kiss someone other than Kaecelius, and especially not a man who you meet barely hour ago. And yet, there you were, your eyes opened in shock, while his closed, him lips moving against your, arms wrapping tighter around you. You didn’t knew what to do.
When he finally moved away, your face was as read as his cape, if not more. You looked away, only to see Wong is gone.
“Don’t be mad at me, but I really think that you are a beautiful woman… and after what we heard, I maybe started to believe in destiny.” You looked at him, ready to throw some snarky comment, but when you looked into his eyes, your breath got caught in your throat. Never in your life have you saw eyes as blue as his.
“I… don’t believe in destiny, nor in love at first sight.” He smirked at that, opening the portal to the New Your Sanctuary and letting you go first.
“Then how about I will walk by you again?” You tripped at his words and would definitely fall, if it weren’t for your cape who helped you walk straight. Stephen only laughed and walked through the portal after you.
“That was terrible.”
“But good for start.”
“Definitely not.” You chuckled, shaking your head. Maybe this will turn out as something good?
“And yet I made you laugh.”
“That doesn’t proof anything.” You smiled slightly at the sight of your cloak and his cape flying away from you.

Coffee Run - Jefferson x Reader

Time period: Modern Office!Au 

Word count: 1460

Ship: Tjeffs x fem!reader

no warnings

As the elevator doors dinged, you straightened out your blouse with your free hand and hoisted a tray of various drinks with the other. Stepping into the office, you were met with various hollers and excited cheers.

“Y/N! You’re a godsend!” your colleague John Laurens smiled as he stood up from his office chair and stretched. “Alex, your assistant is my favourite person right now!”

Your pseudo-boss, Alexander Hamilton laughed at his excitable freckled friend in response and rubbed his eyes.

“You guys have been grinding at this case all night, it’s the least i could do!” you giggled “okay, Mr. Hamilton, a black coffee for you,” you placed his coffee on his desk. “Mr. Laurens, three cream and two sweeteners,” he literally beamed at you when you placed it down and you offered a kind smile back. “Monsieur Lafayette, a large cappuccino.” as you handed the drink to him, a wink was sent in your direction causing you to blush.

“Merci Mlle. L/N” he smiled, raising the paper cup to you and taking a sip.

“And Mr. Mulligan, a hot chocolate.” your smile faded when you realised you had forgotten to get his drink. “Shoot, i’m so sorry. I knew i forgot something, i’ll just run out again and get you new one.”

He began to shake his head with a kind smile when the office manager’s door opened.

“Oh great! Coffee!” the loud southern drawl of your manager resonated through the open office room. You had only come face-to-face with him a couple of times but from the horror stories that Hamilton had told you, that was more than enough.

Your back was still facing the door as a large hand lightly placed itself on your shoulder.

“Sorry Jefferson, It seems like you were a little too late, Y/N just came back from her coffee run.” Alex Boasted, taking a sip of his drink and leaning back.

You knew Hamilton might get upset with you but you turned to the man in a purple dress shirt. “I can go get you something, Mr. Jefferson. I forgot Mr. Mulligan’s drink, so i have to go back out anyway.”

“I need to stretch my legs, so why don’t i come with you.” he smiled. “Wait here while i go get my  jacket.”

Hamilton looked to you with concern once Jefferson was back in his office. “Are you gonna be okay with this Y/N?”

You were thankful that he wasn’t upset with you and you waved off his concern. “I’ll Be fine, Mr. Hamilton. It’s pretty late, it’s probably a good thing that i’ll have a ‘buddy”

He rolled his eyes at your playful use of the word ‘buddy’ and smiled “okay, shoot any of us a text if anything goes wrong.” he scrunched his nose up “I don’t trust him.”

Hamilton quickly shut up as the door opened. “Ready to go Y/N?” Mr. Jefferson spoke up, sounding irritated out of seemingly nowhere. Despite his sudden mood shift, he held out his arm which you reluctantly took.

When you got to the street you smiled in awe at the sight of the bustling city. It was the middle of the night and yet it was still teeming with life.

“New York is amazing, isn’t it? Mr. Jefferson spoke up, taking in the awe on your face.

You nodded wordlessly and he chuckled. “You new to the city?”

You nodded again. He sighed. “I remember my first full day in the city. I had just gotten back from France and it was instantly such a change of pace.”

You studied his face as he continued to speak about his early life and his travels, he spoke with such enthusiasm. He described everything in great detail and you found yourself wishing that you had been able to see all the beautiful places he described.

He suddenly halted outside the same cafe you had been at earlier and smiled. “I assume this is the coffee shop you go to.”

“How’d you guess?” you smiled.

“Well it is one of the only 24 hour cafes around here, and I’ll be honest, I’ve seen you here quite a few times.” he spoke, scratching the back of his neck.

You feigned offence. “And you never said hi? Mr. Jefferson that is unacceptable.”

He stiffened a little and his smile dropped as the two of you walked in and joined the line. “Well Y/N, believe it or not, I always had an inkling of an idea that you weren’t the fondest of me. I know Hamilton doesn’t exactly praise my existence.”

You bit your lip, trying to think of what to say.

You amicably bumped your shoulder into his chest. “Hey, I’m capable of making my own judgements on character.”

A smile slowly made its way onto his face. “Oh Yeah? And how am i doing?”

“You’re an absolute delight.”

You hadn’t even noticed that the line had dwindled down.

“Ah! Mr. Thomas! Good to see you again! And Ms. Y/N, back so soon? You two know each other?” the older woman behind the counter grinned.

“Mrs. Ricci, it’s good to see you too!” Thomas smiled back.

“You want your regular?” she asked causing you to wiggle your eyebrows at Mr. Jefferson. “you have a regular?”

He blushed, verbally disregarding your comment. “Yes Mrs. Ricci that would be great.” He looked to you. “Did you want anything?”

“Don’t worry about me, i’m just going to get Mr. Mulligan his hot chocolate.” your eyes wandered to the treats that decorated the glass case to the right of you and your stomach rumbled. Thomas followed your eyes and looked at you with concern. “When was the last time you ate?”

You waved him off. “I had a large breakfast. Like I said, don’t worry about me.”  

Mr. Jefferson looked to Mrs. Ricci “could I also get a large hot chocolate, a chamomile tea and a two cheese bagels with cream cheese all to go?”

“Thomas.” you groaned.

Your eyes were wide as you realized what you had just said. You took a small step away from him and cleared your throat. “Sorry, Mr. Jefferson, that was out of line of me.”

He sighed and took out his wallet, tossing a few bills on the counter.

Mrs. Ricci placed down a brown takeout bag and a tray of drinks with a smile before grasping the money on the counter and handing him the change.

“Thank you.” he said, grabbing the bag and tray somehow in one hand, placing the other on the small of your back before leading you out the small cafe.

The walk back was silent and you felt your phone buzz in you purse.

It was from Hamilton. ‘U ok? Ur taking a long time.’

You rolled your eyes and slid open your lock screen.

‘Yes I’m fine Mr Hamilton :) we’re on our way back now.’  

You yawned and felt Mr. Jefferson’s light grip on your back pull you a little closer. “tired? “ he asked.

You nodded lazily, suddenly feeling the weight of the day on your shoulders. You wouldn’t tell Mr. Jefferson due to his luxurious status, but you worked two jobs in order to pay off your loans and bills.

The two of you had reached the elevator and in your tired stupor, you rest your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. He held you tighter and rest his chin on your head. You could barely make out Mr. Jefferson pressing way too many elevator buttons, but you could care less, you were so tired and he was so comfy.

You took in his scent loudly causing a deep rumble to make it’s way through his chest.

He smelled like cinnamon and vanilla, but there was a slight undertone of a pine underneath it.

You basked in his warmth until he softly called your name. “Y/N.” You raised your head. “We’re almost at our floor.”

