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You… you won’t be gone too long? Elliot asked sheepishly, embarrassed by how he’d just acted.

Why? I thought you didn’t want to see my face? Korey smirked as he pulled the man in close. Rest, my love. I’ll be back before you know it. 

Vincenzo stood back, watching the two with pride. This was a side of Korey he had never seen before, a caring & softer side. Like a son to him, he thought that he had known the commander better than anyone. But this in front of him, this display of happiness & comfort, was why he had always wanted to play matchmaker amongst the dead. What good is eternity with nothing to look forward to? And why stay loyal to your king when you have nothing to lose if you step out of line?

Lazy Sunday

Author: Emmy

Characters: Tony x Reader

Warnings: Tony being fucking adorable. Seriously, brace yourself.

Author’s Note: I don’t know what this is. I don’t do fluff. This materialized out of nowhere. I had zero control. Remember, feedback is appreciated (and I’m super needy) Enjoy!

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The sun was warm on your face, the bright ray glowing red through your closed eye lids. You blinked, lashes fluttering and squinted, looking to the spot next to you and finding it empty. You sat up slowly, stretching your tired muscles and relishing the unhurried pace of a lazy Sunday morning. You didn’t get many days like this with Tony. The days where he wasn’t buried in some sort of new project were few and far between so when he told you he was taking Sunday off to spend the day with you, you found yourself unable to think about anything else for most of the week.

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some lazy honeymustard sketches because my heart needs more of this 

Adam rubbing sleep out of his eyes in the early morning, adam yawning into the soft warm skin where ronan’s neck meets his shoulder, adam tucking his head under ronan’s chin and and letting him rub circles over the small of his back when he’s tired, adam stretching like a cat in the morning his finger tips gently pressing against the headboard, adam brushing his fingers through leaves hanging from low hanging branches in the trees surrounding the barns, adam tapping his elegant fingers on the desk while studying, adam tucking a pencil behind his ear, adam turning his head to lean into ronan’s touch when he touches his face, adam biting his lip to stop himself from laughing at ronan’s stupid jokes, adam pulling his oversized jumper sleeves over his hands when he’s cold, adam burying his face further into his scarf when a cold breeze blows past, adam laughing softly when chainsaw lands on his shoulder and pecks at his hair, adam making soft noises of protest when ronan gets up early and burying his face into ronan’s pillow instead of his own, adam, eyes closed, with messy hair (courtesy of ronan’s hands) letting out a breathless contented sigh after making out with ronan.

And ronan catching adam doing all these things looking at him with a soft, affectionate smile on his face. 


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(n.) The act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full


“I think we should establish some ground rules,” Will murmurs, his face buried against Hannibal’s chest.

“Ground rules?”

Will nods, ruffling his hair. “Just so I know we’re on the same page,” he peeks up at him. “Don’t look so worried.”

The corner of Hannibal’s mouth twitches. “I don’t look worried.”

“You did,” Will laughs. “You looked concerned. Or maybe it was more like cautious intrigue.”

“With you it’s always intrigue. Not usually cautious, though.”

Will rolls away and onto to his back, stretching his tired muscles. “Maybe that’s why you’ve gotten yourself in such deep water before,” he says. “No pun intended.”

Hannibal smiles, holding his gaze, and then pushes himself onto his knees and settles atop Will. “Perhaps you’re right.”

Will squirms under Hannibal, moving his legs out of the way.

“Comfortable?” Hannibal asks.


Hannibal runs his fingers along the sides of Will’s torso, then grabs him by the hips and pulls him flatter against the mattress. He bends over him and kisses the skin atop his ribs, moving down along the side of his stomach, his fingers pressing the lightest of impressions in his skin as they trail along.


Will sighs contentedly. “Better,” he agrees. “…Although you are distracting me, what was it we were talking about?”

“Ground rules.”

“Oh right. First,” Will begins his list, “no killing unless we’ve agreed on the target beforehand.”

