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The Sexy, Bearded ‘We’

Pairing: Jared x Reader x Jensen

Summary: Jared says something at a con that really gets you going.

Word Count: 1,795

Warnings: threesome, oral sex (male and female receiving), smut

A/N: AU where Jensen is single, remember this is fiction! If you’re a die-hard Jensen girl and don’t want to read Jared smut, stop now. If you’re a die-hard Jared girl and don’t want to read Jensen smut, also stop now. If you’re a j2 girl, you’re in for a treat. Also I’m going to church to confess my sins after writing this.

You sat backstage, listening to your boyfriend and his costar answer a question about the beards he and Jensen had grown over their break from filming.

“We like to call ourselves - Jensen and I - the sexy, bearded ‘we’.” He grinned.

You’d always had a thing for Jared’s beard. The way it scratched at your face when he kissed you, the way it felt between your legs, just scruffy enough to leave red patches between your thighs. And there was no denying how unbelievably sexy Jensen was as well. When they both grew their beards out, good Lord.

After the panel, you met Jared in the green room, Jensen following closely behind him. 

“Oh, the sexy, bearded ‘we’ is gracing my presence.” You swooned jokingly.

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Note: This is a very old scenario that I wrote, please take it easy on past me’s writing. Enjoy!

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Type: BDSM and Daddy kink, smut

Plot: Namjoon had had a long day at work. His throat was soar from constantly practicing his songs and he was physically tired from the dance rehearsals. He wanted nothing more than to come home to Y/N and cuddle up to her in bed. But after realizing she had ruined some expensive items, his inner beast comes out and his punishment is far from gentle.

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The Audacity of Kim Junmyeon (6)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7

Description: Kim Junmyeon, your neighbor and ex best friend suddenly begins taking to you after nearly six years of silence. Although he may be talking to you, he’s not the most…decent person now that he’s grown up.

Warnings: vulgar language. Fuckboy-ism. Smut.

Word Count: 3,617

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader / Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

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Despite what everyone said about it, you woke up and you didn’t feel different. You noticed the lack of warmth next to you. You figured that he had just gotten up to go to the bathroom or something, so you got up to get your clothes.

Panic started to set in when you noticed his clothes were gone. You shook your head, getting away from the thought that he left you. He promised he wasn’t using you. Was a promise always enough?

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Ready (Gabriel x Reader)

Request: My request was about the Reader baking all day for you, and finally working on the brownies or something when you come back from a hunt with the boys, things start getting steamy as you “sample” some of the goods…the oven dings as soon as the boys come back signalling everything is ready, including the both of you (Gabriel)
Word count: 800
Warnings: Fluff and smut

You were humming happily when you put the last batch of cookies in the oven. Gabriel was on a hunt with Sam and Dean, and when he came home, you were going to surprise him with his favourite cookies; triple chocolate chip. You slumped down in a chair and rubbed your belly. It was aching slightly from all the batter you had eaten already. You had been dating Gabriel for about four months now, and up until one month ago, the Winchesters hated it. But now they were getting along nicely, and Gabriel was a big asset on hunts. A week ago you sprained your ankle, so you weren’t hunting until it got better. A while later you heard the bunker door open, and you smiled.

“Ooooh something smells good!” Gabriel said when he appeared in the kitchen.
“Hey babe! How’d it go?” you asked and dusted off your hands.
“Monster dead, people saved.”
“Proud of you, my angelic hunter,” you said and Gabriel grinned, stalking up to you and kissing you hard. You smiled into the kiss and he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his hips and putting you on the counter.

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[04.10.17] | 3/100 yikes, it got blurrier than I expected! Anyway, here’s the spread for the week, including my stretch plan! 

goal: by the end of the summer, I’ll be able to do a split ;^)

photo creds: planet & stars, sweater, bus, shoes, umbrella, dream quote (me)

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Round Two?

Pairing: Jimin x reader


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You were always one step ahead of Jimin, a grade higher, a year older. Jimin hated it, it was like he couldn’t get a break. He tried to catch up but he just couldn’t and before he knew it you left him at highschool when you started college. Soon he entered the exact same high school. He was in college now but you still looked at him like a younger brother. He hated that, so he was going to change that. He vowed that he’d make you look at him like a man. 

“Bye Irene!” you said unlocking your door or at least you thought you had locked it. It was unlocked and you were immediately cautious of who could be lurking in your apartment. Walking in slowly you turned on some lights, then you heard a shower turn off and Jimin walked out clad in just a towel around his waist. “Jimin?” you asked surprised.

“Hey,” he laughed before walking towards you,

“Um what are you doing?” you asked backing into the couch. He leaned in bare chest extremely close to you, face next to your ear,

“My shirt,” he whispered before pulling back holding a black shirt grinning. You nodded before running off to your room and closing the door, he was so close to you in nothing but a towel. You felt your face heat up and your heart had no intention of slowing down.

“What’s going on with me?” you muttered before patting your cheeks and stripping to change. 

“Noona! Do you want chicken ramyun or….” Jimin trailed off opening the door to reveal you in just a lacy black bra with matching underwear. 

“J-Jimin!” you shrieked grabbing the closest thing to you to cover up, “Get out!”

“Noona.” he said voice lower, glancing up his eyes had darkened, voice husky “You’re beautiful why cover up?” he asked taking a small step towards you. Soon he cornered you against your desk, “Noona,” he paused, “You know I really like you.” You stared at him completely caught off guard by the confession. 

“I-I didn’t know….” you whispered looking away,

“That’s right, you didn’t know that I jack off to you every single night, that seeing you in that cute bikini makes me go crazy. That ever since I accidentally walked in on you with just a towel on I’ve recreated that scene in my head dozens of times.” he paused staring straight into your soul. You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out, touching his shoulder softly as if you could comfort him. 

“I’m sorry I made you feel this way…” you whispered not knowing what else to say.

“Don’t touch me!” Jimin said flinching away suddenly, you stared at him, 

“Jimin,” you paused reaching out again, 

“If you touch me again i’m going to fuck you right here and now.” he said, hair disheveled crazed look in his eyes. “I’m leaving.” he said suddenly getting up.

“Wait Jimin!” you called grabbing his wrist, he spun around so fast and pinned you to a wall. 

“I told you that if you touched me again I’d fuck you,” He looked straight at you, “I mean it, I’ll take you right here and now, I’ll make you scream my name so fucking loud the neighbors will know who’s dick is in you. I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll see stars and won’t be able to walk in a straight line y/n I will,” he panted, “I’m done being called your best friend, being looked down upon because i’m younger than you,” you looked up through your eyelashes at him, “i’m done being a good boy.” his whispered before he leaned down as if to kiss you. Shaking his head he muttered “I need to leave now.” then he went to really leave.

“Jimin!” you called chasing after him slipping on your towel, “Wait!” you shouted grabbing his hand, “Please.”

“I’m going to fuck you, seriously don’t touch me, let go or i’ll take you!” he yelled not looking at you, you paused. You couldn’t deny the attraction towards him, he was hot and you knew that first hand. 

“I stopped seeing you as a younger brother years ago,” you murmured before hugging him from behind. He froze, before whipping around and pinning you to the kitchen counter. Lips crashing with yours his hands were tangled in your hair. 

“I told you I would, stop me now before it’s too late.” he whispered between kisses, you just shook your heat. You were done denying yourself Jimin, You were done the minute he said he wanted to fuck you, you’ve loved him for so long but had to push those feelings aside and be the mature one that made sure he would get his assignments turned in on time, met curfew, was nice to his parents. Not anymore, no now you were far too gone drunk on his kisses and addicted to his touch. No, no you wanted him, and you wanted him now.

“Bedroom.” you gasped, he just nodded and you both stumbled to your bed, him falling onto you littering kisses on your body and suddenly it was too hot in your room and you both had too much clothing on. Tugging at his shirt he got the message and pulled it off before kicking off his shorts, then he ripped your shirt off and tugged your shorts down. Reaching behind you you unclipped your bra letting it fall to the floor before shimmying off your panties and tossing them somewhere, Jimin stood there and marveled at how beautiful you were. Crossing your arms over your chest you looked away squeezing your legs, you were so embarrassed. 