You pouted to yourself and detached yourself from him. He handed you the hot chocolate and winked at you, waving the bag of food with a cunning smirk.

You looked at him questioningly as the door opened.

He glanced at you once more before wordlessly strutted to his office, closing the door behind him as you walked out slowly behind him. “Mr. Mulligan? I have your hot chocolate.”

“Thank you so much Y/N” he replied.

Laurens took in your current state. “Y/N, you look exhausted, why don’t you sit down?”

Before you could take Laurens up on his offer, Mr. Jefferson’s door opened.

He offered you a secret smile before his authoritative voice filled up the office room. “Ms. L/N, can i speak with you in my office.

Sleep Deprived

The time on the clock read 11 PM. Spencer sat at his desk alone in the bullpen. His paperwork was proving more meticulous then expected, but he was too stubborn to call it quits for the night. 

You walked in, coffee in hand. You and Spencer had been dating for a little over a year now, and you’d learned that sometimes, he needed a little nudge to relax. 

“(Y/N)! Hey! What are you doing here?” Spencer shot up from his paperwork, eyes red from lack of sleep. 

“I’m here to remind you that it is pushing midnight, and I miss you.” You pointed at the clock. He stood up from his chair, stretching his long legs. Looking at him from this angle just reminded you of how short you were.

Spencer ambled over to you, rubbing his eyes. He stopped in front of you and chuckled. 

Your eyebrows furrowed. “What is it?” You looked up at him, a puzzled expression on your face. 

“You’re just…so short.” He giggled and patted you on the head. You frowned. 

“I drive all the way to headquarters in the middle of the night for you and this is the thanks I get?” You crossed your arms. 

“I’m not making fun of you! I find it very cute as a matter of fact.” You glanced up at your boyfriend skeptically. 

“You know, some researchers claim that the height of the man in a relationship is directly linked to the happiness of the female.” Spencer rattled off, a smirk on his face. 

“Oh yeah? You know, I would be really happy if you would call it quits and come home.” You nudged his arm. 

“Whatever you say, shortie.” Spencer muttered. 

“I heard that!”

I wrote a quick thing

Jack didn’t bother knocking as he swaggered into Baker Street. “I have seen a few things Sherlock Holmes, but you’ve really let yourself go, haven’t you?” Jack plopped himself onto the sofa and put his feet up.

Sherlock didn’t look up from where he was perched in his chair. “Mycroft sent you.”

“Naw. It’s all over. you’ve locked yourself in your flat and aren’t coming out, aren’t seeing clients. Just growing a beard of sorrow and taking all the drugs, apparently.”

Jack pulled an envelope out of his coat. “Got a puzzle for you.”

“As you so eloquently put it, I’m not exactly in shape to go chasing weevils.”

“Don’t even have to leave that chair.” Jack stretched. “You have dinner tonight?”

Sherlock scoffed.

“That’s what I thought.” Jack got up and dropped the envelope in his lap. “I’m gonna go get some chips. I’ll be back in fifteen.”

“And why am I going to help you?”

“Well, A) I’m bringing chips. B) You’re not doing anything else and C) because I’m cute.” Jack tousled Sherlock’s hair, plopped a kiss on the top of his head and made his way out, leaving the flat much quieter then before he’d appeared.

Sherlock narrowed his eyes in the direction Jack had gone, but his shaking hands opened the envelope he’d left behind.

Insecurities - A Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: Hi everyone! So please see my previous post if you haven’t yet, it explains why this is coming out of nowhere, and what will happen from here on out :) This is for Reid liking the reader very obviously, but the answer to a question leaves him unraveled. 

Rating: PG13

Warnings: nothing I can think of! 


You leaned back in your chair, stretching in an attempt to ease the ache out of your shoulders, and winced at the burning pain that seemed to lay right across the entirety of your upper back. Hours in the same position had left you sore, and as you straightened up once more you reviewed the paperwork on your desk. 

The pile of cases, sent to you by police departments around the US, seemed to taunt you the more you tried to cut it down, and you were quickly running out of patience and energy. Reading through them was heart wrenching, all of these people desperately wanted the BAU’s help, but only a select few would meet the qualifications, and it was never easy to be the one who decided that. 

JJ had left to be on maternity leave, something you knew she needed, but you had never expected to be the one her position fell to and some days, including today, felt overwhelming. 

Unable to motivate yourself to keep going, you decide to take a quick break to stretch your legs out and get something to drink, and you stand, cracking in both of your knees as they straighten for the first time in what sounds like forever. 

Grabbing your mug from the desk, you push your chair back in and head toward the break room, hoping that someone had brewed a pot of coffee within the last hour, so you could get some semblance of a decent warm drink. Your footfalls are loud on the hard ground beneath you, and the tapping seems to echo in your head. 

As you round the corner, you can see the empty coffee pot and you mutter under your breath, “any other time it’s full, any other time!”, before cursing yourself for not starting one on your last break. 

You make quick work of getting it going, placing a fresh filter and scooping in the grounds, taking a deep breath of the smell, practically salivating at the idea of a warm cup of coffee to keep yourself going. Pouring in the water, you push the button and lean back against the counter, closing your eyes for a moment. 

“Hey Y/N, you look really nice today, how is it going with the cases?” Spencer’s gentle voice pulls you from your thoughts, and you smile up at him. 

The bags under your eyes probably tell him more than you’re going to as you clear your throat, “thank you Spence, they’re coming along, but I wish it wasn’t solely me, you know?”. He nods, and you feel a bit of relief that he understands. 

“I can see how it would be hard, I know you’re a person who cares a lot, which I love about you, but it also makes it so that your heart strings get tugged when you’ve got to turn down a case, but if you wanted you don’t have to do it alone”. 

Your eyes widen in surprise at his offer, and as the pot starts to fill, finally, your brow furrows. “Are you offering to help me Spencer Reid? You really want to put yourself through that?”. 

He seems to contemplate your words for a moment, before nodding, “yes, I’d be happy to help, you know I’d do anything for you” he grins, and you follow suit. 

“I would really appreciate that Spence, thank you”, the two of you stand in comfortable silence while the pot fills, and you silently take his mug, filling it alongside yours and he murmurs a thank you as you add in what both of you like, leaving him to stir them as you check the fridge to see if you’d left anything good to snack on, regrettably, you hadn’t. 

Checking to make sure he’s ready, you lead the way out of the break room and toward your desk, where Morgan stands waiting for you. “Hey lovebirds, just checking in on Y/N, anything to report?” it’s clear he finds it hard to hold back his smirk as you roll your eyes and Reid burns red. 

“Nothing yet, I’m hoping I’m getting close, Reid’s gunna help out and hopefully we can get through these a bit quicker” you sit down, and gesture at Reid to roll his seat over. 

“Anything for you, right Y/N? By the way, did he tell you he likes your hair today? He thinks you look good” Morgan’s teasing flusters Spencer who shakes his head and bites at his lower lip. 

You reach out and smack Derek in the arm, before answering, “actually, yes he did, and I think he looks really good too, now leave him alone” your tone comes off as a playful warning, and as Reid sits down beside you, Derek ruffles his hair. 

“He’s just bugging Spence, it’s okay” you reassure him as you see the nervous look on his face, and you reach out, gently touching his hand, “don’t be upset, okay?”. You had known Spencer liked you for a little while, and honestly you liked him too, but you weren’t sure if he was ready for a relationship or if he was just testing out how he felt. 

“It’s not just him though Y/N, it’s Prentiss, it’s Rossi, it’s Garcia, they all make fun of me, and at first I was okay with the teasing, but I just don’t know how I feel about it anymore”. You nod your head, understanding how he feels, and squeeze his hand. 

His fingers curl around yours, and he glances up from the floor for a moment just to catch your gaze, and you smile. “Can I ask you something?” you say quietly, not wanting the others to overhear and flock over, or eavesdrop, as Reid already seemed vulnerable enough. 