Hannibal raises his head, a surprised look on his face. “Agreed. So you are to let me know if you’ve decided on a target, then? Am I allowed to give suggestions?”

“God, you’re eager,” Will says, and Hannibal leans in again to kisses his cheek. “Yes, fine, you’re allowed suggestions.”

“Good,” Hannibal replies.

“But you aren’t allowed to be upset if I turn down a suggestion of yours.”

“Are you planning on turning down every suggestion? If so, you may have to find other ways to keep me occupied,” his mouth follows the curve of Will’s neck, kissing him when he feels the steady beat of his pulse. “What is it they say about idle hands?”

Your hands are the devil’s playthings even when they aren’t idle, Hannibal.” Will feels Hannibal’s smile against his skin. “And I don’t think keeping your hands occupied will be very difficult.”

Hannibal peeks up at him, smiling, then prompts him. “What else is on your list?”

“Hmm,” Will considers. “We’re obviously going to need to discuss the topic of dogs at some point.”


Will hums. “Specifically of what sizes, and how many are within reason.”

Hannibal eyes him. “Has reason ever influenced your decision making when it comes to dogs?”

“Obviously. Are you implying that I wasn’t reasonable befor- don’t look at me like that, seven dogs is a reasonable number of dogs!”

Hannibal gives his best impression of a thoroughly exasperated spouse, and Will laughs.

“We’ll start small.”

“How reassuring.”

Hannibal kisses him then. Deeply and longingly, but still hesitant and shy as if he isn’t sure of what Will wants. Like he isn’t convinced. Like he still fears this is temporary.

They part, and just as he opens his eyes Will begins to speak. ”I don’t want to sleep without you or wake up without you ever again.”

Hannibal stills then settles back on his legs and Will props himself on his elbows. “I know you worry that this is temporary, but I don’t want you to. So please just - if it’s time, when it’s time to leave here,” a pause. “Just take me with you.”

Hannibal’s eyes light brighter than the room. There is a moment before he speaks, and when he does his voice is rougher than before. Quieter.


Will snares him around the neck and they both collapse together, Hannibal’s hand cradled in Will’s hair. When they part for breath, Will has no grasp on how much time has passed, or whether it’s even still the morning. He doesn’t really care.

“Also,” Will says after a moment, remembering, “those lemon and rosemary scones you made yesterday?” Hannibal nods. “I want you to make those for breakfast every morning.”

Every morning? You’ll be sick of them before the week is out if I make them that often.”

“I think I’ll be the judge of that, thank you very much.”

Hannibal laughs. “You’ll be the death of me, you know,” Hannibal murmurs against his mouth, and Will slings his arms around him.


It’s Late

Request:  Jungkook and you have been dating for a while, you even shared an apartment together. Recently his tour has kept him pretty busy. He comes home late and you worrying does not go unjustified. Ty a scenario


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Racing up to your apartment, you were ready to rest after your long day at work. Not only that but you were sure that Jungkook would be home by now. He had been late previous nights but you were sure that he wouldn’t be too late that night.

Getting to your door, you quickly unlocked it and swung it open. Taking off your shoes, you noticed that Jungkook’s shoes weren’t there. Frowning, you threw your shoes down and stomped into your living room. Dropping your things carelessly, you sighed as you stretched your tired body.

It was getting cold and your apartment was cold from it being empty all day. You shuffled over to the thermostat and turned the heat on. Rubbing your arms, covered in goosebumps, you ran to your closet to change into sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Picking up the soft black material, you quickly changed into the comfortable outfit.

Too lazy to put on other socks, you went to the kitchen to grab apple juice out of the fridge. Pouring it into a clear mug, you looked for the cinnamon sticks. Snapping off a few smaller pieces, you dropped them into the mug and slid it into the microwave for a minute. As you waited, you checked your phone just in case Jungkook had texted you that he was on his way.