“Noona, don’t cover them up you’re stunning.” Jimin whispered in awe before suddenly and quite literally diving forward, making you shriek in surprise. Swiping a finger over your slit he tasted your juices, “It’s so yummy.” he said, before leaving kisses down your stomach. Then slowly, he slipped a finger inside, carefully he thrusted in and out before adding another and curling them hitting your sweet spot.

“Oh my god Jimin!” you gasped throwing your head back, toes curling you could feel your core heating up then just like that they were gone and you felt so empty. “Jimin?” you asked opening your eyes to watch him lower his head down and start eating you out. You’d never felt someone with such a sensual tongue, he ran it up your slit before gently sucking on your clit. You were in heaven when you felt your core release, “Oh my Oh-o-oh my god Jimin!” you moaned letting yourself go. When you came back down from your high you reached and tugged on his boxers, wanting to do something for him too. 

Slowly you eased them down his erection slapping against his abdomen, gasping at how big it was, it had a nice girth too. You’d never seen a dick look so tasty, “Can I?” you asked looking up at him, he just nodded.  Then, you eased your head down and licked the tip tasting the salty precum that had leaved out. Opening your mouth you took his head and went down on him, he groaned grabbing a handful of your hair. 

“Nnngh-ugh-y/n.” he groaned, stumbling back and leaning onto the wall, you just bobbed your head up and down flattening your tongue and applying different pressures. “Y/-y/n i’m gonna come!” he hissed but you just kept going when suddenly you felt a flood of his come enter your mouth, swallowing you smiled. 

“Salty.”  Jimin blushed, before you stared at him, “You said you were gonna fuck me, I need you right now.” you said, and that was all he needed. Your back hit the headboard and you needed no extra lubrication your arousal flooding between your legs, he searched for a condom but couldn’t find one.

“Fuck!” he hissed hands shaking you grabbed him and positioned himself at your entrance,

“I’m on the pill.” you said and just like that he was thrusting up into you. “Mmmn Jimin!” you moaned as he sheathed himself to the hilt before pulling almost all the way out then slamming back in.It felt glorious, you screamed his name loud and clear, the neighbors would definitely remember this one. 

“Fuck you’re so tight y/n, you practically swallowed me whole.” he groaned as he plunged into you making lewd noises. “Y/n you’re so good! Do you like that?” he asked, “Do you like how i’m thrusting into you, has any other man made you feel this full?”

“N-no.” you gasped, he had stretched you to your limit and it was wonderful, your eyes widened as he hit your sweet spot, noticing this he started pounding into you harder and faster hitting that sweet spot over and over again 

“Y/n are you close?” he asked, you just nodded and his thrusts got more erratic. You felt your core tighten to the limit before you died and went to heaven, you walls clenched incredibly tight around him and he groaned before letting his seed explode and blast it’s way up your walls coating them thoroughly. 

Breathing heavily he collapsed next to you, arm around your waist. 

“I love you.” he whispered, you paused, before nodding back at him.

“I love you too Jimin.” 

After a shower you both crashed into your bed and fell asleep, both content with being in each other’s arms. 

The next morning you woke up to soothing sunlight falling into your room, Jimin stirred next to you and you just smiled, wiping a piece of his hair away from his face.

“Morning.” you whispered quietly to him,

“Morning.” he said back,

“What do you want to eat for breakfast?” you asked tracing patterns onto his bare chest.

“You.” he smirked as your mouth dropped open before kissing you, 

“Round two?” he asked innocently hand already making it’s way south.

“Oh my god Jimin!” 


Genre: Smut (Slight BDSM; Biting)

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung (DogBoy Hybrid AU!)

Word Count: 1500ish

Tagging @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff because I wrecked her with a preview yesterday :) 

Originally posted by girlmeetsyoongismixtape

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jin asked, concern and worry evident in his eyes as he placed the cuffs on you, attaching you to the stand above your head as you stood trembling in his grasp.

You felt a mix of emotions go through your mind, fear, excitement but the most prominent one was that of lust and desire.

“Y-Yes, oppa.” You shakily replied, the adrenaline rushing through your head blurred your vision and thoughts yet heightened each and every feeling of yours.

Jin pulled at your cuffs harshly, making sure he had fastened the cuffs properly, leaving you absolutely at the mercy of the man in front of you. His palms cupped your face, the warmth radiating off of it was so reassuring and safe but that’s not what you wanted right now.  

You wanted nothing more than to broken down brick by brick, to be ravaged throughout.

When you were given the opportunity to finally help Taehyung out during his heat, Jin’s untimely business trips had you tripping in happiness. All this time, you had just been waiting for an opportunity like this

Taehyung in heat was an absolute monster, a lustful sex god and your body had been craving to experience it ever since you started dating him and Jin.

“I’ll be back home in two days… Just take care of yourself and him until then okay?” He spoke, adjusting his tie before pressing a soft kiss on your smooth lips. A kiss you didn’t want to break, your mouth leaning in and your tongue slipping into his mouth which ended with Jin having to leave for his business trip with a hard bulge in his tight trousers and you chuckling to yourself as he left.

You were dressed in your pure white lingerie, not bothering to put on a dress because knowing Taehyung, he would’ve ripped it apart until it was mere shreds of cloth on the floor. Your hair tied back neatly in a high ponytail that brushed over your back.

You began fidgeting under the cuffs, your toes barely touching the ground beneath you, getting restless and anxious waiting for Taehyung to come back from work.

You hadn’t informed him about this slight change of plans. Usually it was Jin who took care of Taehyung during his heat, your sweetheart of a boyfriend refusing to hurt you and letting you stay over at Jimin’s while he worked through it.

But this time, there was no escape.

“Hyung!! Where are you?? My heat is starting to kick in!!” He called out as he threw his laptop and bag on the couch, rushing into the bedroom only to find his precious little bitch all tied up and ready for him.

“Y/N-ah?” He asked, puzzled at your presence and Jin’s absence in his bedroom. His nose twitching as he caught the scent of your arousal that was pooling between your thighs.

“Oppa…” You spoke softly.

Taehyung began taking long steps towards where you stood. Your teeth instinctively moving to bite your bottom lip, an action that drove him absolutely insane. Making his ears twitch and his tail shake from excitement.

“You know what that does to me, kitten…” He whispered dangerously into your ear, his hands loosening his tie before taking of his blazer, leaving him in his dark, black shirt.

“Right now… I’m more interested to know what you’re going to do to me” You chuckled but your amusement didn’t last for long as Taehyung hungrily crashed his lips on yours, his canines grazing your lip before biting down on it that had you whimpering in his touch.

His hands moved to tear his shirt and tie off of him without taking his lips off yours. Your moans and whimpers providing him an easy opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, tasting each drop of you while your hands tightened around the cuff, pulling hard at them as you felt the intense pleasure completely knock you out.

He hesitantly moved away from you, dropping down to his knees as he hoisted your leg over his well-built shoulders, slowly dragging your angelic white underwear to your ankles. His nose twitching at the scent of you but something was different. His eyes widened and mouth dropped as he brought his nose closer to your dripping core which only confirmed his thought.

“Kitten… You’re ovulating…” He whispered to himself as if trying to get himself to believe his own words.

Before you could respond Tae’s tongue was already devouring your folds, pushing his tongue as deep as it could go into you, trying his best to lick up all of your juices. Your taste which was absolute heaven to him was so much more enthralling during your ovulation. As he pushed his tongue deeper and deeper into you, his nose dug into your clit, sending electrifying pleasure to all your nerves.

He could feel how desperately you craved his cock, his cum, all of it and so much more.

Everything that his body was just aching to give you.

He could feel your walls tighten around him as he shoved two of his fingers into you, arching them just right to hit your sweet spot that had you desperately moaning his name. Your fingers dug into the cold metal of the cuffs as you desperately tried to hold on to what little sanity you had left. Your eyes rolling back into your head as you moaned his name.  

“Tae.. Taehyung.. Please” You begged profusely.