You can see the hesitation in his eyes before he nods, and you try to think of the gentlest way to phrase what you want to say. 

“Spence, I know you like me, and I want you to know that I like you too.. But why haven’t you ever told me? Or asked me out? Or just really spoke to me about it openly?”, as soon as the words clear the air between the two of you, he tenses, and his grip on your hand tightens momentarily. 

It takes him a few moments to collect his thoughts, and you give him all the time he needs, you just wanted him to feel like he could be honest with you. 

His voice is so quiet that at first you almost miss what he’s saying entirely, but you lean in so that you can catch it. 

“Because I’m insecure, because I think you could find someone so much better looking, more athletic, more street smart, more muscular and handsome, someone who isn’t the picture perfect idea of a nerd, someone who doesn’t speak and never shut up, someone you’re not going to grow tired of” his voice cracks, and he takes a deep breath, you’re sure to stem the tears you see forming. 

He shakes his head, but continues, “I’m small and I’m weak and I’m a nerd, I work with you, it’s like you’d never be free of me, I come off as pompous or arrogant, I have trouble reading emotions and social cues, I’m just so much less than what you could find”. 

It’s your turn to fight to find your thoughts, and you struggle to hold back tears at the thought that Spencer thinks these things about himself, that he’s so insecure that he thinks you would want so much better than him, but you don’t, you never would. 

“Spence… Just let me get this all out, and then you can say what you think, okay?”, he nods, gnawing at his lip worriedly. 

“I could find someone more athletic, I could find someone with more muscles or who isn’t what you call a ‘nerd’, and yes, I could find someone I’m not going to grow tired of, because I have found someone I’m not going to grow tired of”.

A look of confusion crosses his face, and you reach out to touch his cheek, gentle but firm. 

“You listen to me Spencer Reid, I will never grow tired of you, I want all of you, I don’t need athleticism, I don’t need muscles, I don’t need big, I don’t need anything other than you. You are strong, and you are smart, and you are kind and loving and thoughtful, and you’re incredibly handsome, and the truth is you have nothing to be scared about when it comes to me, because I want all of you”. 

He sits back, your hand still on his cheek, the other holding one of his, and smiles weakly, before turning to place a kiss against your palm. 

A/N: I kind of left the ending like a cut off, because I want you guys to be able to form your own thoughts about what happened after, but I hope this was okay for my first one since October! - Emma 


Prompt; its late at the BAU and you and Spencer are stuck finishing paperwork but he finishes before you which leads to him distracting you - overall fluff :))
Warnings; nada


It was late, too late. Midnight to be exact.

Spencer sat across from you, scribbling away on several papers with his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and bottom lip caught between his teeth.

“Hey Spence?” You lightly question.

“Hm?” He answers, not looking up from his papers.

“Are you almost done?” You frown as you look down at your own work. You were a little more than halfway through and you just wanted to get all these documents off your already crowded desk.

“Actually,” he trails off, still scribbling away. “I just finished.”

He drops his pen onto his desk and leans back onto his reclining office chair while stretching out his arms and yawning.

“Wish I could say the same,” you complain as you turned your attention back to your work. You would have loved to admire him and talk to him more but there’s always plenty of time for that at home.

You could hear the rustling of papers being stacked and shoved into folders which then go into his leather satchel. You envied him at the moment, wanting to pack up everything at your desk and go home.

“Don’t wait up for me at home,” you yawn as you sign off a paper.

“What makes you think I’m going home and leaving you here all alone and stressed,” he glides across the desks on his rolling chair before stopping at your side and giving you a cheeky smile.

“What makes you think I’m stressed?” You laugh curiously.

“Well, telling by your body language it’s actually quite easy to det-” you clamp your hand over his mouth to keep him from going into a series of facts and statistics.

“You know I love you and your rambles, Spence, but I have to finish this,” you point at your work and he nods. “Like now. I want to go home.”

“Here,” he reaches for a small stack of papers and placing them in front of him. “Let me help you.”

You smiled gratefully at him as the both of you sat hunched over your desk and finishing whatever needed to be completed. About halfway through working, Spencer had decided to take a break and just sit there. You thought his dead silence was weird so you peered up at him only to find him staring at you, his chin in the palm of his hand.

Not in a weird, creepy stalker way. But in the way that caused butterflies to flutter in your stomach. You turned away before he could see the blush creeping onto your cheeks and continued to write away, but Spencer had other ideas. He gently took the pen from your hand and pulled your chair closer to his. You felt one of his long fingers tilt your head in his direction.

“Can I confess something to you, Y/N?” He cautiously asks. Your eyebrows knit together as you turn your body towards him and envelop his hands in your own.

“Anything,” you smile.

“I might not always have the best luck, and I’m sure everyone knows that,” he stops before sucking in a breath. “But when you came along, you made me feel like the luckiest guy in this infinite universe.”

“You are so corny,” you laugh as you playfully punch his arm. His smile deepens as he takes in your contagious laugh.

“I’m being completely honest,” he brings one of your hands up to his lips and kisses it. “I love you, more than anything. We got lucky that our relationship can be overlooked. We are lucky that the people we work with everyday is like a family, and I am lucky that I was able to find someone who I have only dreamt of.”

“I love you too, Spence,” you say in awe. His little speech there really got you thinking. He was right. You two are very fortunate. That day when you first walked into the BAU, exactly a year ago, you had instantly hit it off with the tall boy genius. You smiled at the memory of Spencer nervously asking you out to dinner which you happily agreed to. After getting to know each other for about five months, you both realized the pair of you were almost inseparable. You snuck around for two months before Morgan caught you two sneaking a kiss at the kitchenette while getting coffee. Morgan had continuously teased you and Spencer before everyone caught on and seemed to be in favor of your relationship. They had brushed off the rule you were so worried would ruin your career and let the two of you live in piece.

You managed to get lost in your thoughts as you gazed into his warm hazel eyes that seem to hold the galaxy behind them.

You quickly lean forward and smooth back the hair on his forehead before gently placing a kiss.

“Now, I have to get back to work,” you giggle as you lean back into your chair. As you pick up your pen once again, you feel his hand grab a loose piece of hair from your messy up-do and tuck it behind your ear. “You just love distracting me, don’t you?”

You messily signed the last line on the document and slammed your pen onto the desk in relief.

“Lucky for you, I just finished,” you stand up from your desk and stack all the papers together before looking down at your boyfriend reading something he found on your desk. “I’m just going to drop these off on Hotch’s desk and then we can go home.”

He looked up at you and nodded with a tired smile. You roll your eyes as you walk away, it’s his own fault he’s tired, he’s the one that kept you from finishing your paperwork.

When you exited out the office, Spencer stood a few feet away with his satchel on his shoulder and your bag and coat in his hand.

“I packed all your stuff for you,” he held up the bag for you to take as you approached him. “I figured you’d be too tired and when you’re tired, you’re usually forgetful.”

“What would I do without you?” You sigh contently before you wrap an arm around his waist and pulling him closer to you. He smiles and snakes one of his long arms around your shoulders and gives them a reassuring squeeze.

As the two of you walked out of the building in each other’s grip, you lovingly looked up at Spencer who’s saying a friendly goodbye to the security guard opening the door for you guys. You flashed the guard a pearly white smile before completely exiting out the building and out into the cold autumn night. You noticed Spencer’s eyes on you so you peer up at him through your lashes and giggle.

“What?” You question and he just shakes his head.

“How did I get so lucky?”

Days of Why and How

Chapter 3

Author’s Note: Now this is where things actually start to pick up ;) Thank you all so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. As always, your feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!

“Okay. Surveillance is offline and alarms are disabled. You’re good to go.”

She adjusts her headset, leaning back in her chair and stretching her arms high above her head to straighten her back. When she feels that satisfying ‘crack,’ she relaxes again and expels a quiet sigh, trying to swallow her nerves and remember why she agreed to all of this bullshit in the first place.

