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Taurus March 2017 Prediction

You have to take life by the horns.

Empower yourself to demand big results, ask that from yourself. Plan out the situation, then act. 

Disregard fear. 

I believe in you Taurus. 

Responsibilities are expected to come, the theme for this month is being resourceful.

Be progressive, be diligent, be proactive. It is now time, get up and get moving.

And right now if you are serious about making the change, I want you to get up and stretch, stretch your legs for 10 second apiece, get your blood moving. 

Internet Friends

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 1,648 (Oh my god)

Warnings: swearing, McDonalds(I’ve actually only ever eaten there like twice when I was 6 how bad is it I genuinely don’t know)

Request: Could you do a modern AU where the reader is friends with the hamilsquad but through the Internet and she visits New York and runs into them, not knowing it’s them until like one of them calls her and she answers but there not like with her with her when it happens their behind her and they are all like hey it’s you! You can choose which ever guy she falls in love with, you can do really anything just something around that plot line please! And thank you if you get around to it !

A/N: Has anyone read Shit Chat from @small-ham-man because I read it a while back and suddenly I’m thinking of it again it was really funny I loved it(also I live in Washington so that’s why I put that in there)

Ham da man: Bye Y/N!

Turtle boy: Later, Y/N!

La Baguette: Goodbye, mon ami

Clothing: Bye!

Y/N: I’ll text you guys tomorrow!

Y/N Left the group chat.

You turned off your phone, waiting for the plane to start boarding. Once the woman at the gate started allowing people on, you jumped up to grab your carry on. You walked onto the plane, thankful that you had a window seat.

It took off, and you watched the plane ascend into the sky. Buildings were shrinking in size as you stared down at the world. You always loved looking out the windows of planes. Suddenly, you remembered that you had a 5 hour flight. Fucking hell. You cursed quietly, almost wanting to pay for in flight wifi to text your new friends. You may not have met them in person, but you trusted them whole heartedly. Which, in all fairness, was not the best idea…

You saw the ground approaching slowly, and all you could think about was getting off the plane and stretching your legs. You had been sitting for 5 hours and 10 minutes with one small break to stand up for a few minutes.

You exited the plane, happily taking in the sights of the city. You lived in a small area in Washington, so you rarely saw the city. You grabbed your suitcase from the baggage claim and walked to a nearby car rental company.

While waiting, you decided to text your friends.

Y/N has joined the group chat.

Ham da man: I mean I guess so

Ham da man: Y/N YOU’RE HERE!

Turtle Boy: YOOO

Clothing: Wait you said you’d be back tomorrow??

Y/N: I missed you guys! I just got off a plane, what’s up with you

Ham da man: We’re all waiting for Laf to finish ordering pizza

Y/N: Nice, I’m gonna rent a car real quick I’ll text you when I get to my hotel.

Clothing: Later nerd

Y/N: I feel attacked

Y/N left the group chat.

Ham da man: Shit I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye…

You gratefully took the keys from the worker, walking outside to the parking lot. Not a bad looking car. I’m also glad I know how to drive this one. You sighed, climbing in.

You threw your suitcase onto the floor, falling onto the bed. Your eyes were heavy, and before you knew it, you were drifting off.

Ham da man: Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N

Ham da man: Where are youuuuuuu answer me

You woke up to the sound of constant ringing from your phone. You looked over, noticing the hundreds of texts from Alex you read through. 90% of them were just him repeating your name; the other 10% was him asking where you were. Dork. You laughed, answering the texts.

You laughed, answering the texts.

Y/N: I’m here what

Ham da man: You never texted us when you got to your hotel!!!

Y/N: Yeah. It’s called sleep, try it sometime

Ham da man: You don’t need to attack me this way

Y/N: Seriously though do you ever sleep? Isn’t it like midnight where you live?

Ham da man: Excuse you its 10 am rn

You checked your clock. 10 am. Hey, I’m in the same time zone as them now!

Y/N: You still need to sleep.

Ham da man: Yeah yeah, mom

Y/N: ouch

Y/N: I’m gonna get food, I’ll text you later bye

Ham da man: Bye!!!

You laughed at his enthusiasm, and grabbed a jacket from your suitcase. You didn’t bother changing, since you were still tired as hell.