You couldn’t feel your legs anymore, not after he pressed sweet kisses all over your thighs, not after he furiously ravaged your heated core, making you cum so many times until all of it blurred into one, making you whimper his name at the top of your lungs continuously and uncontrollably.

He hesitantly drew away from you after your voice started to crack and your legs were trembling underneath his touch. He brought himself back up to your height, his ethereal blonde hair messy and dishevelled, his lips moving to the nape of your neck as he decorated you with his marks, digging his sharp canines into your stark skin, drawing deep crimson red blood before licking it all away and healing the marks with his tongue but not without leaving beautiful deep purple marks.

The feeling of his actions gave you a sharp pain as you felt your skin pierced but it soon turned into a warm feeling as you felt your skin beginning to heal, leaving it intact but bruised. You were absolutely breathless, your ability to think, to comprehend taken away from you as you fell deeper into the abyss of pleasure and pain.

He brought his hands up to your thighs, lifting you up before placing his tight grip onto your hips and you crossed your legs around his waist, locking him into place. He unbuckled his pants, letting it drop to the floor along with this briefs, freeing his painfully erect cock, leaking and red and just dying to be inside you.

“God, your body is just begging to be pounded into, isn’t it?” He whispered, his teeth nibbling on your ear while his hand moved to spank your ass, making you mewl and gasp as you were hit with the dull ache that turned into pleasure.

He pressed his tip on your entrance, sliding his entire length into you in one single motion before moving hard and fast, stretching you out to your limit and hitting the deepest, furthest parts of you, having you writhe in pure ecstasy and raw lust.

“Fuck, your pussy on an ovulation day is the best!” He whined out at the incredible feeling. Even though he had had sex with you innumerable times, this was on an entirely different level and beyond anything he had ever felt before.

His lips pressed down on your bruised neck once more as his grip on your ass tightened, leaving his imprints all over it as he shoved faster and faster into you, the warm feeling of being inside you, the feeling of your walls clenching all around him, it was his own personal heaven.

“T-Taehyung-ahh… I’m coming.. ” You cried out, your voice hitching in your throat as you were reaching your limit.

“You’re the most wonderful bitch in existence, Y/N-ah….” He spoke, his ears and tail twitching uncontrollably as he reached the peak of his pleasure.

“And you fucking belong to me” He growled in his raspy voice, pulling your hair harshly before letting his lips collide with yours.

His tongue devoured your mouth and once you came all over his cock, your walls clenching around him and milking him for all he had, his orgasm ripped through his entire body. He spilled each and every drop of his unbelievably huge load into you, filling your deepest parts with him. He languidly pumped into you a few times before pulling out, causing his cum to drip down onto the floor.

With your legs still wrapped around him and one of his hands around you, he undid your cuffs one by one before carrying you to the bed and laying you down.

But he wasn’t even remotely close to being done.

He was barely getting started.

Written By: Admin Sangria

Edited By: @smuttilyeverafter

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Bad Soldier

Another modern military au where Ivar is the reader’s supervisor. What happens is completely against every single army regulation ever and also it sort of reads like a porn. Yay, maybe? Hope you guys enjoy this!

Trigger warnings: dom/sub, spanking, some biting, self-biting, maybe some ildly bad etiquette. slight verbal abuse, maybe? You all know how Ivar is.

He was sprawled against the side of the large tan tent, in the sliver of shade it provided against the harsh desert sun. He glared up at you as you appeared, the scowl only making his sculpted features even more beautiful. Lieutenant Lothbrok was more beautiful than any man had a right to be. It was completely unfair that you had to work with him every day, to stare at his perfection and long to taste every inch of his probably flawless skin, when to follow through on that impulse would completely ruin both of your careers.

“What do you want, Y/L/N?” he snarled at you. You’d known some shit went down, but you weren’t sure what, and you had been sent to find the lieutenant after he stormed out from the update briefing. He seemed to tolerate you better than anyone else, probably because nobody else was patient enough to deal with his high-strung personality. He was easily one of the most intense and intelligent people you had ever met. He drew you to him like a magnet, you were completely helpless against his pull. Most people tended to give him a wide berth, but you were forced to work closely with him every day. After all, he was basically your boss.

“They sent me to find you, sir,” you answered honestly.

He sighed and slapped at the sand beside him. “Sit down, then.” You obeyed, and he scooted closer to you until your thighs were pressed flush to each other. “You know, Y/L/N, you’re probably the only person in this whole battalion who isn’t a fucking asshole at least ninety percent of the time.” He paused, rolling his jaw. “Besides that time you bit me when we were sparring.”

“I have to use every advantage I have. You’ve got like seventy pounds on me.”

He laughed, the sound warming you. “I fought MMA for a couple years, too. There was no way you were going to beat me. But damn kid, you just about made me lose my mind when you did that.”

“Why?” You had felt strangely thrilled biting him, even if it was his calf you had bitten as he used his leg to pin your face to the sweat-damp mat. You would take another mouthful of leg hair anytime, if it meant you got to taste him again.

“Because this.” He lunged at you, pinning you underneath him easily, and crashed his lips hard against yours, his teeth hitting against yours almost painfully. He parted your lips with his tongue and drew yours out to meet his before biting sharply on the tip of it. You yelped into his mouth, and he laughed, swallowing the cry. “Shut up or both of our careers are over.”

His voice was serious and commanding, but his hands were already unbuttoning your camouflage trousers. “What if we get caught?”

“If we get caught, then we’re both fucked. If we don’t get caught, I’m going to be the one doing the fucking. You’re basically my little bitch already, why don’t you be my bitch in the truest sense?” His harsh breathing and blunt words sent a wetness gathering at the junction of your thighs, and he swore under his breath as one finger found your folds, moisture coating his fingertip. “You want to be my bitch so bad, don’t you? You’re a bad soldier. I’m going to punish you.” He pushed himself off of you, leaving your pants half-undone and your mouth swollen from his hungry kisses. “Meet me in my office in exactly two minutes. No more, no less.” And then he stood in one fluid motion and was gone, leaving you trembling and eager on the hot sand.

You followed after about a minute, walking into the tent and straight to his office. The door was closed, so you knocked twice. “Enter.” His voice cracked like a whip from the other side, and you pushed open the door. He looked down at the stopwatch in his hands as you closed the door behind you. “One minute and thirty-two seconds, Y/L/N. You did not follow my orders. I’m going to have to punish you even more than I planned.” His brilliant, cool blue eyes appraised you, sparkling with passion. “Strip.”

His tone brooked no room for disagreement, and you hurried to obey, tangling your legs in your baggy uniform pants and nearly tripping in your eagerness. He tsked disapprovingly at you, but said nothing. “Good. Now come here.” You walked quickly to him, not wanting to delay whatever punishment he had in store for you. His hands were warm and firm on your skin as he bent you over the desk. Nothing happened, and you turned your head back to look at him. With a growl, his nylon-covered chest pressed into your back, and he nipped your earlobe. “I did not tell you to look. Close your eyes.” You closed them.

His hand cracked across your backside, and you barely managed to stop yourself from crying out. “Good girl,” he crooned, his fingers gently stroking the point of impact. “If you take your punishment well, you will be rewarded at the end.”

“What’s my reward?” You asked, excited and a little afraid.

“The privilege of sucking my cock after I fuck you with it. You get to taste my cum and your juices and know what we taste like mixed together. Don’t you want that,my little bitch?”

“Yes,” you moaned, almost completely undone at the thought.

“Then you better be a brave girl about your punishment,” he warned, with another resounding slap across your ass. You flinched, but didn’t make a sound, and were rewarded by his tongue tracing the red mark of his hand on your flesh. You felt him shift behind you, heard the rustle of his uniform as he knelt. His warm breath teased your nether lips, followed by the light drag of his even white teeth against your already inflamed folds.

You wanted to scream from the sweet pain of it, but you didn’t dare. How badly you wanted to taste yourself on his prick! Two of his fingers parted you, allowing his tongue to slip easily into your slit. He set a grueling pace with his tongue, eating you like a man starved half to death. You came undone on his hungry tongue, the taste of your juices barely quenching the thirst that raged inside him, and with a hard bite to the ridge of your hip, he stood and lowered his pants, dropping them to the floor.