“Please tell me you’re not gonna start bugging out,” a gruff voice mutters from behind. “I’m not really good at the whole “calming chicks down” thing.”

She turns in her chair, glaring at the ragged man sprawled out on the couch. He wriggles his eyebrows in return, offering her a crooked grin that is supposed to be charming but only irks her even further.

“Well, forgive me for being a little on edge, but I did just get out of prison after pulling shit like this,” she counters.

“Don’t freak out on me now, yeah?” she hears Sarah’s familiar voice clearly through her headset. “I need you to keep your head on straight.”

“I’m not freaking out!” she protests. “I’ve got this under control. It’s like riding a bike.”

“With your coordination, that doesn’t bode too well,” the man chuckles.

She reaches for her bottle of water, tossing it across the living room until it hits him square in the chest and he continues to laugh, kicking his feet in the ear.

“Ouch. The sass is back.”

“It never left,” she warns him.

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Meanie+Vernon: I Could Handle It

“I could handle it.” Vernon says, sounding cocky and sure of himself as his two seniors stare.
Wonwoo is the first to stand up, curling around Vernon like a shadow, his smile dark and his hands quick as they grip the youngest’s wrists and lock them behind his back. Mingyu slides out of his chair next, stretching to his full height looking downright menacing as he slowly stalks over to the other two. “Yeah?” He breathes, his fingers trailing lightly over Vernon’s jaw as he leans in closely. “Your safe word is S.coups, call for him to save you.”
Vernon thinks it’s a joke but Mingyu looks completely serious as he kneels down and fiddles with the bottom of Vernon’s shirt. His tan fingers sliding under it against the warm skin of Vernon’s stomach, gliding up softly making goosebumps flare up in their wake as they move to slowly trail around his nipples. Vernon squirms, the ticklish sensation nearly unbearable as he bites his lip to keep quiet, he’s about to say something when Mingyu’s thumb unexpectedly rolls over his right nipple. His words catch in his throat and jolt of pleasure has a sharp gasp leaving his mouth before he can even process what’s just happened. Mingyu grins and rolls his nipple under his thumb again, and Vernon jolts in Wonwoo’s hold and squirms, the sensations going directly south as Mingyu’s other thumb sidles up to brush teasingly light over the other one.
Embarrassing moans bubble up in his throat and he does his best to keep quiet, jerking and whimpering as his cock hardens. Wonwoo starts mouthing at his throat, blowing cool air over the column of Vernon’s throat, making his knees buckle in surprise.
“Aw,” Mingyu says condescendingly, his hands settling on Vernon’s hips. “Maybe we should move the baby onto the bed?” He says to Wonwoo, glancing at the nightstand with a smirk.
Wonwoo follows Mingyu’s lead and tugs Vernon towards the bed, pushing him down on his back and crawling over him to pin his hands down by his head. He leans down and catches Vernon in a rough kiss, distracting him while Mingyu searches for whatever he needs.
Vernon whines into Wonwoo’s mouth, his hips rolling up into nothing as he squirms to break the older boy’s grip. He startles when he feels Mingyu flick open the button on his jeans, and then again when they’re slid down to mid thigh. Mingyu drapes himself over Vernon’s legs, and there’s a slight pause before a loud buzzing fills the air. Wonwoo ducks back in for a kiss before Vernon can ask what’s going on and it’s a good thing he does because when the vibrator first touches the head of Vernon’s dick the younger practically screams into Wonwoo’s mouth. Mingyu trails the vibrator over the bulge in Vernon’s underwear teasingly and Wonwoo pulls back to watch Vernon’s face contort in pleasure, his mouth wide and neck tensed as a warbled string of curses leaves his lips. Vernon’s panting hard, his eyes shut tight as Mingyu trails it up to the head again. Their combined weight is the only thing that keeps him anchored to the bed as Vernon’s whimpery moans fill the room, pleads interspersed between because it’s too much it feels too good.
“How’s that feel, baby,” Wonwoo whispers in his ear, voice husky and deep as he nuzzles into Vernon’s neck, making him jolt again as he bites down. “Feel good hmm?”
Vernon sobs out a yes, his head pressing back against the mattress as Mingyu finally releases his cock from his underwear. “So good, so good,” he manages, his voice cracking as Mingyu picks up where he’d left off.
“You’re being a good boy,” Wonwoo says. “If you keep it up we’ll reward you. Don’t come without permission, baby, wait until Hyung tells you it’s okay or you’ll be punished. Got it?”


One of those married-writers things there's no explaining to people, #18536 in a series
  • DD: (gazes thoughtfully at screen full of Scrivener)
  • DD: (gazes thoughtfully at it for a LONG TIME)
  • DD: (breathes out)
  • DD: (leans back in chair)
  • DD: (stretches)
  • DD: (interlaces fingers)
  • DD: (cracks knuckles)
  • DD: (leans forward over keyboard again)
  • DD: Okay... time for some self-insertion.
  • PM: (walks by in background) Okay, fine, just wash your hands afterwards.
  • DD: ...
  • PM: ...Tea?
A Short Break

A/n: this is my first attempt at a Daddy!Kink fic so it’s not gg to be perfect. I hope you understand. Also enjoy you dirty MOTHERFLUFFERS.

Dan X Reader

Warning: Smut, Daddy!kink, etc.

It had started off as a hectic day, a quick breakfast, a short cuddle and peck on the lips before you were buried knee deep in piles of work documents. Working from home deemed a struggle, even though you spent more time around the house, you and Dan still had a minimal amount of time spent together.

You were practically cooped up in the office the whole day, while Dan was in your shared bedroom, typing away on his monitor. You barely crossed paths and whenever you did, it was nothing more than a quick brush of your lips against each other’s, before rushing along your respective paths.

When you rushed into your shared bedroom, rummaging for something you needed on the table, Dan stood up from his chair, stretched his arms and walked over to you to wrap them around you. You turned your head and your lips met.

The kiss became heated within seconds, growing more desirous and amorous. You dropped whatever was in your hand and your body was now facing and flushed against his as he backed you towards a wall. He had you pinned and there was no way you could escape from his clutches, his voice plunged to a low tone and he uttered.

“Do you have time to spare, baby girl?”

You nodded slowly but surely, his husky sensual expression sent chills down your spine and adrenaline pooling between your legs. Your heart pulsed a mile a minute as he tilted his head and his breath was against your neck.

“I’ve missed you all day kitten.” He mumbled before attacking your neck with little love bites and kisses. They were going to leave traces, you could tell but you knew he loved to mark you as his. That was what you were, totally and utterly his, nobody could replace that.

You fingers scrunched up and scratched against the wall, your knee bending ever so slightly, leaning against his hip. You could feel his arousal beginning to grow between your legs as he began traveling down to your clavicle, sucking harder at your sweet spots.

You wanted so badly to run your fingers through and pull at his hair, and longed to trace down his muscles. However, he had you locked tight in his grip. You tried to push against the wall and wriggle yourself free but to no avail. Letting out a little whine of distress for him to set you free of his grasp, he looked up at you.

“I want to touch you, Daddy!” You wailed exaggeratedly, putting on your biggest pout.

He let go of one of your wrists for a second and laid a small smack on your butt cheek. He smirked as he rubbed it soothingly.

“Good things come to those who wait, Kitten.”

He placed a firm hold on both of your arms again.

“I want your shirt and shorts off, and for you to get on the bed.” He commanded in a soft but authoritative tone.

As you stripped, he was already palming himself through his boxers. Confronted by the glorious sight, you had to bite down hard on your bottom lip to prevent yourself from eliciting a moan while you climbed onto the bed.

He knelt at the edge of the bed and he pushed your knees so that your feet were flat against the cold sheets. Before beginning, he rested his head on your abdomen and asked.

“Safe word?”