You knew he was on tour but you were sure that he was done by 8:00. It was already twenty minutes from being 10:00. The least he could do was text or call you, telling you he was going to be late.

The microwave beeped, telling you it was done. You quickly opened it and held your warm mug close to you. Staring at the empty couch, you wondered if you should finish some things on your computer or cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a movie. Turning your gaze over to your messy desk, you sighed. It wouldn’t hurt to catch up on the news.

Tip toeing over to your desk chair, you set your mug down next to your key board. Once you were seated, you swiveled back and forth in amusement before turning on your desk lamp along with your computer.

As time went on and you continuously checked the time, you got more and more frustrated with Jungkook. You were tired but wanted to be up when he got home. At this point, you wanted to give him a piece of your mind once he walked through the front door. You didn’t know exactly what you would say but you were feeling ignored at this point.Reading about current events and eventually watching YouTube videos, you were ready to fall asleep at your desk.

It was almost midnight when you finally did fall asleep. Unable to fall asleep completely, you still couldn’t feel how much time had passed when you finally heard the door. Being exhausted, you didn’t look up at first. You didn’t look up until you felt a familiar hand shake your shoulder.

“(Y/N)?” Jungkook spoke your name in a hushed tone. Cracking one eye open, you saw the concerned look on his face. Sitting up quickly, you almost hit your head on the lamp that was overhead. Jungkook sucked in a breath at you almost hurting yourself but sighed in relief when you didn’t.

“Hey Mr. Out Late,” you yawned.

“What?” he asked you, not understanding what you had said in the middle of your yawn.

“Nothing,” you sighed. “You’ve just been out late a lot.”

“Well… yeah… We’ve been promoting,” Jungkook said as if it was something you shouldn’t be asking about.

“I know. They don’t last this late though,” you grumbled, glancing at the time.

“I was helping the Noona’s clean up and I went to get something to eat! I also had to stop by the studio to help Yoongi hyung with some recording,” Jungkook explained himself. “Promoting lasted long anyways so that stuff just made me get home even later.”

“Wouldn’t you rather come home and have something home cooked? You know, spend time with the person you’re with,” you pouted. “I know I probably sound selfish right now but it’s been a while since I’ve seen you before midnight. I think I’m allowed to be a bit greedy at this point.”

Jungkook nodded as he rubbed his tired eyes. “Yeah. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to make up excuses. I guess I just haven’t been thinking about it enough,” he pursed his lips.

“It’s ok. Just make an effort? I’d really love that,” you smiled softly. “I get a little worried after hours of waiting.”

“I know. It’s just hectic,” he chuckled.

“Well… At least text me some updates from time to time. I like hearing from you,” you poked his stomach before standing up.

“I will! I’ll do better. Just, don’t be mad at me,” he hugged you.

“I won’t. You’re forgiven as of now,” you squeezed him.

Pulling away from the hug, Jungkook looked you up and down and grinned. “You look cute,” he told you happily. Looking down at yourself, you rolled your eyes.

“I already said you’re forgiven. Don’t push it!” you scolded him, crossing your arms.

“What?! I’m serious. I love you when you wear sweatshirts. You look so cute,” he assured you.

“Thanks,” you blushed, your reaction suddenly changing. Kissing the top of your head before dragging you to be, Jungkook’s heart fluttered at the sight of you being a bit embarrassed. He was definitely coming home earlier to his cute girlfriend.

short Wolfstar fic for @symone-dreamer‘s birthday! happy birthday!

“James,” Lily said in a tired voice. “Walk me to my dorm?” She asked, raising from her seat and extending her hand to him after covering a yawn. James started to stand.

“Oh, come on, Evans.” Sirius scoffed. “Your dorm is just up those stairs. Peter already left us to get some well-needed beauty rest, and Prongs and I are waiting for Moony to get back. Walk yourself.” He said, looking up at them from his spot near the empty common room’s large window.