You were still bent over his desk, and he slammed his cock into you from behind. Your eyes were still closed, so you hadn’t seen him and had no idea what to expect. You turned your head to your arm and bit down hard just below your elbow, releasing the pressure of his massive cock into your own flesh, since a scream would be the end of both your careers. A whimper escaped through your clenched teeth, and he laughed as he started moving in and out of you.

He was the biggest man you had ever taken inside you, and the pride in his laughter was obvious. He set a grueling pace again, the sweet, sharp pain of him stretching you to your absolute limits only adding to the overwhelming pleasure. He hit a spot in you no one had ever reached before, and it wasn’t long before you came completely undone on his cock, pressing your backside desperately against him, grinding your teeth together to keep from screaming his name like a banshee.

He suddenly pulled himself out of you, hands clamping on your shoulders to turn you around and force you to your knees before him. He tangled his hands in your hair, guiding you to his throbbing, reddened tip. You swirled your tongue over his head to taste yourself on him, moaning as you slid him into your mouth. He gasped, the vibrations of your moan almost enough to send him over the edge. He thrust into you, hitting the back of your throat. You gasped, spluttering around his thick length, and he chuckled as he withdrew, only to hit the back of your throat on the next stroke. One more time, and you felt his cock twitch in your mouth, felt the thick saltiness of his seed bursting into your mouth. After you sucked every last drop from him, he withdrew his cock from your mouth with a small pop.

He watched, eyes gleaming with fascination, as you rolled his seed inside your mouth, tasting the mixture of him and you, just as he had promised for your reward. He grinned, satisfied as a sated wolf, as he watched you swallow. “Such a bad soldier, but you handled your punishment like a good bitch.”

anonymous asked:

Hi sweetie, just started following you, could you write me an imagine about Eric Harris? He being in love with a girl who is quite new at school and he leaves a note in her bag and asks her to meet him at rampart range cause he wants to tell her something personal. When she gets there they are talking casually but when the night falls and Eric told about his feelings they cuddle up under the stars? Thank you so much! <3

I really really really really loved this request. It’s so sweet and innocent :) Thank you sweetheart, I hope it comes close to what you wanted <3

Meeting Eric at Rampart Range

“Mom I’m going!”

You screamed and rushed out of the house, being late as always. You ran down the street not a moment too soon making the bus. You sat down next to the window and put your headphones in. You still hadn’t gotten used to your new environment. It had been 2 months since you moved here to Littleton. Unlike L.A. it was cold and windy here; almost none of your clothes were suited for the weather.

Your family had moved here just in time for the new semester. You attended the Columbine high school. You did not necessarily like the school but you did not hate it either. You had quickly found some interesting and nice people. On the first day a girl had asked you if she could sit next to you. She had forgotten her glasses and joked that she would not be able to take notes during the lesson as she was almost blind without her glasses and couldn’t read what’s on the blackboard. That girl turned out to be Lauren. The Lauren who was currently walking beside you and told you about the party that Evan Todd threw that evening, the one she had been invited to.

“Don’t drag me to that party.”

You pleaded and Lauren laughed.

“I never planned to. I actually thought that we try to feign an excuse together.”

You both laughed and walked down the hallway, a pair of eyes following you all the while.

Yes it had indeed not been long since you attended this school but for Eric Harris it had already been enough time to fall in love with you. He watched you walking down the hallway until you turned at the corner. Eric sighed and closed his locker, Dylan shooting him an impatient look all the while. Okay Eric had not really fallen ‘in love’ with you, he hadn’t even talked to you once, didn’t even know what your voice sounded like but he had fallen for you. For Eric everyone in this school desperately tried to attract attention. It was you, who tried to be ordinary that sparked his interest. You were not attention seeking but for him you were the one that stood out the most.

He had realized that you greeted the charwomen everyday when you left the school whereas everyone else was too proud to even look at them. He loved that you had to stretch to your limit to reach the upper part of you locker and sometimes even lightly jumped, immediately after looking around to make sure no one had seen that. He had seen you make small talk with the canteen women, asking them how their day has been. He liked to see you interact with your world, you did not just move blindly. You were nice and talkative but still very much private. It had occurred often that he had walked past the library and had seen you silently sitting inside, reading a book. Whenever someone would sit down with you, you put the book away, sad that you couldn’t read but still welcomed them with a smile. Yes you had been noticeable to Eric.

You sat down at your desk and took out your pad and pencil case. You smiled at Dylan when he and his friend (Eric you believed was his name) walked in. The blonde giant always sat behind you and often asked you for a pencil or some other stuff. You liked Dylan because he was actually the only person that was responsible enough to return those things to you. But today as Dylan wanted to sit down behind you he was stopped. Eric gave him a look and Dylan remembered that his friend had asked him to change places for the lesson. Eric had a mission. Today would be the day he’d finally stop watching you secretly in the hallway and instead try to talk to you.

Eric almost felt sick as he crumpled up the paper and began to write it again. His handwriting was horrible and no matter how hard he tried to make it readable, his sweaty palms and the nervous shaking of his hand always messed it up. The bell rang and Eric decided that he wouldn’t have enough time to rewrite the note. He folded it and leaned forward, carefully slipping it in the pocket of your jacket while you were still busy finishing your notes.

“I have to catch my bus. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

Lauren quickly said to you and waved goodbye as she exited the classroom. You waved too and put your pad and pencil case in your backpack before you grabbed your jacket from your chair and left too. It was suddenly warm outside. The wind had subsided and the sun had come out. You tried to stuff your jacket in your backpack as you did not need it right now and did not want to carry it in your hands. When it was all the way in you saw a tiny piece of white paper sticking out of your pocket. You carefully pulled it out. Why was there always so much trash in your pockets, you almost went to threw it away but suddenly realized that it was a note. You carefully unfolded it and looked down at the mess of ink. You realized it was not your own handwriting and were slightly confused. Someone else had written it and either way this person had the worst handwriting you had ever seen or that were some kind of Celtic runes on that paper. It was almost not readable. The ink was blurred and the writing shaky.

Rampart Range – 19:30! Please come.

You finally managed to read it and then there was a word that was completely canceled. Had the person, leaving you this almost accidentally written their name or decided that they did not want you to know who they were until you’d see them? You smiled at that, it was somehow cute. You looked around. How had someone managed to get that into your pocket? You wondered who it was but liked the mystery of it, you liked that there was obviously someone that still thought that leaving notes in pockets was a thing to do and you loved it.

As soon as you got home you googled Rampart Range. It apparently was a huge area in Douglas County. It was not that far from your house and you decided to walk there. At around 18 o’clock you left the house. You had underestimated the distance, it took you about two hours until you got there and you always stopped to check google maps whether you were still on the right way. But now you were finally here, a single car was parked and you recognized it. You had seen it at school before, it was quite noticeable with the huge sticker on the back but you did not know who it belonged to. You decided to go further and got to a sign that said Rampart Range. You looked around, there were many trees but that was about it. You were alone.

“Are you angry Reb?”

You shrieked but the voice sounded familiar.

“Of course I am! It was a stupid idea and I shouldn’t have done that!”

You turned around, trying to find the source the voices came from.

“Why did I even think that she’d show up? Only an idiot would take that note serious.”

You watched as two shadows emerged from the trees, quickly recognizing the people they belonged to.

“The idiot who took the note serious is a bit late, sorry.”

You said quietly. Dylan and Eric looked at you as if they had never seen a female human being although you were the one receiving a mysterious note and showing up here in the middle of no where in the fucking night. You had a reason to be surprised or shocked, not them!

“The idiot is waiting for a clarification for that note.”

You continued when no one said anything. Dylan immediately pushed Eric forward without hesitating. Eric cleared his throat and nervously pulled at his cap.

“Hey, for sure I want to explain. Would you mind to follow me to a more private space?”

You nodded and without another word Eric began to lead the way back into the wood he and Dylan came from. Dylan did not follow the both of you, he said something about waiting at the base and it sounded as if they had really named a certain place like a military base which was quite cute.