The second the last syllable left your mouth, his thumb was at your clit, rubbing circles through your underwear. The process was so agonizingly and terribly slow, your fingers grasping at the fabric of the sheets as your head buried itself deeper into the pillow. He knew what exactly drove you mad. You let out a tiny squeak as he increased the pressure. He stopped abruptly and you mewled.


“Already begging for more,” He simpered, wagging his index finger at you as he pulled your lace panties down your legs. He spread your thighs further apart and you felt his breath ghost over your core.

It takes one long, dragged lick up your slit for you to arch your back and let out a little hum of pleasure. He soon added his thumb back into the margin, rubbing circles round your clit again. He swiped his tongue up and down your folds, happily licking your arousal as you writhed under his touch.

He started poking his tongue in and out of you roughly, then switched roles with his fingers as they plunged into you violently. He licked and nipped at your clit, adding another digit into your soaking core.

You’re shaking violently, and there’s a familiar sensation building up in your body and you began to clench around his fingers and he knew you were on the edge.

“Not yet, Princess. Don’t cum unless Daddy tells you to.” He demanded sternly.

His breath only vibrated your core even more and you inhaled sharply as he continued, stopping every so often before you could orgasm. Dan loved overstimulation, always trying to get you to use the safe word at least once as he attacked your groin violently with his tongue.

“Daddy, please!” You whined, “It hurts.” It didn’t really, but you knew Dan would slow down if he thought he was hurting you.

“Cum for me then, Baby girl. Scream my name.” He commanded, increasing the pressure yet again.

“Dan!” You shrieked as sweet, sweet release washed over you and he finally decreases his speed. Slowing down to a final stop, pulling out his fingers and sucking them clean.

He got off the bed and stood to one side of it.

“Kneel here, kitten.”

You followed suit, but before you could bend your knees and be on the ground, he grabbed the bottom of your chin gently.

“You’re okay, right?” He asked, out of character for a second, concern laced in his gaze. He searched your face for any discomfort as you shook your head to answer his question.

You finished your actions so his rock hard dick was barely an inch away from your face. You wrapped your fingers around it and started pumping slowly. Dan lets out a low growl as you quicken your motion and add your tongue to the mix.

“Don’t … Tease.” He forced out, pulling on a lock of your hair. You open your mouth wider and his whole cock enters. His head is thrown back with his eyes half lidded and his mouth opened slightly. He thrusted his hips so that you deep throated his length, letting out little groans and moans that was like music to your ears. You sucked harder as you enjoyed the magnificent sight in front of you.

“Fuck… Kitten,” The words slipped out from his mouth, “I’m going to cum.”

You responded with a low hum, sending vibrations down his shaft as you licked it. One of his hands pressed against the back of your head, causing him to hit the back of your throat before he shot his load into you and you swallowed.

You sputtered as he slowed down, your jaw aching slightly. Dan helped you up from your kneeling position after he caught his breath.

He held you flush against him for a few seconds, bare skin against bare skin and you felt his chest rise and fall with deep breaths. He placed his hands on your shoulders and pushed you apart.

“We still have one more thing on the agenda, baby girl.”

He hooked his arm under your bum, (squeezing it first, obviously.) picked you up bridal style and threw you on the bed before crawling over your body.

He spared no time for beating around the bush and entered you forcefully. You screamed out in the shock of it as Dan bucked his hips vigorously, leaving no time for you to adjust to his size. He bit on his lips hard, trying to control himself as much as he was controlling you.

Being sensitive from your first, it didn’t take long for you second orgasm to build up. You were quivering under him as he sent you closer and closer to the edge.

“Daddy… I’m gonna…” You elicited, unable to form proper sentences.

“Go ahead, kitten. Let go.” He ordered and you clenched around his length, and released.

When you thought you were almost done, exhausted from the prior activities, but Dan flipped you over and began thrusting again.

“Did you think you were only getting two, princess?”

You couldn’t think of a reply, too caught off guard to even breathe. He gets even this time, hitting your g spot multiple times in a row, holding you like a precious gem but fucking you like you were a dirty whore.

Your screeching in his arms, feeling light-headed and you finally realised what people meant by seeing stars as you orgasm at the same time that he does.

He pulled out and turned you around. He lay on top of you, panting heavily as he planted a kiss on your neck before wrapping his arms around you and whispering.

“I love you so fucking much.”

That short break you took from work turned into a whole day of rest because of the horrible procrastinators you both were.

imagine #3

I was sprawled on his couch, laptop resting on my stomach as I watched the blank document processor in front of me intently – like the paper was going to write itself.

I groaned, throwing my head back in annoyance. This is what procrastinating leads to.

“Let’s go to the cute Mexican restaurant we both like a few towns over for dinner,” he suggested as he got up from his chair, stretching his stiff joints. “I can’t grade another paper right now.”

“I can’t,” I answered. “I’m so behind on this paper, I will literally not get in done on time if I don’t finish at least the rough draft tonight.”

“What class?” he asked, moving my feet so he could sit down then rested my legs on his lap. “Maybe I can help?”

I smiled sheepishly, “Yours.”

He pretended to look hurt. “You mean my class isn’t your first priority?”

“It’s your fault!” I protested. “I spend almost all my time with you, it’s hard to balance schoolwork and get things done. Maybe if you didn’t assign so much homework…”

“How about I extend your deadline? Then will you eat Mexican food with me?” He bargained as he rubbed my feet.

As tempting as that sounded… “No,” I sighed.”It would be unethical.”

“And dating a student isn’t?” he challenged.

I couldn’t help but laugh at how ironic that was. “That doesn’t mean we should damn ourselves even more.”

“Ok…how about I help you with your essay?” 

“That would be an unfair advantage.”

“No, I helped Kate with her’s the other day. I’m allowed to help students,” he said.

“What? When?” My interest was piqued.

“During her lunch hour,” he mused, looking at me. “Why? Are you jealous?”

“No,” I answered a beat too fast and he laughed at my expense.

“I only revised it,” he said in a soothing tone, like I thought otherwise.

“I’m sure you did,” I said, my pitch a little higher than normal.

“I didn’t touch her like I touch you,” his voice deepening.

I gulped, my eyes started to twitch. “And what else did you not do?”

He moved my laptop off my lap and positioned his body over mine. “I didn’t kiss her until we had to come up from air,” and the he did so to me. “I didn’t take off her shirt,” he removed the top, “and marvel at her beauty.”

I wanted to scoff, but I knew that would ruin the mood.

“I didn’t kiss her neck, knowing that was her favorite place,” he said as he went straight to work on my neck, making me shiver.

He kissed the spot on my neck that made me rake my fingers through his hair as I moaned.

“And I definitely didn’t hear her make that noise,” he said, grinning like a little boy.

I giggled as I gave him a kiss on his lips. “You’re a little overdressed.” I picked up the hem of his shirt and raised it over his head.

Once off, he looked at me attentively. He half smiled as he put his hand where my heart was and felt for a few moments. “I love you,” he said softly. 

I knew my willpower was shattered and I started to mourn for the death of my grade. “My essay,” I whined.

“Do you want to stop?” he asked with a tone of concern and I knew he would stop if I asked.

“God, no.” I breathed as I reached for the button of his pants.

Needless to say, he ended up giving me an extension on the essay.

“I don’t agree,” Bitty says.

Dex leans back in his chair, stretches his legs out in front of him, and takes a drink of water. “Really? You think the NHL can accept someone who isn’t straight?”

Nursey almost ducks out of the kitchen then and there. Dex still has the Samwell Republicans sticker on his laptop. He now has a Human Rights Campaign sticker next to it. Dex firmly believes in both. Behind his back Nursey calls him William J. Poindexter, human contradiction.

Bitty runs his fingers through his fringe. “I hope so,” he says.

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Beautiful in more ways than one ( Sean Cassidy x reader )

“ Your voice is pretty but not as pretty as you “

requested by anon hope you like it!!