James shot Sirius a look behind Lily’s back.

Sirius returned a questioning look to him.

“Maybe,” James said in a hinting voice. “You can stay up and wait for Moony.” He said, adding a fake tired stretch. “I’m thinking about calling it a night…”

“Oh!” Finally catching on, Sirius played along. “Yeah! No, totally.” He said, casually shrugging and running a hand through his long dark hair. “See you tomorrow then!” He added, winking and holding two thumbs up at James when Lily turned her back to leave. James tried hard to push away a large grin, silencing a laugh, and nodded in response, following Lily up the stairs and disappearing.

Sirius sighed, leaning back into his spot on the large windowsill, and shook his head, laughing. After reading a few more chapters of his favorite book, he heard the portrait of the Fat Lady swing open.

“Three tries, that took, opening this damn portrait.” Remus said, painfully climbing into the Gryffindor common room. “I keep forgetting that it’s been changed since Christmas.”

Sirius hurried over to help steady Remus, who was limping towards the couch. He let out a laugh. “You of all people should remember the password changing to ‘Lycanthropy.’

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“Michael! Get off your lazy ass, the shop opens in an hour!”

You groaned sleepily, rolling onto your side and closer to the warm body beside of your own as you heard the yell that had followed a series of loud, demanding knocks on the door. You felt a arm reached around your back, curling up around you to pull you closer as you head rested on a soft chest, your own hand resting on the warm skin as well.

“Good morning love,” Michael greeted, his voice thick with sleep and devastatingly raspy as you felt him stretching a bit below you, pushing his chest forward and extending his legs before he leaned down, pressing a kiss to your head. You couldn’t help the whine and noise of disapproval that slipped from your lips as he began to remove himself from your bed, maneuvering you so that he could get up and get ready for work.

“Don’t go,” you sighed, reluctantly opening up your eyes as you stretched your own tired limbs before curling your legs and peering up at Michael. He stood with his back towards you as he walked away from the bed, towards the bathroom and beside his dresser.

“I have to, Thomas calls,” Michael joked, making quick work of his morning routine as you flopped onto your back, staring at the ceiling while you listened to him move about. After a few minutes you lazily propped yourself up with one elbow, using your free hand to rub your eyes. When Michael emerged from the bathroom he was still in his underwear but now had his hair fixed and looked more awake and alert than yourself. He moved to the dresser, his fingers deftly searching for his clothes for the day as you watched him, feeling the covers fall from your body as you sat up full, blinking away the fuzz that was blocking your vision.

“Must you go so soon? Tommy kept you out late last night and then proceeds to insist on taking you away so early in the morning, perhaps I should have a few words with him,” you joked half heartedly as you watched Michael buttoning up his shirt. He slipped on his pants before he turned to you as he was fixing the buttons, a smirk appearing on his mouth as he looked you over.

“Tell me love, is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” Michael questioned, stepping closer to the bed as your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You dropped your eyes down, grabbing onto the fabric over your chest for inspection as you recognized the pattern and began to notice just how loose the garment was.

“Oh,” you mumbled, looking up to see that Michael had made his way to the side of your bed, reaching out to grab your hand as he slowly pulled you onto your knees before him. “I’m not sure. Perhaps last night I got lonely and found comfort in the fabric,” you suggested, smiling as you reached up, freeing your wrist of his hand so that you could wrap your arms loosely around his neck, his own hands reaching to hold onto your cloth covered hips.

“You are just too sweet my dove, much much to sweet,” Michael declared, his voice low as he pressed a kiss to your forehead before letting his lips brush against yours in a chaste kiss. He pulled away with his signature smirk still on his mouth, winking as your hands dropped back to your sides and he grabbed his coat, shrugging it on. “Have a good day, I should be back to get you for the party tonight,” Michael reminded, heading to the door as you waved to him, blowing a kiss before you let yourself fall back into the sheets.

“Goodbye love.”

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