“19:30 is a late time to meet up.”

You said smiling while you walked behind him. Eric turned around and returned your smile.

“Uhm, yeah I should have thought that through.”

It did not take a whole minute and you arrived at a glade with a beautiful view over Littleton and its surrounding. You followed Eric to a spot on the edge of a small hillside. He sat down and pulled his shirt over his head and you realized that he wore apparently two. Before you could protest he had already spread it out in front of you for you to sit on.

“That’s not necessary, it’ll get dirty. 

“It already is.”

Eric said smiling and you returned it, sitting down next to him.

“Thank you.”

You said, looking at the grassy area in front of you while Eric was looking at you. He started to talk about school, asked you if you had already done the math homework and whether you would go to Evan Todd’s party. You asked him about his job at Blackjacks Pizza (you heard that he and Dylan worked there from Lauren) and what the sticker on his car was, the one that said Rammstein. It was apparently his favourite music band but at the question if he’d think that you’d like it he just laughed. It was nice talking to Eric and you wondered why you had so often gotten the chance to talk to Dylan but never with Eric before.

“Why did you give me that note?”

You finally asked, looking straight ahead. Eric looked at you briefly before he looked in the same direction as you.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

He said calmly, scratching his hands continuously and playing with some tiny stones that he had just picked up. It seemed like he had a certain tick.

“Why not ask me?”

You asked, genuinely worried that you might get across as cocky or mean or both.

“You are quite stunning, nice and really special. I am, well I’m not good at receiving rejection!”

He said and swallowed, looking you directly in the eyes for the first time. You blushed at his complements.

“And I’m not good at rejecting someone. I would have probably even said yes if the caretaker would ask me out or something like that.”

You joked and Eric let out a honest laugh, snorting a little. But he was still obviously feeling insecure about himself and the whole situation so you decided to let the whole note topic slip. 

“And you are actually handsome Eric.”

You quickly said, his eyes lightning up. You gave him no chance to react to that but instead asked him about his interests and you both talked for a long time, covering almost every topic. It had been so long that both of you had laid down on your backs, watching the dark night sky.

“What do you see right now?”

Eric asked and you turned your head to look at him.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean when you are looking at the sky right now with all its stars, what do you see?”

You looked at the sky, your eyes wandering from one star to another. It was a clear night, no clouds to be seen.


You said.


Eric asked, his eyes almost pleading for you to explain that. It seemed like this was really important to him.

“Yes I mean, we are looking at the same stars others are looking at right now. We can have different believes, origins and be at complete different places but this is it. We share something. They connect us right now. Stars are so old, it takes so long until their light reaches us and when it does they have already exploded into dust. Stars are beautiful but what we are looking at right now is nothing but the fading light of their deaths, it sounds sad but is actually quite beautiful if you think about it. Like they are already dead but we see their remains right now, they left something behind after their death for all of us to enjoy. Isn’t that what we all want? To leave something behind in life when we are long gone?”

You turned your head and looked at Eric. His eyes starred at you, his lips slightly opened.

“What? Was that answer not satisfying?”

You asked giggling amused but Eric’s facial expression did not change a bit.

“That was actually the perfect answer.”

He said huskily, looking at you with an intense gaze. You watched as he slowly leaned forward and gently maybe even hesitant captured your lips. You gently grasped his neck and pulled him closer, Eric’s hand resting on your hip, not moving down or up, behaving like a gentleman. His lips were soft and fit yours perfectly. He bit your lip slightly and pulled away, looking at you. There were no words that needed to be said. You both smiled at each other, Eric’s hand tracing your cheek and neck. You sighed happilly and cuddled up against him, forgetting everything for a second. His arm wrapped around you, holding you in a safe embrace under the dark night sky. You hadn’t realized that you both had fallen asleep until you awoke and felt a cold breeze on your naked arms as well as the steady breathing of Eric against your neck. You pressed his hand that was still wrapped around you and turned your head to look at him.

“Eric, we’ve fallen asleep.”

You whispered. He blinked a few times until he understood the situation. 

“Let’s get you out of here before you catch a cold.”

He said and you both hurried to get home. You both took a shortcut back to the parking lot. You climbed into the car and Eric immediately turned on the heating for you. You leaned back and relaxed in the seat while Eric maneuvered the car out of the canyon. Meeting Eric and Dylan today was the best thing that has happened to you since a long time and- You sat up straight and looked at Eric with widened eyes.


You shouted and Eric hit the brakes.


He cursed and immediately stopped, turning the car around. Both of you looked at each other briefly and began to laugh while Dylan wasn’t laughing at all. He was still sitting on a rock and currently freezing his ass off, too polite to look for the both of you. 

“The last time I gave you private time Reb.”


I keep seeing the “I’m Tyler!” joke around tumblr and I really wanna write a fic with this joke in it. 
So this is just a collection of short fics of reader, Mark, Ethan and of course Tyler. Nothing too fluffy, just some banter and humor.

Originally posted by dogiplier

Why did the kitchen cupboard have to be so far up? 
You pouted at the cabinet above your head and tried, for the fifth time, to reach the handle. Your fingers grazed the bottom corner of the cabinet, groaning slightly and you stretched your body to its limits.
“Need some help?” You heard a raspy voice ask. 
You turned to look at Mark as he came up behind you, a smirk plastered on his face. He had clearly just gotten out of bed. His hair was all over the place and his voice was like gravel.
“I can’t reach it,” You whined. 
“I can see that,” Mark chuckled. He shooed you aside and attempted to reach the hated cabinet. Though Mark was that little bit taller than you, he couldn’t quite snag the handle.
“Well this is a predicament,” He mumbled, stepping back. 
“We could get a chair,” You suggested. 
Mark made a face, as if the very thought of using a chair was offensive. 
“No, no, no, we have something better.” 
“Which is?” 
“TYLER!” Mark hollered, making you jump slightly. 
You heard heavy footsteps stampede down the hallway and suddenly, Tyler skidded into view. 
“I’M TYLER!” His eyes were wide and you couldn’t help but laugh at his half sleepy, half wild expression. 
Mark pointed up at the cupboard, “Tiny-Tots needs something from that.” 
Tyler lumbered into the kitchen and, before you could protest, his massive hands grasped your waist and you were lifted into the air. 
You flushed red and squealed, but took the opportunity to open the cupboard and remove a mug. 


Ethan leapt over the couch and sprinted up the stairs. 
“Get back here you blue-haired canary!” You cried, rushing after him. “Give me back my slipper!” 
You heard his laugh bounce through the house and the chase swerved around the corners and through the hallways. Your socks slid on the tiled floor and you could hear Ethan having the same problem. Your momentum sent you flying into walls, and occasionally you fell on your ass.
You rounded a corner a bit too quickly and slammed into a large figure. You felt a pair of hands clasp around your arms, stopping you from falling over. 
You looked up and met Tyler’s gaze. 
“You’re not Ethan,” You said poking his chest. 
“I’m Tyler!” He said and released you. You laughed and went to move around him, But something white caught your attention behind his back. 
A white bunny slipper was snatched away from you grabbing hands and Tyler took off running. 
“I’M TYLER!” He responded. 


You, Amy and Kathrine were quietly sitting at your desks. It was a peaceful atmosphere, no loud clanging or shouts of surprise and playful aggression. It was almost relaxing; tranquil.
“Should we be worried there isn’t any yelling?” Kathrine asked.
You and Amy shared looks and the blonde shrugged her shoulders.
“Maybe they’re being functioning adults.”
You barked a laughed and got up from your chair. “Lets go investigate, I don’t wanna go downstairs and find the house on fire.”
The two girls followed you downstairs, suddenly becoming very aware of there surroundings.
“Maybe we shouldn’t be bunch up together,” Amy said. “Remember last time the boys were quiet and we went looking for them? We walked right into their trap of flour and honey. I don’t want to go through something like that again.”
“I’m sure it’s not too bad,” You tried to assure her. But you clearly remember the long hours of getting sticky flour out of your hair. Sometimes you still find small flakes clinging to the strands.
Of course the boys found it hilarious, and still to this day they apologize.
We didn’t expect there to be so much!
We’re sorry! 
At least you can call yourselves sweet now.