Living in Charles mansion would be great, well it is great. Although it echos, a lot and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Because of that, I try to keep my humming and singing to a low minimum. Unfortunately at 3 a.m on a Saturday that echo woke me up.

Thump thump.. It sucks being a light sleeper, because I always wake up easily. Nonetheless, I begin to get up only to just realize that I fell asleep on my little vintage chair. As i stand up, I begin to stretch, being in that chair is not comfortable. Remind me to not fall asleep there ever again…ugh my back hurts. Walking to the door, I tip toe knowing the floorboards with creek and slowly open my door.

Sticking my head out and looking both ways to see if there was anyone coming, and after  making sure there wasn’t, I began to walk to the kitchen for a late night snack consider i wont be able to go back to sleep. Quietly i begin to hum a tune that i made up.

Unbenounced to me, someone else was up with me. Sean Cassidy or banshee as he likes to be called. He woke up to the noise of someone walking. Soon enough he heard a beautiful humming sound coming from the kitchen. Sean being Sean, followed that noise and was standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

Even though I may be a mutant, when I start humming or singing music, all my barriers and defenses are down. 

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“— yes?” The woman glanced up from her last sheet of ‘important’ work papers; once nervously fiddling hands now resting still on the table. “I am so sorry,” she murmured for about the sixth time since sitting down to get everything done on time, having barely said a word since her so-called ‘break’ – if one could actually call it that. Maggie had little to no idea if ordering a cup of coffee and a small snack could be considered such. A some kind of lazy smile spread across her face as she took her time to stack the papers, put them into a folder together and set them aside. Almost instantly scrunching her nose up and stretching in her chair ever so slightly as soon as they disappeared from her line of sight.

Maggie silently sighed, leaning across the table to finally take the cup of coffee that’s probably already been cold. She wasn’t going to complain about it – after all, it was her own fault she threw herself into this mess of a work in the first place. “You see, all of this just makes me think I am a some kind of antisocial, self-involved jerk, which, technically… is NOT a lie,” she started again, her voice slightly weaker than usual. Was it possible that the exhaustion was finally getting to her? Definitely. “I asked you how your day was, and didn’t even bother to listen. – I am free now, I guess? So… let’s just start from the beginning, no? – Is there anything I could possibly do to make it up for you? I’m terrible listener when I am in a work mode.”


So I was working on a Karmanami fic (sorry for being so jnactive lately!) but while browsing through ao3 I found a great fanfic for Nakamura x Asano and I fell in live with this ship. Sue me if you want, but we all know Nakamura had a thing for Nagisa but gave up on him because Kayano and her best friend was Karma… So I think these teo really work together! And of course I immediately started writing. The karmanami should be out soon too!

“I can’t believe that guy!” Nakamura procedeed to complain as she dropped her things on the chair next to hers and let herself dramatically fall into her own chair, stretching her hands behind her back.
“And the reason you are telling me this is…” The man in front of her questioned, looking rather amused at his lunch companion.
“Because Karma is too busy with his girlfriend to listen to my stories!” Rio sighed, letting her head fall on her arms in a “drama queen” fashion.
“So I am simply a substitute.” The man concluded rather than asked, smirking slyly.
“Oh, stop being such a downer Asano! You shouldbe glad that I’m willing to entertain you with my stories!” Nakamura pouted, grabbing the menu and quickly broswing through it.
Asano picked his own menu, covering his expression with it and letting out a small chuckle that he had stiffled for a while now. His friendship with Rio Nakamura was still a mistery.
Being in the same class as Karma, Asano was in permanent competition with someone worthy, but this didn’t only affect his learning. With time, he and Karma started going for wagers outside the classroom .It was strange, but his relationship with the red-headed wasn’t only a competition, but some kind of rivalry friendship, as they came to respect one another and also learn some of their weaknesses. As such, Karma learned that Asano hated strawberry milk (“just one more thing to prove the bastard had worthless taste!” as he claimed) and Asano came to learn that Karma liked to read chemistry articles in his free time (“never thought a man could be so weak to a woman’s charms” the former claimed).
Another one of the perks of knowing Karma was getting to know all the intersting former 3-E class members he interacted with. Asano took a special liking to those who scored high on the end of second term tests, such as Nakamura and Isogai or Kataoka, who were all open enough to give him a second chance (or mock him whenever he lost to Karma, in Rio’s case). The five virtuoses were all rather reluctant at mingling with class E’s students at first, but after seeing how their leader gained respect for them, they gave in. As such, Asano’s highschool years were filled with learning more about his opponent and his friends.
Out of all of them, Asano resonated the most with Nakamura: she was a foul mouth like Karma, and almost as smart as him. Moreover, her resolve to be a diplomat was something he admired and they often discussed topics such as politics and the right way to tackle a sensitive issue.
Over the years, they grew as good friends and she started turning to him whenever Karma would be tol busy to plot something with her or listen to her rambles. Of course he wasn’t the evil trickster in person, but he did provide her with scary ways to take revenge if ever needed and he could keep a calm head on his shoulders.
This time, however, it seemed like she needed love advice. Or at least a way to take revenge on a guy who stood her up.
Asano closed his menu after regainig his composer and looked over to his… Friend. The word sounded weird in his thoughts and even stranger when he tried saying it aloud, like it could chocke him. However, it was undeniable that she was a friend. After all, not everyone keeps in touch even when studying oversees and most definetely most aquantiances don’t face-time each other just because they are bored.
“So, what happened?” He finally asked.
“Huh?” She answered as if he distupted her train of thoughts. Looking up from the menu, she exclaimed : “Oh. That. Ughh.” She grimaced, closing the menu loudly.
“Listen to this! Your friend Ren asked me out!” She pointed at Asano, who looked taken aback by her remark.
“Ren did?”
“Yeah! Like what, now that he can’t make his way to Kanzaki he tries the remaining options?! And I wasn’t even the first one on his list!” She puffed, crossing her arms. “He tried Hayami first! But that was taken, too, so he went to Hinano-chan who turned him flat down and THEN to me.” She exclaimed uncreduosly. “I was FOURTH on his list! Cand you BELIEVE him?!” She esclaimed, slamming the table with her hand. “Am I a fourth option?!!” She repeated as if it was the most despicable thing on earth.
Asano surpressed a laugh: to think someone would get down just because of such a thing. It was well-known that Ren was a womanizer, but it still fazed Rio that she could be so down on his list. Honestly, it fazed Asano too that his friend only placed Nakamura so down on his list. Practically speaking, she was a girl that could bring many advantages: a high income, fluent English that was mandatory in negotiations, as well as a high persuasive power and a flexible mind that could easily find solutions.
“Well, you know Ren.” He tried calming her down. “He’s a womanizer. I don’t think he ranks you or anything… He’s more impulsive and attacks who he sees.”
“And he sees me more often than Hinano-chan!” Wrong argument, Asano realised. “So that’s not…”
“May I take your order?” The friendly waiter asked.
“Sure.” Asano gave him a buisness smile, internally thanking him for giving him more time to think.
After they ordered, an awkward silence installed between the two, as Rio lost her angriness and instead weakly asked again, with a sad vibe: “am I really that bad?”
“Oh, come on, Nakamura, don’t be such a downer!” Asano used the same line as her with a smirk, which did seem to help make her feel better. “You know as well as I do that Ren’s not so much about quality as he is about quantity.” He added.
“Hey! Are you calling my friends unqualified?” Rio pointed out, but her words were calmer and warmer and she didn’t do a good job at hiding her smile, so Asano continued.
“Not at all, I wouldn’t dare. I am merely pointing out that Ren’s ranking is of no meaning.” He retailed.
“Of course, you are right. But you have to admit that even so, he was a jerk.”
“I do not deny that fact.” Rio giggled. “However, you don’t knkw that from me” asano cauciously added.
“Did you say something about the womanizer? Oh, you meant Maehara, right?” Nakamura trailed off, changing the subject.
For the rest of the meal, the two didn’t bring up Ren anymore and they enjoyed their normal time together: politics, work, catching up and talking about how Asano was bound to be a forever alone because all the women were after his money and none of his secretaries were reliable.
“Don’t laugh, Nakamura! This is a serious issue! I need a competent worker to do his job to get my appointments in order and all I get are silly and sloppy women!”
“Because you have a magnet for these kind of people! But I’m sure the allmighty Asano can manage on his own?” She smirked.
“Yes of course. But it gives me a headache every time.” He sighed.
“And that’s why I’m here to heal you~” he blonde laughed. ‘Heal’ was indeed a good word. Asano enjoyed his time with her and never considered it a waste of time. Moreover, she was always capable of keeping up with his work and let his complain. He could let his guard down around her and still feel safe.
“I wish you were my secretary.” He honestly said.
“Now, now! How could I deprive so many women of their wish to get into your pants? I’m not that mean.” She laughed it off, but a trail of rose still colored her cheeks.