You stood in the line of McDonalds, before a group of 4 boys around your age came in.

“Awww, you’ve got a crush on her!” One of them yelled, teasing a smaller man, who was extremely red. You couldn’t help but notice how extremely familiar his voice was, but you couldn’t remember where you’d heard it from.

“Shut up! She’s just really nice, ok?” He responded, pouting. You suppressed a laugh as you eavesdropped on their conversations.

“You’ve never even seen what she looks like, dude, how do you have a crush on her?” Another one of them spoke up

“I don’t know, ok! Leave me alone!” The small man yelled, crossing his arms.

You stopped listening to the conversation, as you reached the front of the line.

“Hi, I’ll have a [order], to go please.” You ordered, before sitting at one of the tables.

You grabbed the bag, leaving the boys to keep teasing the man.

Ring, ring, ring-


“Mon ami, bonjour.”

“Hey, Laf. What’s up?” You set the phone down on speaker, when you got in the car.

“We missed you.” You could hear Hercules laughing in the background.

“Where are you guys?” You wondered absentmindedly.

“Hey Y/N!” You could hear Lafayette yelling, and knew Alex stole his phone. “We’re in McDonalds right now, waiting for our food. Whatcha doin?” You paused for a moment, slowly pulling over.

“Uh, I just left a McDonalds, actually. Funny huh.” You laughed nervously, looking back at the fast food place.

“What are the odds? Anyway-”

“What state are you in?” You interrupted, hope rising in your voice.

“Uh, New York. Where we live… Y/N what are you-”

“Oh my god don’t move.” You found yourself sprinting to McDonalds. Of all places you thought you’d run to in such desperation, McDonalds is not one you’d expect. You ran inside, spotting the four men again. This time, one of them was holding a phone, with a confused expression. Holy shit. You slowly approached them. They gave you a confused look, but the one holding the phone looked as if he was figuring out a puzzle.

“Wait, oh my god.” He handed the phone to a taller man, wearing a ponytail. “Y/N?!” You nodded, smiling.

“Hey, Alex.” You muttered, pulling him into a hug.

“Wait that’s Y/N?” One of them, who you realized was Hercules, yelled. Suddenly, three pairs of arms were around you.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” John yelled, laughing. You saw a few odd stares and decided maybe the middle of McDonalds wasn’t the best place to have a reunion.

“Let’s go back to my place.” Alex said, as if reading your mind.

Our place!” The three others yelled in unison. You giggled, noticing Alex’s embarrassment.

“Let’s go.” You agreed, following them into a car.

“So, why are you in New York?” Lafayette wondered, as the car sped off towards the apartment.

“I wanted a vacation. I’ll be here for a month, though so don’t worry.” You explained, oblivious to the side glances you had received from Alex.

“We’re here!” Hercules yelled, carefully parking the car.

“Wow, these apartments look damn nice!” You commented. They looked much better than your hotel room.

“Feel free to stay here as long as you stay in New York!” Alex offered, leading you into an elevator.

“Oh please, Alex. You just want to have her as close as possible.” John teased, nudging the reddening Hamilton lightly.

“N-No, what are you talking about John!” Alex squeaked out, now looking like a tomato.

“Yeah sure. But really Y/N you should totally stay with us!”

“Wow, thanks! I’d love to; my hotel room is honestly not the best thing I’ve seen in New York.” You laughed, remembering the chipped wallpaper and leaky faucets.

“Oh yeah? What is?” Lafayette teased.

“You guys are.” You scoffed, stepping out of the elevator. They brought you to their apartment, which was nicer than anything you would’ve imagined. “Damn.”

“Nice right? My room is… Here!” Alex pointed out, indicating a large room filled with paper. “It’s- uh- not cleaned.”

“I see.” You laughed.

“Awww, you’ve got a crush on her!”


“You’ve never even seen what she looks like, dude, how do you have a crush on her?”

You suddenly remembered the conversation they were teasing Alex about. A crush. On someone he hadn’t seen before.

“Hey, you ok?” John’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts, a light blush on your cheeks.

“Uh, yeah. I was just thinking about the conversation you guys had before I knew it was you…” You looked over at Alex, who was quickly becoming red again.