The three of you came to a door. Behind it you could hear whispering and giggling. 
Amy pointed at a yellow-sticky note on the handle. 
“Do not disturb!” 
Curiously, you tried to twist the knob, but it was firmly locked.
“The sign has, do not disturb!” You heard Mark yell from within the room.
“What are you guys doing in there?” Kathrine asked.
“Nothing you need to worry about!” Ethan replied.
“Don’t make me break down this door!” You called. 
“I dare you to try!” Tyler shouted. 
Amy and Katherine looked at you excitingly. Like you actually had a plan for getting into the room. 
You shrugged your shoulders and pointed at Kathrine’s hair. She furrowed her eyebrows but pointed at her fringe with a silent question of her lips. 
You nodded and plucked the hairpin from her scalp. You knelt down in front of the lock and started tapping it lightly on the metal handle. 
“Are you pick-locking the door?” Mark asked, his voice loud with shock. 
“You hear nothing!” You replied, shushing Amy and Kathrine with a look. 
“Hey! Stop that!” Ethan shouted, his voice closer to the door. 
“Almost got it!” You said and suddenly the door opened. You jerked back in surprise and looked up at the three men. 
“What the…” 
The boys looked at the three of you. There hair was pushed under a beanie and there expressions were as cold as stone. 
Everything matched. The shirts, the pants, even the beanies were the same color. 
“Guys…what are you-?”
“I’M TYLER!” They all replied. 


Day 12

Imagine Being Shield’s Secret Weapon

For My Followers

“What do we do?” Daisy asks breathlessly. “He’s made an atomic bomb and we can’t get close enough to shut it down.”

“We call (Y/N),” Phil declares and Daisy’s eyes widen.

“You really think it’s gotten that bad?” Daisy questions and Phil nods.

“We need her help.”


Two sharp raps on your door yank you out of the Harry Potter world and into reality.

“Miss (Y/L/N),” the new directors voice calls.

“Come in!” you invite and he opens the door. He looks serious and desperate.

“We need your help,” Director Mace says and your blood runs cold. If they need your help it must truly be a dire situation.

“Let me get dressed,” you mumble and slide off your bed. Director Mace nods and leaves you be.

Shuffling to your closet you pull out your catsuit and domino mask.

Time for Lucy to come back out.


You aren’t called into the field unless it is an absolute emergency, your powers are erratic and extremely powerful.

When you aren’t stopping world ending scenarios you’re working on Agent Morale for the Director.


“So I walk in, disable the bomb, extract Robbie Reyes, and arrest his uncle?” you remark.

“Yes,” Director Mace confirms and your stomach twists. “Fitzsimmons designed this box to hold the uranium.” He hands you a bulky briefcase and nods.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes,” you grumble and stroll into the building.

You’re instantly met by ten armed men.

Closing your eyes you let your mind open and your powers flex out. With one wave of your hand they all fall to the ground unconscious.

Walking through the building is easy for you.

You have full use of your brain giving you amazing skills such as telekinesis, shape shifting, mind reading, mind control, time control, and more. The downfall of your powers is that they can lash out unpredictably and they can destabilize your body to the point where you can become nonexistent.

You stroll into the main part of the building where Eli Morrow has the bomb making Eli whip around to face you and Robbie Reyes weakly look up.

Robbie is trapped in a radiated box around the bomb while Eli torments him.

“Who are you?” Eli demands.

“Lucy,” you answer and hold up a hand. It’s all too easy to reach into his mind and shut it down temporarily. He falls to the ground allowing you complete access to the bomb.

“From Shield?” Robbie croaks as you approach him.

“Yes, I’m going to shut off the pain center in your mind and pull you off those spikes,” you inform. With just the lightest concentration you reach into his head and numb the brains pain center, then you pull your hands back and use your telekinesis to pull him off the spikes and set him on the ground in front of you. “Next I’m going to speed your healing process.”

Robbie stares at you in awe as you wave your hand over his torso making his wounds close immediately.

“Are you inhuman?” he whispers in shock.

“No, I’m a brain experiment gone right,” you answer nonchalantly and step into the irradiated box around the bomb. You are unaffected by the radiation as you walk through it to get to the bomb.

Holding out your hands you cautiously pull the uranium out from under the bomb switch. It takes intense concentration to withstand holding it with your bare hands but you do it.

You can feel your molecules separating as you stretch the limits of your abilities.

Once it’s out you summon the radiation safe box from the van outside and place it in.

“Lets go,” you tell Robbie and step away from the radiation.

“Why don’t they use you all the time?” he questions incredulously as you leave the building together. You drag his uncle behind with your telekinesis as you walk.

“My powers are dangerous and if I use them too much my molecules separate and I disappear,” you explain and hold up your free hand to show him the increasing transparency of your skin. “Not to mention I’m not an official agent. I only came to Shield because the team rescued me.”

Robbie says nothing more and as soon as you clear the building agents swarm you.


“Good job today (Y/N),” Phil praises as he peers into your infirmary room. After every mission you do Simmons has to stabilize your atoms in the infirmary.

“I don’t like this Phil,” you deadpan and he frowns. “I don’t like the new director, I don’t like all this security nonsense, I don’t like Shield when I’m not with you and the team.”

“I know, I miss the way things were too. Just please be patient (Y/N) the team is coming back together. Daisy is an agent again so she’ll be staying,” Phil tells you and you inhale deeply.

“I’ll be patient.”

You’ll just wait until your team is back together.

Stretching Your Limits: On Fear and Stagnation

“I’m a coward.”

It’s one of the first things you have to admit to yourself, when you realize you’ve been stuck in a rut. It’s incredibly humbling. It kicks your pedestal down, points to something in front of you that you can’t see, and yells into your face: “Look. Look at all the things you have to learn still.” It’s challenging. It’s frustrating. It is, above all things, frightening.

There are certain things in life you cannot simply take up without warning and – I’ve written about at length here – witchcraft is one of them. There are certain things in life that no matter how good you get, there is always more to learn.

And it goes beyond simply learning. No matter how much of a specific discipline you practice, you will always have another method to feel out. No matter how much knot magic you do, it cannot prepare you for familiars. No matter how much herb work you do, it cannot prepare you for crystals. No matter how much astrology you practice, it cannot prepare you for spirit work. You have to be well-rounded. Magic is a multi-faceted thing. You cannot simply know.

I had a very humbling ritual experience recently. Perhaps humbling isn’t the right word. It was, or at least what I imaged to be, a major setback in my journey into witchcraft. Especially being so voracious in the past about learning, about always seeking new things, I had felt like I failed. But instead I just grew.

I had asked a friend of mine to lead me through a ritual that was normal for them in their practice, but something that I personally had never done before. Their response was one of surprise, and a touch of disbelief. It was an aspect of witchcraft that I’d never found was necessary in how I practiced – if not necessary, then at least avoidable.

It was emotionally exhausting, and spiritually above my level. I knew that, going in. I knew that it would be difficult, but I’d no idea how much I’d have to stretch my limits and push my (comfortable!) boundaries to get there. The next day, I felt myself doubting nearly everything I’d done before. How had I let myself practice for so long without stretching? I’d avoided certain aspects of the craft because of fear, because of lack of experience, because I didn’t think I’d ever use it personally.

How unaware. How arrogant. How incredibly self-serving. 

As if I knew more than the craft itself. As if I could stop and say “You know what? I think I’m good, actually.” Of course I had felt as though I’d learned enough – I had convinced myself of it.

So the next day, I went back to the beginning. I cast a circle, even doubting my own invocations as I did, and sat in it. Sat in it for a good two hours or so, just ruminating.

Witchcraft is a multi-faceted thing; and it brings out the most primal emotions that humans are capable of, often in their rawest form. You can raise Ecstacy, you can bring forth Passion, you can bathe in Happiness, you can move Disgust, and you can harness Anger.

For so long, I’d ignored Fear.

How? Fear: one of the main motivators of action, one of the barest things we as people can be stripped down to. It’s the first emotion we ever feel, from the moment we’re born. “Help me, I’m scared.  Where am I? I am afraid.”