Lunch was over before either of them could notice and they had to go back to their daily routines.
“What now?” Nakamura asked as they walked together to the underground subway station.
“Meeting with the CEO of a cars’ factory.” Asano answered bored. He never liked cars to begin with: they made him nautious.
“There there.” The woman patted his arm with petty mixed with a sly smirk. She knew fully well that her friend hated cars: she had pictures from their last trip to the sea where the driver had to pull the car over for asano to puke. Her and Karma were all over the place taking photos of him (but of course Karma had to erase them because Manami scolded him, no worries: she the pics later). However, she couldn’t help but joke: “fast and furious?”
“Nakamura.” Asano turned to her with a mixed expression: half amused and half serious, “you’re getting weaker with your comebacks.”
“No!” She fake gasped, pointing a thinking finger to her chin: “it must be my Ren-allergy acting up!” She found the diagnosis. Asano laughed a bit, which earned himself a strange gaze from Nakamura. “That’s rare.”
“Must be my being-fourth-on-the-list allergy.” He joked. As soon as the words left his mouth, he turned with a worried expression to his fellow, afraid he could have hurt her. To his surprise, she was smiling:
“Glad to see you suffer from it too! We are now oficially allergy buddies!” She said, pretending to sneeze.
Asano looked at her in disbelief mixed with fondness: what kind of idiot would put this woman on the fourth place? Objectively speaking, she was smart, funny and could always heal headaches.
“For the record” he started as they made it to the station, where they had to part ways, as they were going im opposite directions. “You’d be first on my list.” That was a subjective point of view, of course.
For a few moments Nakamura remained speechless, holding his stare as she stared back at him. Finally, she answered: “I never made of list. But I just ran the possibilities through my head and you win by far.” She stated, matter-of-factly. He never expected that: a joke, brushing it off: yes. Accepting the challenge: no.
“Are you free tonight?” He suddenly asked.
“Got work until ten.” She responded with her usual tone.
“Can I pick you up at 10:15?” He said again, with a buisness tone.
“That’s not within working hours” she laughed, nodding. “And for the record” she added as the next train was announced “you’ll have to cure my headache because I have a meeting with a French diplomat next and his accent is killing me!”
And with that, she got onto the train and left. A fine woman, Asano thought. And despite being subjective, that was a fact for him.

Time Filler Spec Part 1

Author’s Note: This is just what I would imagine went on during the off-screen time of Boruto: Naruto the Movie that involved Sasuke coming home at the end of the day.

After meeting Boruto in the alley
Sasuke opened the door to the apartment that Sakura managed to scramble to rent since their home crumbled at her fists. There was a faint glow of a light coming from the end of the hallway that was the master bedroom of the apartment. From there came a twinkling voice that made his entire body melt into relaxation and relief. “Welcome home! Is that you, Sarada?”

In master bedroom, Sakura closed the thick pages of the book she was reading that was a comprehensive delineation of past spinal realignment surgeries she examined for a source of “light reading” before bed. She leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms as far up as she could and let out a sigh before releasing the stress on her muscles.

Sasuke quietly walked over to the entryway before knocking on the door with his knuckles gently. Sakura whipped her head around instantly as her eyes widened. “Sasuke-kun!” she squeaked, scrambling to stand and shuffle over to him to help remove his cape. “My goodness, you’re back so soon!”

“I’m home,” he said, his body wanting to curl against hers. She draped the cloak over her arm and ran her hands down his chest unconsciously as she examined his well-being. Sasuke studied her face thoughtfully, their comfortable silence singing in their ears.

After a few moments, Sasuke lightly lifted her chin so they could look in each others eyes. Sakura had always been surprised by his gentleness towards her, and she was still finding her heart flutter each time he was so close. She smiled at him before wrapping her arms around him and resting her head in the crook of his neck. “Where’s Sarada?” Sasuke asked softly.

“At the Akimichi house,” Sakura murmured as she breathed in the scent of her husband’s travels.

Sasuke kissed the side of her head and pressed her smaller frame against him tightly before closing his eyes. “I met the dunce’s kid today,” he said into her pink hair.

“Oh, Boruto?” Sakura echoed his thoughts, “He’s something else.”

“He tried to punch me.”

Sakura busted into a fit of laughter before planting a kiss on her husband’s cheek. “I would imagine it was—”

“Aimed for Naruto.”

Sakura gave a smile lightly laced in sadness. “I see you can tell their relationship is a bit rocky,” she said, setting his cape into a laundry basket. “Boruto has told Sarada more than a few times growing up that it has been difficult on their relationship.”

Sasuke grimaced. “The Little Dunce and our daughter are friends?”

Sakura raised an eyebrow. “They’re on the same team.”

Of course, Sasuke thought. That teacher Shino has a fancy towards repeating the past, does he? “Well,” Sasuke sighed, “as long as he doesn’t try to pull anything on her, that’s fine. I don’t want dunces running in our family.”

“Sasuke-kun!” Sakura snapped, but softened at his chuckle. “You’re so mean, Sasuke-kun.”

Sakura cleaned all of Sasuke’s clothing while he prepared for bed. As he soaked in their bath, Sasuke couldn’t help but think about the little blond boy that was the spitting image of his best friend. I wonder who’ll win the bet this time.

SO. I found out it was Rawan’s @femwitchlock​ birthday today and she is one of the nicest people I’ve had the privilege to talk to even if briefly so I set down and wrote her this thing and I hope you like it sjfkghkdjfghs and it’s your birthday for five minutes more so i’m not even late!!

“What’s this?” John peered over Sherlock’s shoulder, blowing air on her tea before taking a tongue-burning sip and scrunching her nose.

“You can always let it cool down before you drink it,” Sherlock said scornfully, but with a smile dancing at the corner of her lips. She leaned back in her chair and stretched her neck to look at John upside down.

“What’s the fun in that?” John smiled back, and leaned down to land a peck on Sherlock’s mouth, whispering good morning, bumblebee into it. Sherlock huffed an embarrassed laugh and replied by rubbing her nose with John’s. “Now tell me what you’re up to.”

John took a sit next to Sherlock at the kitchen table, where three small, identical wooden boxes set in a row, unopened, and several pages with Sherlock’s untidy scribbling were scattered all around them. The boxes had a mildly disconcerting look to them. Undoubtedly luxurious, golden decorations on dark mahogany, small, intricate shapes carved in them, they looked like someone’s heritage, like the weight of them in your hands must be significant in more than one way, but then, John’s past experiences with unopened, unfamiliar packages in their flat are not of the best kind.

Sherlock’s fingers ran over the golden lines on the box closest to John. “This?” She asked, sounding mildly distracted by the box’s beauty.

“Yes, this. Nothing dangerous, I should hope.” John took a closer look at box Sherlock was currently caressing. Handmade, no doubt.

“Oh no, no,” Sherlock turned to look at her, her eyes bright. “Just a little game.”