“You heard that?” He stuttered.

“Yeah… Uh were you talking about me by any chance?” You struggled to sound nonchalant about it, and your voice ended up hopeful.

“Well, I mean-” Hercules caught on to the excitement in your voice, and quickly cut him off.

“Yes! For sure, yes he totally had a crush on you!”

“H-Hercules what the hell!” Alex’s blush darkened. You burst out laughing, pulling Alex into a hug.

“I kinda have a crush on you too.” You whispered, ignoring the whooping from the rest of the group. Slowly, Alex returned the hug.

“I’m so glad you decided to visit New York.”

Workout routine for basic strength of the upper body

This next workout is all about strength, mostly exercises to give you core and arm strength.

Every time we finish an exercise, we will work abs. This routine is not about time, but about reps. YOU HAVE TO DO THE RANGE OF REPS WITHOUT RESTING, THEY DO NOT ACCUMULATE, IF YOU DO THREE AND REST, YOU WILL HAVE TO START AGAIN.

Exercise 1
TRICEPS DIPS: You will need a chair or a bench. Sit at the border of the selected item and place your hands close to your body; move your body forward so that your glutes separate from the chair and your weight is in your hands, then bend your elbows and push your body down.
REPS: From 10-15 and repeat 3 times.

Excercise 2
ABS: Crunches. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and then try to sit without using any other muscle than your abs.Place your hands next to your ears or in your chest, not in the back of your head.
REPS: 10-20 and repeat 3 times.

Exercise 3
This next exercise may seem a bit dumb, but you will feel your shoulders burn. You will just lift your arms at the same height of your shoulders and you are going to do 20 small circles with your arms.
REPEAT 3 times.

Exercise 4
Leg raise: Lie down on the floor with your legs stretched and just lift them up.
Reps: 10-20 repeat 3 times.

Exercise 5
Push-ups.  The old traditional pushups with a little twist. Lie face down on the floor and put your hands next to you, separating them as much as your body allows you to.
Reps: 8-12 and repeat 3 times

Exercise 6
Twist crunches
Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and once you go up, just like you did on the crunches, you will twist your body, alternating sides.
Level 1: Feet on the floor
Level 2: as shown in the image
Reps: 10-15 repeat three times

Tips for Interviewing and Resumes for Technical Theatre Jobs


First things first: Before you go into an interview know that it goes both ways. You’re not the only one in the hot spot or being interviewed but you are also interviewing the company. The company is getting to know you as much as you are getting to know the company so ask questions about the daily work environment or about the season of the theatre.

The 4 things the interviewer wants to know about you

1. Can you do this job?

2. Do you have the skills for this job or are you a quick enough learner for this job?

3. Do you want this job? 

4. Are you going to drive your potential co-workers crazy?

 It helps to think about what would you want to hear if you were interviewing.

If you have a phone interview: have your resume out in front of you, still dress up you will act differently in pj’s than in slacks and a blazer, go somewhere quiet so the interviewer is able to hear you clearly, and lastly think of the words you want the interviewer to take away from you because in a phone interview words are your greatest weapon, because you can’t shake the interviewer’s hand and the interviewer can’t see your body language or expressions.

How to prepare for an interview:

-Research the company, know about their mission statement and history 

-Practice answering questions out loud with someone

-Before you go into the room to interview step into the restroom and stretch out your arms and legs and hold it for 10 seconds. Sounds crazy but it gets you pumped up and ready.

After an interview send the interviewer(s) a nice thank you note either through mail or email no matter how the interview went.


An interviewer will only take a few seconds to look over your resume so here are some tips to make an impression

  • Resumes should have who you are (your name and contact info), what you do (stage manager, designer, etc.) and headings (experience). 
  • Resumes should be clean and neat 
  • Your resume should have plenty of margin space and have readable font (stay away from industrial font). 
  • Remember to have your business cards match your resume. 
  • When you go into an interview have multiple copies of your resume to hand out interviews

If you’re reading this, I really hope you’re having a good day and/or night.

Try to relax, if even just for 10 minutes. Drink water, stretch your arms and legs. Hug your nearest plush animal or pillow. If you’re stessed, bored or just sad, let me tell you:

It will pass.
It will get better.
Just don’t be too hard to yourself.