From that emotion, maybe witches too can be reborn, stretch, and grow.

Not A Bad Man

Just a short drabble inspired by a bit of 1D Day. Harry didn’t like when those kids called him a bad man, did they? ;) x

He shows up at your flat at half two in the morning. You’re only a little unused to this behavior from him – sometimes he comes because he’s been drinking, and sometimes…. Well, no, usually it’s because he’s been drinking.

Usually he’s joyous, though, even if sluggishly so, but this time he’s sober and… sad. Tortured might be a better word. “Harry?” you press as you rub your eyes of sleep.

“D’I wake yeh?” he asks hoarsely.

“S’half two,” you mumble. “S’yeah, a bit.” You yawn and he looks apologetic.

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anonymous asked:

Aizawa/bakugou/izuku/toshinori with a really short significant other and they find them trying to get something off of the top shelf but they have to jump up on the counter?

Admin Speaks: Being 5′2″ myself I feel the pain of having to jump up onto counters to get high things, so I really enjoy the concept of this ask (^.^)

Aizawa rolled his eyes as he heard you curse under your breath. “What is it (Y/n).” Aizawa lazily called to you from the couch. “N-Nothing!” you responded back in a voice that told Aizawa you were up to something. He sighed and stood up from his comfortable position on the couch. He walked into the kitchen to see you mid reach on the counter. You froze and looked over at him with a deer in the headlights look. A blush slowly creeped over your face as he arched an eyebrow at you. “You know you could have asked it you needed help right?” he leaned against the doorway and you quickly grabbed a bowl and jumped down, trying to pretend he didn’t just catch you on the counter. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you suppressed a smiled and spooned out some left overs into the bowl to put in the microwave.

He sighed and walked over to you and picked the bowl out of your hands and put it in the microwave for you, leaning over you and reaching it easily. “I would hate for you to have to get back on the counter, or spill it on yourself.” he had a smug smile on his face as he closed the microwave and pressed the 1 minute button. He leaned back and leaned against the table. You pouted slightly and turned around, “You can go sit down now butthead.” he smiled and pushed himself off of the table and wrapped you in a hug, “Why would I leave when I know you won’t be able to get the bowl if it stops in the back of the microwave?” he pressed a kiss to your forehead as you laughed at his joke, as true as it might have been.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Bakugou shouted and you jumped slightly. He moved quickly and caught you before you fell all the way to the ground from the counter. “Th-The cups!” you where speaking but still frazzled from falling from the counter. “What about the cups?!” he looked at you with his eyebrows furrowed but his eyes wide, thankful he was fast enough to catch you, but confused why you were on the counter in the first place. “I couldn’t reach them…” you blushed and he turned his head to look up at the cups on the top shelf. “You couldn’t reach them? They aren’t even that high!” he stood you up and grabbed a cup for you. “Next time just ask idiot.”

You took the cup but shook your head quickly, “Never, asking for help to reach things is like losing to my height. And I will never lose to my height!” you declared dramatically and Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Well you would have lost anyway because you would have fallen down without me here.” “Without you here I wouldn’t have jumped and slipped in the first place.” you smirked and his hands sparked slightly in irritation. You laughed and slid your hands down his arms until you grabbed his hands, “Don’t worry about it though, I like falling into your arms. It reminds me about when I fell for you.” Bakugou groaned at your stupid joke and rolled his eyes, “I’m going to start the movie, if you need held just fucking ask, okay?” he arched an eyebrow at you and smiled, “No.” “Whatever, fall from the counter. Have fun.” he waved his hands in the air and left the kitchen listening to you laugh. He couldn’t help but crack a small smile as he listened to you, creeping back to the doorway to watch you jump up on the counter again to get a bowl for the popcorn, “What an idiot.” “I heard that!”

Izuku ran up behind you and grabbed your waist when he saw you on the counter, “(Y-Y/n)! Be careful!” he blushed, now noticing his face was almost level with your butt. “I’m being careful Izu, it’s okay! I do this all the time.” you smile and look down at him from your perch on the counter. “W-Why? You could ask me for help.” he muttered the last part under his breath and let his head rest against the small of your back. “What was that Izuku?” you grabbed the bowl and set it on the counter next to you, fidgeting until Izuku got your message and lifted you off the counter.

“N-Nothing!” he blushed and you draped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a quick kiss. “I doubt it.” you smiled and he blushed again. “I-I-I guess I w-want to help y-you out more so asking f-f-or me h-help would be o-okay.” he shifted back and forth nervously on his feet. You tilted your head at him for a second and your face quickly lit up into a bright smile, “Izuku, if you want to help me just say so, I won’t say no.” you press another kiss to his forehead by going on your tippy toes. He smiled and blushed a little when you did this and bent down slightly to make it easier on you. “Now grab some popcorn and put it in the microwave, I can never reach the popcorn button.” you glared slightly at the microwave and he laughed a little and hugged you, “Of course dear. Anything to help out.”

“Toshiiiiii!” you called from the kitchen and Toshinori jumped up quickly from his position on the couch. “Yes dear!” he called back to you and walked over to the kitchen to find you stretching to your limit on the counter and still not being able to grab the bowl from the top shelf, “I need your assistance.” you grumbled and he felt a smile bloom across his face, happy to help you. He came up behind you and placed a hand on your waist and stretched up beside you, easily reaching the bowl and setting it on the counter, picking you up by the waist and setting you back on the ground. “Thanks dear!” you smiled and pressed a kiss to his cheek and he smiled, “No problem.” he smiled back and went to go sit down again.

A couple minutes later he heard more weird sounds from the kitchen and furrowed his eyebrows, standing up and peaking inside. “(Y/n)!” he spit up blood and grabbed onto your waist again, you were full on standing on the counter, unlike how you usually just get up on your knees, trying to reach the cups in the back of the cabinet. “Why the hell is everything so high up here!” you cursed a little under your breath as Toshinori pulled you down from the counter and grabbed the two of you cups. “A-Ask next time okay!” he took your face in his hands and you grumbled, “But you already had to get up once already!” you whined a little and he sighed and smiled a little at you, “I don’t mind helping you (Y/n), I would prefer to help you than you get hurt.” he pressed a kiss to your forehead and you cringed away slightly, “Toshi! You have blood running down your chin, hold on!” you jumped up and grabbed a paper towel and wiped his chin, “There.” you said and went on your toes and wrapped your arms around his neck to press a kiss to his lips when he came down to a level you could reach. He smiled a little and lifted you up in a hug, “Please just be careful.” he sighed and you nodded, “Of course. But I don’t have to worry too much. You’re here!”

(Smaug X reader ) His. ( pointless Smut )

Words: 1207

Warning: Smut. PwP 

Fandom: the hobbit, Smaug 

You didn’t remember how you ended up here. You didn’t even know where here was. But it was warm and that was the only thing you cared about. Well, that wasn’t entirely true as you was bothered about the hard things pressing into your back. You looked around and your eyes widened as you stated upon the great treasure of Erebor.

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“But through every stupid thing you do and say – and those are a lot, by the way – I love you.” with deadpool please!! bless

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve written for Deadpool. Hope it’s okay!


He’s glaring at you, at least from what you can tell with the mask and all.

It’s been like this a lot lately, the anger and the stress, the both of you stretched to your limits, beyond even. It’s not like something traumatic has happened, the reason behind the tension, and that serves to piss you off even more.

It’s all Wade, and he doesn’t even have the nerve to admit it.

“Look babe,” he says, sighing as he leans against your wardrobe, watching where you sit on the bed. “I can’t help it, okay? I’m a piece of shit, and you know it. I’m sorry that I dragged you into this.”

“Dragged me into what, Wade?”

He snorts, derisively, humorlessly, and he moves to kneel in front of you.

“Into this, babe,” he starts, gesturing at himself. “Into my mess. You deserve more than a ballsack with legs, sweetheart. I’m an asshole.”