John raised an eyebrow at that. “Case related?”

“Nothing like that.”

Sherlock had a mysterious twinkle in her eyes, a mysterious quirk to her lips, her fingers moved to trace the same shapes on the upside of John’s palm. John swallowed, and took another look at the boxes. They were lined meticulously, like their placement had an importance to the game.

“They were sent in the mail with only this letter,” Sherlock continued, and handed John a piece of folded paper.

“By who?”

“No one to suspect of malice.”


Sherlock rolled her eyes. “Mummy.”

John cracked a smile at that. “Your Mum is playing games with you now?”

“Read the letter.” Sherlock ignored the invitation to talk about her distant relations with her family in favour of stealing John’s cup of tea.

John unfolded the letter.

Sherlock Dear,

Found these in the attic and remembered you never did solve this one.

Maybe you’ll have better luck this time around. With a little help, perhaps. Send John my regards. And nonetheless, I hope you find them useful.

“Well that…” John cleared her throat. She still felt uneasy being recognized as an important part of Sherlock’s life by Sherlock’s parents, which didn’t happen often, since Sherlock very rarely spoke to them, or visited them, but it felt weird, to be accepted like that into someone’s life. “That doesn’t explain much.”

“Hmm,” Sherlock hummed around the rim of the cup, and squeezed John’s hand before getting up, dressing gown flaring behind her. “Not enough sugar,” she complained, and went straight to the cupboard to pull the sugar out.

John should really not let this habit of taking over her morning drinks be so endearing. “Maybe ‘cause it’s mine.”

Sherlock ignored her. “Want to give it a shot?”

“Solving a thing that you didn’t manage solving?”

“Well, I did solve it, today, but. Yes.”

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be in the mood to embarrass myself first thing Sunday morning.”

Sherlock snorted as she poured a generous amount of sugar into the cup. “John, really. You’re never an embarrassment to me.”

John felt herself blushing. Complements from Sherlock still caught her unguarded, even after years of hearing them – handed offhandedly in the middle of a crime scene, reverently repeated between kisses, whispered brokenly in bed. She could never get used to this brilliant woman loving her.

“So?” Sherlock quirked an eyebrow at her when the silent went longer than necessary.

John cleared her throat again. So much for an easy-going Sunday. “Tell me the riddle.”

“Not precisely a riddle,” Sherlock corrected, coming back to sit next to john and resting her feet in John’s lap. John’s hands immediately came to massage them. Sherlock threw her head back, closed her eyes, and murmured: “‘They are all identical, correct?”

John examined the boxes closely, to see if it’s a trick question. On the surface they indeed seemed to be identical, but what if she was missing something? After several moments of examination, nothing popped out to her eyes, and she answered: “Correct.”

Sherlock curled her toes as John pressed down on the middle of her soles, and sighed. “They were made by three different people, at three different spots of the world, all within the same week and not as a copy of the first one made. What is the link between them?”

John blinked. “Well they – must have had the same design plans or – “

“No.” Sherlock cut her off. “Think, well, outside of the box.”

John gave her a good tickle for that one. When the laughter and squirming died down, and they had settled comfortably again, Sherlock pushed the middle box in John’s direction. “You can open them if you need to, go on, take a good hard look and tell me what you think.”

“Git,” John said fondly, and took the box offered to her carefully. She felt the weight in her hands, spinned it in them to examine all sides. She could think of ridiculous theories that Sherlock would scoff at, like an identical triplet with a hive mind, like coincidences that don’t exist in the world. She searched for something that will distinct this box from the others and will disprove the axiom of identicality, but found none. She was genuinely lost.

“Open it,” Sherlock nearly groaned, and kicked her playfully. She was now watching John intently, her eyes fixed on John’s when the latter looked up at her. She wasn’t smiling, not anymore, but her expression was so open it might have been better than smiling. “Come on,” She said, more softly.

“Alright,” John retorted through the lump in her throat. Whatever was going on, Sherlock wanted John to figure it out already, and believed that John, in time, will arrive to the (for some reason) important conclusion.

John’s fingers fumbled with the lock and her breath was caught in her throat as she pushed the lid back and exposed the insides of the fancy crate. Her brows furrowed in reaction to what she found inside, she looked up at Sherlock’s face, carefully controlled into a supposedly blank expression, but underneath it all John saw the unbelievable vulnerability that always made something grow in her chest and wrap itself tightly around her heart, a heart that was beating too fast.

“Sherlock…” she whispered in awe, her face crumpling out of confusion and into realization.

Sherlock kept on looking at her expectantly, not daring to say a word.

“Was this – were you just trying to – “

Sherlock cleared her throat. “Yes,” she croaked out, seeming terrified and hopeful all at once.

For a long moment, John couldn’t speak. She knew Sherlock must be freaking out under her demeanour but she honestly couldn’t find the words to say –

“Will you?” Sherlock asked, just then, just as John was about to gush out her incoherent response.

John felt herself starting to tear up. “Sherlock…” she said again, placed the box carefully back on the table, and breathed in, and breathed out, and before Sherlock could start apologizing for her stupidity got swiftly out of her chair and took Sherlock’s face between her palms and kissed her. “I will,” she said, kissed her again. “I will. Bumblebee, of course I will. Yes, yes, I will marry you. Please marry me back.”

“Oh, John,” Sherlock breathed out, hands clutching at John’s shirt and pulling her closer. “I love you.”

“Tell me, then,” John smiled into the kiss.

“I will marry you. We’re going to marry each other.”

“Yes. Yes, we are.”


“So this…elaborate scheme…” John nuzzled her nose into Sherlock’s shoulder, her hand resting on her warm, pudgy stomach, playing with the sparse hairs that go down from under her naval.

Sherlock smiled into her hair. “I just wanted to…surprise you.”

“You certainly did. But, was your mother in on it?”

“Oh no,” Sherlock tangled their legs together, and huffed out a laugh. “She’d sent me the boxes months ago. It was then that I got the idea.”

“So there was something you didn’t solve.”


“What was it?”

Sherlock inhaled deeply, and sighed. “It’s nothing complicated.”

John poked her in the ribs. “Tell me, though.”

“When I was younger, Mummy asked me what’s so special about these boxes. She got them as a gift for her many successes in her academic field. I gave her many answers, mainly concentrating on the minute details that made every box differ from the other to the trained eye. They are not, in fact, completely identical, but that’s not the point.”

“What is the point, then?”

“The point is,” Sherlock drawled on, running her hand up and down John’s spine, making her shiver slightly. “That nothing is special about them, unless you look for it. They are beautiful, for sure. They are crafted with talent, no doubt about that. But they are all the same, unless you put the effort in to make them special. People, surprisingly, when you put as much scrutiny to them as I do, are very much the same. It’s not the grand things that make them special, it’s the details you need to work hard to get that do that. It’s getting to know them closely that does that.”

John had let Sherlock’s quiet mumbling envelop her, and now, with her eyes closed and Sherlock’s warm body pressed even closer to her than it was before, somehow, she’s so sleepy and content she barely manages to ask: “So how did the proposal come into this?”

Sherlock’s voice is cracking at the edges when she answers, “You could have been just another face I didn’t bother with, but you made me pay attention, and, John?”

“Yes?” John’s voice mimicked Sherlock’s.

“I could never, and would never, know someone as intimately as I know you, and therefore no one could ever be as special to me as you are, and I wanted – “ Sherlock’s voice breaks.

“You wanted me to be even more special.”


John climbed over Sherlock, straddled her, so she could look her in the eyes as she said: “I love you, too. You are – my special one, as well. And I am so happy you paid attention to me, because there wasn’t a chance in the world that I wouldn’t pay attention to you.”

“That’s…” Sherlock swallows, “good.”


“Yes, good.”

John grinned at her. “Show me how well you know me.”

And as Sherlock grinned back, John thought that this, this is everything she’ll ever need.