“God, you’re an idiot,” you snort, pushing at his forehead until he falls back. “You think I care about any of that? I admit it, I put up with a lot of stupid shit from you, and a lot of needless stress, but through every stupid thing you do and say – and those are a lot, by the way – I love you.”

You smile down at him, at his reaction - it is the first time you’ve said it after all - and you crawl off of the bed until you’re hovering over him.

“I love you, Wade Wilson, and there’s not shit you can do to change that.”

Suga: Awkward

Second of seven in the BTS public sex series.

word count: 1,793


You looked over in Yoongi’s direction squinting your eyes in the process in order to see the outline of his body better in the dark room. The only source of light came from the computer screen which he was so engrossed in. He invited you to spend some time with him in the studio so that the two of you could catch up on some things after weeks of being apart. But instead the catching up session ended up to be you staring at him and your phone while he worked tirelessly over a new beat. You huffed in annoyance your index finger and thumb pinching the bridge of your nose as you squeezed your eyes shut. Finally you came to the decision of leaving. You stood up and moved over to the door without saying a word to your boyfriend. 

“Where are you going?” His voice rang out as your hand gripped the doorknob. You glanced over your shoulder to find him staring at you with a blank expression on his face.

“Home.” You replied as your finger found the lightswitch that was located by the door flicking it off sending a burst of light flooding into the room. He squinted his eyes the corners of his lips turning into a scowl before shielding his eyes with the palms of his hands.

“Why? Stay here.” He mumbled as he rubbed his eyes carefully before standing up and moving to your direction. He grabbed your hand pulling you back over to where the computer chair was and pulled you onto his lap as he sat down.

“You’re not paying attention to me and I’m bored.” You leaned forward your elbows resting on the computer desk observing the contents on the computer screen. Not wanting to start an argument with him you quickly changed the subject. “What’s this can I listen to it?” You grabbed the computer mouse only to have your hand slapped away quickly.

“Let me do it before you mess something up.” He pressed his fingertips against your side pushing your body to the side slightly to give him a better visual of the monitor. He reached over clicking a couple of things before settling backwards in the chair as the audio started. “Don’t touch anything.” He muttered as his hands rested on your waist.

A slow R&B beat flowed out from the speakers. You shifted your hips around trying to find a comfortable spot on his lap in order to listen properly. You could feel his eyes watching you as you listened to the slow drum beat. The added bass every now and again complimented the rest of the beat nicely and you began to bob your head slowly. As the first minute passed a wicked grin spread across your face as your mind thought of something shamelessly. You began to move your hips from side to side pressing your ass down harder onto his lap. The grip on your waist tightened as he drew in a sharp inhale. You placed your hands on the edge of the computer desk continuing to grind your ass against his growing erection. He let out a muffled groan.

“Here?” He said quietly as you got up to lean forward your face just centimeters away from his.

“I don’t see why not.” A warm smile spread across your face as your fingers easily unbuttoned his pants before pulling his zipper down.

“Someone could come in here.” He warned. You pressed your lips onto his to stop him from saying anything further as your hand reached into his pants to his erection which twitched as you brushed up against it.

He knew that no one was going to interrupt the two of you seeing as how you’ve been alone with each other for two hours prior. Upon your hands slipping in the slit of his boxers to grab his throbbing shaft he slipped his tongue inside of your mouth his hands reaching upwards to cup your face in his hands. His tongue trailed along yours desperately as you began to stroke the length of his dick slowly. His hands dropped down to your waist once more to unbutton your shorts. You sunk your teeth nto his bottom lip as your hands overlapped his to assist him in pushing your shorts down to your ankles. He broke the kiss as he looked up at you darkly.

“Let’s not drag this out.” He spun you around quickly pulling you back into his lap.

His slender fingers slipped underneath the cloth of your panties to stroke your vagina lips, a soft gasp escaping your lips at the sudden intrusion. He pressed his moist lips against the side of your neck kissing it tenderly as his index and ring finger spread apart your vagina lips. You sucked your bottom lip into your mouth suppresing a whimper as he slid his middle finger along your clit. As he rubbed your clit in slow circles he began to suck on your neck leaving a dark hickey. You ground your vagina onto his fingers as he pushed his fingers downwards to your entrance. He let out a grunt of approval once he noticed how wet you were. He slipped his hands out of your panties and you quickly took no time at all to stand up and push them off of your hips and down your legs.

“Ride me.” He commanded as he pulled his dick out from the slit of his boxers. He held it firmly as he smacked his hand across your ass not pleased with how slow you were taking things.

You placed your hands on the computer desk glancing at the computer monitor for a brief moment without making a sound you quickly pressed three buttons on the keyboard a triumphant smile plastered on your face. One of his hands held a firm grip on your waist guiding your vagina down the length of his shaft. A soft moan escaped your lips as the size of him stretched you to your limits. Once you were comfortably adjusted to him being inside of you. You moved your hips in a clockwise motion careful to grind your hips down on to him. Moans of complete bliss slipped from your lips each time the head of his dick managed to push against your sensitive spot. You could tell he was enjoying what you were doing by the way he dug his fingers in your hips. You yelped as he pinched your side to urge you to move faster. You began to rock your hips back and forth as you slid your finger in your mouth sucking on it softly to quiet your moans. You felt the weight of the chair shift slightly as he laid back. You took this opportunity to bounce yourself up and down the length of his shaft at a moderate pace. The sound of your moans and your ass slapping against his thighs quickly filled the room. You gripped your bouncing breasts as you tossed your head back but that pleasure was short lived once he placed his hands on your waist stopping your movements.

“Stand up and put your hands on the wall.” The fact that Yoongi, the man who absolutely adored whenever you took control stopped you from doing what he loved most shocked you. But you didn’t argue. You stood up a small pout forming your lips at the empty feeling of him not being inside of you. You quickly walked over to the wall placing your palms flat against it as you leaned forward arching your back making sure that your ass stuck out. You looked over your shoulder to see Yoongi standing behind you. His eyes were dark with lust as he tilted his head at a slight angle to admire your ass. “Spread your legs more babygirl.”

You did as you were told excitement coarsing through your body. You wiggled your hips from side to side impatiently. A rough hand came down on your right ass cheek quickly before he plunged himself deep into you without warning. Your lurched forward a strangled moan emitting from your throat as the head of his dick rammed into your g spot. He gripped your hips tightly as he immediately began thrusting in and out of you at an immense pace. Each time he thrusted forward his balls would slap against your clit sending waves of electricty through your body. You began to pant quietly as your legs grew weak. Your orgasm was approaching and he knew it. He reached his hand underneath you to rub your clit in faster circles as he grinded his hips against your ass. That was enough to push you over the edge. As your orgasm racked your body a moan of ecstasy echoed throughout the room. Yoongi who wasn’t that far behind you slowed his movements prolonging your orgasm just as he reached his. He rode his orgasm out your name sloppily falling from his lips as he slumped forward resting both of his hands on the small of your back. Just before the two of you could register what happened the door flew open.

“Hyung! Did you ever finish the-” J-Hope’s voiced trailed off as he stared at the two of you with wide eyes. Yoongi quickly stood in front of you trying to shield you as much as possible. Rap Monster followed quickly behind him.

“Yoongi hyung! Is noona still here…..” Rap Monster face burned brightly as he turned away quickly. “Sorry sorry sorry.” He began quickly apologizing as he pulled J-Hope out of the studio closing the door behind him.

“Well this is awkward.” Yoongi muttered earning him a slap in the back of the head.

Three Days Later

BTS sat in the studio anxiously awaiting to hear Suga’s newest beat. J-Hope and Rap Monster were especially quiet trying to stay as far away from the wall that they caught you two having sex on as possible. Suga sat in the computer chair with an unconcerened look on his face. He clicked on the audio that he let you listen to which led up to the two of you having sex. The beat started off smoothly which earned him compliments from the other members. Soon afterwards the sound of your moans and the sound of skin hitting skin were heard. Suga’s eyes grew wide as he quickly tried to shut the audio off. Much to his dismay because he was in such a state of panic for a brief moment the sounds of the two of you fucking were louder then anything else. Once he finally got it to quiet down he stared at the computer in disbelief as his members burst out into teasing laughter.